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Another one bites the dust: Conservation Central Network ordered to wind up

On 12 July 2016, an application was commenced in Australia for the winding up of Conservation Central Network. A court hearing took place in the Federal Court in New South Wales on 12 August 2016, and on 22 August 2016 a court order to wind up the company and appoint a liquidator was issued.

Conservation Central Network claimed to have a way of saving forests and making money. The method was simple enough. You paid money to CCN. Then you persuaded your friends do the same. Then your friends persuaded their friends to pay CCN. And so on. Sounds like a pyramid scheme, doesn’t it?

Conservation Central Network claims to have Papua New Guinea, Australia, Colombia and Peru. Recently CCN launched a new project involving coconut plantations in the Solomon Islands.

Sponsoring coconut trees in the Solomon Islands

In a recent video on YouTube, Conservation Central Network explains its “Sponsor a coconut tree in the Solomons” scheme. That’s Ian on the left and Sandy sitting down:


Ian’s a progressive young businessman. He’s just watched the whole process happening and he has a question. He wants to know how quickly he could make back the €3,000 he just spent sponsoring trees. He just watched Sandy make €1,500 from that process and he quickly recognises that all he needs to do is find two people and that would cover the €3,000 sponsorship of the coconut trees.
And that’s how simple, er, the process is. It’s a two part payment system consisting of a voucher that you get from a member and a direct payment to the company. So that’s how the voucher system works with the sponsor a coconut tree programme.

There’s plenty more of this sort of thing, if you can take it, on Conservation Central Network’s website and blog.

Erminio Kotlar, the man who set up Conservation Central Network was previously involved in a pyramid scheme called LifeWealth8, that collapsed in 2004, leaving its 30,000 members nearly US$20 million out of pocket.

CCN’s fake addresses in Hong Kong

In September 2015, Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission updated its Alert List to include Conservation Central Network and CCN Holdings Limited. In its Alert List, the Securities and Futures Commission notes that the addresses these companies give in Hong Kong are fake and that the companies are not authorised to operate in Hong Kong:


CCN Holdings

A €40 million collapse?

REDD-Monitor first wrote about Conservation Central Network in February 2015. Campbell Scott, the co-founder of CCN responded by accusing REDD-Monitor of making libelous “untruths, inaccuracies and malice”. He wrote that,

The accusation of CCN being a fraudulent pyramid scheme is libelous and wrong we have been scrutinized by the Direct Selling association and various government bodies in this regards and have complied with all rules and regulations to date.

Investigative journalist Antonio Papaleo estimates that about 20,000 people in more than 100 countries have handed over a total of more than €40 million to CCN.

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  1. Here is a statement of TOP SCAMMERS: ERMINIO KOTLAR (originally Croatian gipsy and now Australian top conman) and CAMPBELL SCOTT (Australian top conman). Please be very carefull because these scammers used our money (more than 30 mil. EUR) not for REDD projects and generating of carbon credits for us but for purchasing of their houses, cars and yachts. Of course, the statement below is only lying and cheating.
    Dear CCN Member,

    On the 24th of August CCN to cease operations.

    For 2.5 years CCN tried every reasonable option available to continue its Carbon Credit business, however a combination of events from which CCN could not recover from quickly enough has brought about this closure ,

    abolishing the carbon market in Australia,
    the unconscionable conduct of a member from Slovakia leading an attack against ccn,
    a large amount of unrecoverable money invested in Croatia and the Philippines,
    a former CCN legal advisor, action,
    Carbon Credit Trading History

    The original model CCN developed was successful and highly profitable until the governments changed legislation regarding climate change and abolished the carbon tax.

    CCN was in the business of creating and selling carbon credits from land management projects it secured but that business has now ceased due to governments constantly changing their climate change policies, making it extremely difficult to produce the high levels of profitability required to run the CCN business successfully.

    CCN was working on repurposing its business model with the recent activity in the Solomon Islands and it was looking very positive for CCN as a company. however due to CCN’s history with Carbon Credit projects and the latest action taken against CCN, CCN as a company was forced to relinquish its marketing position for the Solomon Islands and close down.

    Another company through its business connections stepped in and directly negotiated with the Solomon Islands government at the highest level, right up to the Prime minister himself and was successful in putting forward their own business model for the Solomon Islands,

    We understand this company can be contacted by any ccn members and network marketers and is offering positions with similar status levels, values and network downline structures, applicants can show proof of status and structure from the MLM company they were in, or are currently in.

    Reply in the chat below if you need further info


    CCN Management