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Response from Nick Meade, ex-director of D&P Sites part of the Capital Alternatives network: “Libellous and defamatory comments”

2016-05-25-185143_846x643_scrotIn October 2014, REDD-Monitor wrote about Sterling and Bond, Voiptel International, and Velvet Assets. The companies were part of the Capital Alternatives network. The post received more than one hundred comments, some of which named the individuals involved in these and other related companies.

Shortly after their names appeared, several of the people involved wrote to REDD-Monitor asking for their names to be removed. You can read some of these emails in this post: “On Cockroaches and Capital Alternatives”, written after Khadija Sharife’s devastating exposé of the Capital Alternatives network.

At the end of last week, REDD-Monitor received another letter from someone asking to be removed from the comments:

From: Nick Meade
Date: 20 May 2016
Subject: libellous and defamatory comments
Dear sirs,
I have recently come across information posted on your site ,about me that is completely untrue and very nasty. Yes I did create companies but they never traded or was any investment ever made into these companies.
In addition they have all been closed.
Please would you remove any reference to the following : Nick Meade , Nicholas Meade , Elixir Diamonds , 4c Diamond Holdings , Uk Airport Land, Uk Airport Land Stanstead , UK Airport Land Teeside , D and P sites Ltd . Sierra Leone. In addition I do not know the people mentioned in these posts.
The latter company although never took in any investment was set up by one of the UK leading corporate law firms. I have not told them about this website yet as I feel by removing any reference to myself they would not need to know.
So please I am asking nicely to remove this immediately and any reference to on your site.
I think it is important there are sites like this about it is unfortunate you seem to have linked me to people I do not even know.
I will check back in 14 days, please let me know if you need more time ?
Nick Meade

Meade seems to have forgotten that he previously wrote to REDD-Monitor on 11 November 2014:

From: Nick meade
Date: 11 November 2014
Subject: More scams: Sterling and Bond, Voiptel International and Velvet Assets
Dear Sir
I have just read the blog above after being pointed to it by a land owner who we are/were about to do purchase land from. The blogs link myself to various people who I have no connection with, do not know or have no involvement in my companies. These anonymous blogs are blatant lies designed to harm a legitimate business and damage its contractual positions.
D & P Sites Limited have no connections with the names mentioned and are not in anyway connected with Capital Group. D & P are not looking for investment from individuals nor are we currently marketing the company, so all the blogs are totally untrue. We believe that an individual called Robin Berlyn is posting these blogs in an attempt to damage the companies position with new contracts we are bidding for.
If you are happy having your site used to commit slander and further damage innocent individuals reputations then you are as bad as the companies that do commit scams. If you are a legitimate and reputable site I suggest you remove this blog and all threads immediately or we will be forced to take further action, which we hope will not be required.
If you require further information please contact me direct.
Nick Meade
D&P Sites

Nicholas John Charles Meade has been director of 11 companies:

  1. D&P Sites Ltd: Meade was the sole director, appointed on 6 February 2014. The company was compulsorily dissolved on 22 March 2015.
  2. D&P Sites (UK) Ltd: Meade was the sole director, appointed on 22 May 2014. The company was compulsorily dissolved on 29 December 2015.
  3. UK Airport Land Limited: Meade was a director with Kirstan Gander, both appointed on 14 February 2014. Gander resigned on 5 December 2014 The company was compulsorily dissolved on 29 September 2015.
  4. UK Airport Land Stansted Limited: Meade was the sole director, appointed on 28 January 2014. The company was compulsorily dissolved on 15 September 2015.
  5. UK Airport Land Teeside Limited: Meade was the sole director, appointed on 28 January 2014. The company was compulsorily dissolved on 8 September 2015.
  6. Netyourjob Limited: Meade was the sole director, appointed on 20 December 2013. The company was voluntarily dissolved on 9 September 2014.
  7. Global Farming Initiative: Meade was the sole director, appointed on 7 October 2013. The company was compulsorily dissolved on 19 January 2016.
  8. ZPG Alternatives Limited: Meade was a director (appointed 1 July 2013), with PBV UK Limited and Freeway Legal Limited. The company was compulsorily dissolved on 27 October 2015.
  9. Elixir Diamonds Ltd: Meade was a director, with Samual Eustace, both appointed on 10 June 2013. The company was voluntarily dissolved on 23 June 2015.
  10. 4C Diamond Holdings Limited: Meade was a director, with Samual Eustace, both appointed on 10 June 2013. The company was voluntarily dissolved on 23 June 2015.
  11. PBV (UK) Limited: Meade is a director, appointed on 29 February 2012. Stephen Bowser was appointed director on 25 October 2011 and resigned on 28 August 2012. The company is still active, but the company’s Annual Return is overdue.

So Nicholas Meade has been the director of a string of companies, most of which have been compulsorily dissolved. Meade was a co-director of UK Airport Land Limited with Kristan Gander. In her article about the Capital Alternatives network, Sharife describes Gander as “Haddow’s right hand in the organization”. Renwick Haddow was the CEO of Capital Organization – the centre of the Capital Alternatives network.

Gander wrote to REDD-Monitor in February 2015 asking for his name to be removed. Gander mentioned Robin Berlyn as being behind a campaign against him and his partner Maria Barnard. When Meade wrote to REDD-Monitor in November 2014, he also accused Berlyn of being behind the comments mentioning his name.

Sharife describes Meade’s company PBV (UK) Limited as a shell entity and mentions emails between Gander and Meade. In a diagram of the Capital Alternatives network, Sharife includes three of Meade’s companies (D&P Sites Ltd, UK Airport Land Limited, Global Farming Initiative) in a list of shell entities.

Sharife includes Meade in a list of Renwick Haddow’s “secondary crew”, and in a list of frequently used nominee directors (click on the image to go to the complete diagram of Capital Alternatives’ corporate structure):

Capital Alternatives

Here are three brochures featuring D&P sites (click on the images to open the pdf files):

D&P Sites Platinum Group Extwistle Hall

The document on the left is a contract for shares in D&P Sites. Ten million shares were on offer at £1 each. The minimum “investment” was £40,000. The money was to be transfered to Harrison Clark Rickerbys, “a leading UK law firm”. The directors of D&P Sites are listed in the document as Nicholas Meade, Maria Barnard, and John Morris. Sharife lists Maria Barnard as one of the Capital Alternative network’s frequently used nominee directors.

The document in the middle is an application form to buy shares in D&P Sites, presented by the Platinum Group, part of the Capital Alternatives network. This time, the minimum investment is £80,000.

The document on the right describes a housing project intended to finance the rebuilding of Extwistle Hall, a derelict Grade II listed building in Lancashire. In fact, a similar scheme was proposed in 2012, but did not receive planning permission.

Meade has actually been director of eight more companies. (It’s a separate list at Companies House, but the name, address and birthday are the same. I think it’s safe to assume it’s the same Nick Meade.) Most of the companies have been dissolved.

Meade has more than one LinkedIn account (maybe he opens one for each company):

Nicholas Meade

Nicholas Meade

There’s a revealing discussion from August 2009 about two of Meade’s companies, Claims Justice Limited and Compensation Professional Network Limited, on It seems the companies were using a call centre that cold called people telling them that they were entitled to make a claim for an ‘accident’ they were recently involved in.

In 2010, the Office of Fair Trading revoked Compensation Professional Network Limited’s consumer credit license. The company had used automated messages to cold call people, and implied that the calls were on behalf of the government. The calls explained that the company could get people’s debts written off, using new legislation or government loopholes. In fact, Compensation Professional Network was not a debt management company, but a lead generation firm, gathering information on people with debt, in order to sell the information on to other firms.

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  1. I love how many of the people connected to the Capital Alternatives ring now whinge and whine like pussies when a site like Redd reports they used to be connected to the network.

    Does Mr Meade really expect us to believe he never knew or heard of Kristan Gander when they were both a Director of the same company!

    Mr Meade, you chose to get involved with such people so shut up and stop crying. You should have realised the effect the internet can have on highlighting and reminding surfers of people’s pasts because once news or information goes into the net, it never comes out – you therefore only have yourself to blame when people highlight your past business dealings and associates whether they’re good or bad.

    As for the investors who lost millions via investing in the loss making crap Capital Alternative sold I’m sure they love the fact a site like Redd keeps reminding everyone of the shady pasts of many of the people involved on the inside. Got to love a bit of Karma.

  2. More than 14 days is up and still nothing from the ‘innocent victim’, Mr Meade.

    Perhaps he’s gone on holiday?