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EcoPush: “A leader within the environmental investment sector” or just another scam?

EcoPush is a company that offers expertise in environmental markets, including carbon trading, biofuels, agricultural commodities and sustainable timber. While the company’s website boasts a “proven track record”, the website provides little information about who is behind the company and what its track record actually is.

EcoPush is registered in Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory tax haven. The company website was registered in May 2006, by Voodoo Designz, a website design company in Spain. Other customers of Voodoo Designz include Carbon-Expert, Select-Global and Agricultural Investments – which all look like boiler room operations.

A commentator on REDD-Monitor says that after he contacted Carbon-Expert about selling his voluntary carbon credits, he received unsolicited calls from Eco Push, who tried to interest him in investing in a timber project.

EcoPush’s website includes reassurances about the company’s business being “founded upon our core principle of putting our clients first”, and how as a client of EcoPush you will be “in safe hands”. But there is no information about when the company was formed, who owns the company, or who are its directors.

EcoPush has produced a video titled “All you need to know about EcoPush (Gibraltar)”. But this tells us precisely nothing. The 40-second-long video consists, in its entirety, of the following four slides:


Actually, the photograph supposedly of EcoPush’s office does tell us something about the company, although perhaps not what EcoPush would like us to know. The photograph is sold by a company called Shutterstock, with the title, “A front desk lady doing her job very well and cheerfully while she’s consulting a customer.”

EcoPush is a member of the Commonwealth Forestry Association, the world’s oldest international forestry organisation. The December 2012 issue of the CFA Newsletter includes a notice written by Alex Simpson, Business Development Manager at EcoPush. Simpson explains that,

Ecopush are currently involved in the promotion of a sustainably managed timber operation in Guyana. We have teamed up with local Guyanese governmental forestry operatives within the Linden region, and have put together an investment structure to encourage external private financing that yields a solid 15% fixed return.

EcoPush has produced a brochure about its operations in Guyana. EcoPush works in Guyana with a series of companies:

  • The Linden Agriculture and Forest Producers Association (LAFPA), “a financial co-operative that was formed out of the need to create employment and reduce poverty by financially empowering the residents of the Linden Region”. The association has 130 members with logging or agriculture rights on more than 24,000 hectares of land.
  • Grow Business Investment (GBI), a company set up to raise overseas finance for timber logging and processing for LAFPA members. The director is Marvin Waaldijk.
  • Organicc Natural Resources Management, a Guyanese registered company that is 100% owned by Organicc Ltd (UK). The director of Organicc Ltd. is Michael Davies, and the company’s registered office is a unit on an industrial estate in Southampton, UK. Organicc has a letter from WWF Mozambique confirming that, “WWF (Mozambique) and Organicc Ltd have entered into a mutually exclusive agreement to jointly develop carbon credit and biodiversity credit projects within Mozambique.” These projects include REDD, distributing cookstoves, biomass and marine projects. In Guyana, ONRM provides modern sawmill equipment and processing lines to GBI, increasing GBI’s and LAFPA’s capacity to process timber. ONRM also carries out gold mining operations.

While EcoPush claims that it is supporting “sustainable timber operations” in Guyana, the company provides no evidence whatsoever that the operations are actually sustainable.

In a recent article in the Guyana Chronicle, Alex Sampson is described as the director of EcoPush. He was in Guyana with Michael Davies, director of Organicc. Davies told the Guyana Chronicle:

“[T]he first step is to get our forestry concessions working. We have been operating nine months, so we are a very young company, brand new company. We have not exported stuff, now we are selling in Georgetown at a lumber yard. We will be looking to do exports in the future.”

Another person employed by EcoPush is the Marketing Manager, whose name is Alex Stephenson. Her photograph appears on EcoPush’s YouTube account and on a series of EcoPush blogs (all hosted by Google’s Blogspot, including: Ecopush, Invest in Guyana, and Forestry Investment News). That’s her on the left.

Stephenson seems to be a very versatile and remarkably busy person: in the USA she answers health insurance questions, sells website hosting, advertises Mercedes cars, helps people write quality resumes, ran websites called Female 500 and Female 5000, and writes testimonials for image consultants; in Germany she sells energy drinks, and advertises blouses for women with large breasts; in Indonesia she advertises new social media; and in Panama she works for a travel company.

Of course, the photograph is of a model.

REDD-Monitor wrote to Alex Sampson to ask a few questions about EcoPush’s operations and looks forward to posting his reply.

From: Chris Lang
Date: 10 June 2013 15:00
Subject: A few questions about EcoPush

Dear Alex,

Greetings from Jakarta! My name is Chris Lang and I run a website called REDD-Monitor ( I am interested in finding out more about EcoPush and the operations in Guyana that the company is supporting. I have included the following questions in a post about your company today and look forward to publishing your response as a separate post.

I would be grateful if you could answer the following questions:

1. When was EcoPush formed and why is the company registered in Gibraltar?

2. Who owns the company? Who are the company directors?

3. How many people work at EcoPush?

4. What evidence can you provide that the logging operations that EcoPush is supporting in Guyana are genuinely sustainable?

5. EcoPush’s partner in Guyana, Organicc Natural Resource Management, also carries out gold mining operations in Guyana. What evidence can you provide that these operations are sustainable?

6. In the Commonwealth Forestry Association newsletter, you write that EcoPush has “put together an investment structure to encourage external private financing that yields a solid 15% fixed return”. Could you please provide details of this investment structure. How can you promise a 15% fixed return?

7. How do the logging and mining operations comply with Guyana’s Low Carbon Development Strategy?

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. Please consider your response to be on the record.

Regards, Chris Lang


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  1. The Chap who is the de facto owner of Ecopush is the former joint owner of Sceptre International Gibraltar which was a company actively involved in the sale of near enough valueless carbón credits to retail investors.Sceptre International is no longer in Gibraltar.The chaps name is Kenny Angel.His company Ecopush are essentially a sales and marketing company th very Little knowledge and or indeed experience in the forestry investment sector.The chances are you may lose most of your capital if you invest through Ecopush.

  2. @Alex Roache – Thanks for this. Sceptre International’s website seems to have disappeared. The company’s blog is quite interesting though (most recent post April 2011).

    But how do you know that Kenny Angel was the joint owner of Sceptre International and “de facto owner” of EcoPush?

  3. I worked in this industry for many years and things like this do not amaze me anymore I did a bit of digging a while back and found a lot of the new companies popping up all seemed to be ex manor rose employees, I have a business colleague who has family in Guyana he has advised me that to start a small to medium venture in Guyana you do have to hold a valid passport for that country. Personally I think any company selling carbon in any way shape or form is just scamming people out of hard earned money and they know it as there is no way of selling the credits on. Another colleague of mine used to work with a large organisation who used to supply to HSBC he has advised that the large companies are doing there own projects as it is more cost effective. I would stay away from the above investment if the company is hiding the identity of the directors you have to ask the question why. For reference if anyone who is adamant about buying credits, take your money out in your back garden, put it in a nice neat pile and burn it.

  4. I have invested with this company, how can I report it as a fraud and can I get any of my money back?

  5. It is amazing how such scamming companies rise up as mushroom without fears of getting caught and right in front of the eyes of FCA and other government agencies. And we then complain about corruption in Afghanistan. What about Great Britain?! How does a company like Ecopush or Alternative Investments start getting a license in the first place and why are they able to still operate?!
    I invested about $200K in Ecopush in 2012, thinking that it was a legitimate British company, operating out of Gibraltar. Alas, we are just finding out that it is only a scam, cheating people out of their hard earned money.

    Farid Maiwandi
    Los Angeles, USA

  6. I am in the process of talks with Ecopush about possibly investing some savings. but i feel that this blog has made me think that indeed it is too good to be true. the project they proposed is a logging industry offering 20% fixed rate.
    I am scheduled for a phone call with them tonight. does anyone have any advice or questions i should ask ?

  7. @Sam Philip – You could ask the questions I sent to Ecopush on 10 June 2013 (I’m still waiting for a reply, so I would be interested to hear what they say).

  8. As I had stated in my previous comments, I am a current client of Ecopush. As an investor in various sectors of the economy, I needed my money and recently requested Ecopush to sell my assets and return the money to my bank in the US. Let my case be a real testimonial to who Ecopush really is. I believe, they are in the process of complying with my request. Until then, I, for one, am going to give Ecopush the benefit of the doubt and will wait and see what they do with my request.
    Thank you.

    Farid Maiwandi
    Los Angeles, USA

  9. I have been a client with Ecopush Ltd for the past thirteen months. During that time I have been dealt with in a professional manner had all my queries have been answered. I even had my first exit last March. The money was sent directly and swiftly to my bank account. I have no complaints in relation to this company and expect my second exit in July 2014 will run smoothly.

  10. hi i have invested with ecopush 40.000 im just wondering have anyone got more comments on them good or bad.thanks

  11. farid could you tell us if your dealing with ecopush have been resolve.i myself im geting worry after reading this blog .thanks

  12. Hi Johnny,
    Unfortunately not yet. It has been almost two months since I first asked them to sell my credits (VERs and CERs) and return my money, however, the company has not done so yet. I have requested them repeatedly and have expressed my urgent need for my money, but to avail thus far. Mr. Kenny Angel has personally called me a couple of times encouraging me to not sell and wait. He has promised me to return the money (approx. $200K)in two months. He was also telling me not to listen to rumors and allegations. But, my advise to Ecopush is this:
    if you have nothing to hide, come out to the open, share your financial statement with your clients, refute the allegations, and DO NOT make phone calls to individual clients; simply issue a company statement.
    I have given them till Oct/1/2013 to sell my credits or I will have to take legal actions. I promise to share whatever the final outcome of my efforts will be.
    Thank you.

  13. thank you for shareing farid i hope you get a good outcome.i will also keep you inform of my dealing with ecopush.
    regards johnny.

  14. Good Evening,

    I have been a client of Ecopush for just shy of two years now and needless to say I was shocked when I came across this article as the suggestive nature of it is very different to what I have experienced when dealing with the company.
    I don’t know exactly what is substantiated and what is not substantiated within this article, one thing I do know, Ecopush is certainly NOT a scam. I spoke to a gentleman I have been dealing with just last week and as a company, they are very professional and do a lot of good work.
    My main question is, if they were a scam company, would they really still be around? I think this article is very unfair towards what is actually a very decent company.

    Yours sincerely
    Howard Jenkins

  15. Hi Fellow readers,

    I myself have been a client of ECO PUSH also now for nearly 2 years. I must say that when I needed to sell my credits they were able to assist. It did take them slightly longer than expected by 7 weeks, however we are dealing with a market where you have to have a buyer and seller from my understanding. Eco Push have kept me in the loop for many things and I have actually invested in many different companies over the last 3 years and indeed projects. Eco Push and the team are without a doubt the most professional, courteous and hard working team I have ever dealt with. The reports and updates you receive are second to none.

    I am an avid investor who has been around for quite some time and from my experience a company that calls you, informs you, helps and assists you , is not a company that is a scam.

    It is a shame that with so many companies in the world who are scaming that a report like this can be thrown up and actually could do harm to a very good company, and with no real foundation or basis.

    No offence Chris, but I couldnt imagine you investing in Microsoft and then expecting Bill Gates to personally write to you.

    Like others have said, if it were a scam company why stick around, why contact people.

    I am a very happy ECO PUSH client and would welcome other happy clients to comment on here.

    To be honest Chris, sometimes we can all tar people with a certain brush due to our own experience (bad in most cases) with others, but that is not fair.

    Marcus Stewart

  16. Hi,

    I posted yesterday regarding my dealings with Eco Push, which have been fantastic throughout.

    Why was my post not listed, even though I was sent subscriber details to Redd-Monitor?

    Is Redd- Monitor affiliated with other companies who are selling rival products? I do hope now, as I thought this would be a blog which was fair and let people comment honestly on their own experience.

    Please advise via return to my personal email provided.



  17. @Marcus – Your comment from yesterday is posted here.

    REDD-Monitor is not affiliated with any companies.

    Could you provide any more details about the carbon credits you bought through EcoPush? Which project generated the credits? What was the vintage of the credits? When did you buy them? How much did you pay for the credits? When did you sell them? How much did you sell them for? Which registry were the credits on? Thanks.

  18. Hi Redd Monitor,

    Thanks for clearing that up. As it does seem a little one sided on here if im honest at times. I am all for your work in helping get rid of scammers and baddies, but I have honestly had nothing but good experience with Eco Push.

    I may provide details of this, but again I only noticed this post by accident and felt I had to give my version of events.

    In my experience when a company has been tarnished with something whether they have done it or not, answering or not answering questions or accusations will not help their case, as im sure you know. It only adds fuel to the fire, so I am not surprised they owner did not answer you.

    Like I said previously imagine writing to Bill an Melinda Gates expecting those questions answered. It just would not happen.

    Again I am only one client but I think you may find a few more coming on here.

    What actually is your gripe with them Redd Monitor? If I was a multinational company I would base myself in a tax advantageous zone. Like Gibraltar or the Cayman Islands.

    I do not hear anyone moaning about Ladbrokes being there, Betfair or any of the other large corps being offshore, Starbucks, Major tels companies.

    So I feel your original questions were quite pass remarkable to be fair, and also very one sided. Labelling someone because of where they are is very 1980s.

    In any case I am not here to attack you Redd Monitor, it is simply my wish to put out here that I have had a great experience with ECO Push, they have returned investments to me in the past as they should have and out of many many companies I have had the pleasure to deal with, and not, they are one of the best.

    Hope you find more positive comments on them. I know forestry projects do not fit your bill, but modernisation is happening globally. It makes money, which is the way of the world. It is the reason I invested. Simple.

    Maybe you should try your efforts on the global banking institutions who rule with an iron fist and create a populace that does things for money in a fractional banking system, which they control. Again that is for another debate.

    I wish you well and please keep me up to date with any new postings.

    ONE happy Eco Push Client-


  19. Why should I? It is interesting that you seem to want to engage in some sort of battle all of the time. What gives you the right to ask me questions? I do not even know you. Again, and I repeat this at the risk of sounding boring but essentially for those who cannot see others comments, just their own ego backed questions- Redd Monitor.

    I HAD A GREAT EXPERIENCE with Eco Push, and still WILL continue to do so.

    Others do too. I challenge you to perhaps invest yourself, maybe then as a client you would get access to all we clients do. Maybe then you would be able to comment fairly and with a sense of just, rather than just accusing falsely.

    Again for those who cannot read others comments and are so filled up with some kind of distrust and anger because someone wont give them what they want, as they do not have to- Redd Monitor.

    Would Richard Branson answer your questions ? Would Bill Gates? The ceo of Apple? The ceo of any large company, medium or small? Probably one ceo legend would, That Michael Leary fella from Ryanair, but that is because he would use your obvious discord to use in his marketing campaign. But No, again the answer is NO.

    Do you really think a company that has existed for 2 years plus, and has safely helped clients, given them info all the time (thats right, clients getting info not journalists), a company that always stays in contact with clients would be fraudulent?

    I welcome more happy clients to come on this Blog and talk. That way we can see both sides instead of just a person guessing and im sorry to say, simply throwing his toys out of the pram as someone has sadi no I dont have to answer your questions, so I wont?

    Now you have 2 people not answering your questions. Me too.

    Am I a fraud too?

    I think not.

    Sorry to sound off Redd Monitor, but the fact remains we are happy clients of Eco Push. You are not a client of Eco Push. Just someone talking about a company in a non factual way and cleverly adding other bits of info which do not correlate to Eco Push, so when people read it at first they go GASP, What is happening here. Well I hope many more happy clients come on here and talk about how they feel. As I feel extremely satisfied being a client of Eco Push.


  20. Marcus: You would expect some representative from Microsoft to respond if there was strong evidence that they had been involved in fraud, and yes maybe even from Bill Gates himself if the accusation was serious enough. Regarding the carbon credits you have supposedly sold, It would be easy for you to provide more details of your trades if you were genuine – are you working as a shill for Ecopush?

  21. What is a shill? Sounds jewish? No I am genuine, and I agree if Fraud was happening at microsoft, the autorities would intervene, pretty much the same for Eco Push. Im sure if anything was amiss something would have happend by now. Again though what evidence are you talking about regarding Fraud? I see none in this post, only here say and sly digs at a website design company. This has nothing to do with Eco Push or the way they manage their company and clients I can asure you.

    No Junk, I will not divulge my private details for anyone to see on here. It was not credits I was involved in it was an investment vehicle they had which paid out a regular return. Linked to some project. I had my adviser look at it. He did say it was medium risk, I took a position with it and From my understanding it was a buy sell situation. To be honest, I do not know how some of these large investment vehicles work, all I know is I was paid. Have re invested some of the profit back into other projects with Eco Push and a few others.

    At the time I was told, which I did think was sales pitch, there was only a select amount available. A few months after my sister in Law wanted to invest but there was no availablity. She only wanted to invest to receive the regular return.

    What I will say is this, it paid regular returns, took me 7 weeks longer to get my capital back and I am happy. Must be others who were involved in this too?

    One other thing I may add. I was also talking with my adviser at Eco Push about 9 or so weeks ago. He told me some very important information. He mentioned a few companies that were about to do mergers and will make some good returns. I checked them out and guess what, they did. One was Nokia and made 40% in one day.

    He didnt even charge me and also put me onto his source, a well read publication, which I now buy regular.

    I do not know what this blogs point or issue is to be honest. I understand certain graphics/images on the site were not real people who worked there. Have you seen Ladbrokes site? It has people that are on furniture sites. The website of a companny is a brochure or a representation of themselves.

    However for me, a company that gives you good information, keeps this lines of communication open, delivers on what they said they can, assists you with other things and every week gives you up to date reports on your actual investment or things associated with your investment- is a company I want to be with.

    Again, im not here to sound off, so I apologise if I seemed that way everyone. It just touched a nerve when all these accusations (not evidence) was flying around about a company that has delivered, to me, an absolutely solid service in every way.

    Apologies again for sounding rude or off.


  22. @Marcus – Try to keep your story straight:

    8 October 2013: “I must say that when I needed to sell my credits they were able to assist. It did take them slightly longer than expected by 7 weeks, however we are dealing with a market where you have to have a buyer and seller from my understanding.”

    10 October 2013: “It was not credits I was involved in it was an investment vehicle they had which paid out a regular return.”

  23. HA,

    So facetious Chris. I have 4 different investments, hold fire. I will get the details for you, or at least details I deem fit to share on a live web report/blog that goes out to the world for a man I do not know who is sat in Jakarta making accusations about a company who he hasnt visited, investigated or even invested in himself. I will get what details I see fit for ALL of what I do, if I see fit.

    You may be used to using your ‘English’ manner to get what you want with wit and clever comments, but not with me.

    I will provide what I am advised to provide if any. Then that will be the end of that.

    I sincerley hope other clients of Eco Push come on here.

    I suppose at least if I am keeping you busy with my rhetoric you are not making false accusations about others.

    Its a shame really, as I viewed some of the things you do, and they seemed good. This blog I simply cannot agree with im afraid. YOu have taken fickle points and turned them, like a journo. Thing is, Like a few people have said on here. If they were a scam, how would they still be here. Every scam you hear about in the news has a very short shelf life. Dont you also have to be of credibility and certain standing to have a company in Gibraltar? Especially one that has been going over 2 years.

    I do hope your not another has been who just stirs up trouble as your own life is hollow in certain ways. Focus on the baddies not the goodies. I know you do not like forestry projects but these guys back GOOD things, I have been sent reports on their philanthropy projects. Modernistation happens, why dont you use your obvious talents to chase the bad guys , corporations who have sweat shops,bankers who steal, not a company that does do good, and takes care of their clients.

    Surely thats a good thing?


  24. @Marcus: Definition of a “shill” (noun): An accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others.

    Interesting that you are not prepared to divulge details of the credits or “investment vehicle” that apparently generated such amazing profits for you, given that there is absolutely nothing that anyone here can do with the information.

    You mention Voodoo Designz and that this post makes “sly digs at a website design company”. A web design company that has developed websites for numerous suspected boiler room scams including Carbon-Expert, Select-Global and Agricultural Investments. One that offers a sinister-sounding service called “Reputation Management”. Here is a copy-and-paste from the Voodoo Designz website:

    Problems with Reputation Management?

    We can help!

    Do you type your name or your company’s name into a search engine and you see one or more web sites that speak negatively about you?

    Do Google, Yahoo or Being show unwelcome comments about you or your business?

    Do your customers see websites, forums or blogs that are making your sales team’s job harder than ever?

    You may feel despondent and wish them to disappear but they won’t, not unless you act now and contact us.

    What a charming service. Like I said in my previous post, I wonder who you work for?

    Of course you can easily help to dispel these suspicions by supplying further details of your Ecopush “investments”.

  25. Chris/Junk (think your the same person)

    Just because a web design company designed websites for so called scams, doesnt mean it didnt have reputable companies also on their books. Where on earth did you become so pessimistically downtrodden?

    A shill, as far as I found out after you proposed this word to me, is a government paid agent who dis informs. From my reading that definition, I think that would be more a word to describe you then me, from reading your posts.

    Unfortunately I will not disclose my details, to you nor anybody. I will keep an eye on this post and my only hope is that people who come on here read through this and see myself and other happy clients for what they are, true happy people.

    Its a shame you get bittered up with these things Chris/Junk. I do hope people believe ‘REAL’ information and not just the words of a person who again , at the risk of sounding boring, has never invested, probably could never invest or if did in the past lost due to his procrastinating and bitter sweet character, who is sat in Jakarta, miles from Eco Push, thousands probably I cannot be bothered to check it out, with no knowledge just hot air and anger.

    I actually pity you.

    Below is the final response to your request of my personal details (I thought that was illegal, requesting personal details? Maybe not in Jakarta- a HOT BED for scam rooms I have recently found out – ANYBODY starting to join the dots here????!!!!).

    More Happy clients please, lets shut this bag of wind up once and for all! Ive spoken to some of you on email previously so reply to my emails and put your side across.


    I understand why Chris Lang has asked what he has asked from me, but do you not think that it would be completely irresponsible to expect anyone to disclose their personal financial business on the open web for the entire public domain to see? I don’t even discuss my personal finances with my friends, as it is purely my own business. This is about me talking about my own experiences with a company that I deal with, and saying how far off the mark this article is about them.

  26. I’m sure you would never dream of creating spoof characters Chris, especially with all the rules and regulations that you must be bound by sitting in Jakarta. I do notice that you and the character “Junk” have very similar referencing styles though. Could this be just a coincidence? You use the @ sign and also put the comment in brackets (both you and Junk)

    @Alex Roache (#1)

    @Sam Philip (#7)

    @Marcus (#17)

    @Marcus (#19)

    Marcus (#19) – YOU/JUNK forgot the @ sign here!

    @Marcus (#23)

    No one else across your blog site seems to reference like this except for yourself and Junk. But like you say, I’m sure you’d never dream of creating spoof characters whilst sitting in Jakarta. Its just a coincidence of course.

    You see how this must look to everyone else, surely! Maybe you should be reported, but then no point really. You are in Jakarta, a place with little legislation compared to the UK or Gibraltar. Of course the internet is awash with people creating avatars, fake IDs, pretending to be people they are not. This is a fact, which is why I like dealing with ‘REAL’ people. Fact is, for all we know YOU and JUNK could actually be anyone, or even the same person, or even a former agent of any of the companies on here. No one knows.

    Strange how hear say can just spiral off on a tangent like that. I could have gone on for hours there. Sorry though chaps I have a life to lead.

    Many thanks for this entertaining post and for putting the 5% doubt I had in my mind completely out of my brain and thoughts forever.

    This is exactly the same way the UK and US governments went to war with IRAQ, went to war in Afghanistan. Some journos using their place of advertisement/newspaper to sway peoples minds and hearts towards their own personal goals- War, control.

    I ask you another question, apart from sitting in a small box room, typing into an old dell laptop about things you think you know about but you dont actually know about, what have you achieved lately?

    Do you feel happy? Are you satisfied with life? your current situation? I mean not to sound offensive or crass I just have to wonder why anybody would feel the way you do about things unless they lacked something special in life.

    Get well soon


  27. @Marcus: I can confirm that I am not Chris Lang, though that probably won’t convince you. No need to get so angry and defensive, no one is asking you to give out your bank details or credit card number, just further details of the investment you made with Ecopush. If you don’t want to elaborate, then fine, don’t.

  28. Thank you for your permission to do that. Mrs or Mr Junk. I will keep it to myself thank you all the same.

    Happy Friday to one and all.


  29. Hallo,

    I have been alerted to this post also by a fellow client of Eco Push. I am a client of Eco Push also.

    I too have some facts for you regarding this company.

    **Eco were on the Guyana national tv news channel and featured in 3 national, regional and local newspapers after they were kind enough to visit and make a donation to a disabled and special needs school in Linden where their forestry project is. I don’t know of too many scam companies who are happy to meet the national, regional and local press!

    **Within the Eco Push forestry brochure it illustrates that the Linden region in Guyana is very proud of its forestry sector – there are pictures that we the clients can see showing that they have even named a lot of their streets after tree species within the region, such as Purpleheart Avenue, Kabukali Street etc etc……With this in mind, I’m sure that Eco Push would not have been so well received by the local population if they were a scam and were there to just exploit its resources! For how it looks, Eco are playing a very positive role within the region, and seem to have been made very welcome.

    **The project that Eco introduce is working forestry concessions that are governmentally granted and approved by the Guyana Forestry Commission – no doubt the Guyana Forestry Commission are scammers too!

    **The project that Eco work with is about as real as it gets! I’ve seen pictures of one of the Eco representatives at the Guyana Forestry Commission and shaking hands with the WWF! Obviously they must all be plotting together – Maybe they could get Children in Need, UNICEF and Greenpeace togeather so they can all plan the next “big job”!

    **The project they deal with has provided over 15 new jobs for local workers in Linden, I can’t see many negative points with what this company does.

    How do I know all this? Well as a client I receive these updates, as some have said before me on this blog. I also travel quite extensively in my line of work and weekly I receive something regarding either my investments or linked projects or subjects of interest, surrounding my investment.

    A very good company.

    Klaus Steinberg

  30. How can Chris Lang write something like this without having any evidence ? As far as I can see nobody has actually lost any money. They must have plenty of clients, yet there is no one who has categorically stated they have lost any money! There is a man called Fawid Maiwindi who says he bought carbon credits and is waiting for Ecopush to sell them. It probably takes some time to sell $200,000 worth of anything but he hasn’t actually lost any money. What has happened to the principle of innocent until proven guilty ? I don’t blame Ecopush for ignoring Chris Lang. If a neighbour of yours said that they believe you haven’t paid your gas, electricity, water and council tax bills and asked you to provide them with proof of payment you would ignore them.

    Chris Lang is opposed to Redd i.e opposed to saving rainforests and he operates from the Jakarta, where the world’s worst abusers of forests are based. Coincidence ? How much does he write about illegal logging companies in Indonesia? He claims not to be in the pay of these logging companies but how do we know ? It is easy to cast doubt on a person’s integrity (or a company in the case of Ecopush) without actually providing any evidence. I have just done it to Chris Lang. The question for me is who initiated this blog against Ecopush and why did Chris Lang write it in such a way that it makes Ecopush look guilty even though there is no evidence of wrongdoing.


  31. @B Craig – I’m not opposed to saving rainforests. I do write about illegal logging in Indonesia: here, here and here, for example.

    No one “initiated” this post about Ecopush. All of REDD-Monitor’s funders are listed here. None of them are logging companies.

  32. This is getting ridiculous now. I have posted 4 times, and STILL nothing on this blog. twice yesterday and now twice today.

    Should I perhaps pay you some money and then you will edit me and post a toned down version of what I would like to say.

    It is a shame as your site seemed informative, now I know it is not and is purely a vehicle to slander.


    Just in case my original post below!

    How can Chris Lang write something like this without having any evidence ? As far as I can see nobody has actually lost any money. They must have plenty of clients, yet there is no one who has categorically stated they have lost any money! There is a man called Fawid Maiwindi who says he bought carbon credits and is waiting for Ecopush to sell them. It probably takes some time to sell $200,000 worth of anything but he hasn’t actually lost any money. What has happened to the principle of innocent until proven guilty ? I don’t blame Ecopush for ignoring Chris Lang. If a neighbour of yours said that they believe you haven’t paid your gas, electricity, water and council tax bills and asked you to provide them with proof of payment you would ignore them.

    Chris Lang is opposed to Redd i.e opposed to saving rainforests and he operates from the Jakarta, where the world’s worst abusers of forests are based. Coincidence ? How much does he write about illegal logging companies in Indonesia? He claims not to be in the pay of these logging companies but how do we know ? It is easy to cast doubt on a person’s integrity (or a company in the case of Ecopush) without actually providing any evidence. I have just done it to Chris Lang. The question for me is who initiated this blog against Ecopush and why did Chris Lang write it in such a way that it makes Ecopush look guilty even though there is no evidence of wrongdoing.


  33. Hi again,

    Finally a few more clients on here talking truth from their experience.

    I agree Klaus, EcoPush have been nothing but great to me.

    Barry some very good points there also.

    So has anyone actually lost money with EcoPush? As no offence to chris or the redd monitor blog, but that is what the name of the aim is for anyone who has invested with EcoPush.

    Great to be green and of course we all would like to have a morally high life, full of no bad things, live in a country that has no corruption, unlike Indonesia Chris, tut tut. But seriously though, anyone know a place like this on the planet that doesnt cost the earth to get there?

    Has anyone also heard about the Gas companies in the UK rather than offsetting their carbon emissions, they decided to take millions of pounds in fines as it was cheaper and easier?

    Maybe you should look at those guys closer to home, well not your home as you live in Indonesia, boiler room capital of the east. but Most people on here should be concerned about this as its happening right in the UK. Go on Chris Lang, why dont you take on the banks, the gas companies, prove your not being paid to dis inform, and get your friend JUNK on the case also.


    PS can you tell I have been reading up on these boiler rooms you are so fasinated with? Lots of them seem to be in your neck of the woods. Like so many its unreal, all scamming UK clients and Europeans every day. Do you know any of them? Silly question, of course you will reply with short sharp university debated politician answers. Case closed for me.

  34. Hi Barry,

    Do not get too paranoid, I think this website may have a bug, or just takes a while to correct itself.

    I just had your post emailed to me from this site, and when I clicked to reply to it, your post was not there? Or at least the one which I was sent in the email was not there.

    Maybe it just takes a while for these to upload or something? I had that problem too. I will copy your post which was sent to me below though, just in case.

    If you sign up for the follow up comments and new posts (which is a tick box under the POST COMMENT section) you should get the replies, even if they do not appear on here in real time or take a while to be edited?

    Im not sure which.

    Mine came on here eventually though.



    This is getting ridiculous now. I have posted 4 times, and STILL nothing on this blog. twice yesterday and now twice today.

    Should I perhaps pay you some money and then you will edit me and post a toned down version of what I would like to say.

    It is a shame as your site seemed informative, now I know it is not and is purely a vehicle to slander.


    Just in case my original post below!

    How can Chris Lang write something like this without having any evidence ? As far as I can see nobody has actually lost any money. They must have plenty of clients, yet there is no one who has categorically stated they have lost any money! There is a man called Fawid Maiwindi who says he bought carbon credits and is waiting for Ecopush to sell them. It probably takes some time to sell $200,000 worth of anything but he hasn’t actually lost any money. What has happened to the principle of innocent until proven guilty ? I don’t blame Ecopush for ignoring Chris Lang. If a neighbour of yours said that they believe you haven’t paid your gas, electricity, water and council tax bills and asked you to provide them with proof of payment you would ignore them.

    Chris Lang is opposed to Redd i.e opposed to saving rainforests and he operates from the Jakarta, where the world’s worst abusers of forests are based. Coincidence ? How much does he write about illegal logging companies in Indonesia? He claims not to be in the pay of these logging companies but how do we know ? It is easy to cast doubt on a person’s integrity (or a company in the case of Ecopush) without actually providing any evidence. I have just done it to Chris Lang. The question for me is who initiated this blog against Ecopush and why did Chris Lang write it in such a way that it makes Ecopush look guilty even though there is no evidence of wrongdoing.


    (This was Barry post which was emailed to me from Redd Monitor as I signed up for their updates as explained in my post above)- Marcus

  35. Chris,

    I do send my apologies. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction on where they are. I couldnt see them, thought there might be a glitch on the site!

    Good stuff.

    Again I apologise for the confusion.


  36. Chris, well done on this work. Everything about this company suggests run away despite the vain attempts of Marcus to promote them. How one man can get so passionate about this company. In fact he sounds a lot like them with a lot of talk and no substantive details. They contact you directly and want to make you some money. “Obviously we have to start out small so we can build up trust”. boiler room manual 101 NLP. They are unregistered and not approved by anyone. Quoting Johnny or someone by email and another by phonecall. You have to hand it to them they are slick though.

  37. I must say I worked for Ecopush for a while, ok they do tell a little fib they are actually based in Spain, however they are a trustworthy company with good loyal staff. I left to become a Mum and not for any other reason, so to sum the company up good, loyal, trustworthy and very professional .

  38. Hi,

    I used to work for Ecopsuh too. I actually found they were a very professional company to work for. I notice that Diva said they don´t have a Gibraltar office but they do as I worked there for over a year.I remember my daily runway crossing very well!

  39. Mike T ……….. ecopush only have a virtual office in Gibraltar at the Montarik business centre.If you did walk across that runway in Gibraltar surely you must have worked for Sceptre International? Ecopush,s main office is in Nuevo Andalucia close to the infamous Puerto Banus , Marbella.

  40. Excuse me? Who on earth is AC??? Not very transparent is it! No, you are wrong. Ecopush does not have a serviced office in Montarik House. Yes, Montarik House does have a few serviced offices like many buildings do, but Ecopush along with about another ten other companies actually has a physical presence there. I wasn’t dreaming when I worked there, I actually did and it strikes me as a little odd justifying to someone who obviously doesn’t have much of a clue. There are over 30,000 people who cross the runway to commute across the border to work in Gibraltar every day. Do they all work for this company Sceptre International??? I don’t know where this company is based, although according to your knowledge they are obviously in Gibraltar, like many other companies are based there. You are correct in saying that Ecopush also has an office in Spain, but to correct you its actually Nueva Andalucia, not Nuevo. But yes you are right, it is very close to the “infamous Puerto Banus”. Have you seen the size of the yachts there? It’s a place for achievers! I believe the King of Saudi Arabia also has a place down there. But anyway, are you a client of theirs AC, or just another jealous nit-picking stroker? Your business obviously isn’t doing very well anyway! Maybe if people focused on their own ventures, maybe they would be a little more successful!

  41. Mike T , you sould take up industrial mining for you are digging one rather large hole for your self with the ficticious diatribe you are spouting. Ecopush use Montarik House , Gibraltar , solely to give the impression they are based , physically in Gibraltar. They used to pay a former employee of theirs , who is based just over the border, 500 euros a month to collect all their mail and deliver it to the sales office in Nueva Andalucia.Do you want me to name the former mail -collection employee ? Now , as for being a competitor of ecopush , give me a break , i don,t tell lies on telephones to unfortunate retail investors in order to sell them virtually worthless carbón credits, exactly like your boss Kenny Angel did with an elederly english gentleman based in the Bahamas.That unfortunate chap has most likely lost over 500k gbp to this company Ecopush. I would kindly ask you , to ascertain the common law meaning of Conspiracy to defraud and you will invariably discover it is a two part crime which entails deception and damage. Now ask Mr Kenny Angel , the de-facto owner of Ecopush ……. what levels of dedeit did he employ in order to get this elederly Bahamas based gentleman to part with his hard earned investment funds , and moreover has this elederly gentleman managed to sell his carbón credits in line with telephone statements made by Mr Kenny Angel ? Now , as for Puerto Banus …or should i say Puerto Abuse ………… I know this port extremely well , having lived in Southern Andalucia for over thirty years and th eport , like a good part of Marbella was built on black money , and to this day it is a haven for , shall we say , crime produced funds , and crime realted activities varying from money laundering , to prostitution and drugs. So Mile T , instead of dealing with fiction , I suggest you deal with reality and facts , for they will lead you in the correct direction.Make no mistake Mike T , I know exactly what Ecopush do , how they do it and why they do it , and the latter , most likely has very Little to do with producing safe and secure returns for private retail investors. Ask yourself one very important question …why did Kenny Angel leave Sceptre and his former partner in that company Mr Ryan Mellor ? Why is Ryan Mellor no longer selling virtually worthless investments into the private retail investment market ? Finally and I seriously mean this stop telling lies because lies have legs and ultimately lead to problems. Have a good day Mike T and think very carefully about what I have written here …………..It is 100% factual .

  42. Mike T , please refrain from refering to me as just another nit-picking stroker. Manners and correct conduct do not cost a penny. Also , I have actually spoken to the poor old gentleman referred to above and I am fully aware as to the levels of despair and worry he is currently experiencing after being misled into buying a huge amount of virtually worthless carbon credits from Ecopush.He can,t sell them and he does not know what to do.Again Mike T look at recent case law involving spurious investments and conspiracy to defraud. If you still work with Ecopush , which I strongly suspect you do given the protective tone of your posting , you may well be party to a crime. But that is not for me to decide , but rather and possibly a jury and a judge at a later date after the relevant law enforcement agencies conduct, if deemed appropriate , an investigation into the working model of Ecopush. Sir, you have bitten off more tan you can chew.

  43. Mike T , may i ask you to google David Downes Conspiracy to Defraud and you will clearly see what happens to those who deem it appropriate to retail near enough worthless and iliquid investments to the private retail investor public. May I also ask you to state how long you worked for Ecopush , in waht capacity and where in Gibraltar. Finally , as i am sure you are using a false name to post on this site may i also ask you to post a copy of your Passport on this site. I know exactly what you are attempting to do with your post(s) , but unfortunately facts reality and decency will always prevail over deceit lies and fiction.Over to you Mike T

  44. @AC – Thanks for all your comments, but no one has to post their passport in order to comment. Many people (including you) who comment on REDD-Monitor choose to do so anonymously. The content of the comments is more important than who writes them.

  45. Chris, Thank you for your guidance. The reason I asked Mike T to produce a Passport copy was that i am fairly sure , he wishes to hide his true identity because he is most likely part of the Ecopush , or was part of ,the Ecopush investment scam which I have no doubt is a largish conspiracy to defraud under the english common law system. Simply put , I hate to see innocent investors getting fleeced by smooth talking telephone operators.

  46. Interesting how Mike T has suddenly went all quiet.Something to hide Mr T?

  47. Hi Blog,

    I actually have bought from Ecopush, a timber project. I cant comment on all of the above but I can say that I have had very good dealings with them throughout my time as a client and before. I know they did charity work and donated money to locals and would like to have my comment published and noted , as a happy client of Ecopush.

    Many kind regards,


  48. guys i have been reading this blog. i have one simple question farid have you resolve your dealings with ecopush.this might answer a lot of whats is been discuss here.

  49. Ellen , it is a good job you never bought carbon credits from ecopush.

  50. Hello Chris and Everyone interested.
    In reply to your question, I must say that Ecopush has been quite helpful since the time I asked them to sell my carbon credits. Although, it is still an ongoing process, nevertheless I have full confidence that Ecopush will finalize the transaction and will sell the balance of my CER’s VER’s credits with a profit, which they have already done for the most part already.
    Thank you all.

    Farid Maiwandi
    Los Angeles, USA

  51. Mr Maiwandi, did they sell them onto the open market for you ? Did they sell them to another existing client for you ? or did they simply buy them back off you at a slight profit ?

  52. Hi,

    I too have bought an investment in the timber product. Have been happy with the service I received, information has always been forthcoming and available and I must say the company are very proffesional. Reading into some of the posts I would declare that I believe someone had sour grapes and could be an ex employee or former partner of Ecopush. Just my opinion but on all your other blogs the rogue company replies so many times. On this blog they never have, and for some reason a clever bit of wording has put this name Ryan Mellor out there but in a way that highlights his name but in an attempt of a good way. If I were a betting man I would maybe have a look at this chaps name. Sour grapes perhaps? Ex employee perhaps?

    Again though to bring to the attention of this blog, I have had great experiences with the company from day one and continuing to have throughout my investment term.

    I too saw the article on their charity work.

  53. Mr Williams , how long is your investment cycle with your timber -tree investment ? At the expiration of the quoted investment period surely is when you will best placed to opine as to how good , or bad , as the case may prove to be , this company is . You are very lucky you never bought carbón credits from them ……illiquid near enough worthless so called investment instruments. This company does not wish to engage in communications via posts on this fórum , because when it comes to the cfarbon credits thet retailed to private investor clients , they know they have sold non-performing investment instruments .It is as simple as that. Now , back on to timber , i look forward to your views on this company once your timber investment has ridden it,s course. I asume you are taking a long term view here ?

  54. My mother has bought the Timber product so I have been keeping a keen eye on this forum.

    AC is correct no one knows what will happen to the investment until the cycle is finished, but isnt that the same with all investments?

    It does seem as if AC, is either this person Ryan Mellor or a close associate. I would be looking into his background, as AC is anonymous. See how that company septre did after the owner of Ecopush left.

    This forum is supposed to be about catching rogues.

    I will details what I have learned so far from this forum.

    Not one client has complained saying they have been ripped off by Ecopush.
    A company called septre has been mentioned, for which the owner of Ecopush used to be a part of and has not been for some time it seems.
    A Person called AC used to work at either septre, and or Ecopush and has fallen foul of them now.
    Mike T and Marcus both love Ecopush, Marcus perhaps requires medical attention though as it seems a bit deep, maybe he needs to meet more people.
    A person called Mr Faraid, wanted to cash out, has done and has now posted he is happy.
    A few other clients have also posted saying they are happy.
    Not one reply from the company (which DOES happen in all the posts were rogues are found).
    AND an insight into the darker side of a place called Puerto Abuse, from a guy caled AC who hates Ecopush. Puerto Banus which is seen on TV every week and is always in the newspapers.

    I think that sums it up.

    AC you are right, everyone will have to wait until their investments come to the end before knowing what returns they will get, same as any investment, anything really.

    Its just my opinion, and my mother, who brought from Ecopush thinks exactly the same too.

    Still have not seen any person actually complain who is a client on here, especially for being ripped off. Strange as this company has been going for many years.

    AC, I would probably let go of this, as in my experience someone who keeps replying trying to stir up further things, slandering in response to others comments who mention nothing of credits, and yet you link their comment to credits in a sly way, that someone is usually the one who has something to hide.

    It is just my opinion.


  55. Helo Blog,

    I have purchased the timber project too. Cant complain about the service I receive from Ecopush as it is good.

    I am an avid investor, and only invest a portion of my total portfolio in anything. That is how you avoid.minimise any pitfalls.

    From my understanding of things innocent until proven guilty. Not one person has come on this blog actually complaining who is a client of Ecopush.

    Not one.

    So lets see how this turns out. I agree with David and others, seems like sour grapes on AC’s part, or maybe not.

    I am a happy client, have invested what I consider to be a small amount, and will see how this goes before I re invest with them again, like any investment I do.


    Madam, I have never worked for Sceptre or indeed Ecopush.Fact
    I am not Ryan Mellor or a close associate of his.Fact
    I don,t hate Ecopush , but rather I hate to see innocent and perhaps slightly naive retail investors being spun almight yarns and invariably losing most , if not all , of their hard earned investment funds.Fact Also, ´´hate´´ like many other strong forms of emotions , like say fear and greed , tend to reak havoc with clarity of thought.I don,t like anything interefering with my thought process .Fact
    I am not hiding anything whatsoever , again FACT.
    Puerto Banus , Nuevo Andalucia , Guadalmina , San Pedro , Rosario, Elviria , Calahonda , Riveria, Marbella, Fuengirolla , have all seen over th elast twenty years or so an incredible amount of boiler room operations ……….. FACT
    You say Ecopush has been going for many years … many years madam 2 -3 years ……… thats not many ……….. do a company search and you will see how long they have been in operation . Fact
    Sceptre closed doors and bolted after Kenny Angel left and formed ECOPUSH.FACT .Also a month or two before he left Sceptre he resold lots of product to existing clients ……….. i believe this is called loading the client …..FACT
    By way of interest would you madam consider yourself to be an expereinced investor who fully understands the meaning and implications of investment risk and Price development ?
    You madam sound like you are connected to Ecopush .it is that bloody obvious I,m starting to laugh …………
    Please reply to this post because i love dealing in reality as oppossed to fiction . You are indeed quite the comedian …………

  57. That was a funny post to read, in the words of AC-

    Also, ´´hate´´ like many other strong forms of emotions , like say fear and greed , tend to reak havoc with clarity of thought.I don,t like anything interefering with my thought process .Fact

    Yet here just a moment before you said you hate something-

    I don,t hate Ecopush , but rather I hate to see innocent and perhaps slightly naive retail investors being spun almight yarns and invariably losing most , if not all , of their hard earned investment funds

    So in the words of yourself, because you are hating something your mind is reaked with havoc and no clarity of thought, and you said you do not like things interfering with your thoughts such as hate.

    So maybe down to your own admission, you are not a great judge of character right now. You do seem pretty riled for just a caring community member.

    Go on, how do you supposedly know so much about septre, ecopush and all these other things that go on in Spain and areas I have never even heard of.

    Maybe the local authorities should be talking with you, as by your own admission you work pretty close to these illegal operations.

    prepare for a HUGE FACT FACT FACT AC rant everybody.

    Laughable. You certainly are AC.

  58. Jamie, my apoligies to you , as oppossed to hate , I should have said ….. dislike immensely.
    ´´ Upon my own admission you work pretty close to these ilegal operations´´ please re-read my post , use glasses if it makes it easier for you , I don,t work with these types of companies.Simply put Jamie, I do not have to work nowadays in order to survive and pay bills.But Jamie, you are having a good go at deviating from a rather large fact , namely, ecopush sold a pile of near enough worthless carbon credits to retail investors.When they did so , they knew those credits held no realistic investment potential.Now Jamie, you obviously work , or are friends with people who work for Ecopush , and as such you are attempting to take the tone of my posts away from hardcore facts.Keep trying Jamie old boy.Keep trying, because all you will do is dig a larger hole than the one that already exists.

  59. ´´Here at EcoPush (Gibraltar), our business is founded upon our core principle of putting our clients first. We are committed to earning their trust and confidence through delivering them our best and most calculated analytical services available. As a global operator, we provide our clients with unparalleled, and innovative solutions´´

    What analytical process/procedure was undertaken by Ecopush on or before , ideally the latter, they sold near enough worthless carbon credits .What due diligence , risk assessment quantification and analyses did Ecopush conduct , if any at all ? For example , who in Ecopush has serious and proveable profesional investment analysis experience ? Who in Ecopush is qualified to provide investment advice in pursuance with prevailing and indeed historical investment -financial legislation ? Finally,what purported price development factors were considered before the carbon credits were offered to the investing public ?Surely , these are valid and applicable questions to be asking! Jamie , now get your head around that one. Maybe you may wish to ask Kenny Angel for the answers , or his mother who works there as well.

  60. Ops, Jamie , with all this excitement i nearly forgot to inform you , I am waiting in preparation for a HUGE FACT FACT FACT ……. c,mon sweatheart i,m quickly losing patience. I just love facts and reality.Also , i have noticed these posts serve as rather good SEO tools which is good from an investors perspective as it will become more difficult for ECOPUSH to hide from the truth.Now Jamie , off you go and lets see what speil -diatribe you can come up with now. If you become a tad unstuck just ask Kenny Angel for a hand ….. I,m sure he will be able to help you out when it comes to carbon credits.C,mon Darling more of your amusing posts i,m in the mood for a laugh.

  61. ´´At EcoPush (Gibraltar) we facilitate small, medium to blue chip enterprises in reducing their carbon footprint at both compliant and voluntary levels´´ HOW MANY COMPANIES HAVE YOU PROVIDED FACILITATION SERVICES TO ?

  62. This has now become the funniest thing I have ever read, and so far away from what is supposed to be it is hysterical.

    AC, so funny, what a clown. So easy to get irritated also.

    You should get a youtube channel.

  63. Hello All,

    I have purchased the timber product also. Am happy with the way I have been handled throughout the process.

    I can only speak from experience, and I am happy with everything I have been shown by ecopush, and have no complaints.

    Thank you for this forum which allows everybody to post their opinions.

    I am one of the happy ones.

  64. I too am happy with the information I have received from ecopush regarding everything to do with my investment. It is also the timber project. not many companies actually give back to local charities, they did. That is a good thing in my book.

    As the lady said before me.

    I too am glad to be able to give my opinion, which is a good one.

  65. Good morning, or evening or afternoon, wherever you all are.

    My partner and I purchased a small investment holding in the Timber project mentioned.

    I have received regular infofiles from ecopush, and both of us have had all of our questions and comments dealt with straight away when presented to ecopush.

    We are also happy with ecopush and would like our comment listed in favour.


    Mr H

  66. Marcus S , MS , Carla and finally Mr H ……….. did any of you , if you really are clients of ecopush , buy carbon credits from them ? The reason I ask is that the near enough worthless carbon credits Ecopush retailed to investors , is the core issue behind all my posts and not timber. Please and think about this very carefully , when you come to sell your timber investments , hopefully at a gain, then surely that is when you should be signing the praises of Ecopush. Again, that is if you are all really clients and not simply someone pretending to be.

  67. I have to say that I have read the posts with interest particularly those that offer a positive opinion which in my experience actually supports the authors claims. There are many companies who would kill for this sort of ‘brand’ loyalty. How many readers have jumped to the defence of their bank, supermarket, insurance company or brokerage when they have been lambasted in the press?

    I really love the fact that there is little of any real substance in the positive posts, however if you look carefully you will see similar language pattern being used through-out these posts, particularly for emotive or key phrases. I wonder why that is?

    Everybody is ‘happy’ or indeed ‘very happy’ with the service they have been provided, of course there is no mention of any material facts just bland emotive terms.

    Have a think about the last time you felt motivated enough to post a positive comment on a bespoke website relating to a company you have dealt with just because other people are critical of the companies motivations?

    Can’t think of one, neither can I. You would need some sort of strong motivation or vested interest to post such comments!

    So to the person or persons that are posting all the ‘I am really happy’ posts, keep them coming, but do yourself a favour and try and vary the language and grammar patterns a bit otherwise readers will see through the charade. You may also want to upscale the emotive language, I am sorry to say that ‘happy consumers’ generally don’t post comments, they would need to experience ‘exceptional’ or ‘outstanding’ levels of service.


  68. I have to agree with Del on the above.
    It does seem that the happy posts are similar. I would say however, if you were to ask say an Arsenal supporter whether he is happy with his team, unless they were losing all would say yes, I am happy. So maybe the new happy posters can put the word happy into a thesaurus or something and find other words or phrases for happy. Keep the blog watchers- overjoyed, in immense bliss or even just happy with the posts.
    Interesting reading through though, still only one client I can see who wasnt too ‘happy’, now he is.
    Where are all the unhappy clients ? If we can find this blog then surely they can? Why are there none on here who have lost money?
    Cant say im interested in investing at all. Banks put me off that when they have been selling PPI and all sorts of other stuff to unsuspecting customers, so I am not surprised no one happy with them. They legally ripped off millions and billions from people, i say legal as they make their own rules it seems.
    Happy New Year to everyone, happy and sad and ones sitting on the middle not on either side.

  69. To those who are lost in the meaning of “happy”:
    I couldn’t help but join the conversation. I am sorry for the native English speakers to be lost and confused in the meaning of the word “happy”, but with English as my second language, this word has a simple meaning to me. And here is why I am “happy” with Ecopush. A few months back, I needed my money for re-investment in real estate, so I crequested Ecopush to sell my Carbon Credits (VER’s and CER’s)and wire the money to my account in the US. The staff at Ecopush were kind enough to explain the process and told me how it was different than selling a common stock, which I engage in quite often. In the last few months they have returned 2/3 of my total investment which was $185K. This has obviously made me “happy” with Ecopush, since despite all the negative publicity here on this blog, they have shown their commitment to me as a client; not to mention a 10% profit on investment. I have full trust that they will do the same for the balance of my VER’s and CER’s in the coming weeks. The contents of my post may lack the literary eloquence, but in laymen terms I am very “happy” with Ecopush and for the fact that my money had been in safe hands all this time. I appreciate the services that Ecopush provide and am “happy” that I had invested with them.
    Thank you all.

    Farid Maiwandi
    Los Angeles,

  70. Derek, thats maybe because the banks and insurance companies were in the wrong perhaps? as we all now know. Just a thought.

  71. Also someone mentioned before that this blog is about carbon, but i re read it and it is about a project in Guyana, or should be? I must say I concur with the above comments and Dereks one. Seems about 7 happy people on here. Which is rare in most fields these days. But still no unhappy clients?
    So if this company has been going for 3 years with only 7 or so happy clients, and no unhappy ones. they must have a very good business. Or all their other clients are just not bothered in coming on here. Happy or Sad. Does make you think though, as not one unhappy or disatisfied client, in 3 years plus. Because they would have shown up on here. By now.

  72. Also, maybe the reason why the limited clients who have come on here are saying they are happy is because they want to protect their investment. I know I dont want anyone saying bad things which may or may not harm the company with whom I bought the investment through.

    So can only assume they are the same.

  73. Andrew , you have raised an interesting point with regard to those so called unhappy clients not posting on this forum. Perhaps , and I use word perhaps here , because I have no solid proof, however the reason may be that those clients who bought those carbon credits are possibily stilll being strung along by ecopush salesman on the hope or indeed promise , the purported market in those credits will turn around at some point in the future.

  74. I kind of agree with a few people on here. All points are valid of course from everyone. That is what a blog is for, to comment.

    It would be pretty crazy though if a company that had been going for 3 years plus had only 7 or so happy clients. Doesnt seem profitable to me over a 3 year period.

    Derek, Also if banks would kill for that kind of loyalty, 7 happy customers in 3 years, we are all in the wrong business in whatever we do. 7 is not alot of people to get to comment in a positive way about you. I am sure even with all the negative views on banks, Nat West going down every other week it seems, you would stil find some happy people on there. Point is though, there is loads of unhappy people when something isnt right.

    Again, the project in Timber was the main thread/discussion on here and from what I have seen. It stands up and is also doing other good things for locals to this project.

    Happy New Year to everyone. May it be positive and prosperous for us all.

  75. Many of you have been calling out for an EcoPush Client who is dissatisfied, well here is one. I invested rather a lot of money in carbon credits in stoves in Kenya. I chose this project because I had contacts in Kenya who have to cook the old fashioned way in a little shed and the smoke is gradually killing her lungs and therefore I was personally interested. I even contact EcoPush before I was in Nairobi earlier this year and asked if I could visit the project. I received no answer until I had returned from the country, and the excuse was that the contact at EcoPush had just had a baby. I have asked for the credits to be sold on several occasions even saying making a loss if necessary but have had no success. They have invited me to visit Gibraltar but when I look up the address it seems to be non existent. I have just read the blog and would not be at all surprised if the positive comments are from people working for this scam.

  76. Mo , they have taken you for a fool and sold you virtually worthless carbon credits that were never meant to be financial -investment instruments. There is no liquid secondary market in the credits you bought.Their office in Gibraltar is a serviced-virtual office facility and their real sales office is in Nueva Andalucia , right next to Puerto Banus , Marbella,Spain.The odds are you have been completely fleeced by this outfit.My suggestion to you is to report them now to the fraud dept in Malaga( Policia Nacional ) and to the police forcé in Gibraltar.It may be worthwhile instructing a solicitor in Gibraltar , if that is where the bank is based where you sent your investment monies and mareva ecopush,s corporate bank account , this way you may have a chance of getting your money back.You have been scammed by smooth talking telesales conmen ……… sorry to tell you

  77. Just to let people know that two days after writing the reply dated 31.12 2013, I had a phone call from Steve Docksey at EcoPush informing me that my credits will be sold by the end of February and that he would be e mailing me a contract for permission to do so and asking me if this would make me ‘happy’. He also mentioned a good return. However the promised contact has not arrived as yet but once the money is in the bank account I will be happy. I shall keep this website informed of progress in this matter.

  78. ecopush? what the hell? hahahaha
    funny and sad. how come we in Guyana never heard of this?
    the town ecopush is supposedly doing business in has about 25000 people and trust me almost everyone knows EVERY foreign business operating in Linden

  79. Mo , ask Ecopush who they are selling your credits to , at a so called profit.Ask for proof in writing as to the buyer.

  80. As a client of Ecopush I have been monitoring this blog for a while now and have paid attention to your posts. I was pleased to see how your situation has progressed as like myself, I too have been paid my returns from my VER and CER positions, again at a 10% profit. I don’t see why this company has received such negative attention as they have always kept in touch with me as well, and they bear no marks of being a scam company. I am also baffled by some people’s accusations of client’s not being real due to using the words “happy”, I find this all to be remarkably ridiculous. I have actually seen two letters that were drafted by Ecopush’s lawyers which were sent to the author of this blog, both of which Ecopush have never received any form of response to. From what I can see they are approaching this situation via the correct channels and I wish them well.

  81. Ponzi schemes work on the simple premise of paying back one level of investors from incoming funds of newer investors – ala Emerald Knight. Perhaps some clients HAVE received their monies, because, let’s face it, their positive input is probably key in keeping the new cash coming in…and the scheme alive.

    But when you look at the entire matter in depth one has to ask:
    1) GIven that EcoPush were selling CER’s at circa £10 per unit, WHO ON EARTH has purchase them at a price sufficient to make not just the capital back but also a profit?
    2) Given that they were selling VER’s at anything from £4 to £16, the same question is valid here: WHO ON EARTH has purchase them at a price sufficient to make not just the capital back but also a profit?

    EcoPush could clear all of this by acknowledging who has made the purchases that have allowed them to produce such miraculous results? Keeping in mind that in the case of CER’s, this will have been done at around 34.7x the actual real current price… I would imagine who ever was responsible for Carbon buying at that firm is likely looking for another job if he REALLY spent £11 on something that he can buy from a MAJOR, REPUTABLE firm for around £0.31…

    Let’s also take a more generic look at EcoPush.

    Address is Serviced office facility?

    Product Mix contains Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes such as managed Timber?
    Check (and the FCA agree….

    Product Mix includes Carbon Credits?
    Check – FCA agree again…

    Product Mix includes Biofuels, or any type of managed mass collective?

    Despite the (possibly valid) replies from happy customers, I’d undoubtedly say that these guys have all the marks of an operation selling worthless investments to unsuspecting members of the public. There are too many signs of this to NOT look behind the positive postings. Even if they DO pay back 20% of everything they made to keep some clients happy, they will still have plundered nearly 50% of the original capital (assuming they actually DID pay for the original product of course….).

    Best of luck one and all – this is classic situation of those victimised wanting to avoid the truth. Watch out for the recovery scams, the loads to create an exit etc that seem so typical of this type of thing….

  82. Kenny , What Due diligence , Risk Analyses etc did your company conduct before they sold those worthless carbon credits to the investing public.Additionally, what price progression -development factors were considered before it was decided they were safe for the private retail investment arena?

  83. Kenny , is your company possibly robbing peter to pay paul. A Ponzi Scheme ? Kenny , what investment experience do you have and also your upper management staff.Can you confirm your office in Gibraltar is a serviced -virtual office facility ? Montarik House no ? Finally,why did you leave Sceptre International , a former company based in Gibraltar which left many of its staff high and dry when it came to payment of wages? Kenny, c,mon do the decent thing and answer these questions and provide clarity and transparancy , after all the latter is a major issue in todas investment arena.

  84. This whole thing is utter hogwash. This is a good company. I have been involved in the timber project in Guyana which was introduced to me.I have even been to visit the project and if anyone has any doubts then why dont you just ask Ecopush to visit it?! And I have seen the charity work they conducted during their most recent visit to a disabled children’s school. Are scam operators now playing Mother Teresa? I highly doubt it! This is an extremely unwarranted attack on a company who look to be doing things right. I think the author of this blog has been duped by someone on this occasion as I have had a look at much of his work, which I must say is very good.

  85. Just to clarify-
    Definition of
    feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.
    “Melissa came in looking happy and excited”
    synonyms: contented, content, cheerful, cheery, merry, joyful, jovial, jolly, joking, jocular, gleeful, carefree, untroubled, delighted, smiling, beaming, grinning, glowing, satisfied, gratified, buoyant, radiant, sunny, blithe, joyous, beatific, blessed; More

  86. I’ve invested in a solar project with Ecopush just over 2 years ago. But anyway, through my solar project I’ve seen good results. So far I’ve been paid out twice, to my bank. I received 3% in my first year and 5% in my second year, and later this year I am expecting another pay out of around 5 or 6% again. Its a 10 year plan that’s so far going very well as I was told in the first place. In all I’m very happy with this. It does strike me as being very odd with regards to all the negative posts on this company because they are not clients who have any experience with working with this company. I for one am not panicking as they are proving to be a decent company.

  87. Has anyone got involved in their water investment??? Ive been a client of Ecopush for just over a year now. At first I didn’t want to comment on this because I was obviously a bit concerned. I still get emails from them and the guy I originally did business with called me just yesterday, I usually get a call every 3 weeks or so with various updates and what have you. The more I consider this whole thing the more confidence I actually have in them as a company as Im getting the same service as I did when I first spoke to them.

    I have also invested in ISAS with my HSBC broker which are showing similar returns to what my water investment has shown me so far. I have been investing for a number of years now. I opened my first trading account back in 1990 in the same year as the Italia 90 world cup, possibly the most memorable world cup of my life, it’s a shame we are not as good now as we was back then! But anyway, I opened my first trading account with the Royal Bank of Scotland and have had lots of successes and failures over the years. I remember going to Monaco to see a broker of mine who was always very hospitable, he was very much into motorsport which always struck a chord with me. I do feel it is important to be able to relate to my brokers especially when they are managing my money. I have brokers in London, Edinburgh, New York, Frankfurt, Zurich and Tokyo so I have most aspects of the major markets covered. I do like to trade the FOREX markets but I must say that I am growing more and more interested in charitable type investments as its always satisfying to give back as well.

    I have seen many things go on between businesses in my time and I have to say that nothing surprises me. Companies and brokers can get up to all sorts of dirty tactics in attempt to prevent another from doing business. I remember the slander campaign that HG Mickleson carried out against Donald Taylor who was a rival company of theirs, and fully emphasise with the position Donald Taylor was put in. But anyway, like I say nothing really surprises me anymore. I am currently sitting on a 3% paper loss on a tech company but am also in a 5% profit from a fruit company so so far things seem to be going ok for me. But anyway, I have a spot of DIY to do now but will be monitoring this blog over the coming weeks, particularly to see if anyone has anything to say about their Australian water project.

  88. Mr M Rivers , do you know what price discovery means within the context of investment instruments? Mr Rivers , did Ecopush buyback your carbón credits , sell them to another existing client , or sell them on the open market ?

  89. the most recent posts are all very nice , who knows possibly factual , but lets keep this to carbon credits because no matter what anyone says , they were sold by ecopush as investment instruments , when there is-was no such liquid investment market in voluntary carbon credits .That in itself is deceptive at the least , or alternatively gross misrepresentation on the other hand.Either way , can Mr Kenny Angle please explain what risk assesssment procedures and due diligence his compnay conducted into the investment potential of carbon credits before his company decided to retail them into the private retail investor market.This is a reasonable request to make .Kenny , be reasonable and pleae clarify , answer or explain .

  90. The blog is about a Guyana timber project.

    It is right at the top in the editorial written by the blog author. Nothing to do with credits.

    See here- EcoPush has produced a brochure about its operations in Guyana. EcoPush works in Guyana with a series of companies:

  91. MS S ……… look at the editorial again , use glasses if need be.A carbon credit investor was offered the timber Project.Please don,t try to attempt to wander from a main issue here, which is ecopush clients holding near enough worthless carbón credits , which were sold by Ecopush.Now if that is not a fact , then perhaps you can explain to me why it is not . I await your response with baited breath.Again , like many of the posters on here , you blatantly come across as someone connected to this company.

  92. After reading all of this blog, I am compelled to add. I have invested with Ecopush twice. I have also had returns back on the first investment. Cant understand why someone has so much against them.

  93. I also remember the case of Mickleson using slander towards Donald Taylor. It was conclusive that a rival company used dirty tactics in order to sway people away from Donald Taylor. Glad that was sorted out in the end. Hope this goes the same way. I am an investor with Ecopush. 3 times now. Have been paid out on first one, have every confidence in them and my payments.

  94. I have recently invested with Ecopush, and this blog helped me to do that. Many people in city jobs, stocks shares or elsewhere use all sorts of tactics to get clients away from rival companies. I am very glad that Ecopush have not commented directly on here. When your not in the wrong silence is golden my grandma used to say. She was correct.

  95. M and S and DBS as a matter of interest did you ever buy carbon credits from Ecopush?

  96. WOW, what a blog this one is, totally inherent and indifferent to the other god work i see on this site.
    Which I must say is truly great work, i noticed government type people from Denmark commetning and all sorts. Fantastic job on this site and so informative.
    Back to this one now, Why so many haters here. Slander can be detrimental to a business so good on you Ecopush for not falling victim to this. My investment is in good hands and I will re invest with you. Totally proffesional outfit.

  97. Cant say I am bothered about idle chit chat, i make my decisions myself, after looking through the relevant information. There is no proof on here of anything, other than a person who has quite clearly got something against this chap called Kenny. I have not spoken to the owner, only my rep at Ecopush, i have seen the documents which have been sent to the owner of this blog. I do hope he steps in soon and removes this entirely as it is a shame for all his other good work going on here. Cant understand why one person (not the author) would have so much dislike for a company or person without being involved in someway with that person or company in the past and it going sour. Im 62 years old and have seen many things. Just use logic, not comments on a social media site or blog to ake your decisions, I did and am glad I did.
    Must say also the people who do not like the word happy. I am happy as a hippo. Had to say that. My wife is chuckling also.

  98. Hello blog author, how many blog posts can this hold? I posted yesterday and cannot see it.

    Many thanks


  99. Sorry refreshed my browser and they all appeared. Not technical minded in this house.

    Im still trying to work out how to stream, and even watch on demand on my Sons laptop.

    It isnt quite on demand for me. Getting there though.

    Many thanks again.

  100. Did Ecopush sell grossly over-priced carbon credits ? Its as simple as that . No grudges against anyone , owner or otherwise.And to all you investors who are happy , surely perhaps you should wait to see how your investment performs and produces.Thats what logical people do.

  101. @Mrs S is the best – So far you’ve posted as “Marcus Stewart”, “Marcus”, “Marcus S”, “MS”, “Mr S”, “MS S”, “M & S” and now “Mrs S is the best”. Please decide on a name and stick to it. Thanks.

  102. We are both Mr and Mrs S. S stands for Stewart, Mr for male, Mrs for female. MS is the initials of my husband. M and S would be us both.

    Just for clarification purposes. I thought you mentioned people can post anonymously, so surely when i post I can choose any name? As everyone else is?

    I called even call myself Spartacus, or Mrs Spartacus?

  103. Sorry one more thing. Alot of the clients on here are posting they are happy after seeing returns. Farid has returns, so do a few others on here.

    Mrs S

  104. Hi Blog,

    I have purchased a few times with ecopush and have been paid, my wife once too.

    Good luck guys and good will to all.

    I wish I was spartacus, great film with Kir Douglas, the scene where they all stand up is immensely moving.

  105. Me again, I have had returns too on the first investment.

    Will leave you all be now, im sure your getting bored of the rhetoric from myself and my husband !

    He just said he posted he wishes he was spartacus, so do I wish he was. Well any of the Douglas’s Kirk or Michael. Kwoaar.

    He is such a wally (my husband not Kirk or Michael)

    Many thanks.

  106. The laughable posts above are doing their utmost to avoid the issue . Classic approach by scamsters.The amount of times I have seen scamsters take this route ………. well countless would be appropriate. Keep writing nonsense , it will get you know where.

  107. I want to check if the carbon credits sold to me are under my name. What are the correct channels for this kind of inquiry?

  108. Hello AAI,

    I would go back to the company you purchased them from and ask. Usually you get a contract when you purchase an investment and I checked online and credits is the same. Who was the company you bought them from?

    Mrs S

  109. Did you get that sorted AAI? Speak direct to the company you purchased them from.

    Mrs S

  110. I promised I’d keep people informed with my progress. Well ecopush has e mailed my contract through and sent a courier to collect my signed copy which was delivered to their UK address. Daniel Michaels of ecopush has been very helpful and I look forward to the end of February when I get my returns. I shall obviously add to my comments here after that date so that others can make up their minds about this company.

  111. Chris, I just want to give you a big thanks for doing a public service here and making the effort. These guys are such obvious scammers and anyone thinking of investing have only themselves to blame for the results. In fairness their patter is good and it all sounds so good, in fact too good to be be true. Returns of 10% per month and such like. Then the contracts. Read them carefully.Investors should imagine they have enough money to buy 100% of any investment proposed and see would they do it then. What exactly are you buying? CLose them down

  112. [13:58:35] Matt Moore: I am about to invest with Ecopush, have read this blog, seen the legal docs which have been sent to the other from Ecopush (as my brother is an investor already with them) and am happy with all the negative and positive comments on here. I believe they are genuine. Many years ago a friend of mine did not get a job she wanted and found out later that it was due to her rival talking bad about her over time. The rival got the job. So from that moment on I always want to hear from the horses mouth, and make my own mind up. I do not blame the owner of Ecopush not coming on here, seems like no matter what people put someone comes on saying this is not a genuine client, this is a friend of Ecopush. Well I agree with the previous comment from a client- That is remarkably ridiculous. Cant do right for doing wrong my Grandad used to say in those situations. So well done for not commenting. Usually means they are in the right. Especially from other blogs on here. The baddie always comments at some point, or they close. Ecopush seem to be growing and growing. Sour grapes from an old associate perhaps? Someone who seems to know alot about the corrupt side of this industry, yet has never worked in a place like that? All the other corrupt people comment on this blog. Ecopush have sent legal docs to the author..hmmmm something doesnt add up, and im afraid it is not from Ecopush, it is from the one or even possibly 2 people who are trying to stir things up. My Grandad always also used to say, its the one who keeps talking is the one who is stirring. Sorry just my piece of mind. Im looking forward to becoming a client of yours Ecopush, and am sure I will be happy when I get paid too.

  113. Wilfred, Lovely folksy platitudes that somehow just don’t seem genuine. If genuine best of luck dealing with this unregulated ECO (Extraordinary Con Outfit) P Pushy U Unregulated S Scam artists H and Hustlers

  114. Bit harsh Patrick.

    honestly hope everyone is ok in Jakarta, I noticed the author of this blog is in Jakarta. It has displaced so many people already. my warmfelt hope and wishes to you all there. Floods are so terrible, may you come through it swiftly and as safely as possible. I have already commented on my timber investment previously, but wanted to send this message.

  115. Also….

    Investment comes with risk we know, Ecopush for me explained the risk involved on all of my investments I have made with them, I understood that risk, I invested after going through the various possible outcomes, I invested an amount into the first one to test, the second I did the same, and the third I have also done the same. The returns I was quoted I have received every time. Sounds like if people dont comment who are happy, they cant win, if people do contact who are happy they cant win. Keep up the good work chaps.

  116. I am glad I invested with the company ecopush, I am a foreign national who has a british wife. We travel alot for my work, and I like the updates that I get from ecopush. I would say for anyone who is in doubt, invest a small amount and test them for yourself. It is the only true way. People always have bad blood for you when you are at the the top. I have been paid twice already. Waterproject. Asif

  117. All these comments from people who are glad they bought from ecopush .Tell happy buyers , if that is what you really are and not some paid pen and brush to paint a nice image , would you have been happy if you had bought WORTHLESS CARBON CREDITS from Ecopush ?

  118. I would not be happy if anybody sold me something worthless. Like the banks did few years back with shares.
    All I can say is I have been paid by Ecopush on investments. Others on here, even ones who were first not happy, are happy.
    Im bored so am going to watch loose women on demand.

  119. Courses for horses my gran would say. Som like apples some like oranges my father would say. Seems same on here. I can only speak from experience. I have been paid out on 2 investments with ecopush. Will invest with them again, would refer them to other people.

  120. anybody made any profits from the carbon credits they bought through Ecopush ? If so , can they please explain how they managed to do so.

  121. Chris,
    Can we ask YOU a question, for a change?
    What do you do for living? And do you have any other occupation besides bashing Ecopush?
    Now, to answer your question: YES, I made money in investing with Ecopush. And that is good enough for me, regardless what they did with my money and how they returned it with a profit. Thank you.

    Farid Maiwandi
    Los Angeles

  122. @Farid Maiwandi – I run REDD-Monitor for a living. I wrote this post about EcoPush in June 2013. Since then, including today’s post, I’ve written 178 posts on REDD-Monitor. None of them is about EcoPush.

    I am not “ac”, the person who left the comment you replied to.

  123. Hi Chris,
    Sorry for that. My response was meant for AC.
    Thank you.

    Los Angeles

  124. Dear Farid,
    I am a retired gentleman who for many years previously traded equities. I am not bashing Ecopush , I am simply stating hard core facts vis a vis the near enough worthless carbon credits they sold to unfortunate investors. You say you have made a profit , and you are not bothered how you made it . Farid , that is a shocking statment to make in the public domain. I have sincere doubts as to whether you really are an investor with ECOPUSH who sold a raft of WORTHLESS , or near enough WORTHLESS carbon credits to many retail investors. This is a FACT Farid , and not something I have formulated through delusional perception. Please don,t waste my time pretending to be an investor with ECOPUSH as i suspect you are currently doing.

  125. OK, quite clearly Marcus and Klaus are the work of Alex Simpson!

    Let me explain…

    I worked for Ecopush some time ago and here are a few FACTS

    Kenny Angel IS the owner and he WAS the owner of the previous ‘spank’ company, Sceptre.

    Gibraltar??? DON’T BE SILLY!!!!

    Sceptre was based in Los Boliches (Near Fuengirola) and Ecopush is based in Nueva Andalucia (Near Puerto Banus, Marbella)

    They DO have an official office, based in Gibraltar and it has a plaque in the entrance, but it is NOT a working office!

    Ecopush has a ridiculously high turnover of staff, they are all on a basic contract with NO wage other than commissions.


    The whole PR exercise to Guyana was a photo opportunity and Alex (NOT a Director, just a spanner who works there) was just sent to create publicity.

    Alex’s main job is to stamp on bad publicity. Kenny Angel has expensive lawyers who try (quite successfully mostly) to crush any negative press, hence why most sites will remove negative posts within 24hrs of receiving threatening lawyers letters.

    SO the short version of my email,





    All of the Above are FACTS!!!

    Ecopush current trading address, look on google maps, 50-51 Calle las Azaleas, Marbella. This is an old image on Google, but their office is the one on the top right! FACT!!!

  126. I had read only half of the tripe before I made my first post. I then scrolled from the bottom to see even more lies!!!

    The funniest was when somebody mentioned the legal contracts!!! Especially on the timber!! You are being asked to sign a contract with an unproven Guyana COmpany with absolutely no security whatsoever. Ecopush are scot free as soon as you have signed!

    Ecopush, Sceptre and any other company, cold calling clients (Kenny had 3 or 4 ‘qualifiers’ who trawl through reams of pages of data every day, calling 600 people each, per day)are NEVER genuine. YES, Kenny spends a lot on lead generation and SEO work on his website (website designed to say nothing for legal reasons)and they do get inbound enquiries, but all information sent out is just promotional fluff with no substance. People are promised the earth, but the reality is, if it smells like bullshit, it probably is.

    I have given you the facts about their Gibraltar and Marbella Office, please feel free to prove me wrong. You will NOT be able to!!

  127. Nothing like a former employee to spill the beans and tell the truth . The Gibraltar office is a serviced -virtual office facility that many companies use in Gibraltar. Ecopush have never worked from this office , they have always been based in Spain.

  128. I have been waiting to be paid out for my investment in the Chinese Wind turbine project based in the Gobi Desert. It was due to be repaid at the end of March after 24 months. I am still waiting.

  129. Hi Julie, I was also invested in their Gobi desert wind farm project albeit about 3 years ago now. I remember the cycle taking slightly longer than I first expected but I did get my returns. In all honesty I find most of the comments made on this blog to be pretty bogus. You may be a genuine person but you may also not. But if you have genuinely got involved in their wind farm project then all I can say is that the expected results were achieved in the end.

  130. DON’T GO NEAR THESE SCAM ARTISTS. It is a shame that people get seduced by all the “professional” sales pitch of these guys. Ultimately no substance to anything they are doing.

  131. Wow, there are so many comments on here it is all a bit bamboozling! Has anyone ever got involved in their water project in Kenya??? I´ve had a few small payments from this project and it all seems to be working out so far anyway. If anyone has any info then I would appreciate hearing from you!

  132. Hi Michael. Yes I too have invested in their water project in Kenya. I´ve been involved for just over 9 months now and I agree, it seems good enough. I really dont know what to make of all this, Ecopush have basically been accused of being a scam and this whole thing I notice has been published over a whole year ago, yet they strike me as being anything but a scam. I find it all very odd.

  133. I´m an Ecopush client and I´m comfortable with my decision to do business with the company and the information and service provided during the whole purchasing process. The only gripe I have is that initially it did take longer than I would have liked for me to receive my contract, although every company has little glitches, but it has been plain sailing since then. Unfortunately these days no matter how good a company´s track record is, one bad experience (no matter how trivial) plastered over a website carries more weight than 20 positive ones.

  134. Hello, I´ve only scanned through the comments on this site, mainly because it appears that the majority of the comments are from people that haven´t even dealt with Ecopush personally. I currently have an investment with the company and have received correspondence the entire time. Surely if they were a “scam” as suggested by the original post they wouldn´t still be around?! or is that just me?

  135. I´ve looked through the comments on this site, and as of yet I have not seen and reference to their water project in Mozambique that my husband and I are involved with. We do receive frequent updates regarding the projects process and everything appears to be going according to plan towards the build up to our return, which is reassuring. I would however be interested to hear from anyone that has already received their return from the project, just for that extra piece of mind.

  136. My first reaction when I stumbled across this site was frankly, what a complete load of rubbish. I have been dealing with Ecopush for 3 years and have been involved with many of their projects. I am extremely satisfied with the service provided and of cause the returns I have received. I have had bad experiences with other companies, of which I would happily call scams and tell the world about but Ecopush is not one of them!

  137. I was invested with Ecopush a few years ago now. There was a slight delay on my end return being transferred due to unforeseen circumstances within the project I was involved with. However a delay isn´t exactly the end of the world within the investment business when the end result was as promised

  138. Hello. I was actually in Guyana back in 1974 on one of my many travelling expeditions back in my youth. It was a funny old place and I loved the vibrancy of the local people, and also especially the woderful food that was on offer. I went to meet up with a Henry Jones who was chairman of my old bridge club that I used to go to during my days in the Philippians, it was a great society that helped fellow Brits intergrate and socialise when we all lived that far away from home, especially when all this email communication was pretty much non-existent back then. But anyhow, we met back over there in 74 and it was great to see the country and to get first hand experience in interacting in these sort of cultures. When I was introduced to the project developers by Ecopush it all looked very positive and I thought why not
    ! It struck a chord with me and I feel to this day very positive about doing so. So there is my opinion, Ecopush are a good bunch and a far cry away from being a “possible scam”. Unfortunately I have lost touch with Henry over the years but with todays communication, who knows!

  139. I invested in the timber project that Ecopush introduced to me just over a year ago now.They are not the actual project developers and don´t claim to be. They introduced me to someone´s project and it all looks very good. They keep me updated with how everything is going which is fair enough. I like investing into poorer countries beause contrary to the nature of this blog I believe it actually does some good and I´m pleased to be involved.

  140. Ive avoided this blog for a while now but having dealt with thiscompany for around 3 years, I have to say there is nothing wrong with this company, unless you are against seeing positive work being done in favour of the environment. Their timber project is governmentally approved by Guyana. There is nothing negative I can say about that.

  141. Well where do I start with all this? I’m prettymuch a forestry enthusiast which is why I was very interested in getting involved in the timber project that Ecopush introduced to me.I am particularly happy to be dealing with a fantastic country like Guyana as well. The country isn’t very well off and it is great to see western businesses doing positive things there that benefit the local people. I was on my travels in Papua New Guinea back in 1984 where I met the local indigenous tribe of the Kombai. It was absolutely fascinating and it was here where I developed my love for forestry after finding out exactly how crucial the forest was to sustaining life for these people. The Guyanese people also depend upon the sustainable use of their forests which is why I support this project. This blog considers absolutely nothing about the good things that Ecopush, Organicc and GBI are doing in Guyana. I tells nothing of how proud the workers are of their jobs, it tells nothing of the positive charity work that Ecopush, Organicc and GBI have done within the local community. It looks to me like a lot of made-up hogwash. Ive dealt with them for two years now and shall continue to do so.

  142. Hi, my name is Emily and my husband and I have got involved in two projects through Ecopush. I think their sustainable timber project in Guyana and their clean water project in Kenya are both fantastic. Whatever could be wrong with companies trying to do good in this world I will never know.They keep in regular contact with us and having dealt with many companies in the past I find them extremely refreshing to deal with.

  143. I would just like to share a bit of information that may be newsworthy to some of the readers.
    After two frustrating years of back and forth emails with some of the remaining staff at Ecopush, I once again demanded the balance of my money (about USD 100K)from the group’s legal adviser, Alex Simpson.
    I CC’d some former employees of Ecopush, hoping that one of them may have the decency to reply back in the affirmative, buy my email failed to be delivered to the following persons:
    Peter Cochran (,
    Steve Dockcy (, and
    Adele Woodgate (

    At this point, I am inclined to assume that these individuals have left the company. If any one can share the latest information about any organizational changes within Ecopush, it will be greatly appreciated. After two years of repeated requests, Ecopush still owes me USD 100000, which I have been trying to get.
    Thank you.

    Farid Maiwandi
    Los Angeles

  144. Hello Farid,

    I’ve spoken to them a few times recently. I know that Peter Cochrane was their chief compliance officer and he has been retired for a while now. I do not know of the other people you mention but it is nothing out of the ordinary for people to move companies if this is the case. From my own experience, the main thing is there is always someone there to deal with.

    I recognise you as being one of the few real clients who have posted on here, or at least that is how I perceive it. I am in a similar situation to you by the looks of what you say, at least you have received the majority of your investment back which by your own figures must be over $100,000k. At first like many who first saw this article you presumed Ecopush were a scam, then like myself once things had settled down you realised they are not, and have actually ended up defending them – I was a bit surprised by your last post however as people can move companies and as far as selling goes at the moment, the carbon market is completely flat, all research points to this. The most encouraging thing however is after well over a year since this rubbish was produced they are clearly still here to deal with. And they have after all returned significant sums of capital back. Personally to me this says it all!

    I have just one third left of my holding as well and I am being patient because I have to. Everyone knows the carbon market is dead at the moment, and like any market, anyone involved has to deal with the constraints that are set by the market, which is natural in any corner of the investment world.

    The price of CERs were once at €14 and were recently down to just 24 cents! I am not happy about this but this is how the market is at the moment, and I know that no company can have any control over this. I certainly do not want my final holding to be sold anywhere near this price and like anyone else, will just have to be patient and wait for things to pick up again. The CER market must have gone completely over-the-counter now as well as I can’t even see how much they are being traded at anymore as there seems to be no spot price! So there is clearly a huge lack of liquidity within the market as well. The important thing however is I have made a profit so far and when the market picks up again which I am sure it will in good time, I will then think about selling the remainder of my holding. Even if I do not make a profit on my final bit, I am not prepared to take such a loss at current values, which I’ve been told would work out about 90%! In the meantime I will have to look at making money elsewhere, and simply hope for an upturn in the market. One place I do lay blame however, is how the market regulators allowed project developers to completely flood the market with such a gross over-supply of credits! I hear it stands somewhere ridiculous at around 2 billion?!It doesn’t take an economist to work out that this was always going to devalue other credits!!!

  145. Mr Gillies,
    I have never read so much crap in all my life. Were you paid to write the above , or are you just plain blind to the fact that you have been conned. Are you in some sort of denial?
    Everything you have stated above does not equate to the actions and words of a sane person.

  146. Well Farid has went all quiet and so has Mr Gillies . Now that is no surprise. To all you clients of ecopush PLEASE TRY AND LIQUIDATE thru ECOPUSH your investments , at a profit. I am quietly confident you will find this rather difficult. Also , to all of you investors ask ECOPUSH to prove their management team and advisors have serious pervious advisory investment experience with the appropriate qualifications , if relevant.

  147. AC,
    I am still here. Ecopush is in the process of liquidating my credits. Thank you for your interest in my investment.

    Farid Maiwandi
    Los Angeles

  148. Hello AC,
    I just noticed another posting from you, dated Oct 2nd. Just FYI, I AM a real client of Ecopush and I HAVE received the majority of my money; not over “$100,000K” as you have indicated (that will be $100 million), but over $100K. I have been communicating with Ecopush and will be talking to them until I receive all of my investment money back.
    Thank you.

    Farid Maiwandi
    Los Angeles

  149. Hello Farid,
    They have sold part of your carbon credits , correct? What type of carbon credits were they ? Did they buy them back from you , or did they sell them in a broker capacity , to a third party buyer ? Have you made a profit on what they have sold for you , or bought back ? If so in percentage terms how much was the profit ? Over to you Farid

  150. Farid , Please for the sake of good order when replying to the questions above , kindly furnish documented evidence in support of your answers. Failing which, nobody will take you seriously. I,m dying to know , that is , if you were holding carbon credits , how anyone has managed to sell them where no secondary market exists.

  151. AC,
    You don’t have to believe or disbelieve me. We are not in a court house. You can take my statement at its face value. Ecopush has been sending me money with 10% interest on top of the principle, albeit in a slow pace which has disappointed me in times. As I have said, I still own 3000 credits which will be liquidated in the next 4 months. Thank you.

    Farid Maiwandi
    Los Angeles

  152. Farid, it is not a question of believing you , or otherwise, but rather I am attempting to establish facts for the benefit of the readers and contributors of this communication platform. Quite clearly, you have chosen to avoid answering the questions I have posed above , which gives rise to suspicion on my part as to whether you actually are a true investor client of Ecopush, and rather you are a paid pen to support their modus operandi. For example , how can Ecopush sell virtually worthless carbon credits when no secondary liquid market exists for the liquidation of the same ? Can you explain how this has happened ? Perhaps, as you are still holding 3000 CC,s they are paying you back , in dribs and drabs, from your own money that you invested with them in the past. If this is the case , and put simply , there is a very good chance , for the reason contained herein , that Ecopush are actually deceiving you again. If this is the case , then you are being subjected to , possibly a conspiracy too defraud you. Two important factors must come in to play for a conspiracy to defraud namely deception and damage . Think very carefully about what I am saying here Farid , because , it appears to me you are very possibly being led a merry dance up the garden path. Please address the main questioned contained in this missive …………..How have Ecopush managed to sell your carbon credits to a tghird party buyer at a 10% profit ? ………….. This is an important question which requires , well for the sake of good order and clarification , a solid and truthful answer. Over to you Farid , over to you and respond please with honesty .

  153. AC,
    Once again, you are being suspicious and asking me how Ecopush was able to sell me carbon credits. Well, that is for Ecopush to answer. As an investor, I have said enough and provided enough information about my dealing with Ecopush. You asked me for my honest reply.
    OK, my HONEST reply to you is as follows:
    You are a very stupid man with a lot of free time on your hand. Stop accusing other people in your quarrel with Ecopush.

    Farid Maiwandi
    Los Angeles, USA

  154. Yes, exactly as I thought . Farid above is avoiding answering straight forward and basic questions , which in the context of this communication platform , are indeed fully warranted.
    Farid , it appears you are not a bona fide investor , but rather someone with a focused agenda. Namely, to help cover up the Ecopush CARBON CREDIT SCAM. Now don,t waste anymore of my time Farid or indeed the time of the real readers and contributors to this communication platform. Mr Kenny Angel , you and your team are doing your utmost best to cover up your company,s part in the massive CARBON CREDIT INVESTMENT SCAM where your company were involved. Why did you leave Sceptre international Mr Kenny ” im the owner of ECOPUSH ” Angel ……….. Tell me did you take all the clients from Sceptre International with you. That poor old chap , what is his name again ? in is it Bermuda or is it the Bahamas ? Now Kenny , get someone else to post on here for your company to try and cover up what you have done with those worthless carbon credits ………. Kenny Angel Ecospush owner and former joint owner of Sceptre International , you are what one would call a telephone conman ……….. a deceptive and calculating telephone conman.

  155. Farid what is two thirds of 185 k .have a look at one of your original posts and then look at the ones above ……… so you have been waiting nearly a year now to get all ur money back from your worthless carbon credits ? Farid you is false , you is false .

  156. I have read all the preceding articles and I am afraid that the term SCAM seems more than appropriate, at least so far as the timber project in Guyana is concerned. I have a ‘Finished Timber Batch Purchase Agreement’ sold by Ecopush, on behalf of GBI, with other parties involved in various transacations. Maturity date was 13 Dec 2014. I have tried telephoning all the numbers that I have but they either do not exist or are engaged. There is no longer a live website for Ecopush [that I can locate]. I also have spoken, in the past, with Kenny Angel, Steve Docksey, and also Jo Harrington [17.06.14] but now that my money is due no one can be contacted. The Company Registration cannot be traced?

    Can anyone help?

  157. I managed to email GBI so they are going to contact me after 10 Jan 2015.

  158. Hi John my name is Richard James. I also thought it was a scam after reading this blog but I had my timber sold by GBI last month mind November. It was a bit late by a couple of weeks.I have had updates from GBI via Ecopush over the last 6 months to a year.I don’t know if this is any help.There website does work by the way john.

  159. Hi John, I was also involved in the timber project and am very pleased to have been so. I got involved in the project in Guyana for quite sentimental reasons as I once previously explained. I am still very pleased with my decision to have gotten involved and I am always very interested in the charity work this company have carried out in Guyana, and I quite frankly find attacks on them to be quite absurd. My timber was sold some time ago so I have personally seen the project work, albeit after a minor delay. But still it’s a funny old world and unfortunately these situations do happen. I must say however, I do think that we must seriously question the motives of anyone who attacks Ecopush on this platform with regards to the timber project in Guyana, as they are after all not the actual project developers. As far as I can see they are a marketing company who promotes other people’s projects, and also offers charitable support for various organisations as well. And a note to Richard James: It is good that you can also see this whole thing for what it is and I am glad that you have also benefitted from the project. I think that anyone should feel some satisfaction to have taken up the services of a company who have done their very best to promote and support local people and to try and help the growth of what are essentially poorer economies. As far as I am concerned this is a very noble thing to do, and one that many more companies can learn from.

  160. I find this blog rather silly.I have dealt with this company before and I have been involved in the sustainable timber project as well so I know what it is all about. I had my timber sold at the exact price like they said it would be. I think some things in this article are quite laughable and quite frankly rather trivial. If they introduce me to something of my taste again I see no reason why I wouldn’t consider doing business with them again. British Gas probably had over a million complaints against them last year, but people are still using them, just like the they continue to use banks as well. It is impossible for companies to escape some form of negative press nowadays, whether it is justified or not. As I say, I find this all to be quite trivial.

  161. Having invested 15 months ago, all i can say is that i have been told lie after lie. the website does not exist now and if you ring nobody answers. A legit company would not behave like this. Scam!

  162. ecopush is now ecoasset
    their website is under reconstruction, and no one answers the phone published.
    as for the ecopush website, yes it does exist but the only thing that has changed for the last 18 months is the date in the front page, if you care to look at it closer there are no updates of news or comments for 18 months. there are no contact numbers. What has been said in previous comments re website is true ie total fabrication to try and support the scam

  163. i invested in carbon credits with ecopush 18 months ago does anyone know are these worth anything now? and if so ecopush were holding them in account for me if thay are gone does that mean i dont even have any come back?
    is there anyway to go after these bas****?

  164. think you are like me, ie been done.still no answers to phone calls, email adresses are being removed.i will be reporting the fraud.i am sure these low life will be looking over their shoulders. strange how all the supporters on this blog have gone quiet!

  165. hi prince
    do you think is there any chance of geting any money back from what we have.are these carbon credits total just so angry with myself for been scam my these scum.

  166. Unfortunately i think this scum are past masters at this game, so at the moment no.if i find anything out i will post

  167. thanks prince did you get reply john muir from these people would like to know my guess is not.

  168. it looks like they ecopush have run with all our money no one can be contacted so lets hear from other people so we can try a way of finding out where these people are now and what other scam thay are goin to do like the oil scam thay were trying last year.can we find out where these people are living now?

  169. John,you must report the fraud to the appropriate people, word will then grow.Last year a huge scam group were arrested in southern spain so things can be done and investigated.
    it seems numbers go straight to answer machine now!

  170. This is all quite bizarre. I see people saying Ecopush have disappeared and run away with all our money. I spoke to them last Thursday and my call was answered on my first attempt, which is usually what I experience. And if ever I have had to call them more than once well stone me, I am certainly not left on hold with some ghastly music for 20 minutes as I am with others. I have two phone numbers for them and both seem to work perfectly well for me and should do for others too. They did change their numbers about over half a year ago now which I was informed of. If anyone is genuinely struggling to call them I would suggest you most likely still have their old numbers. Try emailing them at and I am sure they will be provided to you. The impression and service I receive isn’t exactly one of a company who has run away and disappeared without any notification!

  171. I had invested with Ecopush. My initial investment in VER and CER was approximately $190K USD. After 2-1/2 years of repeated requests, I have received most of it in three or four payments. But, just to let you know: they still owe me approximately $30K USD. They called me the other day that each of my 3000 credits were now worth less that $.60 each, and that my best option was to wait for the market to come back up. I consider the balance of my invested money lost.

  172. To the above investors. You can,t say you were not informed many months ago via my numerous postings on this forum. If you have bought carbon credits from this shady outfit , forget about recouping your losses as those credits you acquired are near enough worthless.

  173. You can say that again.
    In my case, unfortunately, I invested at the hype of carbon credit frenzy. Kenny Angel called me, personally, and gave me 20, 30, and even 50 minutes of promo talk about how great these investments are. He was pushing and pushing. I blame myself too, for believing them, all. Later, it was Peter Chocrane, Steve Docksey, Joe Harrington, and finally Alex Simpson. Once I realized that my investment was not safe, I requested Ecopush to sell my credits about 2-1/2 years ago. Each one of them used to call me and tried to convince me that I should avoid liquidating my credits (or whatever they held for me). Since then, it has been a stressful process. I received some of my principle investment, but just recently I received a call that the balance of my credits (Qty of 3000) was almost worthless. They said there is no market nor demand for it. However, they provided one new hope, ie “Ecopush will be sold, and the new company (new owners) will liquidate your 3000 carbon credits for you at a future date”.
    Now that is something I can take to the bank .

    Farid Maiwandi
    Los Angeles, USA

  174. Hi,

    I also invested 10k euros with ecopush on their carbon offsetting project in July 2012. The contract was for 2 years and I still haven’t received my money back. It is really hard to get in touch with them.

  175. Farid, Unfortunately you were suckered by smooth talking snake oil salesman. This has happened to countless retail investors over the years , whilst the investigative authorities sit by doing very little, if anything at all. Put the entire expensive experience down to ” never again will I deal with so called telephone investment experts” .Always best o deal face to face after conducting extensive due diligence into both the company making the offer and the offer’s market place. Sadly, you can be rest assured your money has been spent , wasted if you prefer , on what most of these calculating conmen splash other people’s cash on ….the high life in Marbella , cocaine , designer watches and clothes, hookers and high class hotels and eating establishments……… Yes , your money has been blown by this deceiving crowd of white collar fraudsters. From hereon in stick to regulated investment markets where liquidity in the market is strong and transparency and high levels of governance is prevalent.Also, by way of recouping part of your losses , looking at off setting the same against your annual tax liability. At least this way you will slightly mitigate your losses.

  176. AC,
    To me all of these guys whom you referred to as “white caller fraudsters” are nothing less than a bunch of immoral and unethical thieves, who, instead of looting people on highways and committing robberies, sit behind a computer and use modern methods of stealing money from you and me. Every one of them lied to me one after another until their last contact (Alex Simpson, supposedly their legal guy) called me and said that Ecopush will be sold to another company and that my “now worthless” 3000 credits will be transferred to the new company, who, in turn will decide what to do with it. He basically told me to forget about it recovering anything, while he told me (on a phone call, Nov 2014) that he will liquidate my credits at the end of Feb 2015 and send my money to my bank.
    AC, I appreciate your comments and advise. Thanks.

    Farid Maiwandi
    Los Angeles

  177. Despite all the bad press carbon credits have received over the last two years, people are still falling for even the most unsophisticated of recovery room scams and there is little the authorities seem to be able to do about it. As AC says, head over to Marbella to see how your money has been “invested”.

  178. Farid , sorry to inform you of reality with regard to this shower of professional looting merchants. Good luck in the future with your investments, but stick to regulated investment products and always always conduct serious market due diligence , serious company due diligence and finally serious investment product due diligence and then make your decision.

  179. AC,
    Thank you for your advice. By the way, one of them sent me an email and referred to my comments on this website as “bullying”. I replied back, stating that I would not be commenting, had they returned all my money that Ecopush owes me.

    Farid Maiwandi

  180. It seems that ecopush and its director Kenny Angel are now trading under Wave Management. Doing traditional markets, renewable energy and real estate.
    The website was created on January 07, 2014

    They have two addresses:
    Manor Court
    Manor Road
    West Sussex
    RH10 9PY


    Registered address:
    Heritage House
    235 Main Street
    Company Number: 706554

    Very interesting that all the important information on the website such as T&C’s, and contact address is all blocked out (could not copy and paste), so easier to hide from a Google search. The rest of the website is normal. The T&C’s has exactly the same wording as ecopush.

  181. I have read all the comments left here RE Ecopush with interest and I can say that, not only I have had first hand in reviewing the contracts they issue to their clients (mostly barely enforceable) these guys are trading and carrying out regulated activities without a valid UK license. I have also witnessed a dear friend beign scammed of his life savings and I am hoping the authorities will take an interest on this company sooner rather than later. :)

  182. @WB According to Gibraltar authorities wavemanagement is Ecopush previous name. also I know Manor Court rather well seen that I used to work in a firm there a few years back, but Wavemanagement are not there at the moment unless Mr Angell is planning to make a come back with this company to the UK from Malaga. Also I have noted that one of the telephone numbers for Ecopush in the UK is also used by a recruitment company called Zenith note the services these guys provide and when you call they answer the phone as EcoGroup. How interesting :)

  183. As an update of the Ecopush saga, I though that some people may be interested to know that Ecopush phones are now answered in Cambridge (even though they have a London number) by a company called Ethernet Limited. There may also be more non surprising news from Rosenblatt and 3vb Chambers. Will let you know.

  184. ERRATA CORRIGE – Apologies re my previous comment as it is in fact New Horizon Energy (NHE – one of Ecopush’s associated companies) whose phones are now answered in Cambridge by Ethernet Ltd. Ecopush is still answered by “Client Relations.” If anyone receives or has received a similar letter from NHE that apologies for the lack of recent communications and claims that (verbatim):
    “Both New Horizon Energy and Ameratex are working tirelessly to ensure that you will see a return on your investment as soon as possible” ….
    Please be advised that not only Ameratex and NHE are both shells (comprehensive checks are currently being carried out in the US on them), this is yet another (bad) attempt from Angell & co at looking official but the reality is that the letter offers yet again nothing more than the usual empty promises with no real commitment nor specific dates as to when the money will be given back. In addition, these letters were sent by a guy called Adrian who works for Ethernet. for the avoidance of doubt, the letter also claims that NHE are working with a known firm of solicitors albeit, when initial enquiries were made, shockingly the firm seemed very surprised (and not incredibly happy) to be dragged into this saga thus, if you have received a similar letter, please bear the above in mind before considering believing any of its contents. More updates to come. :)

  185. NHE LETTER CONTENTS | +44 (0)203 405 4294 |

    Information letter – 10/04/2015

    Dear Client,
    We apologise for the lack of communication in the last months. Both New Horizon Energy and Ameratex are working tirelessly to ensure that you will see a return on your investment as soon as possible. We would like to share some information with you before an official report from our partners in US is available.
    We are happy to announce that the restructure has been fully completed and we anticipate it will be signed off within the next few working days. There were a couple of small delays due to minor regulatory tweaks. These have been rectified and the completed structure is with our Barrister, Mr Robert Purves. The work has been carried out by highly respected law firm, Rosenblatt Solicitors. We will endeavour to present the new structure and the complete contractual switches over the coming weeks.
    We are currently still awaiting a progress report from Ameratex. We are expecting news on the reserve well, deepening of wells and a further production. We are still anticipating production and revenue to resume as we approach the end of spring.
    According to our analysts in the US the Oil prices will be at their lowest in May at circa $40 per barrel. They believe that the market will pick up around September and expect prices to settle around $60 per barrel.
    We will keep you informed as the situation develops, including any official updates from our partners in Kentucky.

    New Horizon Energy Administrative Team (aka Adrian in Cambridge)

  186. Zenith Consultancy – Following my previous comment RE Ecopush and Zenith, please be aware that the Zenith website is officially “down” …. :O
    I feel like Mr Kipling, exceedingly un-surprised ;)

  187. Well, just got an email from Ecopush – “Company Shutdown Notice”
    “Our company has been dissolved and has shutdown.” What a surprise. Not.

  188. Indeed @JH so they have I suspect to avoid paying people back (albeit does not work quite like that. If they owe you money, I’d suggest, at this stage, to contact either your local Police as many have done or the Enforcement Agency who has room to move abroad as necessary and last time I checked Spain has an extradition agreement with the UK for these types of crime. I am curious to know where Mrs S/Spartacus, Mr M and all the other Ecopush supporters have gone to? I very much like to hear their comments now especially on the agreements issued by Ecopush which have serious issues related to their Formation :o)

  189. UPDATE – If you have received a letter saying that your Carbon Credits have been transferred to a company called Christians4Climate, please note that this company is based in ……. yep, you guessed it, is Malaga, Mr Angell’s preferred abodes and so there is a possibility that Christians 4 Climate is in fact Ecopush all over. I have asked a couple of contacts to look into this company overseas so that we are clear on who we are dealing with and will report back here id Chris Lang is still happy to keep this open. I have also contacted Christians 4 Climate to provide some explanations as to how have they come to enter into negotiations to handle carbon credit that are the property of third party individuals who they haven’t met/talked to and for which they do not have a power of attorney or a similar delegation to act on behalf. I will post an update as soon as I have more information. :o)

  190. Welcome to Organicc, Organicc Natural Resource Management & Grow Business Investment |
    Thursday16th April 2015

    [TGA Is funny that all correspondence was issued in unison and not a word on why Ecopush was shut down besides the obvious of course.]

    Dear Client,
    1. We are writing to inform you of an update with regards to Ecopush as a business
    [TGA – Why would they give an update about Ecopush if they are not linked to them?].

    2. Ecopush was sourced and employed by Mike Davies and Marvin Waaldijk of Organicc Ltd, ONRM Inc and GBI Inc as Introductory Marketing Agents for their sustainable timber project in Guyana
    [TGA – revert to the declaration of services provision made by Ecopush themselves to the Trade Mark Office in the UK where they sated that they offer financial services and investment advice. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, you can call it a chicken but is still a duck].

    3. Ecopush’s role commenced back on the 18th of September 2012, and having fulfilled it’s duties, upon written notification from Mike Davies of Organicc and ONRM, Ecopush’s role towards marketing the project was completed and closed on the 9th of December 2013.
    [TGA more why is this relevant to where the money is? is called stalling tactics].

    4. As a company, Ecopush do not own, hold or have control over any financial or physical assets in relation to the sustainable timber project in Guyana.
    [TGA why is it relevant and why then Ecopush has happily traded commodities and advised people to buy stakes on the Guyana projects and collected Money for them as a financial advisor would?]

    5. Ecopush as a company has since been dissolved and has shutdown. We would like to state that this does not bare any impact whatsoever upon the project itself or your involvement in it.
    [TGA ok so they should start paying up on the investments people made and case closed! Why don’t they pay?]

    6. Detailed within the documents below, are the direct contact details of the project developers who are in control of the timber project that you are involved in. We would like to inform you that for all updates with regards to how the project is performing, including any information regarding the harvesting and onward sale of your timber, you are to contact the project developers directly. We have enclosed the details of the project developers once more to ensure you have a primary point of contact for any queries you may have at present and in the future.
    [TGA great but where is the money and how can investors get them back? Are these guys going to pay and if so when?]

    7. Mike Davies is the director of Organicc who sourced and employed ecopush as Introductory Marketing Agents. Organicc was the master agent/project distributer. Organicc managed the distribution of all project funds to Guyana. They were instrumental project managers with the director Mike Davies also acting as co-director of ONRM alongside Marvin Waaldijk, who is also the sole director of GBI. It is GBI who is responsible for fulfilling the contractual sale of your timber.
    [TGA so when is GBI going to pay?]

    8. Organicc Natural Resource Management Inc is a company with diverse commercial interests in agriculture, forestry, gold and minerals within the Republic of Guyana.
    [TGA Investors are not interested in anything else other than their money. When will they get paid?]

    9. As project developers for the timber project you are involved in, ONRM are in charge of managing and developing the sawmill site in Linden. With Mike Davies and Marvin Waaldijk in charge, much has been achieved
    [TGA like what? No explanations].

    10. ONRM have developed a strong relationship with the Guyana Forestry Commission
    [TGA The GFC has been contacted to confirm Mr Davis position and of course the contents of this letter],

    11. and were delighted to make the project possible through gaining and benefitting from the Guyana Forestry Commission’s willingness to grant Mike and Marvin of ONRM with the forestry concessions they have been awarded with, having closely monitored the way they have conducted their operations within Guyana
    [TGA but there is a lot of people who aren’t delighted and want their money. Hearsay and some (clearly) fabricated information do not constitute actual proof and, more importantly, where is the money? Pages and pages of words and not one hints on where is the investors’ money and when Investors will get paid!!].

    Mike Davies – Office:
    +44 (0)1258 453527 | Skype: mikedavies1962

    Address: Unit 6, Stanton Industrial Estate Stanton Road, Shirley, Southampton, SO15 4HU

  191. Above letter an example of what Ecopush and co have sent out but with my notes [TGA] added to assist in better deciphering the letter. Pages and pages of stuff and no one word on when will people be paid. Same old crap really with no substance to it. Please beware when you receive this stuff. I will post another update when I hear from the GFC. :O)

  192. Thanks for that , I look forward to seeing your findings

  193. Oh Mr Davis … :o)
    Cut and pasted from Companies House UK. Please scroll down and see who was the director of Blue Flag?

    Company Number: 03922868 Date of Incorporation:10/02/2000
    Registered Office: UNIT 6 STANTON INDUSTRIAL
    SO15 4HU
    Company Type: Private Limited Company
    Country of Origin: United Kingdom
    Status: Dissolved 31/05/2011
    Nature Of Business (SIC): 7011 – Development & sell real estate
    Number of Charges: ( 0 outstanding / 0 part satised / 0 satised)
    Previous Names
    Date of Change Previous Name
    21/07/2004 HANDYMAN UK LIMITED
    Key Filing Dates
    Accounting Reference Date: 31/03
    Last Accounts Made Up To: 31/03/2009 (TOTAL EXEMPTION
    Next Accounts Due:
    Last Return Made Up To: 10/02/2010
    Next Return Due:
    Last members list: 10/02/2010
    Last Bulk Shareholders List: Not available
    Appointed: 19/05/2008 Date of Birth: 27/12/1963
    No. of Appointments: 21
    Address: MARTINS OAK
    SO40 2PE
    Country/State of Residence: UNITED KINGDOM

    Appointed: 10/02/2000 Date of Birth: 01/04/1962
    Nationality: BRITISH
    No. of Appointments: 52
    Address: MARTINS OAK
    SO40 2PE

    Country/State of Residence: ENGLAND
    This Report

    Please see below the first in a series of companies that are/were/have been housed at Unit 6 Stanton Industrial Estate in Southampton some of which did/do belong to our Mr (and Mrs) Davies :o)

    [All information reported has been extracted from Companies House and publicly available]

    Unit 6, Stanton Industrial Estate Stanton Road, Shirley, Southampton, SO15 4HU:

    Company No. 08918287
    Status: Active
    Date of Incorporation: 03/03/2014
    Country of Origin: United Kingdom
    Company Type: Private Limited Company
    Nature of Business (SIC):
    66190 – Activities auxiliary to financial intermediation not elsewhere classified

    Recent Filing History

    Documents led since 03/03/2014
    09/03/2015 AR01 03/03/15 FULL LIST
    09/03/2015 LATEST SOC 09/03/15 STATEMENT OF CAPITAL;GBP 10
    03/12/2014 AR01 29/08/14 FULL LIST
    03/03/2014 MODEL
    This Report excludes 88(2) Share Allotment documents

    SO15 4HU
    Company No. 08468637

    Status: Active
    Date of Incorporation: 02/04/2013

    Country of Origin: United Kingdom

    Company Type: Private Limited Company
    Nature of Business (SIC):
    07290 – Mining of other non-ferrous metal ores

    Accounting Reference Date: 30/04
    Last Accounts Made Up To: 30/04/2014 (DORMANT)
    Next Accounts Due: 31/01/2016
    Last Return Made Up To: 02/04/2014
    Next Return Due: 30/04/2015

    Appointed: 31/03/2014
    No. of Appointments: 1
    SO15 4HU
    Appointed: 02/04/2013 Date of Birth: 01/04/1962
    Nationality: BRITISH
    No. of Appointments: 52
    Address: c/o MICHAEL DAVIES
    SO15 4HU
    Country/State of Residence: ENGLAND
    This Report excludes resignations – 3

    Recent Filing History
    Documents led since 14/08/2013
    15/04/2014 AR01 02/04/14 FULL LIST
    15/04/2014 LATEST SOC 15/04/14 STATEMENT OF CAPITAL;GBP 100
    This Report excludes 88(2) Share Allotment documents

    Glyn Evans – Director and Founding Shareholder: Since retiring from a long and distinguished career of 25 years as a professional financial adviser to both corporate and private clients I have focused on ‘impact’ investment and sustainability. I bring a healthy balance of idealistic values and realism to Cupau and I am a firm believer in its principles. The world and its distribution of resource and opportunity is out of balance in so many ways and with Cupau I truly believe we can make a world of difference. I, like some of my fellow Cupau shareholders, am a keen ‘birder’ and I am committed to see that Cupau and its projects make a positive and sustainable, global impact on the environment as well as the people, sharing its success with all participants.

  197. 3. Cupau Limited
    Name & Registered Office:
    SO15 4HU
    Company No. 08276056

    Status: Active
    Date of Incorporation: 31/10/2012

    Country of Origin: United Kingdom

    Company Type: Private Limited Company
    Nature of Business (SIC):
    70229 – Management consultancy activities other than financial management
    74901 – Environmental consulting activities
    74909 – Other professional, scientific and technical activities not elsewhere classified

    Accounting Reference Date: 31/10
    Last Accounts Made Up To: 31/10/2013 (TOTAL EXEMPTION SMALL)
    Next Accounts Due: 31/07/2015
    Last Return Made Up To: 20/10/2014
    Next Return Due: 17/11/2015

    Appointed: 31/10/2012 Date of Birth: 01/04/1962
    Nationality: BRITISH
    No. of Appointments: 52
    SO15 4HU
    Country/State of Residence: ENGLAND
    Appointed: 15/01/2014 Date of Birth: 11/05/1963
    Nationality: BRITISH
    No. of Appointments: 2
    SO15 4HU
    Country/State of Residence: ENGLAND
    This Report excludes resignations

    Recent Filing History
    Documents led since 07/12/2013
    05/03/2015 SH01 05/03/15 STATEMENT OF CAPITAL GBP 122.074
    05/03/2015 LATEST SOC 05/03/15 STATEMENT OF CAPITAL;GBP 122.074
    20/10/2014 AR01 20/10/14 FULL LIST
    28/08/2014 SH01 22/08/14 STATEMENT OF CAPITAL GBP 100
    21/07/2014 AA 31/10/13 TOTAL EXEMPTION SMALL
    07/12/2013 AR01 31/10/13 FULL LIST
    This Report excludes 88(2) Share Allotment documents

    SO15 4HU
    Company No. 07489263
    Status: Dissolved 27/05/2014
    Date of Incorporation: 11/01/2011

    Country of Origin: United Kingdom

    Company Type: PRI/LTD BY GUAR/NSC (Private, limited by guarantee, no share capital)
    Nature of Business (SIC):
    02400 – Support services to forestry

    Accounting Reference Date: 31/01
    Last Accounts Made Up To: 31/01/2013 (DORMANT)
    Next Accounts Due:
    Last Return Made Up To: 11/01/2013
    Next Return Due:

    Appointed: 11/01/2011 Date of Birth: 01/04/1962
    Nationality: BRITISH
    No. of Appointments: 52
    SO15 4HU
    Country/State of Residence: ENGLAND
    This Report excludes resignations


  199. The Guyana Fellowship – The missing ring?
    5. FELLOWSHIP FILMS LTD (not unit 6 but 17 minutes away from it and one of Mr & Mrs Davis’s most used addresses).
    SO40 2PE
    Company No. 06604256

    Status: Dissolved 25/09/2012
    Date of Incorporation: 28/05/2008

    Country of Origin: United Kingdom

    Company Type: Private Limited Company
    Nature of Business (SIC):
    9211 – Motion picture and video production

    Accounting Reference Date: 31/05
    Last Accounts Made Up To: 31/05/2009 (DORMANT)
    Next Accounts Due:
    Last Return Made Up To: 28/05/2010
    Next Return Due:

    Mortgage: Number of charges: ( 0 outstanding / 0 satisfied / 0 part satisfied )
    Last Members List: 28/05/2010

    Previous Names:

    Date of change / Previous Name 25/02/2010 SOVEREIGN ALLIANCE INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT LTD

    Document GAZ2 25/09/2012 STRUCK OFF AND DISSOLVED

    Document GAZ1 12/06/2012 FIRST GAZETTE



    Document GAZ1 31/05/2011 FIRST GAZETTE






    Folder AR01 22/06/2010 28/05/10 FULL LIST

    Capital Statement Icon LATEST SOC 22/06/2010 22/06/10 STATEMENT OF CAPITAL;GBP 1000

    Document RES15 25/02/2010 CHANGE OF NAME 22/02/2010



    Document – AA 18/02/2010 ACCOUNTS OF DORMANT COMPANY MADE UP TO 31/05/09

    Document 363a 28/05/2009 RETURN MADE UP TO 28/05/09; FULL LIST OF MEMBERS

    Document NEWINC 28/05/2008 INCORPORATION


  200. @ GATO – thanks mate!
    MARTINS OAK COPYTHORNE CRESCENT (boom there it is again)
    SO40 2PE
    Company No. 06604252
    Status: Dissolved 12/07/2011
    Date of Incorporation: 28/05/2008

    Country of Origin: United Kingdom

    Company Type: Private Limited Company
    Nature of Business (SIC):
    9999 – Dormant Company

    Accounting Reference Date: 31/05
    Last Accounts Made Up To: 31/05/2010 (DORMANT)
    Next Accounts Due:
    Last Return Made Up To: 28/05/2010
    Next Return Due:

    Appointed: 28/05/2008 Date of Birth: 27/12/1963
    Nationality: BRITISH
    No. of Appointments: 21
    Address: MARTINS OAK
    SO40 2PE
    Country/State of Residence: UNITED KINGDOM
    Appointed: 28/05/2008 Date of Birth: 01/04/1962
    Nationality: BRITISH
    No. of Appointments: 52
    Address: MARTINS OAK
    SO40 2PE
    Country/State of Residence: ENGLAND
    This Report excludes resignations


  201. 7.

    SO15 4HU

    Classification: Other monetary intermediation

    Legal Information

    Company Registration No.: 06729088

    Incorporation Date: 21 Oct 2008
    Dissolution Date: 17 May 2011

    Director name used – DEBRA ANNE DAVIES

    Director name used – MRS DEBRA ANNE DAVIES

  203. 8. COOKSTOVE LTD – once FINANCIAL DISTRIBUTION SERVICES LTD (name changed 20 Dec 2010)


    SO15 4HU

    ….. and is all the same from here on! Hope you get the gist about these 2?
    To all have a great day :o)

  204. Sorry there is this one too ….
    SO15 4HU

    Company Number

    Last checked on
    3rd March 2015


    Private Limited Company

    SIC Code
    None Supplied

    Date of incorporation
    16th May 2014

    Davies, Mrs Debra Anne Unit 6 Stanton Industrial Estate, Stanton Road, Shirley,, Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom, SO15 4HU Dir Current 16 May 2014 –

    Cupau Ltd, Unit 6 Stanton Industrial Estate, Stanton Road, Shirley,, Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom, SO15 4HU Dir Current 16 May 2014 –

    There now have a good evening :o)

  205. can we act together in what seems a scam . All together in the timber project in Guyana can we conduct an legal action ?

  206. @JD sure we can start a class action if you like to join us but would need more. the more the merrier really. For the Guyana project the plan is to go after Mr Michael Davis and wife who are currently living it large in Southampton. Mrs Davis has even a fair trade business on line would you believe. I think I have posted the website for you to have a look and a giggle if you like (what else can you do come this point).
    @Chris Lang – will it be ok to post my email address with an announcement that whomever whishes to join us on this action? Please let me know.



  207. Hi TGA we have been scammed by Ecopush timber and cookstove projects. Would like to join you and try to go after Kenny Angell,Mike Davis and their mates.

  208. Organicc Natural Resource Management Inc is a company with diverse commercial interests in agriculture, forestry, gold and minerals in the Republic of Guyana.

    Guyana, formerly British Guiana, lies on the northern coast of South America and is the only English-speaking nation on the continent. ‘Guyana’ is native indian for “land of many waters” and is one of the few Caribbean nations not to be an island.

    The dense forests are said to have inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel “The Lost World”. Guyana is also reputed to be the location of El Dorado – the lost city of gold, discovered by Spanish explorers in the 14th Century.

    ONRM is committed to ensuring that its operations manage the natural resources of this unique country in an ethical and sustainable manner.
    Organicc Natural Resource Management Inc

    Forestry Projects
    Gold and Minerals
    About Guyana

    ONRM Sawmill Industrial Site, Amelia’s Ward, Linden, Republic of Guyana

  209. MICHAEL JOHN DAVIES 908717365 Registered Address: Unit 6 Stanton Industrial Estate,, Stanton Road, Shirley, Southampton, United Kingdom, SO15 4HU WATCH THIS DIRECTOR ADD TO DASHBOARD DIRECTOR RISK REPORT BUY NOW SHARE Credit Status Director Status Companies Verified None Summary Accounts Credit Risk Charges Directors Structure Documents Reviews Director Summary Director Overview Michael Davies holds 13 appointments at 13 active companies, has resigned from 12 companies and held 27 appointments at 22 dissolved companies. Michael began their first appointment at the age of 34. Their longest current appointment spans 6 years and 7 months at AGRI VENTURA PLC. The combined cash at bank value for all businesses where Michael holds a current appointment equals £55,229, with a combined total current assets value of £55,229 and total current liabilities of £116,000. Roles associated with Michael Davies within the recorded businesses include: Company Secretary, Director Registered Details Short name Michael Davies Year of Birth: 1962 Director ID: 908717365 Registered Address Unit 6 Stanton Industrial Estate, Stanton Road, Shirley Southampton United Kingdom SO15 4HU Directorships 13 appointments at 13 active companies 12 resigned appointments 27 appointments at 22 dissolved companies Company Summary Year Director and Company Secretary Timeline AGRI VENTURA PLC FIRST CHOICE COMMUNITY SUPPORT SERVICES LIMITED MIDAS INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY DEVELOPMENTS PLC FAIR FARMING LTD REDDPLUS LTD GUYANA RESOURCES LTD GUYANA GOLD ONE LTD TEHNKI LTD KUSHEO LTD KABOH LTD SCARCIES LTD FANA LTD BROHDA LTD CUPAU LTD COFUNDERS LTD 3 SINNERS LTD CAPE FISHERIES LTD 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Company Name Company Status Position Appointed Resigned Dissolved MIDAS CLIENT SERVICES (PENINSULA) LIMITED Company is dissolved Company Secretary 09/11/2006 – Yes BUY NOW ECOPRINCIPLES LTD Company is dissolved Director 28/05/2008 – Yes BUY NOW FELLOWSHIP FILMS LTD Company is dissolved Director 28/05/2008 13/10/2010 Yes BUY NOW CROPSHARE LTD Company is dissolved Director 17/07/2008 26/05/2010 Yes BUY NOW FARM VENTURE LTD Company is dissolved Director 18/07/2008 – Yes BUY NOW AGRI VENTURA PLC In Liquidation Director 03/10/2008 – – BUY NOW MIDAS CLIENT SERVICES (PENINSULA) LIMITED Company is dissolved Director 09/11/2006 – Yes BUY NOW UNIVERSAL PROJECT SOLUTIONS LTD Company is dissolved Director 21/10/2008 – Yes BUY NOW MIDAS CLIENT SERVICES (PENINSULAR) LIMITED Company is dissolved Company Secretary 02/11/2006 – Yes BUY NOW MIDAS CLIENT SERVICES (PENINSULAR) LIMITED Company is dissolved Director 02/11/2006 – Yes BUY NOW GUARDIAN CONSERVATION LTD Company is dissolved Director 22/05/2009 – Yes BUY NOW FIRST CHOICE COMMUNITY SUPPORT SERVICES LIMITED Non trading Director 10/08/2006 20/05/2008 – BUY NOW FIRST CHOICE COMMUNITY CARE SERVICES LIMITED Company is dissolved Director 24/07/2006 – Yes BUY NOW MIDAS CLIENT SERVICES LIMITED Company is dissolved Company Secretary 07/06/2006 – Yes BUY NOW MIDAS INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY DEVELOPMENTS PLC In Liquidation Director 01/01/2007 18/06/2008 – BUY NOW BLUE FLAG RENTALS LTD Company is dissolved Director 31/01/2002 – Yes BUY NOW ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS LIMITED Company is dissolved Director 25/05/2000 – Yes BUY NOW BLUE FLAG PROPERTY SERVICES LTD Company is dissolved Company Secretary 10/02/2000 19/05/2008 Yes BUY NOW BLUE FLAG PROPERTY SERVICES LTD Company is dissolved Director 10/02/2000 – Yes BUY NOW DESCO INTERIORS LIMITED Company is dissolved Company Secretary 07/02/2003 01/05/2002 Yes BUY NOW DESCO INTERIORS LIMITED Company is dissolved Director 04/02/2000 01/05/2002 Yes BUY NOW HOME FARM FOODS (SOUTHAMPTON) LIMITED Company is dissolved Director 24/03/1998 – Yes BUY NOW EVERYCARE (SOUTHAMPTON) LIMITED Company is dissolved Company Secretary 12/06/1996 12/06/1996 Yes BUY NOW UNIVERSAL PROJECT SOLUTIONS LTD Company is dissolved Company Secretary 04/08/2009 – Yes BUY NOW EVERYCARE (SOUTHAMPTON) LIMITED Company is dissolved Director 12/06/1996 – Yes BUY NOW MIDAS CLIENT SERVICES LIMITED Company is dissolved Director 07/06/2006 – Yes BUY NOW KATHERINE THE MOVIE LTD Company is dissolved Director 21/04/2010 – Yes BUY NOW FAIR FARMING LTD Active – Newly Incorporated Director 19/05/2014 – – BUY NOW FCH (UK) LTD Company is dissolved Director 10/02/2000 – Yes BUY NOW COOKSTOVE LTD Company is dissolved Director 12/11/2009 – Yes BUY NOW FCH (UK) LTD Company is dissolved Company Secretary 10/02/2000 – Yes BUY NOW REDDPLUS LTD Non trading Director 23/05/2011 – – BUY NOW PWR CONSERVATION LTD Company is dissolved Director 19/11/2008 26/05/2010 Yes BUY NOW CO2 PROFIT LTD Company is dissolved Director 19/11/2008 26/05/2010 Yes BUY NOW INVESTING IN FILMS LTD Company is dissolved Director 27/04/2010 – Yes BUY NOW SPIKED WHEEL FILMS LIMITED Company is dissolved Director 22/03/2010 21/05/2010 Yes BUY NOW ORGANICC LTD Company is dissolved Director 03/06/2008 – Yes BUY NOW GUYANA RESOURCES LTD Non trading Director 02/04/2013 – – BUY NOW GUYANA GOLD ONE LTD Non trading Director 02/04/2013 – – BUY NOW TEHNKI LTD Active – Newly Incorporated Director 03/12/2014 – – BUY NOW KUSHEO LTD Active – Newly Incorporated Director 03/12/2014 – – BUY NOW KABOH LTD Active – Newly Incorporated Director 02/12/2014 – – BUY NOW SCARCIES LTD Active – Newly Incorporated Director 02/12/2014 – – BUY NOW FANA LTD Active – Newly Incorporated Director 02/12/2014 – – BUY NOW BROHDA LTD Active – Newly Incorporated Director 03/12/2014 – – BUY NOW REDDPLUS ONE LTD Company is dissolved Director 03/04/2012 – Yes BUY NOW RAINFOREST GUARDIANS LIMITED Company is dissolved Director 11/01/2011 – Yes BUY NOW GUYANA GOLD LTD Company is dissolved Director 06/02/2012 – Yes BUY NOW CUPAU LTD Active – Accounts Filed Director 31/10/2012 – – BUY NOW COFUNDERS LTD Active – Newly Incorporated Director 03/03/2014 17/02/2015 – BUY NOW 3 SINNERS LTD Active – Newly Incorporated Director 23/04/2015 – – BUY NOW CAPE FISHERIES LTD Active – Newly Incorporated Director 12/01/2015

    Read more at:

  210. Hi b a there has been a development and, in view of the gravity of the situation, local Policy has now passed the matter to City Police and their enforcement services as there are different countries in which these people operate. I will create an email and post it here as soon as Chris Lang sais is ok and first port of call will be to redirect all enquiry to the authorities (as this is a criminal investigation now). Once I get the ok and publish the email address, you can provide us with all your details there and we are hoping that more people will come forward so that the authorities will act faster. There seems to be a large number of shell companies attached to these guys and I would be weary of Christians 4 Climate as well if they have been in touch with you. Hope to be in touch soon. Chris could you please provide us with your OK to publish a contact?

  211. @TGA – Yes, you can post your email address. But please bear in mind that scammers are also likely to contact you. (I don’t know a way around this, I’m afraid.)

    Sorry about the delay in responding to this.

  212. Hi Chris, thanks and no worries. I am setting up a dedicated email address to this not giving my own just in case. In terms of scammers, I agree and I have spotted a few but we are not worried as with the authorities involved, all details given to us will be passed onto them for vetting. Thanks a million for your support. :o)

  213. @ATM thanks fro the info provided we already have all those and more and if you like I be happy to share them with you. I am not clear however as to what your position is so (i) if you represent Mr Davis, we would love to talk to him in person as we have a great deal of questions for him and his wife too; (ii) if you like to provide us with your details please keep on eye for an email address I will be posting shortly you can feel free to get in touch that way but you are welcome to get in touch even if you represent Mr Davis and Co. :o)

  214. please keep me posted .. I lost 20k on cookstove , I will however make it my utmost goal to pursue these sewer rats and serve justice …. In more ways than one

  215. Hi, I have been looking into other people who have been mentioned on this blog. My question is: is Ryan Mellor of Gibraltar a co-director of Ecopush??? I see Ryan Mellor has 2 other companies called RMT Direct and RMT Recruitment. And where are they based? Yep, you guessed it – Malaga! He also claims to provide financial services to the UK and wait for it – Yes – Gibraltar!

    Is RMT Direct responsible for providing customers to Ecopush and all of the other carbon credit companies??? Did RMT Direct provide other carbon credit companies with most of their customers as well??? I smell something very fishy about this company. RMT Direct is clearly a company who sits in Spain cold calling people in Britain and offers them financial advice and sells their details on to who knows who.

    You can contact Ryan Mellor of RMT Direct at their “Malaga Spain” office on 020 3468 4215. You can also write to him at his virtual office at 40 Gracechurch Street, Iplan, London EC3 0BT. The UK Company number is 08452090. RMT Direct does not seem to advertise its Spanish registration number though. RMT Direct seems to employ virtual and serviced offices just like Ecopush do at 7 Montarik House in Gibraltar. It is quite ironic that Ecopush’s address is “3 Bedlam Court”!!!!!!!!! I think there is a clue in their address here!

    RMT Direct does state some of its clients on their website, but I have a feeling there may be a number of other clients who they may not be so keen to advertise their association with!

    They advertise Arcadia Financial Solutions, Charles Derby, CIB Wealth Management, HIA International, theprgpartnership, Properity Financial Advisors & Stockbrokers, Totara Financial Services, 1st FF Financial Foundations and FSC Investment. But who else? Is Ecopush another one of their clients or is RMT actually Ecopush using RMT Direct as a front to attract clients? And are these companies genuine clients of RMT Direct? And if so do they know who they are really dealing with? Here are some links below:

    And here is some information pasted from the RMT Direct website:

    “RMT Direct Ltd core business is providing leads and home and business appointments for the UK’s financial services industry, using outbound call centres and an online presence to generate relevant leads for IFA’s, restricted advisors and introducers. Most of our leads cover all aspects of financial services, including: pension review, annuity and insurance.

    RMT Direct Ltd also provides IT & Financial recruitment services which are active in the UK and Gibraltar.

    RMT Direct Ltd was started by Ryan Mellor and Charlotte Till with a combined 15 years’ experience in both internal sales and external investment marketing roles.

    To find out more contact us today on 020 3468 4215.
    Our core business is financial advice leads., We can generate online pension leads., We can generate both pre-qualified telephone home & business appointments specific to your postcode, We offer IT & Financial recruitment services
    • Website
    • Industry
    Marketing and Advertising
    • Type
    Privately Held
    • Headquarters
    40 Gracechurch Street IplanLondon, London EC3V OBT United Kingdom”

    To find out how we can help:

    • Call us on 020 3468 4215Call centre opening hours 9.00am-4.30pm weekdays, calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes

    • Complete the Call Back Request on the left and we値l call you

    • Or write to us at 40 Gracechurch Street, Iplan, London EC3 0BT

    I have come across a job advert for RMT Direct as well. It seems they offer quite attractive salaries and forgive me if I am wrong – but £48,167 annual salary look like a lot of money for a standard position of “making appointments”! How can such a job be so lucrative? I guess if you are supplying customers to scammers then it must be quite well paid!

    Job Description

    RMT Direct Ltd core business is providing leads and home and business appointments for the UK’s financial services industry, using outbound call centres and an online presence to generate relevant leads for IFA’s, restricted advisors and introducers. Most of our leads cover all aspects of financial services, including: pension review, annuity and insurance.

    RMT Direct Ltd also provides IT & Financial recruitment services which are active in the UK and Gibraltar.
    RMT Direct Ltd was started by Ryan Mellor and Charlotte Till with a combined 15 years’ experience in both internal sales and external investment marketing roles.
    To find out more contact us today on 020 3468 4215.
    RMT DIRECT LTD was formed on the 19th March 2013 (filed on the 19th December 2014) , and are based in London, Ec3V 0Bt. They are currently rated F and are considered to represent an above average risk score. Their credit score was last updated on 23rd April 2014. Companies house classifies them as Small Company. This information was last updated on the 23rd February 2015.
    There are 2 major shareholders listed for RMT DIRECT LTD with Ryan Edward Mellor and Charlotte Emily Till owning the most shares by value.

    So this is just some information I have found on Ryan Mellor. My question is, is he a co-director of Ecopush as well or is RMT DIRECT just a front for Ecopush??? Does his company RMT Direct supply customers to other carbon credit companies as well?

  216. @Mark Jones – great research and very useful thanks a million. From our perspective, when looking into all this web, it appears that the common theme for most of this “ecopush” style set ups are that directorships are often assigned to companies (whether shells or trading) rather than people directly, burying (although not hiding as this is not possible) individuals involved because lifting a corporate veil can be difficult (salomon v salomon is your reference). To answer your questions you will need to look into every company reports you have mentioned and create almost a hierarchy chart to see what’s going on. FYI the “disposable” front “fall point” appears to be Ecopush which was folded quickly when required.

    I have had a look at RTM and I’ll invite you to look at clauses 8 and 9 of the T&c’s (similar setting to Ecopush) but slightly better drafted (however emphasis on slightly).

    8. Liability
    The Supplier shall not be liable to the Customer for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly out of the reduction, suspension, withdrawal, refusal or termination of the Credit Account.

    9. Assignment
    9.1 The Supplier shall have the right to assign, transfer, sub-contract, or in any other manner make over to any third party the benefit and / or burden established under these Terms and Conditions in respect of the Customer’s Credit Account without the prior written consent of the Customer.
    9.2 The Customer may not assign, transfer, sub-contract, or in any other manner make over to any third party the benefit and / or burden established under these Terms and Conditions in respect of the Customer’s Credit Account without the prior written consent of the Supplier.

    This guys are something :)

  217. Hi,
    Did anyone made an investment with New Horizon Energy (Kentucky oil project)? Their website is down.

  218. Thanks for all your hard work.Hope to speak soon if possible about our friends Davis, Waaldijk and Angell.
    Do you know anything about a company called co2 balance based in Taunton supposed to be Ecopushs project developers this is where our credits are so im told!

  219. @Mario – NHE is another brainchild of the scam artists responsible for the ecopush incident. If it is down it could be because the UK authorities have taken an interest on them too at the moment. Ecopush disappeared the moment the authorities were mentioned. If you receive any communication from them, could I encourage you publish what it says on here? Let me know.

    Thanks :o)

  220. @Chris thanks for that and I have read your dedicated link re Ryan Mellor which I have found rather interesting including his alleged “response” to my comment. I’ll address Mr Mellor in a separate posting if I may.


  221. @Ryan Mellor
    Dear Mr Mellor, thank you very much for the clarification you have provided in reference to your position with Ecopush and your company. Notwithstanding that I have never said you were a director of Ecopush as you don’t seem to appear named in the relevant companies house (or equivalent) documentation, I am not quite sure I understand the comment you made in answer to my comment. For ease I said: ” have had a look at RTM and I’ll invite you to look at clauses 8 and 9 of the T&c’s (similar setting to Ecopush) but slightly better drafted (however emphasis on slightly)”

    and you said “The terms and conditions relate to standard credit terms purchased by Simply Docs. This is no basis for a link between RMT Direct and Ecopush.”

    Whilst I agree with you that similarly drafted terms do not qualify as a link, I am not entirely sure I said there was one. My comment related to the biased stand (and poor drafting may I add) of the terms which are very similar to the ones Ecopush proposed to their clients once alive. Is not the same as making a full association between Ecopush and your company albeit we understand that there was, at one point, an association between yourself and our beloved Mr Angell as you both were directors of Spectre Financial Services Ltd. Is this correct abd if so, will you be able to provide assistance by way of providing all information you have to the authorities regarding Mr Angell?

    Please do let us know and should you wish to discuss this matter off line I am happy to arrange. For the record, I am only interested in helping a few people from whom Mr Angell & co have happily taken their life saving to live a life of luxury in Spain. I am assuming this is where you wish to be disassociated from him right?

    Look forward to hearing from you hopefully soon.


  222. For the record
    Current Appointments Report for: SCEPTRE FINANCIAL SERVICES LIMITED – 06995708 – Created: 27/05/2015 16:50:08
    Company Number: 06995708 Date of Incorporation:19/08/2009
    Registered Office:
    Company Type: Private Limited Company
    Country of Origin: United Kingdom
    Status: Dissolved 03/04/2012
    Nature Of Business (SIC): 9999 – Dormant Company
    Number of Charges: ( 0 outstanding / 0 part satised / 0 satised)
    Previous Names
    Date of Change Previous Name
    Key Filing Dates
    Accounting Reference Date: 31/08
    Last Accounts Made Up To: 31/08/2010 (DORMANT)
    Next Accounts Due:
    Last Return Made Up To: 16/09/2010
    Next Return Due:
    Last members list: 16/09/2010
    Last Bulk Shareholders List: Not available

    Appointed: 19/08/2009 Date of Birth: 27/03/1982
    Nationality: BRITISH
    No. of Appointments: 1
    MALAGA 29630

    Appointed: 19/08/2009 Date of Birth: 28/12/1971
    Nationality: BRITISH
    No. of Appointments: 1
    Address: AVDA LAS CUMBRES, 25
    MALAGA 29604
    This Report excludes resignations

  223. @Mr Mellor
    Post Scriptum – As you can see from my previous posting, at the time you were a director for SCEPTRE FINANCIAL SERVICES LIMITED Mr Angell resided at the same address as Ecopush SA (Spanish Branch) was also the registered office.

    Understanding your comment stating disassociation from Ecopush, if you look at the above and your proximity at one time with Mr Angell, it is perhaps why some people have made an assumption of a link between you and Ecopush.

    Hope this clears the misunderstanding.


  224. I believe I have also been scammed by ecopush. I emailed the Mike Davies email address and got the following response on 9th May 2015:

    Dear John,

    Thank you for your email concerning your contract with Grow Business Investments (“GBI”). GBI is Marvin Waaldijk’s business in Guyana. I am involved in a Guyanese sawmill company (“ONRM”) in which Marvin Waaldijk is a director. I have never been involved in GBI, but there is an agreement in place for ONRM to mill logs that are delivered to the sawmill by GBI.
    ONRM has what is known in Guyana as “concessions” over forest land. The concessions are issued by the Guyana Forestry Commission and give the company the right to extract a quota of logs from the forest. ONRM agreed some time ago that GBI can extract as many logs as it requires from the ONRM concessions to meet obligations to its clients. Marvin has advised me that the ONRM quota is sufficient for GBI to fulfil all its contracts with its clients.
    I try to keep in regular contact with Marvin but the logistics in Guyana make it very difficult. Both email and telephone services are intermittent. Also, Marvin is often in the interior which has no coverage at all. My experience is that he does make contact when he can, but it can take a month.
    The last communication I had from Marvin informed me that GBI is a long way behind schedule. He has enlisted the help of his father and brother (both are experienced timber men) to move things forward. They have decided to dismantle some ONRM sawmills and take them into the forest to rebuild them at the concession, so that timber can be cut on-site. One of the problems he has faced has been that he cannot get the large log trucks into the concession area. His solution is to mill the timber in-situ and then transport out using smaller trucks.
    I quote from his message to me “ So tell them i have all confidence that they will be repaid , you will be repaid and the investors will be repaid. its just a matter of time.”
    I have written to Marvin and asked him to commit to providing written updates at least quarterly so that you and I can be kept informed on progress. He replied to say that he will do that so I am expecting to see something fairly soon. I can’t respond to specific requests about the status of any contract because that is GBI’s business. When I have some information I will gladly pass it on. I am planning to go out to Guyana at the end of the year so will be able to give my own update at that time.
    If you have specific requests you should direct them to GBI using Marvin’s email which is but please be understanding if he doesn’t get back to you very promptly.
    Best regards,
    Mike Davies

    Still awaiting a response from Marvin, I won’t hold my breathe.
    Love and joy to all.

  225. @JohnS
    funny how all of these emails coming from Mike Davis, Kenny Angell and co seem to all share a theme where terms like “shortly”, and “in no time” and “soon” are used as a clear measure of time where in fact they are nothing more than what I would call a “fob off” to keep people hanging and just in case they are willing to through any more money down the drain in these fictitious projects. My suggestion is to contact the UK authorities immediately and the FCA respectively. FYI is you have seen my previous comments, Mr and Mrs Davies live (or lived with these guys you never know) in Southampton “keeping up appearances with the Jones’s” and Mrs Davis was, at one point, the appointed treasurer for the Parish hall or something similar (have a word !!!). Feel free to have a look at any of my previous posts albeit what most people are now doing is going to the authorities as the more complaints there are about these people, the quicker the authorities will intervene. Just a suggestion of course but as you said “don’t hold thy breath” for your money as is unlikely that they will come back to you from Mrs Davies himself unless you make him by enforcing your rights. Let me know how you doing please :o)

  226. Some of you will be pleased to know that NEW HORIZON ENERGY LIMITED is currently going through involuntary liquidation proceedings and a concurrent investigation for Fraud is being carried out by the UK authorities. The American counterpart HORIZON ENERGY LLC has been involuntarily liquidated by the American authorities (State of Illinois) for a number of reasons including not filing their tax returns (Al Capone style :) ). EcoPush Next? Marvin, Kenny, Ryan and Michael and Mrs we hope to see you soon.
    TTFN ;P

    LQD4519909 AND LQD4519943
    New Horizon Energy Limited [“NHE”] is registered in England and Wales with Company
    Registered Number 08159655
    New Horizon Energy Limited Liability Company [“LLC”] is registered in Illinois, USA, with File
    Number 04149114

  227. Fingers crossed TGA The Daily Mirror did an expose on Mike and the lovely Debbie in 2011. Care home fraud and land banking scams also 419 crimes. Remember there is Joe Harrington as well as Kenny and mates!

  228. what does this do for me and people that have been scam by ecopush?.Also what is the story with these new guys Christian for climate who are looking to sell theses carbon credits for us any information would be welcome .

  229. Can anyone advise what should be the next steps for someone (like me) who bought carbon credits from Ecopush ….? I understand another company has these (I’ve never heard from them) and they will invest and pay out for us : I’m 16k down of hard earned savings and looking for revenge

  230. Does anyone know where Mr Kenny Angell or his associates disappeared to? I’d be very interested in tracking them down.

  231. So would i Oliver, but i wouldnt know where to start.
    Watch out Steven any other company offering to sell/invest our carbon credits will be scammers as they are worthless and there is no secondary market!

  232. Ba , are these credits gone for ever ? Excuse my naivety…. I’ve personal emails from Joe Harrington and was even called by Kenny angel to invest more, id be happy to meet up with Oliver and yourself to get things moving and taken to the correct authorities, I want these bastards in jail , ill happily donate any money received to charity

  233. Steven, happy to discuss what is the best way of contacting you? Have you reported them to Action on fraud?

  234. I reported them about year ago to FCA in England hear nothing back from them.
    I hope these people die screaming.

  235. Has anyone got any news? I have made slight headway in tracking them down.

  236. Oliver im getting nowhere fast so would be interested to know what progress you have made if possible.

  237. I hear nothing back from FCA in England I don’t know if we can do anything about been scam .what good is FCA if they wont even call back to let you know if they even will investigate .when not regulated they don’t bother I think.
    I’m afraid will just have to take the loss and hope they will not have any luck with the money they have scam from us.

  238. track them down start with where you sent your money bank and country . they did have a company registered in gibraltar.there is your starting point. then go to the serviced -virtual office they used in gibraltar – i think it was montarik business centre. they are most likely sitting somewhere on the costa del sol – marbella area – nuevo andalucia to be precise – slightly south of marbella – they wont be hard to find if you hire a experienced private investigator – gibraltar is a small place also

  239. Ac i hired a investigator I have a few leads. At least one of them is no longer on the Costa Del Sol. I will personally hunt them down.

  240. i hope you get them OLIVER LET us know if you have any luck.

  241. I had dealings with Kenny Angel before he created EcoPush and was selling credits for Blue Sky International who then became Sceptre international. I did report them to Gibraltar Police but they were unable to do anything. Regulators there and in UK not interested as Carbon Credits are not covered. Good luck with getting him

  242. Did somebody contact Marvin Waaldjik in Guyana. I had some E mails from him but he doesn’t reply last time.We can try to give pressure because he doesn’t move from his place.We can inform the legal prosecutor , the forestry association and the company registration office. People who are interested can reply to this message

  243. JD he hasnt answered the last few emails i have sent him but has answered the phone, still the same old crap now needs to buy a truck to harvest my non exsistent timber!
    Very interested to help in anyway.

  244. Can we make an action together before the legal prosecutor in Guyana ? We have enough proof of Contract , E mail . He has shut down his Facebook page. We must make him under pressure . He can go away .

  245. JD We can try, are you in contact with anyone in Guyana?
    I expect he is long gone and on to his next scam.
    There is also Mike Davis.

  246. Hi Oliver, BA and JD and anyone else this could be of interest to. This is all very interesting. My name is Peter Straw and I am an expat living on the Costa del sol. I was a client of a company called Carbon Expert who was also based in the vicinity of Marbella who also have a blog on them on this site. You generally find all these companies are connected in one way or another and I am making good headway and have found a lot of information on number of companies an individuals who have run various companies on this coast.If you are looking to track down members or past members of Ecopush then I may well have some good information that can help you. Please feel free to contact me on and if I can help with anything then I will be happy to do so.

    Best regards,


  247. @Mr. Peter Straw – It would also be good to pass on any information you have to the relevant authorities: The City of London Police, Action Fraud, FCA, the Spanish Police, Interpol.

  248. BA and Oliver – what is the latest on these scammers ? We have the bank accounts which received our monies – it’s Barclays , surely they can trace the real names of these people ?

    I’m happy to meet up

  249. Im up for a conversation, they stole £15k from me !!

  250. Chris

    Take the mail off if you can in that case .

    Peter up for convo

  251. They took 5k off me. I would love to track them down.

  252. Hi Marvin , you told I get soon some news. I am desperate and I will contact other people on the the Red Monitor website if I don’t get the proof of the existence of the timber, to make a claim at the office of the director of Public Prosecutions, the Guyana Revenue Authority , the Guyana Forestry Commissionalso the Ministry of legal affairs and the Ministry of Home Affairs.This story will not leave you breathing space and pollute the rest of your life and your reputation. We can also take a lawyer with others investors and we can sue you in court.You promise to give regularly news about the project. Your silence is quite offensive.We have enough evidences and letters from your associates in this story ( Mike Davies and so on).Think at your reputation , your family and child.Your future is in your hands. You cannot escape all the time.So give me a proof of your honesty and also send a little amount of money proving the reality of this investment.

    Daniel what the hell is your problem ?

    I will respond to you when I have something tangible to tell you , please show all your other investor friends this message this goes for everyone not just you , I have gave you updates as to my best ability and know how , I advise you to take me to court so this matter can be settled once and for all , and then it will be years before you ever get any form of returns , please stop emailing and messaging me excessivly , you have become very annoying , I have stressed to you on more than one occasion through phone Call and email your investment is safe and I am working on expediting the procedure so you all can be repaid if you can’t wait anymore , take me to court .

    Let the court decide, it was put there for matters like this.
    we need a paper that you swear that the timber is planted, send an invoice with mention paid that the funds were send that credible , your messages are worth nothing. Time is running and everything has a limit.You can rent engines to harvest the timber .Take our place one minute.You give no indications about how things are going forward.
    that’s my exchange with Marvin this day on Facebook

  253. JD I too email and phone Marvin and get the same old answers which change all the time.
    This time last year he told me he had finished harvesting and was busy exporting the timber and would pay after xmas but before the new year! As expected no money coming my way!
    When i phoned him he said he needed to raise money to buy a truck so he could harvest the timber!
    There is no timber, i think Marvin,Mike Davis and Kenny Angell just kept the dosh.

  254. All who have invested in the timber project in Guyana can we alert together the to make a claim at the office of the director of Public Prosecutions, the Guyana Revenue Authority , the Guyana Forestry Commission also the Ministry of legal affairs and the Ministry of Home Affairs. If we are sure our money is lost then we have no other choice. If many people do that , they cannot miss this scam.

  255. JA Do you have any contact details for these authorities so we all email the same offices and hopefully speak to the same people.

  256. Dear Chris Lang,

    is it possible to collect the E mail of investors of the timber project in Guyana with the agreement from the different people.So we can get in contact and make a claim together against Marvin Waaldjik . You have all our E mail adress and all who agree can get mine to contact me.
    Thank you for your reply and help . I think you create this website to defend people from scam. Kind regards

  257. Michael Davies

    Web of landbanking companies smashed the by the Mirror

    Nine so-called landbanking outfits have been put into compulsory liquidation following investigations by the Insolvency Service’s Companies Investigation Branch.

    Landbanking scams work by persuading people to invest in plots of green field sites, saying the land will rocket in value when it gets planning permission – which rarely happens.

    The companies shut down are Dricklehome Ltd, Kelverdale Ltd, Heraldon Estates Ltd and Arvida Estates Ltd. The four were run by 54-year-old Alan Brookes, who gave Companies House a home address in Girne, Turkey, and Gary Hall, 34, of Northwich, Cheshire.

    Agri Ventura Plc and Farm Venture Ltd were run by 47-year-old Michael Davies of Southampton and Kevin Neil, also 47, of Chelmsford, Essex.

    Leaders In Land Ltd and The Impact Ltd both had 36-year-old Hakeen Peerbux of Enfield, Middlesex, on the board.

    Finally, Dunnsmoor Property Management Ltd was run by 58-year-old Bernard Yates of Denton, Manchester.

  258. @James Roberts – Thanks for your two comments that start with an article in the Daily Mirror that mentions Michael Davies – ‘Web of landbanking companies smashed, 24 February 2010.

    Both your comments are currently in the pending queue. If you could provide any evidence for the claims in your comments (which are in any case cut and pasted from other blogs), that would be nice. Thanks!

  259. i like to ask any of you that were scam on the carbon credits have you been phone by company that says its wants to liquidate the company that holds the carbon credits and the want to buy the credits from us so they can liquidate said company ?
    First question i ask this guy was how much money would i have to part with for this to happen he answer was i would not have to part with any money seems all i do is sign over credits to them and they will sent cheque to me are bank transfer .
    I ask why would they want to buy worthless credits from me hes answer was they want to get 80% ownership of the company and than they can sell the buildings any any other things of value and worth ,
    So guys can you give me any advice are have any of rest of us been approach its sound a bit to good to be true .