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REDD-Monitor’s top ten posts in 2014

Scams and frauds were the top stories on REDD-Monitor in 2014. The previous year, all ten of the most popular stories were about companies selling carbon credits as investments. This year the top seven stories were about scams.

Not all the scams were carbon credit related. The first is an investment in a teak plantation in Brazil, sold to retail investors. The second involves a group of companies that in addition to selling carbon credits as investments also sold plots of land in Africa as investments. And the third involves investments in a jatropha plantation in Cambodia.

During 2014, there were 199 new posts on REDD-Monitor. Most visitors were from the UK, followed by the USA, Indonesia, Germany, Australia and Canada.

The total number of views of REDD-Monitor passed the 2 million mark during 2014. The busiest day was in January with 2,435 views.

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