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Mohsin Salya has been jailed. Aadiel Salya faces jail for fraud

On 27 April 2016, REDD-Monitor wrote about three carbon credit fraud suspects who were wanted in Germany for tax evasion and money laundering. Two of the men, Ashraf Muhammad and Mobeen Iqbal, are from Pakistan and the third, Mohsin Salya, is British.

Three weeks later, I received an email from Aadiel Salya, a solicitor in Preston in the UK. Salya requested that I remove the post, “with the upmost urgency as it is highly damaging our group , family and relatives”.

In September 2016, I received an email from Bernd Groß, a solicitor working with the law firm Feigen-Graf in Germany. He told me that he was writing on behalf of a client, who was interested in coming to an agreement about deleting a post on REDD-Monitor. Groß didn’t mention who the client was, or which post his client wanted to delete. He asked me to phone him.

Then, in January 2017, Moritz Lange, another solicitor with Feigen-Graf, wrote to me:

From: Feigen.Graf, Lange
Date: 17 January 2017
Subject: Obsolete article / outdated information

Dear Sir or Madam,

Below you’ll find two links of your website. In the shown articles dated by April 27th, 2016 and May 19th, 2016 you are reporting about a search-warrant of Mr. Salya of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Frankfurt. This information is outdated since months. The search-warrant has expired. The search of Mr. Salya ended month ago. The case of Mr. Salya is closed. The German Federal Criminal Police (BKA) deleted their shown information already. All “wanted-posters” are gone. Please be so kind and remove the articles or update your articles as well. Thank you!

If you require more detailed information, simply get in touch with me.

Kind regards,


Moritz Lange


On 27 January 2017, Carbon Pulse reported that Mohsin Salya had been sentenced to three years and three months in jail. In November 2016 a court in Germany found Salya guilty of carbon credit VAT fraud.

So, on 31 January 2017, I wrote an update:

Daily Mirror journalist Andrew Penman wrote about Mohsin Salya in May 2016 in a piece about VAT fraud in the EU.

In October 2016, Cohen Davis Solicitors wrote to Penman. In an article a couple of weeks ago, Penman included the following extracts from the letter:

The gist of the article is that our client is a fraudster and wanted by the German federal criminal police and that there is an international warrant for his arrest.
[ . . . ]
No prosecution has been brought against him in relation to the matters mentioned in the article and it is very likely that no proceedings will ever be brought against him as he completely denies all the allegations.
[ . . . ]
The ongoing publication of the article and its highly libellous nature is causing our client very substantial distress.

Recently, Penman asked Cohen Davis Solicitors about the three years and three months jail sentence that Salya received in November 2016. Cohen Davis have “gone strangely quiet”, Penman wrote.

So Penman spoke to Bernd Groß, Salya’s lawyer in Germany. Groß confirmed that Salya, “is now behind bars after admitting tax evasion offences in connection with carbon emission trades.”

Groß told Penman that Salya was “just a small part of the whole thing”, and that “He was convicted for being the bookkeeper of one of the companies involved.”

Penman points out this isn’t the first time Salya has run into tax trouble. In 2002, Salya’s accident claims and mobile telephone import business, Continental Claims Consultants, went into liquidation owing more than £556,000 in VAT. In October 2004, Mohsin Salya was banned for 14 years as a director in the UK.

Meanwhile, on 22 March 2017, the Lancashire Post reported on two trials at Liverpool Crown Court. The court cases were the result of a three year investigation by the City of London Police’s Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department. The case involved forged medical invoices and false injury claims, and fraudulent courtesy car hire and storage costs.

One of the six people on trial was Aadiel Salya, the solicitor from Preston, who asked me to remove the post on REDD-Monitor “with the upmost urgency”.

The Lancashire Post reported that,

Solicitor Aadiel Salya, 28, was found guilty of conspiracy to defraud after being linked to Preston-based company Replacemycar Ltd, which prosecutors says was created as a “vehicle of fraud”.


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  1. Thanks Chris for your longrunning endurance. I suppose this is one of this cases that interpol was warning before.

  2. He is a cheat and always will be and all of his cronies!!! Do we have real proof he is really behind bars or is he sitting on a Island drinking Tequila with his stolen Millions!!!! Just waiting for some of my friends in Frankfurt to confirm he is behind bars. Aadiel has been finally brought to Justice .

  3. it is high time now to get these culpits behind bars for their crime. Chris thanks for the Infomation.

  4. Thanks Chris for your update, always refreshing to hear that the legal system does have its successes. Waiting patiently for slippery fellows at AGT to get their comeuppance.

  5. He is trying to show the world he is a good person by running a few Km’s and giving money he stole to people so everyone will think he is a Angel (we’ll sorry Mr Salya it doesn’t work)When people do find out who he really is then he maybe in more trouble, If he gave back the money he has stolen he would be back on the welfare system in the U.K. and living in the terrace house he was bought up in!! Well done Mr Lang!

  6. Brilliant investigative work Chris. Thank you. Yes Mohsin Salya is a cad and a bounder in Lancashire. Pretending to run in marathons for charity is just compounding lie upon lie – more fraud. People will be ready when he returns with another scam. Theif and liar.

  7. Totally agree Robin.. he has probably paid someone to take pictures off him running to make him look like he is active.

  8. I am very surprised that the country that don’t want anything to do with Mr Salya being the UK have wrote a article about him being in Custody in the country that he stole from have not reported about his arrest and. Wing in Custody!!! Very suspicious!!!!!

  9. What frustrates me is that he and his poundland cronies ended up defrauding €125 million. When he gets out after 18 months he has a massive bank balance back in Dubai. The authorities there should seize his assets and return them to the German government and he should be deported back to the UK for further investigation into fraud. There are a lot of dodgy things cropping up in the UK and his name is linked to them.

  10. The worst thing is these people and their families walk around looking down on others, flaunting their wealth.

  11. Maybe cause you are short, and the ppl have to look down on you, it may be if ur taller ppl mY need to look up!

  12. All comments in relation to JW. You are all haters. Please leave the names of these honourable individuals and family alone! Don’t you have anything better to do with your lives than to post ill comments and make posts like this.

    I will assume comments will follow in response to mine as you have nothing better to do. No response will be actioned.

    What has happened is in the past. I urge you to move forward with your own lives. Thanks :)

  13. @MB
    ‘Honourable Individuals and Family’

    How deluded are you. How are they are honourable. Mr Mohsin Salya is a convicted criminal. His brother who was a lawyer Mr Aadiel Salya also a convicted criminal. Both sitting in jail.

    I look forward to @MB response.