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Mohsin Salya is no longer wanted by the German authorities. Peter Singh Virdee, alias “Batman”, faces extradition to Germany

A British man, Mohsin Usmangani Salya, has been sentenced to three years and three months in jail. Carbon Pulse reports that a court in Germany found Salya guilty of carbon credit VAT fraud.

In April 2016, the German police issued a call for information about three carbon credit fraud suspects. The men were wanted in Germany for money laundering and tax evasion. Two of the men, Ashraf Muhammad and Mobeen Iqbal, are from Pakistan. Mohsin Salya was the third.

The German authorities are still looking for information about Ashraf Muhammad and Mobeen Iqbal.

The authorities suspect the two men of the following:

between August 2009 and April 2010, he acted as a person behind the scenes and leading member of a gang committing a so-called VAT chain fraud scheme on the basis of CO2 emission allowances for greenhouse gases and thus caused a loss amounting to EUR 136,563,336 to the detriment of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The German Police stated that,

SALYA is suspected of causing damage in excess of EUR 125.6 million to the detriment of the Federal Republic of Germany between September 2009 and April 2010.

In June 2016, Salya turned himself in to the authorities in Germany to face criminal proceedings.

In September 2016, a court in Frankfurt am Main set aside the international arrest warrant against Salya.

In November 2016, the German court convicted Salya of  “serious tax evasion”, an official with the Frankfurt prosecutors’ office told Carbon Pulse.

REDD-Monitor wrote about the German Police’s call for information about Muhammad, Iqbal and Solya in April 2016. Three weeks later, I received an email from Aadiel Salya at the Salya Group. He wrote, “You have wrongfully written your blog”. He requested that I remove it.

An arrest at Heathrow

On 10 January 2017, police arrested Peter Singh Virdee, a British businessman. Virdee was arrested shortly after he arrived at Heathrow airport on a flight from Abu Dhabi.

He faces extradition to Germany and a possible 15-year sentence. Virdee is accused of fraud and €125 million in unpaid VAT on sales of carbon credits.

The Telegraph reported the arrest as follows:

Prosecutors in Germany allege Mr Virdee was one of the “central organisers” of a criminal enterprise to defraud the authorities of VAT on carbon credits under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.

The 43-year-old businessman operated “in the background” and took pains to conceal his identity, prosecutors claim.

He was allegedly known to other members of the group behind the fraud only as “Batman”.

Virdee claims that his company B&S Property has more than £4 billion in assets. Virdee has met the Queen. He’s a visiting Professor at Manchester Metropolitan University. He’s a major donor to the Conservative party. He’s met Al Pacino. And he drives a Bugatti.

He also owns a Rolls Royce with the number plate 51 NGH.

“I knew from the beginning it was fraud”

The investigators in Germany had long been interested in Virdee, according to a recent article in the German magazine Der Spiegel. But they could only issue an arrest warrant after one of the other people accused spilled the beans.

The Spiegel reports a confession in a Frankfurt court at the end of last year. “I knew from the beginning it was fraud”, he said. “I had lost everything and had large debts.” The accused received a sentence of three years and three months.

At first business was slow, he said. But when “Batman” got involved, things picked up. One witness explained that in 2009 “Batman” used his contacts in Deutsche Bank to provide a direct contact to fraudulent emission traders in the bank’s London branch.

Virdee denies any wrong-doing. He put out a statement in response to the Spiegel article about his arrest:

Prof. Virdee categorically denies these allegations. He has never been involved in carbon trading let alone in any kind of fraud. While he is happy to co-operate with the authorities he intends to defend himself fully against these allegations and the attempts to extradite him to Germany.

Virdee’s statement adds that,

It appears that the only basis for the making of any allegations against Prof Virdee is from a statement given by a convicted fraudster, who entered into some form of plea bargain in return for implicating other people, including Prof Virdee, in the alleged fraud.

On 18 January 2017, Virdee appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court. An extradition hearing was set for 31 March 2017.


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  1. Hardip Peter Paaji you have been screwed over by Mohsin Salya the ‘Prince.’

    Stay Strong Wahaguru

  2. Grass is always greener

    Paaji don’t let fake news distract your contribution to the community these blogs like to create stirs and wars amongst influential people. Chin up paaji we are with you.

  3. Peter Virdee, I hope you read this very soon, the UK authorities also are looking deeply into your shenanigans.
    You have lied to people.
    All those photos taken nearly your paid for access.
    Meeting the Queen that was all paid for just have a look at all your photos online and it tells a picture of what you really about you just a fraudster and you don’t even know it yourself.
    I know what you like cause I got recordings.

  4. @Peter vat – Sorry about the delay with your comment. It’s the weekend… Have you reported what you know about Peter Virdee to the police?

  5. Mr virdee you don’t scare me You know what you did, obtaining people’s personal information through Vodafone obviously paying somebody I bet you didn’t know the information has been obtained where are data footprint has been left would you like to listen to yourself?
    Or maybe that might be a bad idea.
    You can send anyone around to my house, you’re already on the radar.
    It’s fraudsters like you, which make us real singh a bad name.
    You know nothing about me, but let me tell you something I know a lot more about you and your wrong doings on this planet.
    The scum of the Earth who have lost. Their selves and sold their souls to money.
    Do you really think that people are that stupid your that dumb you’ve got pictures on the internet surrounded with VAT fraudsters that had dumb you are.
    You’re a very silly little boy.

  6. Should be

    ‘Peter VAT / Bootlegger / Wanna Be Gangster’

    MS the Prince has proper screwed you over Paaji.

  7. Wow fake news waheguru look after you etc etc. he’s a criminal with a lot of money who couldn’t help himself but to do more fraud.

  8. @JW – Your comment (the one I didn’t post) starts as follows:

    “Hello Chris! last week I over heard a conversation between 2 individuals discussing Mr Salya (Prince) and (batman) Mr Virdee ! Carbon Credit fraudsters !! “

    If you could provide a slightly more credible source for your information, I might post it. Thanks!

  9. Hi Chris! I sent you a reply on the back of your message you sent me , I am still waiting for a reply on if you will post the rest of my comments on both of the articles. Thanks

  10. @JW – I asked for credible sources for your comments. You replied, “I am very surprised you are asking for a reliable source as making up stories is not my style!!!”

    That may or may not be true.

    Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing either way.

  11. Hi Chris! So you want names of the information I am giving you? !!! Thanks

  12. @JW – All I’m asking you for is some sort of evidence that you’re not just making things up. Thanks.

  13. I totally appreciate that Chris!
    I don’t want to give you a name that you have probably not heard off and I will not make a name up as it is not my style!!! Mohsin has a lot of people who do not like him as he has wronged a lot of people and when I say that I do not make things up then pls take my name!!! Mohsin is in a prison in Germany now as a deal has been done where he will pay a amount back (don’t know how much) for a very small Prison term!! I totally understand if you don’t want to publish but i know my information is water tight information! If you do put my comments up you will see the shock in the cheaters hearts and they will start panicking on how did you get the information!!!!!! Thanks

  14. @JW – In the Daily Mirror last week, Andrew Penman reports that Mohsin Salya is in jail:

    However, I spoke to Salya’s lawyer in Germany, Bernd Gross, who confirmed that he is now behind bars after admitting tax evasion offences in connection with carbon emission trades.

    Gross was keen to emphasise that Salya “was just a small part of the whole thing”, adding: “He was convicted for being the bookkeeper of one of the companies involved.”

  15. Hey Mr Virdee! What have you agreed with your attorney? How much money are you giving back to the Germans? As I know you don’t want to ruin your reputation and you are offering all sorts of money to stay out off Custody and to protect your family name!! Well let me tell you Parjee Virdee everything will come out and you will be exposed as a person who cheated the German Treasurer out of a lot of money to fund your lavish lifestyle and how did your meeting go with Mr Salya in the UAE just before you were arrested in the U.K. Panic time Mr Virdee!!! Who can you trust “Batman”?

  16. salyas are not the grasses its iftikhar ali , fraz mir , uzma mir ,read this article

    iftikhar ali gives up everyone including safdar gohir peter virdee and mohsin salya blames each other so they go to war with each other when the german police have a warrant for his arrest for a 2.5 billion pound carbon fraud for which he was interrogated confrim with senior police officers meltenberger 00496115518905 or goldshmit 00496115518903 iftikhar played it that him and his brother in law fraz mir brother of uzma mir made no money and were pawns but now the proof has emerged where the money was sent the master planner uzma mir and money launderer owning 17 cash paid houses and cash paid range rover and lives a lavish lifestyle with fraz mir and iftikhar ali
    the german police are now investigating uzma mir for her part in having money in 2011 coming to ims certification fze and several other companies sent controlled to money sent to a uk barclays from ims a certification company account controlled by uzma and iftikhar ali which was the money fraz was sending to dubai and several account in far east in the same period when he was caught for carbon fraud worth 900 million pounds for which he was convicted
    fraz later told the receiver he has no money but lives a life of partying daily spending new amg mercedes and shows money coming from uzma to fund scotland rd house and greenfield and uzma main residence and now the receivers have been piecing together and there will be a warrant issued next week.

    does it not make you think that iftikhar ali , fraz mir , uzma mir , that have made billions are not been extradited when now the receiver has information that fraz has benefited and knows where the money is the german police also know that uzma mir has the money and hidden

  17. @Musa Patel
    Are you the same Irfan Musa Patel from Preston who sold his liberty for a few million quid from the Salya clan to keep their name out of your investigation. I say this as it seems you know things in depth that only a person involved in the same investigation and litigation would know.

    Also we all know that MS would have never got away with 3yrs if he had not grassed up the main man P. The sentence MS got said it all.

    Even you got more than MS you fool and you were one of his cronies.

    So Mr Irfan Musa Patel calm yourself down with all them links :-)


  18. JW sounds like he’s knows the players in this episode,even if it is hearsay and inadmissible. These are just public opinions though isn’t it?

  19. It’s amazing how people can say fake news. Just the thought their hero might not be as unblemished as they thought is too much to bear. Do any of you that worship the guy know his back story? How did a kid from Aston Birmingham end up as wealthy as he did? No biography anywhere explains. From what I’ve heard from people that have known him from day one, he’s a fraudster through and through. From before his days of the orange vitarra. Those who know will know what I’m talking about.

  20. @Sam Exactly. Can’t find anything about how/where he started, just that he started a property company most likely after the fraud allowing him to invest in property as he had already made the funds. Kid from Aston worth billions but not one article/interview of a large company or a liquidation that allowed him to make the fortune. It’s obvious most of these guys mentioned haven’t made legit money, look the majority of Billionaires, most of their wealth is explained for, from the companies they started or invested into.

  21. shocking how many people suck up to someone with money, even if they know it is not legitimate and even more shocking is the person playing the religion card to show and earn respect when it is not due.

  22. Virdee is a known fraudster in the underworld. He has been involved in VAT fraud since his early days in the Midlands. He has always been known for using pawns for the dirty work and always staying behind the scenes. He was also involved in another similar carousel fraud with his close friend Mono Sandhu

    Virdee has been involved in heavy money laundering activities with his cronies Bath and Thakrar.

    He is a very clever man. His name never appears anywhere, but it takes a simple question and investigation into how his money was made and you will see it clearly.

  23. Mohsin ki need charity 500 used to save premature new born twin girls can U help?

  24. For attention of the Editor

    Two top businessmen Zulfi Bukhari and Peter Virdee, in partnership are the main funders behind Imran Khan’ s election campaign in Pakistan. The issue is that Khan is backed by crooks. The two men, Bukhari and Virdee accumulated their funds through fraudulent activities carried out in Germany France and England. The funds funelled into Khan’s campaign is dirty money. They have over Euro 500 million siphoned into this campaign.

    Follow these links for more information


  25. @Moshin – Thanks for this. I have a few questions, if you don’t mind.

    – How do you know that Peter Virdee is funding Imran Khan’s election campaign? You provide a link about a fund-raising dinner for Namal College that Peter Virdee co-hosted. But that doesn’t prove that Virdee is funding Khan’s election campaign.

    – How do you know that Bukhari and Virdee have given €500 million to Khan’s election campaign?

    – How do you know that Bukhari and Virdee have raised money through “fraudulent activities”? You provide a link about Virdee being arrested in January 2017, but that case still hasn’t been heard.

    On 30 March 2017, Der Spiegel published a piece about Virdee – the day before the hearing was supposed to take place. I have heard that Virdee managed to get the hearing date changed to 27 March, to avoid media attention, and that the hearing was then adjourned until 17 May 2017. But I’ve not been able to confirm any of that. If anyone has any more information about Virdee’s extradition hearing, I’d love to hear about it!

  26. “The case is next listed for hearing on 10 July 2017. Kind Regards, S Khan. Admin Officer
    International Office | HMCTS | Westminster Magistrates Court | 181 Marylebone Road, London | NW1 5BR Phone: 020 3126 3010 Web:

    Contacted the court again but no reply as yet.

    Link to Virdee celebrating with guys (Russell Crowther, Syed Faraz Hussain, Mandish Singh Hayre, Ardip Singh Hayre and more…) who did another VAT fraud:

  27. Friend of Peter Virdee – Gurpreet Singh Anand states on Facebook:

    “The European Arrest Warrant issued by the District Court of Frankfurt Am Main, Germany, was discharged by Westminster Magistrates Court on 3rd July 2017.

    This was pursuant to the District Court in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, declaring that the warrant issued for arrest was unlawfully issued and was revoked by them.

    I expect a press release to be issued shortly.”

    Like Show More Reactions · Reply · 5 July at 14:50

  28. Haha – peter Singh the ultimate criminal frauster. You were doing this all the way back at Matthew Boulton College with your brother happy – you and the credit card frauds with Fonz leathers and then the washing dirty money through your nursing home in Preston. Once the accountants do a forensic analysis of your business , sources of income, tax payments – crime never pays – even though you try and act like a devote Singh – a leopard never changes its spots

  29. This is all fraud . Guys like Salya , Nadeem Khan need to be bought to book . Salta boasts on social media it’s all hard work … fraud and corruption from the start . Makes you think if these two are connected …