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More scams: Sterling and Bond, Voiptel International and Velvet Assets

A company called Sterling and Bond is cold calling people to persuade them to convert their near-worthless carbon credits into a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) scheme. There’s an advanced fee involved. And it’s a ridiculously obvious scam.

Sterling and Bond put out a press release today, telling us that “VoIP services made a big name for themselves in 2013” and 2014 will be “Year of Business VoIP”.

In its emails to potential clients/suckers, Sterling and Bond offers “guaranteed” monthly rates of return of 14% over 18 months, and claims that a company called Voiptel International will sell the carbon credits, on condition that the client/sucker “matches the offer”.

So, if Voiptel International says it can sell the carbon credits for US$20,000, then the client/sucker hands over US$20,000. Sterling and Bond promises monthly dividends of US$311, or a total of US$5,598 “profit” over 18 months.

It doesn’t take a financial wizard to realise that even if Sterling and Bond keeps up the payments for 18 months, and then disappears, the client/sucker will be heavily out of pocket. Again.

Voiptel International

Voiptel International claims that the company was formed in 2008. But the website was only registered in May 2014. The company gives two addresses on its website, one in Moscow and an “international address”: 20 Station Road, Cambridge CB1 2JD. A company called CB1 Business Cambridge offers virtual offices at this address.

Voiptel’s phone number is Sterling and Bond’s London number. There’s a note explaining that “Sterling and Bond are VOIPTEL’s master agent and handle all in-bound calls”.

Sterling and Bond

There is little information about Sterling and Bond available on the company’s website. According to the website, “Sterling & Bond is the trading name of SBB Commercial Brokers L.L.C”. But a search on Open Corporates gives no results:

Sterling and Bond claims to have offices in Dubai, London, Sydney and Hong Kong. The address in the City of London looks impressive, but it is just a serviced office. Hiring this type of virtual office is cheap.

Velvet Assets

The Sydney address is much more interesting: Level 11, 100 William Street, Sydney NSW 2000. Sterling and Bond shares this address with a company called Velvet Assets. The founder and director of Velvet Assets is Geoff Woodcock, who was previously the sales director for Capital Alternatives.

In February 2014, the Financial Conduct Authority won a case in the High Court in London against Capital Alternatives and several other firms. The judge ruled that the companies were illegally running collective investment schemes, offering farmland in Sierra Leone as an investment.

In April 2014, Woodcock, who had by then moved to Velvet Assets, contacted the Oakland Institute about an investment involving the same farmland in Sierra Leone.

Part of the Capital Alternatives network

One of the investment deals offered by Velvet Assets is a company in Liberia called African Lumber Ltd. Velvet Assets describes this as “a truly low-risk opportunity that will produce average annual returns of 19% per annum”.

Yesterday, REDD-Monitor received the following message:

Have you come across a company called African Lumber? I bought some investment into it through Regency Capital. Please let me know your thoughts.

Regency Capital was part of the Capital Alternatives network of companies, that the High Court ruled was illegally running collective investment schemes. The director of Regency Capital, Adam Conolly, was also a director of Global Eco Projects Ltd. As was John Childs, who was also a director of Reforestation Projects Ltd – another of the companies ruled to be illegally running collective investment schemes.

Reforestation Projects was previously called Capital Carbon Credits and one of its directors was Mark Ayres/Eyres. REDD-Monitor wrote about his hair-raising background in August 2013.

While the Financial Conduct Authority won in the High Court against Capital Alternatives and its network of companies, there were no sentences handed out for the people behind the companies. And as the comments following this post on REDD-Monitor reveal, they seemed to have moved on to the next scam.

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  1. I have been similarly contacted by a Sam Taylor of Platinum Commodities who offer sort of deal but ask for an initial investment into VOIPTel.

  2. Stirling & bond contacted me from their virtual office in Dubai with the offer above. He was going to sell my CCs, Adam Brown must be really good as he was going to sell them without any certificate reference or proof of ownership.
    If anyone wants his private contact details for a chat I will post them here when I have one detail confirmed.

  3. Had call from Sam Taylor at Platinum Commodities. About Voiptel. As usual, this sounded too good to be true, especially when he mentioned that they could allocate my carbon credits and match my investment. ie. 5k in = 10k invested. Their site is dead: “The site has been disabled. Please contact support.” Couldn’t find the owner of the site easily, could only identify the server, could not track the origin of the email. Offices were in the likes of Dubai. Purported Profits from investment ranged from 5 – 14% dependent on region and investment back in 18 months? Bank letter of credit as warranty. When will this total shite stop? Between this and getting harassed by ‘art investments’ at which I finally got angry today… who in their right mind can now believe or tell if there are any genuine investments? Certainly I’ll never invest with a cold caller.. Additionally, anyone have any info/updates on a Ukraine Farming Land Investment that was transferred and supposed to float in Germany? Agro holdings/Aston Lloyd..

  4. I have just had a serious look at Sterling and Bond’s website and my comments / questions are as follows , because on the face of it Sterling and Bond have displayed all the usual scam pointers. However , perhaps I am wrong and therefore would welcome answers to the following questions


  5. I was contacted by Deon Reese of Platinum Commodities offering me VoIPTel’s fraud scheme for my investments with Capital Alternatives that went wrong.

    I called Platinum Commodities in the UK earlier today, explaining to the woman answering the phone that I spoke a few times with Deon Resse, its acquisition adviser over the past few weeks. I further explained to her that as I shall be visiting London for a business trip next week, I would like to pay their London office a visit and discuss things in person. The woman who answered the phone told me that she’s just a receptionist at an exchange where several companies are registered. The company is not registered at the address they claim. It’s fake.

    Avoid the following person like a plague.
    Deon Reese
    Strategic Acquisition Adviser
    Office: +44 (0) 845 867 5487
    UK Office:
    Platinum Commodities
    Level 18
    40 Bank Street
    E14 5NR
    United Kingdom

  6. Another arrived in the post yesterday.. from Rothstein Capital of 1, Royal Exchange, London EC3Y 3LT 0203 740 1977. Offering corporate exit strategies. They say “Clients with holdings in VER, EUA, REED and VCS units will need to undergo a full corporate re-diversion to secure exit. This will involve change of format, acting agent and project validity.” Stephen Haunton Head of Management… Anyone heard of this one? Offering between £7.02 and £9.44 per credit. I am stunned that these companies can operate in plain sight…..

  7. Do you mean “Rothstein Capital and Partners”? They’re known for their recovery room scams.

    Want to know how?

    Rothstein Capital and Partners sent similar letters to creditors of Denver Trading; a company liquidated by Devon and Cornwall police with the help of the insolvency service.

    They made false claims stating they they’re the 3rd party management company, acting on behalf of Cadogan Tate; the storage provider.

    The actual liquidator, Grant Thornton and Cadogan Tate warned all creditors to not send any money to Rothstein Capital and Partners as they’ve no connection with them.

    Some creditors have already reported Rothstein Capital and Partners to Action Fraud.

  8. There are quite a few blogs on redd-monitor now covering Capital Alternatives, City Road Communications, Capital Carbon Credits, and so on. It is difficult to keep track. Check them out because I also phoned to speak to Platinum Commodities and discovered it was a fake address. What I did find out was that there is a domain name of (I think the UAE refers to Dubai). This domain is registered to Mark Ayres. See the article above that started this blog. These people are all interlinked and they keep coming up with more ways to steal money from innocent people.

  9. The author of this blog mentions African Lumber and its links to Capital Alternatives, Adam Connolly and Reforestation Projects Ltd. There is another link. African Lumber is owned by Robert McKendrick who owns African Land Ltd.
    As I said earlier these companies are all interlinked and part of a very big web of scams. Now new links are coming to light.
    The domain has the following info:
    enquiries to go to techteam@omniearth. Omni Earth ran all of the technical backup to the vast number of crooked companies linked to Haddow, Ayres, Capital Alternatives etc.
    The contact number of 07824 139589 is known to have been one of a batch of mobile numbers bought for Capital Alternatives people.
    The registered office address of Omni Earth is New Loom House, Back Church Lane, London. This is the same registered office address of Rough Diamond Trading Ltd (a diamond scam run by people from Capital Alternatives).
    A director of Omni Earth is Paul Quade who is also a director of City Road Communications (Redd-monitor has a separate blog on these people).
    The people behind Sterling and Bond are probably the brains in this network because they have kept themselves very well hidden. The chances are that they are ex Capital Alternatives people (the clever ones who have managed to stay below the radar).
    The same people come up time after time and they all have links back to the original Capital Alternatives scams.

  10. I have been getting offers from different companies so I did some research and found links to the people who were prosecuted by the FCA and people who worked at Capital Alternatives.

    I received information from Sterling and Bond about swapping palm oil into a product called Voiptel so I looked for some details on Sterling and Bond. I found a man called Daniel Bowlin on LinkedIn whose profile says his current job is with Sterling and Bond, but he is also shown as a Wealth Manager at Kinsella and McCarthy Wealth Management.

    I found another link to Kinsella and McCarthy when I came across Kristan Gander whose LinkedIn profile shows he used to work for them.

    Kristan Gander also used to work for Capital Alternatives in a very senior position. While he was there he was heavily involved in promoting the African Land project in Sierra Leone which was found to be an illegal scheme. This link shows that Kinsella and McCarthy also promoted the illegal African Land project . So there is a link between Daniel Bowlin, Sterling and Bond and Kristen Gander.

    Kinsella and McCarthy have no website and their registered office address is not a working office. Sterling and Bond cannot be found in existence anywhere.

    Kristan Gander’s involvement in Kinsella and McCarthy does not seem to be completely finished. The director of Kinsella and McCarthy is a lady called Maria Barnard. Gander’s facebook page shows a photograph of Barnard and it says that he is in a relationship with her.

    It is very possible that Sterling and Bond is Kinsella and McCarthy Wealth Management in disguise. In that case Sterling and Bond is being run by Barnard and Gander.

    Some time ago I was contacted by a company called Platinum Commodities offering several investment opportunities. I asked for brochures. I was sent a brochure on an English Heritage investment at Extwistle Hall. The brochure didn’t mention Platinum Commodities. It was covered with references to Platinum Group UAE. I checked the names of who owned platinumgroupuae and I found one of them was owned by Mark Ayres, the man who was responsible for the carbon credit projects at Capital Alternatives and who was prosecuted by the FCA. The company that was being promoted by Platinum Group UAE was a UK company called D & P Sites Ltd.

    The brochure was offering preference shares in D and P Sites Ltd. The Share Offer document stated that the directors of D and P Sites Ltd were Nicholas Meade, Maria Barnard and John Morris. There was Barnard’s name again suggesting a link between Gander, Barnard, Ayres, Platinum Group UAE and D & P Sites Ltd. Gander also used to promote the Mark Ayres carbon credit projects when he was at Capital Alternatives.

    I checked the directors of D and P Sites Ltd at Companies House and found that it only shows Nicholas Meade and not Maria Barnard, but the office address is a building on Priestley Road, Basingstoke. Global Eco Projects Ltd also had an office on Priestley Road, Basingstoke. Global Eco Projects has already been highlighted on Redd-Monitor. A check on the company incorporation documents reveals that the company had issued 1,000,000 shares. The person listed as the owner of 100% of those shares was Mark Ayres.

    I checked up on Nicholas Meade online and his business standards are called into question.

    So I have been able to establish links between Nicholas Meade, Maria Barnard, Kristan Gander and Mark Ayres.

    Those links were strengthened even more when I checked on other companies which involved Nicholas Meade. He is a director of a company called UK Airport Land Ltd. The other director of that company is Kirstan Gander. That company also has an address on Priestley Road, Basingstoke.

    The upshot of all of this is that I now believe that all of the companies and people mentioned are part of a larger conspiracy to defraud. It appears that the same people behind a lot of the Capital Alternatives scams have found some new accomplices and have a whole new set of scams including Voiptel, English Heritage and possibly even land at airports.

    Nicholas Meade is also a director of UK Airport Land (Teesside) Ltd and UK Airport Land (Stansted) Ltd. I will be on the lookout for any so-called investments that involve buying land or car parking plots near to airports. These people are sure to be behind it.

    I did not buy any shares in D and P Sites Ltd but I did check out the position on their main property called Extwistle Hall. The D and P website says “D and P Sites are legally contracted to this 198 acre site and is in advanced talks with local planning authorities and English Heritage”. My enquiries revealed that neither the planners nor English Heritage had heard of D and P Sites and both intended to investigate. That was last week.

    This week a lot of incriminating evidence has been removed from the D and P website including everything to do with Extwistle Hall, a photograph and description of Nicholas Meade, and the details of the two consultants that they claim were working with them.

  11. @mugged
    It now makes sense. I can add something. I received a letter written by Nicholas Meade about a share offer for D&P Sites. Here are some quotes.

    “I was very fortunate to start my adult life in the British Army and spent 10 years in the Coldstream Guards. Although it was a while ago, it instilled self discipline and an understanding of right and wrong”.

    “The importance of a close-knit team who you can rely on who share the same principles of honesty and decency”.

    I saw a newspaper report about Mark Ayres which said that he used to go around telling people that he was a retired major in the SAS. Now we have a man from the Coldstream Guards.

    If they all share the same principles of honesty and decency I think we can say that those principles are to screw any person who is unfortunate enough to cross their path.

  12. I have had calls from Sterling and Bond and Rothstein Capital.

    The latter told me I had rare earth metals in Merrits bonded warehouse and they would sell them for me but first I would have a fee to pay. They gave me a phone number in London who said they were an office of Merrits. However when I phoned Merrits in Nottingham where their bonded warehouse is located they said they have no London office

  13. Rothstein Capital and Partners Ltd was formed in January 2014. It has one director, Charles Rothstein, aged 64 with no previous directorships which is somewhat surprising. The domain name for Rothstein Capital was registered on 24th September 2014. The website declares:
    “our many years of experience has allowed us to build a powerful global network of partners we can call upon to aid the completion of a clients brief and requirements”. Not bad for a company that has been trading less than a year and has only had a website for one month. Avoid.

  14. The coloured diamond as an investment.

    With further investigation.

    Renwick Haddow, Kristan Gander, Sam Eustace, Nick Meade these are the individuals responsible for most of the coloured diamond scams.


    The diamond companies mentioned below are all connected. All of these companies are operated by Kristan Gander, Nick Meade , Mark Ayres, Renwick Haddow and Sam Eustace. If you put all of these companies into Companies House the information is there.

    The buying procedure is as follows a client goes onto the platform and chooses a diamond, funds are then transferred to an account which is controlled by one of the companies and individuals mentioned. If the client wants to the company to place the diamond in a vault that gives them an 18 month window to use your hard earned money. However if the client wants the diamond, the diamond will never be delivered. A then delaying procedure will be then put into action by the salesman. (waiting for the correct stone/waiting for GIA paperwork etc) The result is always the same NO DIAMOND and certainly no 50% Mark up.

    I contacted Rio Tinto Mine which many claim the diamonds are from. Especially the Pink diamond , they had concerns there name was being branded on the brochures and are now looking into the matter themselves.

    Sterling International – This company is based in Gibraltar. This is where all the companies claim they purchase there diamonds from. And provide a vault however none of the vaults have ever had any diamonds delivered to them at any stage.

    Capital Solutions- This is trading platform that all the companies seem to use to sell coloured diamonds ,The diamonds range from One thousand pounds up to one million pounds, The pictures of diamonds on this website are completely fake , and the diamonds are never actually purchased from any diamond supplier. Their head office is a remote residential location in Essex. The Director is Sam Eustace.

    Rough Diamond Trading-This company is a part of Capital Alternatives. This company even though the director is Paul Quade this is one of Renwick Haddow scams. The address is New Loom House,101 Back church Lane, London. On investigation this is the home of many of the Capital Alternatives group.

    4CDiamond Holdings- This company is controlled by Kristan Gander. The directors of this company are Sam Eustace and Nick Meade. They use the platform that is supplied by Capital solutions and Sam Eustace. The address is 16 Churchill Way , Cardiff.

    Elixir Diamonds Limited- 0nce again this company is one of Kristan Gander’s Diamond Scams The directors are again Nick Meade and Sam Eustace. The address is 16 Churchill Way , Cardiff.

    The time period in which the clients realize there are no diamonds is about 18 months. By then the funds are untraceable and lost. The vaults they claim they use for storage have NEVER had any contact with any of the above companies. The mine has no knowledge of any of the companies. There is certainly no GIA Certificates the mark up in price can be as much as 150% of the value of the diamond. This has been verified by quite a few Genuine diamond dealers. So even if the diamond was real stone a 40% increase in value on the sale of the diamond is totally ludicrous.

    The funny thing is I was offered this if I transferred my carbon credits to them and paid another 35,000.
    How can this be financially possible ?


  15. Is there any one know name of directors of Sterling and Bond. They have took over my account from Graphene Hi Tech, seems to be scammed as no one knows where my investment went and how can I retrieve it:(

  16. @Lost Life Savings, Managing Director Andrew Nash and Chief Goffa, sorry Account Manager Adam Brown and their phony so called lawyer is Amel Ahmed all claiming to be in Dubai. Two of which are at present of great interest to the Dubai police. So if you want to chase them for money I hope you get in before the DPF get them.

  17. David, maybe part of your text was accidentally deleted. Paul made 3 points.
    1. Andrew Nash, Adam Brown and Amel Ahmed are involved in Sterling & Bond.
    2. They are in Dubai.
    3. Two of them are wanted by the police.
    Which of these statements is extremely wrong in your opinion and why ?

  18. Your third point is extremely malicious and wrong. Surely you have better things to do than make up stories about people. Where is your evidence? Exactly you don’t have any! you hide behind false names trying to destroy peoples good reputations that is nothing short of bulling. Before you make comments show some evidence to back up your malicious lies.

  19. @ Dave is right on this, Paul has written that the police are “interested” in them which is a bit different to being “wanted”

  20. @David – where is your evidence of the “good reputation” of these individuals. It seems to be in somewhat short supply as far as I can see!

  21. @Jane from that shallow comment I gather you know nothing about there professional back ground.

    You are writing blogs here with no evidence. Please post some evidence and I don’t mean just writing post a email that you have received or some communication to back up your claims or don’t post.

    Stop Bulling!!

  22. @David. Reading your post I assume you mean “Their” and not “There” as well as “Bullying” and not “Bulling”. If so your comment now makes sense.

  23. @David, In response to your equally shallow reply, there is a mountain of evidence within all the related topics on this excellent site, of which you are aware.
    As regards the professional qualifications of the individuals involved, perhaps you would care to enlighten us? A degree in the subject of defrauding the general public springs to mind (tongue in cheek)? I am happy to be corrected, if you can provide some evidence, although a particular individual’s professional background is not necessarily relevant.
    In the meantime and in the absence of any evidence to the contrary, I suspect you may be involved in some way.

  24. @jane you are so laughable! topics on here is not evidence. It is just made up stories. The fact that you don’t have any evidence throws what your saying out of the window and confirms you are bulling.

    I suspect that you are working for a competitor just like everyone else on here.

    Why don’t you give your real full name? and stop hiding!

  25. And you are right I am involved. I have invested money and I have received my monthly payments as promised for the last four months I have been to there office in Dubai and met with these individuals and I have had a very pleasurable experience.I just don’t like to see false allegations from people that make up stories.

  26. @David
    Perhaps you could tell us your real name and what you have invested in. Did you go to Sterling and Bonds offices in Dubai – A lot of people here would love to know their address and proper contact details.
    Interestingly as a happy investor WHY would you be trailing the net looking up “scam/sterling and bond”
    Again you are getting there and their mixed up.

  27. Yes I have nothing to hide, My name is David Hurst I work for a large construction company in Dubai. I invested 50,000 USD into Voip and have been receiving my monthly payments.There address is the same on there website in Tecom Dubai. So I am very surprised people cant find it there is even a location map. and yes I have been there.

    I was looking at the internet and came across this I can tell you from my meetings and experience this is defiantly not a scam I met other investors who have invested more than me at there corporate golf day last week.

  28. @David – you poor thing – you’ve been scammed! Interesting that you say you’ve been receiving monthly payments. When did you invest and were you “swopped” into voIP from some earlier investment? I also know and have met with several other investors, some of whom invested considerably more than yourself and not one has received a single payment. So – something doesn’t ring true here.
    Incidentally, I will not be posting my evidence here – it was passed to the authorities some time ago. When the payments dry up – which they will, you may be inclined to do the same.

  29. @David.
    Gone very quiet, my suspicion tells me you are either involved or just found out your money is permanently ensconced in Andrew Nash’s pocket ( my money is on involved ). At least there is one piece of comfort news, I have heard from a source from within Nash’s inner circle that he has now come to the attention of, unfortunately without my help, the only UAE government dept that I would not annoy.

  30. David seems to have disappeared under his rock…..

    @Paul – nice to know a UEA government department is paying attention. I wish the UK authorities would do the same.

  31. I am still here and receiving my payments from them. I have better things to do then make up lies about people.

  32. @David
    It appears you have nothing better to do either, except accuse all other posters on this blog of being liars………
    Either you are involved, but in rather more capacity than an unfortunate investor, or you, as yet, have not realised or accepted that you have been conned.

  33. @Jane i asked you for evidence and you simply can not provided it like all the rest of the make up stories on here. I am simply saying I am very happy with the service.

    Produce facts not lies or else you are a competitor which I expect you are!!! Sad life you lead and you can’t even produce your real name.

    No facts!!

    Hiding behind a false name!!

    Stands up! Not!

  34. There probably is a genuine company called Stirling and Bond but these crooks are impersonating them.

  35. @David, I see you are using a tactic often employed by Capital Alternatives Ltd. i.e. flood blogs with positive comments but no real information, to detract from the main subject. My reasons for providing no evidence is stated above. My real name is Jane (what would you like me to call myself?). Sorry I am not a competitor, I am a professional photographer. Case to rest.

  36. @Jane I have never heard of Capital Alternatives. I just asked you for evidence which you can not provide. So your allegations on are false.

    Do you not have a surname?

    You know so much about tactics and other companies begs to differ if you are a competitor or employee.

    My money is on a competitor!!!

  37. Well done David looks like you just busted Jane. Jane you don’t have any evidence!!

    If you are real, being a photographer you would have a website, what is the address of the website at least that would back up your story of being legitimate.

    If not then you are a fake!

  38. So now we know the truth. David Hurst, the man who describes himself on this site as ‘David’ and says he works for a construction company in Dubai, is also putting comments up under the name of ‘Tony’ and pretending to be somebody else.
    As one of the other contributors to this blog points out, this tactic is often used by people whose dishonesty is being exposed i.e they are put in place by Sterling and Bond who try to fill up a blog with fake people telling everyone how good the product is, what a great deal they got and how they are getting regular payments.
    @David (or would you prefer @Tony), you were fighting a losing battle because everything points to the people at Sterling and Bond being crooks and the product (some kind of telecom investment in Bulgaria / Russia involving people known to be part of a serial fraud company called Capital Alternatives) is another scam. This time being operated out of Dubai because it is outside the jurisdiction of the FCA.
    Your claims that @Jane was some kind of competitor were designed to muddy the waters and were ridiculous. Of course we all get Bulgarian / Russian voice-over-internet-protocol allegedly low-risk allegedly high-return investments in our inboxes all the time. We are all so fed up with receiving emails from all of those competing companies !!
    @Jane suspected that you were fake and she was right.

  39. @ Chris. I did wonder a bit about David.
    Firstly – David Hurst is a pretty uncommon name in even a liberal Islamic country.
    Secondly – why if as he says he works for an international construction company and it was such a good investment would he only invest about 6 weeks worth of wages.

  40. Looks like Nick Start of Sandhurst Berkshire, previously of Select Global, London Commodities and Exeter Jail has joined up with Andrew Nash & Adam Brown. You should pick your friends more carefully Nash & Brown, their previous woes will taint you to what you are.

  41. whats more interesting is the people who benefit from the work of Andrew Nash and his team. Renwick Haddow is the man behind all of this. Russia what is the story behind this, well that may have something to do with his new girlfriend who he met in dubai and she is from russia. So it seems that Haddow intends to scam russians aswell.

  42. Here is a long list of companies that Renwick Haddow is behind and making money from

    Crest Commodities
    Sterling International
    Omni Earth
    Capital Secretarial
    Premier Alternative
    Able Alternatives
    Hawkesbury Product and Consulting
    Capital Alternatives
    Rough Diamond Trading
    4c Diamond Holdings
    Capital Solutions
    Four Corners Capital
    Football Talent Fund
    Alternative Confidential
    Water Bonds PLC
    Velvet Assets Australia
    Capital Mint
    Capital Carbon Credits
    Plantation Asset Management
    West African Palm Oil
    West Africa Agriculture Ltd
    African Land
    Room to Invest
    Global Agricultural Fund
    Capital Organization
    White Sun Ltd
    White Moon Ltd
    Rusalka Group

    And this is the new one headed by Victor Falade and Aaron Wilson If you are looking for Renwock Haddow you will find him n the offices of IIS International when he is in the UK. He is main behind all these scams and scamming money from investors.

  43. This is in the style of bankrupt New Zealand serial con man Ken David Wikeley, now on the run and possibly using a false name, oh what a shock!

  44. Why would someone even be on this site (David ) if they were ‘receiving their returns’ and everything was coacher? There would be no reason to search for this and find this site to be honest. It’s probably just the people running these ridiculous scams.

  45. Can I ask why names are gradually being pixelated from this thread?

  46. Maybe another one to look out for – Growth Corp International. A couple of things they say should make any investor check further.

    1. In an e-mail to me they state
    The bondholders will have the benefit of a English law debenture over all the assets of the projects. The borrowing company will grant the debenture itself to Global Custodial Services Limited (“GCS”), as security trustee.
    GCS have managed financial transactions valued in excess of US $20 Billion over the last 10 years. GCS provide its custodial and trustee services to many leading investments within the market today.

    GCS have only been a registered company for 2 years.

    2. On their web site they state that “Growth Corp International frequently identifies growth markets 6-12 months prior to product launch.”

    Which would be quite exciting except the company has only been in existence for a little over 4 months

    Max Fielding – Senior Consultant
    Growth Corp Intl Ltd, 80-83 Long Lane, London, EC1A 9ET.
    Tel: +44 203 7692272

  47. Having a clear out of my inbox and found another dodgy company – GE Commodities Ltd who say they sell coloured diamonds. If you go to their web site they have some fantastic testimonials from clairvoyant customers as most of them are dated March and May 2015. Maybe the “boss” should have waited until after the date to include on the web site. There was no mistake about the year as GE Commodities was not registered until Oct 2014.
    Boss man of “idiots incorporated” is James Hoile.
    GE Commodities Ltd,70 Saint Mary Axe,2nd Floor,London EC3A 8BE
    T: 020 3668 6550


  48. Nick Start who is mentioned on this blog last month as working for this company In Dubai was sent to prison for 170 k fraud against old age pensioners in exeter in 2011 . How is he allowed to continue in this business when he is a convicted jailed conman . Not my words read about it all on google report from the exeter express and echo paper from 2011 and 2012 .

  49. @duped – REDD-Monitor has received a series of emails like this one:

    From: Kristen Gander
    Date: 4 February 2015 at 12:16
    Subject: Urgent removal
    To: reddmonitor

    Dear Mr. Lang,

    Please see link below:

    This is both a defamatory and factually incorrect article. I find it difficult to believe, why you would allow this kind of martial to be posted on your site when you hold yourself out to be ethical.

    I require any reference to me in this post and any post that this attracts to be removed without delay or I will instruct my lawyer who I have copied in to take immediate action against you personally as the person who sanctioned the post and your company.

    I look forward to confirmation that this has been removed by close of business UK time tomorrow.


    Kristen Gander

  50. Am surprised the man mentioned in the exeter 170 k exeter express and echo fraud story name has been shaded out , he has been mentioned in several postings in this site and his conviction for fraud and jail term are a matter for public record in the public domain . I’m sorry if that’s inconvenient for him and his girlfriend but sadly it’s true and a matter if public record whether he likes it or not . My thoughts are for the people who are victims of his fraud ,

  51. If anyone would like to ask me the actual facts of what I was caught up in back in 2008 then feel free to email me… you might then stop these pathetic posts without knowing the first thing about what happened.

  52. I have graphene investments with Sterling and bonds. I have been trying to contact them but can’t reach. Can anyone provide me with a contact info. Now I am wondering whether this is a scam or not.

  53. @Nick But between 2012 and 2013 you were by your own admission ( in your e-mails ) Chief Trading Officer for Select Global another company that scammed pensioners of their savings. And as Chief you will have known what was going on. I see a trend going on here.

  54. Graphene is a remarkable material and no doubt in the future it will be a very important in technology. However there are very few companies offering investment in graphene that are genuine, certainly not those offering spectacular returns

  55. That’s a interesting and kind offer from nick in post 60 and one the blog should take up . Nick should be given the chance to explain the events outlined on the link in post 56 . I’m sure everyone would be interested to know if the fraud conviction in exeter crown court and jailing for 16 months is untrue . Also is it possible to work in the finance industry with a fraud conviction .

  56. Anon – Brilliant post – Made me smile.
    Nick please reply you deserve to have your say.
    I think it is probably very difficult to work in the regulated financial industry with a fraud conviction but Nick and others, well they just keep coming back…
    Having said that Anon and I and a few more await your testimony Nick.

  57. @ Shah If you need to find out where the managing director of Stirling & Bonds is and they will not return/answer your calls try contacting Dubai Police (non-emergency) – 04-609 6999. They will have a record of all Aliens address & contact numbers and their sponsor’s details.

  58. @shah there details are on there website. Don’t try and make something out of nothing. well you must be blind to of invested in Graphene. Not the most sensible move lol.

  59. Thanks for the compliment . As you said its a very positive and kind offer from nick to explain what happened . Perhaps he can share with us what happened to the 162 k mentioned in the newspaper story on the court case if it’s true that is ,as the court case only mentions a court order to repay 10 k and the defence team says his only asset was a range river in marbella . we must however give nick the benefit of the doubt and the public opportunity to explain the truth behind this story . Frankly though these are not pathetic posts as nick claims and they are very much in the public interest when someone convicted of such a large fraud then returns to work in the finance industry and it would be naive for anyone to think that this would not attract public interest and indeed scrutiny but as I said nick may not have committed this crime and if he did it’s in the past and he may have changed significantly since 2011 . This whole business at sterling and bond looks very successful and possibly lucrative so he’s done very well to come from where he was in 2011 to where he is now . perhaps we should applaud his progress , tenacity and success

  60. Anon, one could quite possibly be mistaken for thinking you are Nicks father/family member/confidant.

  61. Anon2, leave my family out of this. If you have something to say, say it to me…

  62. A further question would be about nick from post 60 with the link pasted in post 56 to his conviction for fraud of 172 k would be did he tell his prospective employers in his job application or at his interview for the job about his conviction for fraud in the finance industry .it seems bizarre that someone with a fraud conviction would get a job dealing with investing peoples money into investment s when they have been jailed and convicted of fraud in the finance sector , when dealing with peoples money making investment s . Being sorry and accepting ones guilt and making a future success of ones life are admirable qualities in a man but it still does not make one a suitable person to deal with financial investment s on behalf of ordinary people when one has a conviction for fraud .

  63. @ Nick, if you and your family are not living on the proceeds of your fraud and theft, please explain as you offered in your previous post, both back then and in your time at Select Global as well as director of London Commodity Markets Ltd

  64. The fact that most of the names involved with this company have been blanked out makes this blog a bit of a joke. It seems we are not even allowed to state things that are actually in the public domain like the names of directors of companies and their links to Sterling & Bond, even though those links can be proven.
    No doubt @Nick is on a high commission for selling the bizarre Voiptel product but the owners of the project (and the ones getting away with most of the client money) have been able to get their names blanked out. I suppose even if @Nick came clean and confirmed who the real paymasters are we still wouldn’t know because they’ll just be blanked out.
    At least some of the Capital Alternatives people were prosecuted. Those that got away with it are trying to do everything they can to erase their involvement and they seem to be succeeding.

  65. Well it was clearly a hollow promise from nick of post 60 of a week ago to tell us all the true story of his exeter crown court 172 k fraud trial and jailing . Over a week and no explanation . No answer to any of the questions posed by people on this site as to what happened to the money and if he ever paid the money back to those who were frauded out of 172 k and how is he financing the lavish lifestyle he seems to be having in Dubai .

  66. @Anon, don’t forget the 5 bedroomed house with 4 bathrooms worth a a cool £750k in Berkshire. The price would be a bit higher if he got the hedge sorted out.

  67. Perhaps he needs a hedge fund to sort out the hedge issue at the 750 k house in Berkshire lol . Is that the house bought in 2012 a few months after nick said in court his only asset was a range rover in marbella

  68. Nick many have asked but you suddenly seem to have crept back into your shell when actually asked about then and now scams that you have perpetrated. As for your comment about leaving your family/GF out of it, they, rather than my grandchilds education fund, seem to be living rather well on MY money. Come on nick, you offered to explain, now is the time to front up.

  69. Well said dick , his promise to tell us the truth of what happened was a empty and hollow promise . While he lavishes money on his rich and pampered lifestyle in Dubai and Marbella with his girlfriend the serious questions as to how he finances this lifestyle go on. Meanwhile we hear and see so many heartbroken vulnerable people who have lost so much going without .

  70. I was contacted last week by Barry Burton of Rothsteen Capital. He delivered a very good pitch offering me a way to sell my carbon credits. It appeared to be a warm up as he wanted to pass me on to an analyst. I then started to smell something fishy. How can they still get away with this?

  71. @Tim You are right to be wary, Barry is one of charles rothstien’s little GOFA’s. If you see their web site where it says “Our many years of experience has allowed us to build a powerful global network of partners we can call upon to aid the completion of a clients brief and requirements”. In actual fact these “Many Years of Experience” boils down to just 14 months as the company was founded in January last year.

  72. SO emailing Velvet Asset three time ,with no reply I rang James Gardner ,and found the number disconnect ,so I rang Velvet Assets 1800 no and no reply ,I live in Townsville, can anybody tell me if the Sydney Office is open

  73. You know i hate these scammers…but anyone who falls for it…also has to take responsibility. What do you expect investing in such schemes offshore? carbon credits, wine, commodities, diamonds, farm land in Nigeria (LOL) what do you expect here?

    In business you have no friends. There is no free lunch. If you can be scamemd you probably will be.

    If they cold call you it’s a scam
    If they are offshore it’s highly likely a scam
    If the returns are too good to be true with no risk…it’s a scam

    So why do so many keep falling for it? i could never be scammed. I’d simply ask too many questions and demand safety first i.e bank segregated accounts or F.S.A. backed, etc…I hare to say it but “a fool and his money… “

  74. I was scammed by the following via African Land and would avoid the following people:
    Geoff Woodcock and James Gardner.
    James Gardner.
    Senior Client Manager
    02 9356 8457

    I am astounded as to how these people continue to move from scam to scam?? Of course they are no longer contactable? How do ASIC allow people of this calibre to continue to be directors of companies?

  75. They continue to operate because of the complacency of the companies that deal with them ( lawyers, money transfer companies/launderers and government security agencies ).
    I was e-mailed by the usual Nigerian ( e-mail name is Mr James Bullock but real name UTULU UCHENA ), I am a millionaire deal but this time he was using the head of UN securities name as a conformation of his good will. I played along and then reported his details to Western Union who he was using to transfer funds to Nigeria – no reply from WU despite full e-mail trail and suggestion that the funds could be going to a terrorist group.

    Following no reply from WU I contacted NSA with the same info, still no reply.

    This is why, once I have certain personnel details of these scammers I use an East London financial recovery agency, they have the personal front doorstep approach which to date has yielded a 70% recovery rate of my capital and they have ensured me that 100% plus interest will be achievable.

  76. Nick Start AKA Nick Mathew has been at it again. He has conned me and many other people in Dubai out of millions.

    Your a con man Nick…..

    I meet you and trusted you.

  77. This is not the first time on this blog that recently people have made comments about nick start and others . What is being done to test these claims and importantly where is nick start and is he even still in Dubai . He was certainly in the uk in the last two weeks according to his social media .

  78. Tom #67 we know you are one of the crooks. You write the way you you speek and your spelling is a little to be desired. Do you know where you slipped up? It is your heartless manners, lol.

  79. Hi Nick, are you behind the scum bags that scammed me out out thousands of pounds for voiptel, graphene and UK bad debts?

  80. i can recommend using rothstein caital &partners if you like to treated like a mushroom and kept on being feed bul**** i have lost a fair bit of money with this firm all they will do is keep on asking for more and more money and they have allways have a lame reason why they can not carry on unless you pay more money i got sucked in please do not deal with this mob

  81. Looks like I have been duped also. Sounds like the same MO. Wondering if there is anything that can be done with getting some money back or getting these guys?

  82. I have spoken to a friend in the Dubai police a few weeks ago and they have looked into nash and start and are now looking at a travel, outside EU, restrictions for them. I was informed that nash is/was still in the UAE but start had left for the UK.

  83. What evidence do we have of start fleeing Dubai . If in uk now where would he go to escape scrutiny from angry customers and clients .

  84. it appears as if i too have been caught up in the voiptel scam which seems to continue under different guises, i was recently contacted by Jeffrey Goldberg from Capstone FX Europe wishing to buy out my voiptel investment along with Andrew Parker from deluxe transfer, the only problem was i had to pay a 15% tax bill to release the funds..

  85. I too was contacted by Jeffrey Goldberg, having previously fallen for the graphene/voiptel scam. I rang him and conveniently he had throat cancer so was unable to talk much. I would be interested to hear more from Roger (post 88) about the East London financial recovery team and which indivuals he had been able to trace.

  86. Over the last couple of weeks i have been contacted several times by Jeffrey Goldberg who has confirmed to me that he has nothing to do with Voiptel or its associated problems and that they are, in fact working hard to come to a compromise for investors.

  87. I have been scammed by “Rothstein Capital and Partners is their any other out their that have been scammed by these scum bags?

  88. I have been scammed by Velvet assets and conned into buying an investment in Voiptel which has now stopped making their payments. Like many others, I was also approached by Jeffrey Goldberg whose emails became more nasty when I refused to make any payments to Deluxe transfers.
    I would be very interested in communicating with anyone in the same predicament as me to see if we can as a group work out a course of action to get some justice with a view to recover some of the amounts that we have lost.
    My email address is
    I hope my request to hear from the others will be granted by Chris Lang.

  89. @lilian ww (#103) – Thanks for your comment. Please be aware that scammers read these comments and will probably by in touch with you.

    And for anyone getting in touch with “lilian ww”, I don’t know who she is, and cannot vouch for her in any way.

  90. just found you- was thinking I had possibly been scammed! Sterling & Bond- Voiptel, Then MIT! Does anyone know Blythe & Bridges as well.

  91. Michael Goldberg says me and my colleagues below are untouchable “no FBI no CIA no UK secret services no Interpol can catch us).
    Renwick Haddow
    Kristan Gander
    Robert Mckendrick
    Anthony Peters
    Andrew Naskh
    Geoff Woodcock
    Mark Eyres
    Nick Meade
    Keith Mealing
    Alan Meadowcroft
    Wiehahn Gerber

  92. Blythe & Bridges contacted me to say they had taken over all Able Alternatives clients. I asked if they could help with quarterly payments long due from VOIP and IMT. Ronnie Peters said if I became one of their clients he would look into it for me or pay £4,000 up front to manage my portfolio. I was stupid enough to be taken in by a Mr.Michael French & Russell Brooker of Able Alternatives for the sum of £35,000. I was very disappointed with the FCA when they told me there was something suspicious going on with Able Alternatives and did not have the decency to tell me I had been taken for a ride and that I had lost all my hard earned savings. There’s no fool like an old fool and that’s me.

  93. (#106) untouchables. Little goldy-boy should check his facts before opening the hole. I know of two on his list that have been accompanied to the bank by debt recovery gentlemen and willingly emptied their accounts to settle what they were advised was their required payment. There will be one other on the list that will be receiving a visit from these gentlemen.

  94. I spoke to Martin Peters @ Blythe & Bridges- when I said no money left to invest he stopped ringing me. Have been receiving VOIPTEL payments for a year invested through Sterling & Bond but suddenly stopped since Able Alternatives disappeared after investing in MTI & Blythe & Bridges took over.

  95. Able Alternatives was one of the scam fronts set up by the people at Capital Alternatives and City Road Communications.
    Emails sent to went to a mail server with the address of
    The server was used by many of their companies.
    The director of Omni Earth Ltd in the UK is Paul Quade of City Road Communications.
    Other companies that use / used the Omni Earth server include: (a Capital Alternatives site). (a Capital Alternatives site). (a company run by Victor Falade – a senior man at Capital Alternatives). Falade is director of Red Leaf Business Services Ltd. (a Capital Alternatives site). (an Australian operation run by the people behind Velvet Assets – VA was the Australian arm of Capital Alternatives and it is where you can find James Gardner of VA). (some people are now reporting that they are being contacted by agri forestry projects so beware. It is front used by the people from Capital Alternatives).
    Also, the IP address for is the same as that for
    All of these companies and groups are interlinked and part of a very large global scam which is still going.
    Be wary of which is promoting several companies owned / operated by Renwick Haddow, Paul Quade and their friends.

  96. aeg financial called me from Hong Kong. They told me to transfer the money to them to buy Starbucks stock because it will grow 50% in the future then they took my money and never heard from them. This is also run by British gang.

  97. same thing for me. Avery Financial group called me from Hong Kong. They told me to transfer money to them to buy stock because it will grow 35% in the future then they took my money and never heard from them.

  98. Renwick Haddow and the Capital Alternatives team are back in business with (see this link ) where he is enjoying his ill-gotten gains in Venice. The page shows he is sponsored by
    Haddow is known to use Zest2Recruitment to find brokers for his companies (brokers means criminally dishonest salespeople) and 5 weeks ago Zest2 began recruiting brokers for a crowdfunding company in New York. Here’s their ad:

    Zest 2 Recruitment are seeking experienced and inexperienced Junior and Senior Brokers to Interview with clients in and around The City Of London and the rest of the World.

    Wealth Managers – New York – Crowd Funding – OTE £120k

    My client is a new business focusing on identifying high growth businesses which have the potential of making significant impact in their sector and where an exit via a trade sale or IPO are realistic possibilities from the outset.

    They are seeking experienced Investment Consultants to Interview in their offices in New York, candidates outside of New York will have to relocate at their own cost.

    The position:

    You will be a Senior Consultant working on a desk of Juniors who will be qualifying clients and getting them signed up to the website, it is then your job to make contact with the prospect to discuss current opportunities for investment, that will include providing them vital information on the list of companies that are looking for investment through their platform.

    As a Senior you will be on a very generous starting salary which, depending on performance can increase during employment. A flat 10% commission on all settled business which will be paid at the end of each working month.

    Get in contact with Liam from Zest 2 Recruitment for more information.

    The principle of crowdfunding is that people buy shares in companies. Offering shares is a regulated activity so will have to come under a financial regulator like the FCA. This advertisement for brokers shows that 10% of investors’ money is going to the broker. So how much is going to the crowdfunding company (www.incrowdequity?) ? 20% ? 30% ?
    This is completely contrary to the principles of crowdfunding where there is supposed to be transparency. Companies raising funds have to report their accounts to shareholders so how are they going to hide the high commissions ? Haddow is a clever man. He will have a strategy.
    Genuinely honest companies wouldn’t consider going on a crowdfunding site that took so much from new shareholders. That’s where Haddow comes in again. At least three of the companies on have been set up by Haddow and friends. E2 Marketing is Haddow using and selling the database of names he built up at Capital Alternatives. That’s why so many of us are being contacted over new scams. E2 Marketing was another of the companies using the omniearth mail server.
    Bitcoin Store is Haddow and Quade and is trying to raise money on
    Gleasons Gym Ltd is also trying to raise money on the site and we welcome back an old acquaintance, Mr Robert Munden. Munden is director of Gleason’s Gym Ltd in the UK. Capital Alternatives’ investors will remember that Robert Munden was also a director of Plantation Asset Management Ltd – the company that was running the palm oil investment in Sierra Leone on behalf of Haddow and his cronies. Like all of their other companies it ran off with investors’ money. Munden must either be very well paid or very stupid to allow himself to be Haddow’s puppet. I think he is probably well paid.
    We don’t know enough about the other companies pitching for investment but it’s a fair bet that Haddow is also running some of those too.
    Here’s hoping the FCA or police eventually get around to putting these people in prison because at the moment they are running rings around the enforcement agencies.

  99. I keep on reading about rothstein capital &partners and how they are contacting people these people are SCUMBAGS do not even talk to them just REPORT TO THE POLICE!

  100. Bob Robin (#114), keep talking to them, sound like their friend their ego normally lets something slip and then either report to the police or use it for your own good.

  101. Marksie (#113) Good article, just to add one thing and that is if you read the testimonials of the Zest2 one of them written in June 2009 includes the following “Raj and Alan are brilliant, they really understand our business and have provided a consistent flow of high calibre sales staff for nearly two years.” The dingaling in charge of Zesyt2 is very good at writing his own testimonials but not very good at maths. The company started just 5 months before the testimonial claiming to have received staff for nearly 24months.

  102. Hi Roger
    Yes Marksies post was v informative.
    Pity people like u and others like me only get forensic in checking the scammers out after we realise we have handed our money willingly to the fraudsters – pity we didn’t do our due diligence a lot earlier !

  103. got one more cold call from a company called any one know anything about this lot they are offing to sell my rear earth metal stock can not find anthing bad so far ?

  104. @robin (#118) – Thanks for this – no reputable company would cold you with financial advice. Fox Capital got your contact details from a “suckers list” – a list of people who have already been scammed. That’s how they knew what you had been scammed into buying.

    There’s a discussion about Fox Capital here – keep reading down through the comments for more information. The short version is that Fox Capital is running a recovery room scam.

  105. Had a phone call from London Commodity Exchange Plc.
    Offering to sell my carbon credits. Has anyone heard of them or been contacted by them?

  106. @Alan (#120) Thanks for this – no reputable company would cold you with financial advice. London Commodity Exchange Plc got your contact details from a “suckers list” – a list of people who have already been scammed. That’s how they knew what you had been scammed into buying.

    I know this is bad news, but apart from the cold calling, the other clue that this is a scam is the unfortunate reality that your carbon credits are worthless.

    There’s more about suckers lists and recovery rooms here:

    Sucker lists, recovery room scams and why victims of scams become more trusting not less

  107. Chris/Alan LONDON COMMODITY EXCHANGE PLC sounds too close for coincident to LONDON COMMODITY MARKETS PLC, a company owned ( before he had to close and run for it ) and run by Nick Start with the only company mantra of trying to scam as much as possible out of people. He even tried to sell me an oil field with a fake geo survey, not smart as I have been in the oil industry for over 40 years.

  108. has anyone heard of CARNEGIE INVESTMENT ASSET MANAGEMENT been talking to the company but you cannot trust anyone these days there say they are in bath they sound ok ?anyone had contact with this bunch

  109. I yet another call from a company called CARNEGIE INVESTMENT ASSET MANAGEMENT as anyone else had a call they said there office is in bath another virtual one at the moment can find anything on them

  110. The company has been around since 1998 and has company assets of around £2.5 million which would suggest that it is a proper company and not one of the fly-by-night scam companies. Present director has been with the company for 8 years.

    This is a list of companies that occupy the same building ( ) give one of the other companies on there a ring and ask them about Carnegie.

  111. @robin (#124) – No legitimate company would cold call you with financial advice.

    @Paul (#125) – True, there is a company called Carnegie Investment Asset Management that has been around since 1998. But it could be someone impersonating the company that rang up @robin.

    @robin (#124) – A few questions: What phone number do you have for Carnegie Investment Asset Management? And what name did the person you talked to give? What is the company offering? And do you have a website for the company?

  112. Hi Chris
    There phone number is 02032395132 and their company number is 03530679 the person I spoke to did not give her name and to be fair I did not ask as they caught me at tea time I can not find a website and the company was offering to sell more or less anything did not mention carbon credits but did talk about rare earths metals hope this helps

  113. Bit of subject BUT Plantation Asset Management are being closed down by Companies House (presumably because they are dormant and haven’t filed accounts).
    We know this company took in investors money issued certificates BUT never even had a bank account. Pure Fraud although no one is doing anything to get investors money back- Anyone with an investment in PAM should contact Companies House to stop this. We know its a scam BUT they shouldn’t just be allowed to disappear and runaway with investors money. This crew are just one of the companies run by Haddow, Hargous, Falade , Gander and others. PAM is and was a ficticious company to get more £££s into Haddow’s bank account.
    I did stop it being struck off last time BUT Companies House now need other investors to come forward. It only takes a couple of minutes PLEASE register your interest and stop PAM just disappearing and the crooks laughing. I would be v grateful x

  114. Criminal case filed in UAE against Andrew Nash and Keith Millhench. Both are believed to be in Asian countries Hong Kong, Thailand and other countries who do not cooperate with Interpol, and ofcourse selling fraudulent contracts.If any body knows where these are, please notify us on this website.

  115. @Tom (#130) – Thanks for this. A few questions spring to mind. Can you provide a link to news about the criminal case in UAE? What are Nash and Millhench accused of?

    Why do you think they are in Asia? What gives you the idea that Hong Kong, Thailand and “other countries” don’t cooperate with Interpol? (190 countries are members of Interpol.)

    How do you know that Nash and Millhench are selling “fraudulent contracts”? Can you provide more details?

    Surely, if anyone knows where Nash and Millhench are, and consider that they have committed a crime, they should contact the appropriate authorities.

    Incidentally, each time you’ve posted on REDD-Monitor you’ve used a different name. Could you chose one name and stick to it, please?

  116. I am based in the Far East and have a few contacts that I am sure will be able to say if they have arrived in country. In most countries out here you don’t tell the authorities as they just protect them, for a percentage, you tell some else who is more interested in the lot.

  117. @Tom why don’t you use your real name? Is it because you are trying to stir trouble up or simply spreading rubbish?

  118. Please don’t confuse things if you don’t know Tom. I am a investor and have been investigating Voiptel for the past six months.

    So far the men behind Voiptel International are Keith Milhench also know as Kieth Millhouse, Victor Godwin (AKA Falade) and Aaron Wilson

    Keith Milhench (that is his real name) however he goes under Keith Millhouse. see for yourself below

    He has opened a company called Great Ocean HK Holdings Limited selling scam Forex.

    Now this is a scam company well what else would it be.

    Keith Milhench also know as Kieth Millhouse left investors in London and overseas shocked when he did a runner with just over 2 million pound stopped paying there returns and was never heard again. He is currently working with a company called

    We phoned topfx and a lovely lady told us that Keith Millhouse as he is known to them is living in limassol Cyprus. And we should contact his website should we need to get hold of him.

    We are investigating further to catch Milhench.

  119. I too am a victim of this crime scam in Australia of a huge sum of money. Can we form a group here to discuss all the persons scammed and how much they have been scammed. Its important to not let them get away with this and we may all recover our money if we can proceed ahead. I want justice. Have you all reported it to authorities. If so, where and when. Please respond as quickly as possible. Immediate action is important. The more people and information the larger the case.

  120. @Alana the information is above. Who did you buy your Voiptel through?

  121. Dear Alana
    I was ripped off and some people here in UAE by a gang: Andrew Nash, Nick Start and Keith Millhench/Millhouse and Victor Falade. We reported this to Dubai Authorities. These scammers move from country to another in order to hide from authorities. I know one person who lost more than pounds 500K in UK and he reported the matter to police in UK. After some time, he got written letter from Police which says we cannot catch them these people are moving from one country to another. These are called white collar crimes because the gangsters wear white t-shirt and tie. Report the incident to Australia public prosecution. Arrange all supporting evidence and try to prove that this is a criminal act. The victim countries so far are: UK, Australia, Dubai, Hon Kong, Thailand, Europe. Please be careful. The above gang sold your phone number to many many other British fraudsters. They will try to call you probably from Hong Kong to buy your crap investment if you invest in other commodities.

  122. @Nad you speak complete utter rubish. I am a real investor and I have a list of all investors and your name is not on it. Why? Because you never invested maybe you were a member of ex staff. I have been investigating for the last nine months. Above is the information of the real man behind this. Surely if you have lost money you would see that information and contact Keith Milhench. As there are two links to his NOW contact details. But you did not. Wonder why?

  123. Anonymous (# 138)You don’t half talk some tosh. No legitimate investment company would give out the names and details of their other investors to another investor. Of course some little cog like yourself in a company scamming people will of course have these details of the investors. I know ex-employees of S&B who have given a lot of info on you and others. So don’t pretend to be a legitimate investor in a legitimate company, just makes you look rather silly.

  124. @roger I am heading up a group of investors a employee gave the information. So keep the tosh to yourself. And I do not see a Roger on the list. So why not use your real name makes you look rather silly!!

  125. Anonymous you are still talking tosh. My name is Roger but you will not see me on the investors list as I was not stupid enough to get involved with your pathetic little scam. The dumb-wit Adrian gave it away when he offered to sell my nonexistent Carbon credits for a price of 10 times the actual value on the scammers book price, for of course, a 100% up front cash investment, I kept the idiot on the hook for weeks before he twigged, not the sharpest knife in the draw. Next time tell Adrian to get someone a bit more believable than the numpty he tried to fob me off with.

    Again dimwit – no official investment company will give out the details of other investors, you are sinking into the “Adrian Ameba” intelligence level

  126. @roger (don’t belive that is your name but will go with it just to humour you)

    Not sure what planet your on but they are not a official investment company now do you understand?

    As for my level of intelligence I am over confidant it is higher than yours. But well done you for wasting time and energy leading a teenager on. I have tracked down all the owners all the information is above!! I believe you are out of your depth.

  127. had a cold call from a company called trident investment offer to sell my rare earth metals with no upfront fees i know is is more than likely a scam but has any heard of this company some one called Kimberley called me

  128. has anybody ever dealt with a steven a newbery ? of alternative global solutions / ags ethical he worked for capital alternatives and then set up his own company pretending to be independant selling alternative investments with back office staff doing due dilligence checks etc
    he was friends with wiehan gerber of lakewood asset management another broker that dissapeared as soon as the fca moved in . ?

  129. has anybody invested in african lumber or sustainable hardwood out there ?
    i presume this is a scam investment any info would be much appreciated thankyou

  130. Yes Annonymouse, classic scam.

    The scammers like those kinds of investments because none of their clients will know anything about them (who does?). Therefore lots of bullshit and easy money talk can be used to get the clients to invest and they won’t even realise they’re being ripped off at best or part of a crime at worst. The crime being having their money stolen.

    It’s sites like REDD that do a hell of a good job trying to educate people. Sadly many people still get caught up in these scams. If in any doubt ask a question on a site like this.

  131. Can anyone please help!

    I’ve just come across this thread when I did a search on Google for Plantation Asset Management (PAM), they used to be Called capital alternatives. Back in 2013, I invested a large chunk of my pension in Serria Leone Palm Oil with Capital Alternatives who went on to become PAM.

    I’m in total despair as I’ve lost all contact with & communication with PAM. I was in contact with their so called project manager until when he suddenly stopped communication about a year ago and I’ve not been able to contact him or anyone connected with PAM since.

    I can see from this thread that the FCA are taking certain individuals to court in 2017 who are connected with CA but there’s no mention of PAM or any connection of CA with the Serria Leone African Oil. I think this case might have a connection to PAM as I was informed by the project manager during our period of communication that PAM has had to stop it’s operations as a result of a pending court case appeal.

    Does anyone please know anything about PAM & the Serria Leone Palm Oil investment?

  132. Tim,
    Plantation Asset Management Ltd which ran the palm oil project in Sierra Leone was set up and managed by the same people who are being prosecuted by the FCA. There is no palm oil plantation and the money has gone.
    It is likely that the FCA decided to prosecute the African Land rice project rather than the palm oil project because the rice project was their biggest scam, had been going the longest and had taken in the most money. The rice and the palm oil are almost identical projects. As the FCA have won the case and proven that the rice project was an illegal scheme it naturally follows that the palm oil is also illegal. The defendants would not be able to defend the palm oil scheme if it was challenged in court.
    By law the defendants now have to repay the money that they received for the rice and carbon credit projects. This does not help you though because the FCA have told investors in those projects that they are unlikely to get a full refund because they will not find all the money. We already know that the money was sent to bank accounts around the world and has been withdrawn and hidden/spent. The sum involved is approximately £20 million.
    A report by Khadija Sharife estimates that these people have taken in more than £100 million in similar scams.
    I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news. You could try contacting the FCA via their website and ask whether they intend to prosecute the palm oil project when they have finished with the rice and carbon credit projects.

  133. Hi Marksie,

    Yes it’s indeed, horrible news, I’d been hoping that some how there would be a way I could reconnect the the PAM people, but as you say it’s highly unlikely & my money is gone! It’s sickening. It’s also a very sad state of affairs that something like this can happen in the UK.

    I’ll now submit a claim with the FCA, and further would seek redress from the various 3rd parties who administered the transfer & eventual transactions of my pension to CA (PAM). The 3rd parties include the introducers, Trustees, administrators. Some of the 3rd parties involved are FCA regulated so I hope that helps my case.

    Please keep me informed if you get anymore information, or know someone else in my position.

    Thanks for your help.


  134. I read with delight that ROTHSTEIN CAPITAL PARTNERS have been dissolved i hope Murdoch and he s team of scammers have all gone to jail but dont supose there have but at least they have lost there scamming jobs

  135. @Anonymous you seem to over estimate your IQ by about 500.I have spoken to Stirling & Bond employees in the UAE and they admit it is all a scam. As for your thought that I may have wasted the time of a teenager, the teenager who contacted me claimed to have over 20 years experience in the business.

    I do congratulate you on your blind faith in Stirling & Bond, but that is not surprising really as when they pay you a pittance to lie for them they must be so proud that they have got something to work for them so cheaply.

  136. Some people on this blog were asking about Keith Milhench. He has been in New York working with his old colleague Renwick Haddow at Bar Works Inc. He has been using the name Keith Simpson. I would be very interested in any information anyone has regarding his current location or his personal life. Haddow is the ringleader and it will not be long before he is behind bars, but he has a crew of crooks who always turn up and we need to catch them too. Keith Milhench is one of them. Any information gratefully received.