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Bar Works: The return of Renwick Haddow

Renwick Haddow is back. The man who ran the Capital Alternatives network of companies is a “key figure” behind a New York co-working startup called Bar Works, according to an article on The Real Deal website.

Bar Works leases or buys retail spaces and converts them to co-working spaces. Customers can hire a desk in one of Bar Works’ co-working spaces for US$550 a month. Bar Works’ co-working spaces also contain a bar.

The company has three co-working spaces in New York and one in San Francisco, and six more coming soon in New York, Miami, Las Vegas and Dublin.

Bar Works is raising money buy offering investments in its workspaces. According to a May 2016 Reuters article, Bar Works raised $1.5 million in a funding round.

Jonathan Black, CEO and co-founder of Bar Works told The Real Deal that Haddow is only a consultant. But the Real Deal has done an excellent job unearthing the links between Bar Works and Renwick Haddow.

The Real Deal article also points out the uncanny resemblance between Jonathan Black:

and someone called Frank Jones:

In a comment on REDD-Monitor in December 2016, someone calling themselves “Marksie” also outlined a series of links between Haddow and Bar Works.

And in case you’ve never heard of Haddow, here’s an introduction to his record in alternative, unregulated investments:

Bar Works to turn UK phone boxes into mini-offices

In addition to its co-working spaces and bars, Bar Works also plans to convert the UK’s red telephone boxes into mini-offices. In May 2016, Bar Works put out a press release that Reuters and several other news outlets ran.

Here’s an extract from the press release:

Bar Works Inc is about to launch “Pod Works” in London, Leeds and Edinburgh using old BT telephone boxes as mini-work stations for both entrepreneurs who are constantly on the move or for those who need a convenient place to work before a meeting or an interview.

Pod Works plans to charge members £19.99 a month to use the mini-offices. And the company is inviting investors to put money into its plans. The minimum investment is £23,000 and the lease term is 10 years. On its website Pod Works states that investors can earn 15% in fixed rental payments, “with a proven track record” and a 25% capital appreciation at the end of the 10 years.

Pod Works is obviously worth a closer look. Pod Works’ London address is 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, an address it shares with more than 18,000 other companies.

Bar Works’ press release about phone boxes and Pod Works’ website list Paul Quade of City Road Communications as a contact for further information. City Road Communications provided public relations services for Capital Alternatives.

Quade is certainly quick on the draw. He contacted REDD-Monitor in March 2014, less than two hours after I finished a post about Capital Alternatives.

Lorna Moore: Yet another link to Haddow

A company called Pod Works Workspaces Limited was registered in the UK on 3 May 2016. The company’s sole director is Lorna Moore.

Moore has commented twice on REDD-Monitor. The first time was in October 2013, with a comment about the Financial Conduct Authority taking Capital Alternatives and several other firms to the High Court.

Moore’s second comment was in March 2015. This was far more entertaining:

It is the intention of responsibleworldwide Ltd to take Mr Chris Lang to court with immediate effect and shut this site down immediately. Mr Lang is not a journalist, has barely a qualification at GCSE level and has no ability to make a fair judgement.

If this site still exists after Monday 23rd March 2015, Mr Lang will be fined thousands of pounds per day for breach of UK law. Anyone posting on this site after this date will also be subject to prosecution. Do take this seriously! Responsibleworldwide Ltd.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any trace of Responsibleworldwide Ltd on Open Corporates or Google, but here’s Lorna Moore’s page on LinkedIn:

She was director of a company called Invest Smarter Seminars Ltd, until it was dissolved voluntarily in March 2014.

In 2013 Lorna Moore’s company put on a series of “Alternative Investments Seminars” in London, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, Brighton and Leeds.

An Eventbrite announcement about one of the seminars in Manchester explains that,

This seminar is presented by Mr Chris Rathbone who has over 30 years experience in financial markets specialising in investments, pensions and taxation. For the last 5 years Chris has been concentrating on Alternative Investments and the benefits these can bring to you and your pension.

Chris will illustrate his presentation with some examples of Alternative Investment opportunities showing great returns. Sierra Leone Palm Oil and Australian Wheat.

Chris Rathbone, of course, worked for Capital Alternatives. Here are his contact details on an advert for Agri Capital, later renamed as African Land:


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  1. Good work Chris, it’s good to know that Renwick Haddow is still about as it means, hopefully, we investors who have lost a lot of money in Capital alternatives, and the regualtors will one day catch up with him!!!

  2. Let me guess, the potential returns on such a great investment will be around 20%.

    But it’s a stupid idea that makes no sense. Why work out (and pay) for the use of a very cramped telephone box where you obviously can’t even sit down when you can take your laptop/phone into a coffee shop and relax on a nice chair or sofa.

    However, it makes a lot of sense if you’re the one’s selling the idea and receiving lots of money from investors…

  3. Very strange all of this as I have it from a very reliable source that Mr Haddow was indeed involved at the beginning with Bar Works a fact which he hasn’t been shy on telling people but only in an advisory capacity. The juice however is he is actually a shareholder and active in a company called Our Space. Take a look at (couldn’t even get the .com!). Now this does have the hall marks of Mr Haddow. Bar Works is actually a fast expanding brand I went to visit their site on San Fran. It is a historical building and I hate to say it looks fantastic and more importantly was busy with paying members. Our Space on the other hand have opened a space in a secondary town in Spain and would you believe there exclusive agent United Property Group – United Property Invest – sell Our Space from the Our Space offices. The other key figure involved is Jim Moore of Inside Track fame. What a duo, Haddow and Moore in Spain selling a product that has more holes in it than my winter hat!

  4. Total fake work space with no members and run by kids from the ghetto, who are too naive to realize that JB is Haddow and Simpson is Milhench. Got to wonder who Kinard is…..look out.

  5. @Marcus, not convinced your post is genuine. It looks to me that you may be linked to Bar Works and are aiming to deflect attention away from the company.

    What we know for sure is that Haddow’s wife is described by Bar Works as a co-founder and is using a false name. We also know that the CEO of Bar Works, Jonathan Black (if he even really exists), is not keen for his face to be made public and uses a photograph of another person on his Linked-In page. We also know that Haddow is described in documents as ‘a principal’ of Bar Works i.e an owner, and his signature is on documents binding the company to contracts. It is not normal for a consultant to have the authority to bind a client to legal documents. Everything about Bar Works is suspicious and points to being controlled by Haddow.
    Perhaps @Greg is right and Jonathan Black is actually Renwick Haddow. That could be quite easily cleared up by Mr Black appearing in a video on their website or proving his identity to one of the journalists. It is interesting that Mr Black was only willing to communicate with journalists by email and didn’t offer to meet them where they would have got a good look at his face.

    Haddow was also ‘only a consultant’ to the Capital Organisation in the UK but it is common knowledge that he was the beneficial owner and, according to some reports, he and his colleagues ripped investors off for more than $150 million.

    Perhaps you are correct and OurSpace is another Haddow-controlled company, but you haven’t provided any evidence to support that allegation. My guess (and it is a guess) is that OurSpace is a copy of Bar Works and is being run by people who were previously associated with Haddow and who he now dislikes. OurSpace is based in Dubai. It is well known that when the FCA launched their investigation into Haddow’s operations several of his former colleagues relocated to Dubai and opened copycat operations. Maybe they are still there and have been following Haddow’s progress with a view to copying him or maybe Haddow has kept in contact and is behind OurSpace and Bar Works after all. I think it is more likely to be the former otherwise you wouldn’t have come on here bigging up Bar Works on one hand and rubbishing OurSpace on the other.

    I can’t help but feel that you are a Bar Works plant. To quote “I have it from a reliable source that Mr Haddow was involved in the beginning with Bar Works……. but only in an advisory capacity”. You don’t need a reliable source for that. We all know Haddow has been involved in Bar works since the beginning. Don’t be coy – who is your source ? Why are you not prepared to divulge his/her name ? Why isn’t that person writing to Chris Lang and providing him with evidence so that Chris can publish it here and put investors’ minds at rest ? If your source is on the inside why isn’t the company responding to this article and providing proof that the article is incorrect ? Why doesn’t Jonathan Black come out and provide evidence of his ID ?

    You gave away your true colours when you couldn’t resist inserting a very unsubtle promotion of Bar Works into your post. This was presumably aimed at investors who have read this report and are rightly concerned that they have been victims of a scam. “Bar Works is actually a fast expanding brand I went to visit their site on San Fran. It is a historical building and I hate to say it looks fantastic and more importantly was busy with paying members.”

    “Bar Works is actually a fast expanding brand….” – sounds like a line straight out of the Bar Works marketing brochure.
    The “….and more importantly was busy with paying members” is just so so obvious. I think most genuine people would have said “…..and there were quite a few people in there”.

    Obviously it is very important to Bar Works to keep the investment rolling in because Haddow’s businesses normally collapse as soon as money from new investors dries up. The best way for Bar Works to get new investment would be to disprove the allegations. Maybe @Marcus should pass that back to his ‘source’ / sponsors.

  6. Greg, you must be on something! I am at the West Village location regularly. The place is packed. Sounds like you either are an ex employee or competitor?

  7. Marcus Riley, do you have anything to say about Marksie’s very compelling points? Who is Jonathan Black?

  8. Also, @Marksie, do you have any evidence for these two points specifically?

    – “What we know for sure is that Haddow’s wife is described by Bar Works as a co-founder and is using a false name”

    – “We also know that Haddow is described in documents as ‘a principal’ of Bar Works i.e an owner, and his signature is on documents binding the company to contracts.”


  9. @Jan Novak, I don’t have any evidence myself. My comments were based on the article written by the TheRealDeal who had a team of people looking into Bar Works and made those claims.
    If you go to ‘The Return of Renwick Haddow’ above and click on the word ‘article’ it will take you to the piece written by TheRealDeal. If you are looking for hard evidence you could contact the reporter and ask how they obtained it. He has asked people to contact him (see bottom of the article).
    @Greg – how do Simpson and Kinard fit into this? Are they part of the Bar Works team and how do you know that Simpson is Milhench?

  10. Looks like the USA isn’t big enough for Bar Works. are offering the latest Bar Works venture. This time it’s in Turkey.

    “Purchase a 99 year lease in Bar Works third property located at the Sea of Marmara Istanbul and earn up to 16% PA.
    Take the opportunity to gain from the explosion in the demand for shared office work space, which is one of the fastest growing segments of the property market.
    Trade has long been the lifeblood of Istanbul, and today roughly 30% of all of Turkey’s commercial companies are reckoned to be located in the city, making the local chamber of commerce one of the largest such organizations in the world.

    Limited availability at the Beylikduzu district
    No upkeep or maintenance fees
    Potential 16% rental income per annum
    Rental payments paid monthly – first payment received within 14 days from investment
    Buy Back option at 125% after the second year
    Investment and returns in USD $ which provides stability in these volatile times.”

    Don’t be fooled. If Haddow is following his usual practice your rental payments will be taken from your own investment money and paid back to you in small amounts. That way he gets people going online to say what a great investment it is because they invested their money and started getting rental payments straight away. Those positive reviews bring in 10 times as many new investors. It’s classic Ponzi scheme strategy.

    Many Haddow-controlled companies have promised buy-backs but not one has ever bought back any investment and none of them have maintained rental payments for very long.

  11. Are there lawyers that we can contact, as a collective, to try and recover some of the money already invested?

  12. Good article but dig deeper
    UPI, Jim Moore, ourspace to start with

  13. @Scotty – Marcus Riley beat you to it with this comment. See also Marksie’s reply. If you have any details or further information to add to this discussion, that would be great. Thanks!

  14. Anyone who invests into a ‘license’ with no asset backing the return must be crazy or had one helluva ‘pitch’.
    I don’t understand how a ‘buyback’ can even be offered at a fixed rate? Does the desk increase in value over time?

    I wonder why ourspace was set up if barworks and all involved were raising so much cash?

  15. Is it true about Jim Moore?
    Does anyone know where he is?

  16. Has anyone tried to get lawyer to claim back the money before the model collapse? They could not answer my questions, they just keep telling that their venues are packed. If so, why facebook page only 521 likes and instagram only 390 followers? I am thinking their members are not more than 50 and that memberships only in West Village. Their business is super terrible, they just use new investors money to payout monthly rent do previous investors – absolutely Ponzi model.

  17. @Stephanie, I have the exact same concerns. Maybe we could set up a Facebook group to draw together other concerned investors.

    Do you have any experience with what steps to take when you think you’ve been drawn into a Ponzi scheme?

    Have you seen the ‘executive summary’? It states that the San Francisco location alone has a monthly turnover of $140,000. If that is the case where’s the pictures of all these happy end users, using the work spaces? A lot of the pictures used on their instagram appear to feature the same person!

    All logical thinking points towards the conclusion that returns are being paid with new investment money, rather than revenue from the Bar Works coworking spaces (ie: the definition of Ponzi). You would think that it would be possible, and indeed in the interest of Bar Works, to prove this allegation wrong and also for Jonathan Black to come forward publicly and make a statement. All very worrying.

  18. First off let me start with an apology. I did not mean to criticize or offend anyone who has invested into this or the ourspace schemes by using the word ‘crazy’. We’ve all had the slick pitch and marketing thrown at us down the phone at some stage and the marketing with this scheme is as slick as it gets.

    With respect to it being a Ponzi scheme, many of these types of schemes follow that model. This is all circumstantial at present until the serious fraud squad or lawyers or similar are contacted and it’s proven however it has all the markings.

    Let’s use an example. Investor puts in 100k. (These people tend to offer an ‘entry level’ always at circa 20k to generate more enquiries and then upsell and exploit the investor) They are offered say 15% return each year and a 125% buyback after 5 years (contract terms are normally so tight with these schemes and in favour of the ‘seller’ so you need a legal opinion on it).
    This means the investor gets 15k each year and 125k after 5 years. That’s 200k in total back for 100k in or 100% return.
    Doable? In some property markets, at a real push. The property would need to be undervalued to start with, tenanted and above all over 5 years increasing in value but if you look at the uk as an example you might get 5% each year in income and 5% growth so over the same 5 years, it’s basically half of barworks. And that’s probably in the most stable (or was), mature, legally tight market available right now.

    Now, work on this – if your 100k invested is actually only around 75k after the master agent, sub agent, barworks, directors etc have all taken their cut, the scheme actually has to yield 20% each year in income to pay you your 15% return and the growth aspect has to be over 65% over the 5 years to hit the buyback target.

    The ins and outs of which people are involved is really neither here nor there. What you have to assess is how you file and against which entity and in which jurisdiction if your lawyer advises to do so.

    This is a huge jigsaw with the outsides done. Finding the middle bits might prove tricky but someone (Serious Fraud/lawyers/FCA etc) should be approached and an investigation opened. Your agent won’t give you any information as I doubt they even know themselves what’s going on and who is pulling which strings and remember commission driven and already received.

    Not sure which forums/where you get the biggest numbers of investors to join but there must be hundreds, globally, affected.

    As I said Mr. Lang has done a good job so far but someone needs to take this to the next stage.

    Two phrases spring to mind; leopards and spots and where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

    Good luck to all

  19. Hi @Scotty, thanks for your input, you seem to have some experience with this type of thing. Can you tell us what similar schemes you have seen in the past and how they were dealt with?

    In the example of Bar Works, at the highest investment/return level, they offer 16% annual return with the option of a buy back at 125% after 2 years. Technically the investor is buying a 10 year, or even 99 year lease, but as I understand it, the buy back at 2 years is a kind of break clause.

    If somebody invested $125,000 (the minimum investment to get the 16% return, I believe), they would receive 16% the first year, broken into monthly payments, 16% the second year, then 125% at the end of the 2nd year, if they request the buyback. That gives a total return of 57% on top of the initial capital after 2 years.

    That does sound too good to be true, granted, but as you say, “slick pitch”.

    Can I ask you what you think the next stage is, specifically?

    Is there a particular lawyer/firm that would be especially suited to this type of thing that you know of? I’ve heard the Financial Ombudsman is only really effective with financially regulated companies, but they are free and even for a consultation, lawyers fees are going to mount up quickly. I’m also getting the impression that a large proportion of investors in Bar Works are UK based, though maybe there are a great many from all over the world. I do think that a lot of people have discovered this page though, so maybe here is a good place to try to ’round people up’.

    Serious Fraud is an option but as you say, all evidence is circumstantial at the moment and returns have been paid up to the present.

    I have actually contacted the FCA myself and, because Bar Works are based in the US, the FCA seem more interested in the UK based brokers of the Bar Works model. Obviously the brokers and Bar Works are all unregulated so I think the jurisdiction of the FCA is somewhat limited anyway.

    What you said about all the cuts that have to be taken by the various agents/sub agents/directors etc. has crossed my mind, then there is the matter of Pod Works in the UK which Bar Works appear to be funding. All of these different entities, as well as the different entities of Bar Works itself :-,,, make for, at the very least, a very complicated explanation.

    Everybody seems to be getting paid so far and I imagine, if the allegations are true, they are getting paid out of newly invested money, hence the seemingly huge/increasing amount of new brokers/agents appearing on several pages of google as soon as you search ‘bar works investment’.

    What do you take from the concerns about Bar Works’ low numbers on social media that Stephanie raised?

    Just out of interest, are you UK based? I am, by the way. And can you help in any way as we try and move forward and get to the bottom of this?

    I’m assuming the only logical next step is to speak with lawyers.

    One last question, for @Alic, who made an earlier comment:- Do you have any evidence for your claim of Lorna Moore being Renwick Haddow’s sister?

    Hopefully more and more genuine investors in Bar Works can get in contact through this page and we can attempt to figure out the best way of moving forward.

  20. @Jan – honestly? I wouldn’t know specifically who to contact and I’ll explain why together with the issues you face.
    1. As you rightly point out, you are in ‘unregulated territory’. Anything like this or property investment falls into this category. The upside is you can generate higher returns than the regulated sector. The downside is companies like this can set up, raise funds, disappear and you have no ‘body’ who can act for you. So the FCA probably won’t take it on unless it’s classed as a ‘collective scheme’. I presume though that the way they have got round this is to provide everyone with individual contracts or licenses?

    2. Jurisdiction – is the contract under US law or uk law? Do you ‘sit’ contractually with barworks directly or the master agent or the sub agent you dealt with? My guess and I emphasize a guess is that you filled in a form with your agent who then sent it on to the master agent who then send on to a lawyer in the US and you sent money directly to an ‘escrow account’?

    3. Returns are being paid – this is a tricky one. What do you do, wait until they stop and then look into taking action? Will it be too late then? Do you prep now for when it does happen? The first thing that will likely happen is a ‘delayed payment’. This could be genuine but could also be that the agents have had a slow month. This could well point you to the Ponzi idea as your returns are basically reliant on other investors.

    4. Number of entities and people involved creates a minefield of who you ‘go after’ if that’s your chosen route. People in this ‘field’ tend to set up things as complicated as possible.

    You need first of all to find out if any investors have been to any of the sites and seen them functioning.

    Is there a way of enquiring about membership to see/investigate how true their numbers are? Social media seems low yes and some ‘likes’ can be employees!
    Someone mentioned a turnover of $140,000 a month (!), is this just from San Fran site? Memberships or total turnover including wet and dry sales? Might sound odd that I ask but if say membership is I don’t know, $100 a month and each member spends the same again in food and drink etc, you need circa 700 members…. is there any way of checking this? Asking?

    Your agent – uk based or not?

    There are hundreds of agents now set up to sell this so I would probably approach one of them after compiling your concerns, let them ‘pitch’ you and ask a few questions as to HOW the returns are made and the buyback ‘works’.

    The 57% is frankly absurd and I still can’t understand how they can commit to paying you 25% more in two years than you invested??? It doesn’t make sense to me. I doubt even the wolf of Wall Street would get his head round it!

    1. Ask a lawyer to look through your contract and advise if under uk or us law.
    2. No harm in contacting someone like Serious Fraud to say you ‘think’ you’ve invested into a Ponzi style scheme and ask if they have had any other complaints.
    3. Ask as many questions on here, of other investors, agents etc as you can.
    4. Don’t believe this is not fraudulent until you have your proof. Too many people feel embarrassed to admit it or hope like hell its not and work on it’s not fraudulent until it’s proven!
    5. Don’t wait to take action of any kind as it might be too late. If you do your own real investigating and get your answers and everything is fine you will sleep a lot easier!

    If it’s all above board, you could be one of hundreds set for a healthy return but these things tend to run for 18/24 months before toppling. If you can get out at month 24, I would.

    Hope some of that helps.

  21. I’m still thinking about the numbers Jan you mentioned and it’s a bit like this:

    Imagine I’m a agent selling1 and 2 bedroom flats in the uk. (Let’s leave London out of the equation as will become apparent). I would have to sell you a 2 bedroom flat for £100k which was already tenanted and producing 16k a year. That’s about £1300 a month in rent. (*For a 2 bed flat costing £100k!?! ….plus the 16k to you is after any fees or margin for the letting agent so actual ‘market rent’ would probably be about £1500 a month). Now take into account the 25% ‘costs’ at the start (commission in barworks case) and that leaves the builder/developer with 75k. Work on rough rule of thumb of 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 (land, build cost, profit) and its build cost is £25k!
    On top and to boot Jan, after 2 years give it back to me and let’s set a sale price now of £125,000…… how does that sound to you?

    Let’s take Microsoft, owned by the wealthiest pulsating human on the planet. If you had taken a position 2 years ago until now, you’d probably be looking at about the same profit as barworks are predicting over the next 2 years so it is ‘doable’ however A). Nobody can predict the future, B). Barworks isn’t Microsoft (although probably has a similar number of agents!) and C). From what I’ve read, RH is definitely NOT Bill Gates.

    Let me think some more about this for you or has anyone else got some info I am missing?

    I’ve watched these types of investments over the last 15-20 years or so Jan and many fall over unfortunately. Let’s just hope you are all in the good ship that sailed but at the moment we seem to have boarded one with a few holes in the hull !

  22. @Jan Novak, my advice is to enlist the help of people in the USA otherwise you will struggle to get to the bottom of this.
    1. Send an email to the journalist at The Real Deal. He is based in New York and has now written two investigative articles about Bar Works. He seems to have people who can make enquiries and he may be able to help you.
    2. See if you can find an american investor who is concerned about their investment. Ask that investor to contact the SEC to report Bar works as a possible scam. The SEC won’t do anything for a UK investor. The SEC is far more pro-active and aggressive than the FCA. The journalist may know a US investor. They can use the fact that they think Jonathan Black doesn’t exist and the other founder is using a false name.
    3. Keep pushing for information on Jonathan Black. I think he is the key to this. If he doesn’t exist then everyone has been conned. Black’s signature is in the brochures so somebody had to have written it.
    4. Don’t wait until the two years are up. Act now. The buyback will never take place.
    5. Try this guy – Andy Culshaw Mobile: 07944685374 Email: He has a UK website promoting Bar Works and is a director of Bar Works USA Ltd. He doesn’t appear to be hiding because he has a picture of himself and his contact details on the website. I notice that the new top man at Bar Works, Franklin Kinard, has just formed a new UK company called Bar Works USA/UK Ltd (Formed 27th January 2017). That’s an odd thing for him to do and might suggest that all is not well with their relationship with Culshaw. I would not necessarily believe anything that they say to you. They are very good at lying, but it is worth a try. It’s possible that Kinard and Culshaw are still allies but it won’t do you any harm making contact. If they are allies you can ask Culshaw to hook you up with Kinard directly.

  23. @ Marksie – some great comments made.
    My one immediate question is whether US investors have actually taken part. The SEC as you say are stridtvabd exactly what the UKs FCA should be more like, protecting the investor as opposed to dealing with the fan after the **** has hit it.
    Anyway, no harm in getting the clarification first, maybe someone acts as a IS citizen to ask if they can take part?
    Personally I think Jonathan Black is either as real as Batman or he does exist and is receiving a nice little earner from them to use his name etc.

    I hear that the other coworking opportunity/scam was set up after RH and JM fell out….. interesting.

  24. Jonathan Black is 100% Renwick Haddow.

    It is very simple how to find you. You compare Jonathan Black and Renwick Haddow profile on LinkedIn.

    Johathan Black –
    I have an extensive background in finance, having qualified as an Accountant. My career history has included working at senior level as a Stockbroker and Fund Manager with vast experience in the startup of ventures. I was employed for many years as a Finance Director/Financial Controller of two chains of bars in the UK including Regent Inns Plc with a market value $400m. More recently I set up a number of startup ventures including Car Share which is a car sharing APP. I saw the potential of shared work space and have used my expertise and experience to finely tune the model to overcome the deficiencies in the current offerings which I had previously encountered when renting serviced office space. My focus is on building a marketable brand and ensuring above all that Bar Works first two sites are successful before rolling out the brand.

    Renwick Haddow –
    Financial Controller
    Company Name Regent Inns plc
    Dates Employed 1993 – 1998 Employment Duration 5 yrs

  25. If you do a quick search on Mr Culshaw and read his website he offers a personal service to his clients, many multi millionaires etc however I wouldn’t expect to meet him in person at his offices. At the address listed, this is what you get:

    9106 companies located at: 71-75 SHELTON STREET, COVENT GARDEN, LONDON

    Try his mobile as suggested but both the use of virtual or serviced addresses and/or using non geographical or odd sounding numbers is a sure fire recipe for someone calling from somewhere other than they actually are. The ability to ‘push’ numbers these days means anyone can suggest they are based in London for example but actually be in a completely different country.

    Personally I think as I stated before that this scheme has been marketed globally.

  26. @ Marksie – If the investors or lawyers can prove that JB is definitely RH and he has therefore used a false identity to sign documents, is this not grounds for fraud?

    Someone mentioned Lorna Moore being RH’a sister. Does anyone know if it Is a coincidence of names or is she married to Jim Moore making RH his brother in law? If so, this is all really bizarre.

    Is it possible that barworks raised money/made returns in a ‘dodgy’ way to start with and tried to copy Weworks model by leasing the buildings but then thought we need to buy a building to add some substance? RH and JM and UPI then all fallout so JM decides to start up his own ‘brand’, ‘arsespace’. UPI then switch and act as master agent for them. contact all the barworks investors and say they are dealing with sites outside of the USA and piggyback?

    My goodness this is a plot and a half if all proven.

  27. @Stephanie, that was a good spot about Regent Inns. It does look very likely that Jonathan Black is really Renwick Haddow in which case US investors should definitely be involving the SEC.
    For the moment I am going to sit on the fence regarding the Bar Works – Ourspace link although it seems increasingly likely that they were hatched from the same brood. It hasn’t been proven beyond any doubt that Haddow and Moore know each other and have worked together, but there is quite a bit of circumstantial evidence.
    1. Both were active in the UK at the same time. Both were amongst the biggest marketers of UK alternative investment promoters so it is almost certain that they would have met at some point.
    2. Both were employed as ‘consultants’ to recently established companies focused on leasing desk space.
    3. This is a blog about Renwick Haddow’s involvement in Bar Works. @Marcus Riley brought Ourspace into the discussion but then gushed praise on Bar Works. I suspect that post was a plant by Bar Works so it does suggest that there is bad blood between the two companies. Perhaps the people at Bar Works think Jim Moore/Ourspace gave the TRD journalist the information which enabled him to write his first damning report ?
    4. There is something a little bit odd about the news on the Ourspace website. It mentions Jim Moore and says:
    “We understand that Jim who worked with us as a consultant to OurSpace has relocated to the USA in order to handle some key personal and commercial issues and will no longer be working with OurSpace as a client. We extend our sincere thanks for his contribution and our good wishes go with him and his family for the future.”
    Now that is a major coincidence. But one has to ask why Ourspace even put that up as news on their website and phrased it in that way? It is almost designed to confirm the conspiracy theory. Firstly “We understand….”. This implies that Jim Moore never told them himself that he was moving to the USA and ceasing the relationship. Perhaps this is Ourspace’s way of trying to distance themselves from him because of the bad press they have been getting.
    Secondly, why tell everyone that he has relocated to the USA ? It is almost saying “Jim Moore has gone to link up with Renwick Haddow, Bar Works or both”. Why tell us it involves “key personal and commercial issues”. That might be a way of telling everyone that Lorna Moore is Jim’s wife and that they are involved with Bar Works in some way. So many possible permutations but this piece of news has been put up for a reason and I feel it is not just to wish him well.
    Haddow has a history of falling out with partners and then making good when the **** hits the fan. Investors in African Land will remember when Capital Alternatives sold more than $8 million of the rice farm land that didn’t exist. They didn’t tell Robert McKendrick of African Land. He was furious and there were threats of legal action between the parties. One might think that McKendrick was demanding that Capital Alternatives return the money to investors. They would be wrong. McKendrick was upset that he hadn’t received his cut. In the end they shared the money between them, the legal threats ceased, nobody got any land and investors were defrauded. Maybe Moore has taken his family to the USA to kiss and make up with Haddow ? If that is the case it can’t be good news for investors.
    @Scotty – how did you hear that Haddow and Moore had fallen out ? This would confirm that they definitely know each other and had been working on the same project. Also, do you know for sure that UPI was marketing Bar Works first, then switched to Ourspace and began contacting Bar Works investors, or is this just a theory at this stage ? Are there any Bar Works investors out there who could confirm whether they were approached by Ourspace ? Does anyone have a contract they can post so we can see how they have structured the deal ?

  28. @Scotty & @Marksie, what is UPI marketing?

    I am not US investor, do you know or do you have any suggestion what can I do? Any US investors here reading this comment? Please let me know.

  29. @Marksie – mine is theory however I don’t think it’s too far from the truth.

    I’ve been following this for about 18 months. Honestly, I didn’t know how anyone could compete with the ‘numbers’ being banded around so I decided to dig and dig and dig.

    I have spadefuls of theory as it’s like trying to piece together a homicide case however someone needs to get the link between RH, UPI and JM in writing or confirmed to progress it to the next stage.

    Apologies for bringing arsespace into it but my belief as I said right at the start, was to dig deeper into these 3 entities. They are or were definitely connected.

    Does anyone have a marketing email or brochure relating to barworks and UPI to start with?

    And ditto arsespace?

    I heard that the Spanish arsespace they were offering was actually the UPI office!

    As for JM, there is an incredible possibility regarding the post on their website but their words are full of it and they look to be distancing themselves from him now too in my opinion.

  30. Has anyone been on the UPI website recently?

    Dropped ourspace??
    Now selling signature works? – big developer in Liverpool and good at what they do

    Maybe they are independent and have decided to go straight and drop all connections to RH & JM?

  31. @ Stephanie – where are you based, who did you deal with and did you invest in barworks or ourspace?

  32. @Scotty I am based in Asia, what is UPI marketing? I invested in Bar Works. Do you also invest in Bar Works?

  33. @Stephanie – you’ve proved to me and us that this went global anyway if you are based in Asia.
    Did you invest via an agent based in Asia or another part of the world?
    UPI or United Property Invest started off with barworks, moved onto ourspace and are now working with a few different projects by the looks of their website.
    No, I personally have not invested into their schemes.
    How long ago did you invest Stephanie and have you received your returns?

  34. Has anyone looked into contract terms yet or jurisdiction?

    I’m tempted to write a book or blog but am confused why this thread is not attracting more input.

    Somebody has to find out where the investors stand contractually and if definitely under US law.

    Somebody has to contact the SEC who will have a field day with this if proven to be a Ponzi.

    The investors need to find a way of grouping together and if applicable filing as a group.

    No point going to your agent or the master agent as they will just say they were acting as a marketing company.

    These people are ‘good’ at what they do but after time they drop the ball on occasion. Someone needs to find out where they have dropped it. JB’s real identity? RH involvement? Connection to JM? Why ourspace was formed? Who is behind it?

    Timeframe – act fast and before it’s too late.

    Phone sales – strange how we buy things on sight most of the time for smaller purchases but with an investment of any size, we do it over the phone.

    Dig into where JM is. Yes in the US but why and where. Rumour is his ‘commercial and personal issues’ or however they described it is more ‘handcuffs and chains’ for a completely different wrongdoing but ask yourself this. If he is currently in the US for a matter separate to this, can you trust his integrity? If he was in business originally with RH for barworks and then split, why was this? Why won’t the biggest lead generator in the uk not deal with them? What’s the connection? How do you piece it all together?

    There is a lot to do and it won’t be easy but now is your time to act. Seize the opportunity and don’t delay. Make the connections.

    Ok, I am off to put together some research for another client on a shady property deal.

    Good luck everyone and keep at it.

    Please remember that my opinions and comments are based on theory, research and suggestions but if anyone has any questions, happy to try and answer them.

  35. @Scotty @Marksie @Jan Novak, can I have your email address please? I don’t like to comment too much here. I believe there is someone from Bar Works is watching us here.

  36. @Stephanie, @Scotty, @Marksie, and @Jan Novak – Please don’t share your email addresses here. Instead, send me an email ( to confirm that you’re happy to share your email address with Stephanie, and I’ll pass on your email address to Stephanie. Thanks!

  37. P.S. Obviously I can’t vouch for any of you – or for anyone else commenting under a pseudonym on REDD-Monitor.

  38. @Chris – Are we able to email you directly with our findings, suggestions and thoughts for you to investigate further on behalf of the group?

  39. @Scotty, you say you haven’t invested in any of the schemes, so can you tell us what interest you have in any of this? Are you working on behalf of other potentially defrauded investors?

    The connection to UPI, Jim Moore and Ourspace seems to make all of this all the more complicated and I feel like, as mentioned before, the best bet for investors is to prove the identity of Jonathan Black. If he is Renwick Haddow in disguise then this is clearly a case of fraud as it is Jonathan Black’s signature on the lease agreements.

    Also @Scotty, please could you explain why you think Jim Moore is such an important figure to look into and also your point about the biggest lead generator in the UK; who is that?

    Finally, @Marksie, could you also tell us your interest in all of this, if you too have not personally invested in Bar Works? The whole case, and now even this comment thread is becoming so convoluted that it is barely understandable.

    I have a feeling that in the case that Bar Works does have this rotten core, and eventually goes bust, the senior figures involved (who I imagine have already transferred huge amounts of money into offshore accounts) would be able to claim that Bar Works was a legitimate company that simply didn’t work out, like so many other young companies. After all, there is evidence of these Bar Works sites being in existence. Would that mean that investors have little to stand on? Is this some kind of ‘perfect’ scam?

  40. @Scotty – Feel free to email me. Of course I can’t promise to find out anything, but I’ll see what I can do.

  41. @Jan Novak, 100% fraud and 100% fake signature of Jonathan Black. Jonathan Black is not exist, he is actually Renwick Haddow, trust me.

    @Scotty @Marksie @Jan Novak, do you know any lawyer that can help me? I am overseas investor, not US resident.

  42. @Jan Novak, this blog has only scratched the surface of the Bar Works story. It will get more and more complicated.
    I agree that Jim Moore, Lorna Moore, UPI, Ourspace etc are coincidences that should be kept on file, but they are a distraction. If you were to try to invest in Ourspace you would have to certify yourself as a High Net Worth Individual (HNWI). I know because I tried to go through their investment procedure. That puts the investor into an entirely different sector of the population and means that he/she would have virtually no right of redress through the FCA. I don’t know if Ourspace has always had this requirement or whether they recently introduced it but it does show the types of people they are targeting. Bar Works does not do this. It targets ordinary members of the public which puts it firmly in the realm of FCA intervention. However, as Bar Works is a US company the FCA would have to go after the UK-based brokers who are selling the product.
    The real story is Bar Works, Jonathan Black, Renwick Haddow and his wife. So we have to look at the most basic facts and start there.
    1. Who is Jonathan Black ? What is Franklin Kinard’s background ? He is the new CEO of Bar Works and has anyone written to ask him about Jonathan Black ?
    2. Who are the directors of Bar Works Inc ? Has anyone written to them ?
    3. Who are the other senior people in Bar Works ? There has to be one honest person among them who can’t be happy being involved in the company. Has anyone written to the senior managers ?
    3. Who are the shareholders in Bar Works Inc ? Has anyone asked Franklin Kinard about the major shareholders ? This is very important because the shareholders control the company.
    4. @ Jan Novak, you would have invested through a broker. Has he asked these questions and if not, why not ? Under UK FCA regulations the broker is more liable than Bar Works itself. The broker cannot hide behind limited company or employment protection. He/she is personally liable and the FCA can confiscate their personal assets to reimburse investors. When you challenge your broker you should ask for proof of his/her identity (passport or driving licence) because almost all of the dodgy ones use false names.
    5. Outside of the SEC and financial regulators is there any other route that can be followed to threaten closure of Bar Works Inc ? Who owns the properties that they are leasing ? Are they aware of this blog and the major questions over Bar Works that the company is refusing to answer ? Make life difficult for Bar works Inc until they come forward with answers.
    There is a saying in police circles – Always Follow the Money. Haddow and his mates set these things up for one reason only – to put cash in their pockets. @ Jan Novac, who did you pay your money too ? Was it the broker or a holding company or Bar Works Inc ? Look closely at the name because it might not be Bar Works Inc. It could be Bar Works Holdings Inc or Bar Works Secretarial Inc i.e a different company to provide protection for Bar Works and to enable funds to be siphoned off. At some point the company that received your money had to distribute it. That is normally when the investigating authorities find out how much went to your broker in commission, how much went to Bar Works Inc, and how much went to the offshore accounts of the people behind the company. You should go in hard on that company because it controlled the money and can be the weak link in the chain. Often they get much less out of the scam than the founders and don’t like it when you turn the heat on them. Let us know who it was because if it was an independent company we can blog about them and generate bad press if they won’t tell you where they sent your money. Often the threat of that is enough to make them cough up the info.
    Two final points.
    1. Don’t waste your time with solicitors. You will spend a lot of money and get nowhere. Been there – done that.
    2. Please don’t trust anyone on this blog or anyone who contacts you or joins you to take action. You don’t know any of us. Focus on things that are proven and not supposition because plenty of bad people will want to send you in the wrong direction. My experience is that action groups are always infiltrated and end up giving information back to their adversary. Out of every 5 investors there is always one who thinks the bad guys aren’t that bad and tells them what the other 4 are saying. @Stephanie should also be mindful of this when she wants to communicate outside of this blog. It carries risk.

  43. So, has anyone who is reading comment here tried to contact SEC and report Bar Works?

  44. @Stephanie – I have tried to report Bar Works to the SEC from the UK and they didn’t seem at all interested. You could try and see if you get a different response.

  45. Ok, I feel that I have maybe complicated this thread by the sounds of a few comments and if so, apologies.
    I will however try and explain why I made my original suggestion:

    There is no question that RH is at the core and he is the single entity you need answers from. If JB IS ACTUALLY RH which everything points towards, then as someone has mentioned, he has signed agreements, contracts, leases etc in a different name/identity which is illegal. This might be your best route or angle to the centre of this. It’s also been mentioned that the company might be seen as operational but didn’t turn a profit etc however this is not the point. The point is IF they have been raising funds from individuals to then pay back others, this is a Ponzi scheme where only the top tiers earn money and again is illegal.

    I agree that it only scratches the surface as barworks has done a very good job at creating the facade and it will not be straight forward to prove hence my suggestion to dig into the other entities on the periphery which might lead you in via ‘the back door’ so to speak.

    We know that the master agent UPI or UPG started with barworks and moved on to ourspace and have now dropped that.
    Proof of them being involved in barworks?

    We also know that JM was instrumental in ourspace which was being sold from the same offices as UPI and to back up my earlier cryptic message about why JM is currently in the US:

    Forgive me but that IS a reason for UPI to distance themselves.

    My hope is that the whole thing will collapse as these people deserve to spend time however my fear is that If the investors wait to see what happens or do not take action/file a complaint, it will be too late and you will lose your money.

    Were funds sent to a barworks account or a lawyers escrow? Tell me they didn’t go direct to barworks?

    If the FBI is already investigating JM, surely now is the time to bring it to their attention and ask them to look at another of his companies ourspace. And whilst you are contacting them or the SEC, ask them to also investigate RH on the belief that ourspace was a spin off of barworks. The SEC don’t take kindly to fixed % returns and don’t allow US investors normally to invest.

    The FCA will say its unregulated so can’t help but would look into who has been promoting but I guarantee if you ask a ‘broker’ or joker broker as one of my colleagues terms them, to show their regulatory license etc, their stock answer will be ‘don’t need regulation to sell property or property based investments and we act simply as a marketing company’

    I’ve never met, spoken to or worked for RH, JM, barworks or ourspace but the entire telesales/broker/investments sector needs a real kick up the * and regulation of sort.

    I cannot be much clearer than the above

    Good luck and let’s hope someone can start the process and maybe even book JM and RH into the same cell!

  46. @Scotty The funds go direct to Bar Works.

    Bank Name: JPMorgan Chase Bank
    Bank Address:
    Broadway & 61st, New York,
    New York, 10023, USA
    Account Name: Bar Works Inc.
    Account Number: 790961622
    Routing Number: 021000021
    Address: Lincoln Center, New York,
    New York, 10023, USA.

    I don’t know is there any investor is going to take action. I can’t do anything because I am non US resident, can you help to call SEC and report it?

    My guess is none of the investors here is going to take action because they are comfortable with their monthly income received. That is totally fraud Ponzi scheme. Sooner or later it will collapse, while it still has time, I beg someone who is reading this, please try to call SEC and share it here what is SEC response?

  47. @Jan Novak, like what was commented by @Marksie:

    See if you can find an american investor who is concerned about their investment. Ask that investor to contact the SEC to report Bar works as a possible scam. The SEC won’t do anything for a UK investor. The SEC is far more pro-active and aggressive than the FCA. The journalist may know a US investor. They can use the fact that they think Jonathan Black doesn’t exist and the other founder is using a false name.

    Because you are from UK that is why SEC did not interest. We need some investors from US to call SEC and report it seriously.

  48. @ Stephanie – I cannot report it as I’m not involved and I seriously doubt any US investors are involved because of the strict restrictions they have via the SEC but it’s worth a go to find out if any are.
    Maybe interpol? Or Serious Fraud in uk first who then may take it internationally?

    To everyone involved – Don’t let the fact that returns are being ‘made’ currently stop you. That’s a short term position and mindset.

    If funds have gone directly to them im afraid you might have more issues but there should be a trail. Quite how you get access to that trail without involving the authorities is another story!

  49. JB is Haadow, Simpson is Milhench/millhouse, Kinard is….Kinard.
    Wake up people

  50. @Greg, Yes it certainly looks like JB is Haddow. You are sure of it but do you have proof ?
    In February I asked you how Simpson fits into this because I have not heard that name before. What role does Simpson play in the organisation and do you have proof that Simpson is Milhench ?
    Only when there is proof can we be sure. In the meantime we have to keep asking Bar Works to prove that Jonathan Black exists. We are 99% sure that JB was Haddow but 99% is not 100%.

  51. Pod Works’ London address is 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden

    ‘Andy Culshaw Mobile: 07944685374 Email: He has a UK website promoting Bar Works and is a director of Bar Works USA Ltd. He doesn’t appear to be hiding because he has a picture of himself and his contact details on the website.’

  52. Is there something stopping people from stating their personal interest in this case? @Marksie and @Scotty? I asked you both already and you seem to have ignored me.

    @Greg, I would like to ask you the same as what @Marksie put to you:- Some proof really would be helpful. And who is Simpson?

    Your input is appreciated but if you’re just going to make statements with nothing to back them up it’s not particularly helpful.

    I have personally invested in Bar Works and I am worried because of the points brought up on this site (redd-monitor) , and TheRealDeal. I have spoken at length with Chris Lang of redd-monitor as well as Konrad Putzier at TheRealDeal, neither of whom seem to have any conclusive evidence of these allegations, but I agree that something definitely feels off about the whole thing. Konrad at TheRealDeal informed me that he had been contacted by investors in Bar Works who are based in the US but when I requested that he ask them to contact me, it seems they have declined. I also asked him for a number on which to contact Kinard, which has not been forthcoming.

    It seems many people, on both sides of these allegations, are not being entirely open or honest with information which I just don’t understand. Surely, if the allegations are true, it is in everybody’s interest (except Bar Works, of course) to come together to get to the bottom of all this.

    Why does it feel like everybody, even the supposed ‘good guys’ who want to put a stop to these types of Financial crime and see an end to people getting conned like this (people on this thread included), has something to hide?

  53. @Jan Novak, you invested for how many spaces? Which country are you from?

  54. Jan

    People have to be careful writing on message boards like this when they attack the companies mentioned because many of the people behind these sorts of companies can afford to use very high priced lawyers. That is why you might get the impression people are holding info back as well as their true identities. It is understandable.

    As for something potential fishy going on, if investors ever smell fish coming from their investments or the people running them, it’s more often than not right. You smell fish, therefore you are right about your investment.

  55. @Jan Novak, I refer you to the final paragraph in my post of 30th March. For those reasons I prefer to work alone.

    I have been through your posts looking for information that you have given that might genuinely help the investigation move forward. I found very little information on your personal investment process. For example, you haven’t mentioned the name of the salesman and broker firm that you used in the UK and neither have you given any information on the contract you signed with Bar Works. This would be extremely useful in helping everyone understand where the get-out clauses for Bar Works are.
    I am sure an investor would have emailed both his broker firm and Bar Works itself pushing them for answers to all the questions raised in this blog and by theRealDeal, but you haven’t said anything about that or the responses that you would have got back from them.
    @ Stephanie has provided links that have helped put more pieces into the jigsaw. As yet, you haven’t provided anything of genuine substance. You have told us that you are a UK-based investor. If that is true you would clearly have documents and information that could help to shed more light but you have not shared them. Instead you have mentioned there has been no interest from the FCA or SEC (which are easy claims to make if unsupported by documentary evidence) and you have been fishing to find out more about other contributors.
    You need to respect a person’s right to anonymity and if you don’t like that then don’t read their posts. As for myself I am interested in the quality of the material a person posts, not in who they are. If a person wants to tell everyone who they are they will. If they want to remain anonymous I don’t care as long as the information they are providing is sound.

  56. All I can say is that if there are any actual investors on here who are genuinely concerned, as I think they should be, then they have been given so much information by various posts and people on here.

    People on here may not have invested into barworks but they may have invested into previous projects similar to or run by the same person. Once bitten.

    The signs cannot be much clearer, act now.

  57. @everyone – Are there any actual investors on this board or is this a waste of my time?

    2 Free bits of advice – everyone’s heard of the wolf of Wall Street but how many of you have seen Boiler Room? ‘Invest’ 90 minutes of your life to see how unregulated brokers work.

    If you receive an email offering an investment, as soon as you enter your details to receive more information, your details are stored by a marketing company and sold to a company selling the opportunity. Even if you unsubscribe you never leave ‘the system’.

    @Chris – Feel free to post on every board you run although if people are on these boards it’s probably too late.

  58. I am an Asia based barworks investor. This month I haven’t received my payment and when I contacted barworks to ask about the reasons of the delayed payment, I got no answer. Just a mail that we are checking the issue and then nothing… now they are not even answering my phone calls. I think it is only a question of time before they start doing the same with the US and UK investors.

    Please if there is a US investor reading this, I beg you to report Barworks to SEC to take action against them and don’t be fooled by the monthly payments, it will stop sooner than you expect as it was the case with me.

    @Stephanie @Scotty @Marksie @Jan Novak and @any other barworks victim reading this board, I am ready to join any action that can be taken against these scammers and to help with everything I can as I have invested directly with barworks and contacted several people there in the process.

  59. The actual investors don’t believe it will be too late as they are too comfortable receiving the monthly return payments. I am actual investor but not US investor, so nothing I can do. I am just begging and hoping if some actual US investors who are reading this, please take action to call SEC and report Bar Works, then please share here what are the actions you have taken.

    Until then, I can only wait and hope.

  60. If an investor is genuine they would describe their investment process i.e how they found out about the project, who they spoke to, what they bought and when. They would provide information contained in emails and letters from their broker and Bar Works, along with extracts from their contract because they would be wanting people on this board to help them recover their money.
    Nobody has done that so in my opinion there are no genuine investors posting on here. I’m happy for those people who claimed to be investors to prove me wrong.
    I am not bothered that no genuine investor has posted because I am sure that a lot of investors, and prospective investors, are reading the blog. This blog is highlighting serious concerns about the honesty and integrity of the Bar Works management and the legality of the investment package. Bar Works could squash all this talk very easily by proving the existence of Jonathan Black and answering concerns. They haven’t done it so it seems very likely they are running a Ponzi scheme which will eventually collapse leaving investors with nothing.

  61. I did warn the first sign would be a ‘delayed’ payment.

    @ Erik & @ Stephanie – which company did you invest through?

  62. And as I said before I very much doubt there are any US investors involved due to their strict rules and guidelines of investment practices

  63. It is not unusual for a competitor e.g Ourspace to have their friends pretend to be investors so that they can keep piling the s*** onto Bar Works. It is also quite usual for a company under attack, e.g Bar Works, to put their friends on the blog to try to divert attention away from themselves, perhaps putting attention onto a competitor. I suspected an earlier poster had been planted by Bar Works. I suspect that one or more of the people claiming to be investors have been planted by a competitor. So far there are three people claiming to be investors so I direct the rest of this post to them.

    @Erik, @Jan Novak and @Stephanie, you all say that you have invested in Bar Works. What is the name of the broker company that sold you the investment ? What are the names of the sales people ? What are the names of the people at Bar Works ? You should post them up here. Other investors might have dealt with the same people and may be able to help you. If you put the company names and sales person names up here you can contact them to say that you have done this and they might be more willing to deal with your claim once they can see that you have publicly named and shamed them and have raised the stakes.

    At the moment there isn’t a single broker company mentioned on this blog, nor one single name of a sales person, nor one name of a person at Bar Works who dealt with a customer enquiry. I find it very strange that people who say they have invested have not given more information. This makes me sceptical as to whether any of the people claiming to be investors are genuine. I think other people reading this blog should be wary of people who claim to be investors but don’t give any evidence. The ball is in the investor’s court to prove that they are genuine investors and then some of us would be more willing to join a group.

  64. Thanks for all the various comments. Here is a post about one of the “brokers” offering investments in Bar Works – Heron Global Partners:

    Alternative Investing with Heron Global Partners and Renwick Haddow: Inbound marketing is the new cold calling

    And here’s a response from the director of the firm that ran the marketing campaign for Heron Global Partners, in which he admits that at least part of the campaign was “potentially misleading”:

    Response from Richard Wood, Director of Six and Flow, about Heron Global Partners: “We appreciate that the line highlighted is potentially misleading”

  65. Completely agree with Marksie that IF investors are on here, then post who you invested through.

    Please let’s not call them ‘brokers’, these are just unqualified sales people.

    The marketing companies/promoters will exempt themselves of responsibility but it might help others to realize they are in the same boat.

    @ Marksie I think your scepticism is spot on and of course if any barworks or ourspace staff had any sense they would be on here trying to deflect but the investors need to step up and make public exactly what you have asked.

    You won’t win this individually people. You just won’t.

    Both barworks and ourspace are toxic.

    Again, I don’t get why there are so few on here who are genuinely affected

  66. I am based in Asia and scammed many times by the crooks from this horrible pseudo-country called United Kingdom of Crooks, the country of pirates and opium sellers…No regulation, no law and the most corrupt pseudo-authorities in the world. I am in the sucker list and I received the below. Needless to say that I will never put a penny in anything coming from United Kingdom of Crooks. What

    Bar Works Inc Las Vegas – Key benefits
    Own a 10 year lease on Work Space units in our Las Vegas Bar Works and GET A FIXED MONTHLY RETURN
    Single workspace, $25,000 – monthly rent $292 – minimum % return per year 14% per annum, payable monthly – first payment within 14 days of purchase;
    Two workspaces, $50,000 – monthly rent $625 – minimum % return per year 15%
    Three workspaces, $75,000 – monthly rent $969 – minimum % return per year 15.5%
    Five workspaces, $125,000 – monthly rent $1,667 – minimum % return 16%.

    Further returns on future rental increases elevating your annual return
    No upkeep or maintenance fees
    Hassle Free investment
    Buy back option at 125% after the second year and assured return of your initial investment at the end of the 10 year lease
    Trading platform available for early exits
    Key Parties
    Group Company Name: Bar Works Inc.
    Property Attorney: Reznick Law
    Bankers: JP Morgan Chase
    Auditor to the Company: ProTax Center

    About Bar Works Inc.
    We buy and remodel existing businesses with restaurant and bar license into Co-Sharing Work Spaces with work stations, private office’s, facilities (food & beverage, gym, internet, VoIP phones, printing, etc) which are then rented out to our members on a monthly basis.

    Having expanded to now 7 locations in Manhattan, 1 in San Francisco with several more venues on the pipeline. We have also purchased our first Freehold property in Eastern Europe, Istanbul Turkey, the first of many in 2017.

    We are currently selling work spaces for our newest locations in South Miami, Istanbul and our latest in Las Vegas.

    From each location we sell approximately 100 Work Spaces to private investors, such as yourself, on a 10 year lease with returns from 14% – 16 % per year paid monthly, which you in turn Sub-Lease back to us so we can than rent them to our members and manage your investment, hassle free.

    Brief Outline of Las Vegas in the Arts District – Latest Opening

    We are pleased to announce the acquisition of our latest new venue, in a city that is famous the world over. In 2015 the number of conferences and exhibitions was 21.306 attracting 5.9 million delegates, a huge number of business minded people and future Bar Works members.

    Bar Works is a corner site in the area known as the “Arts District”, an up and coming area of downtown Las Vegas, surrounded by a variety of retail and restaurant options. New and tech-focused businesses are now in or moving to Las Vegas. The foremost of these is Switch, a key tech firm managing data for thousands of America’s biggest companies. There is also optimism that the arrival of electric car maker Tesla in northern Nevada will encourage more tech and engineering savvy workers and entrepreneurs into what was once a one-trick state

    With over 5000 sq ft of ground floor space with a full corner frontage and high ceilings, 1500 sq ft projected mezzanine to provide additional space for 300 work stations and meeting rooms, alongside spacious social and networking areas for use by temporary and part-time members.

    All of our Bar Works sites located all over the USA including at Midtown, Time Square Manhattan, “West Village”, Tribeca, Chamber Street, Brooklyn and San Francisco were all sold out within weeks of being released to the market!

    If you would like a brochure along with any other information, please do not hesitate to contact me directly,

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Please click here to see our latest investment opportunities



    e –
    m – +44 (0)7931 427882 o – +44 (0)1908 521811
    w –

    Albany Hill
    Gloucester House
    399 Silbury Boulevard
    Milton Keynes
    MK9 2AH

  67. @ Enough – I agree with you that the authorities need to regulate this field however this company whilst based in the UK is simply acting as a marketing agent to investors. Sure, they should do more due diligence on the products they promote however when offered high commissions (the first alarm bell to me) and they are themselves ‘sold’ the offering, it makes it hard to say no.

    The issue should not be with ‘Sarah’ from this company but with the Head of the Snake that is barworks. Unfortunately you are venting your anger in the wrong direction and I would suggest you don’t write off the UK at all as there are some fantastic opportunities IF you run your own thorough DD.

    I think you will find that the man who runs barworks is NOT from the UK, the opportunity is NOT in the UK and this is one of hundreds of companies globally who are promoting this scheme.

    You may also find that many of the companies who appear to be in the uk are actually based in other countries.

    My suggestion – stick to property or similar where you can buy or investment into with an underlying asset to support the returns.

    I’ve just noticed their ‘trading platform’ exit play which made me laugh as this was a huge ‘idea’ I believe when these people were offering carbon credits many years ago.

    It’s simple people, don’t invest and if you have, look how to get out fast!

  68. @ Erik – great confirmation that ‘ourspace/united property’ were first marketing barworks.

    Simple really – RH does a deal with UPI to sell barworks, RH then fails to keep his side of the deal and holds back commissions. UPI and ourspace is formed as a breakaway company to offer a competitive alternative to barworks (after all they’ve seen the money to be made).
    Then JM gets arrested for a previous scam and UPI drop ourspace marketing and switch to another option.

    The two are intertwined as I’ve been trying to suggest for a while now.

  69. @Greg – Do you think it goes something like this:

    You can ‘invest’ into this great scheme. Just $25,000. I’ll pay you say 14% each year for 10 years but if you want to get out after 2 years, I’ll give you say $30,000.

    I’m a well known con artist working in a country where I’m not a ‘wanted man’ but still better use a different name. Let’s market it to the middle and Far East as they use US$. Oh and the brits too. Brexit must have made them nervous. Can’t really have Americans involved as the SEC will bite my ass.

    Of the $25,000 you give me, I’m going to keep say $10,000 to pay myself and commissions to my underlings. Probably 50/50 so I get roughly $5,000 per investor. Let’s aim for 2-3,000 investors over 12-24 months using loads of different agents who have their own clients. This gives me a wage of say $10m which I can live on. Now, I’ve got $15.000 left so Out of this I’ll pay you say $3,000 a year to keep you thinking it’s all cool. When your own money runs out, I’ll be long gone anyway……ah, the buy back……maybe hold off on that and delay if they want it or if we’ve got enough cash in we could use that (?!) but I reckon most people will be happy to get their (own) returns and might even put more cash in.
    Tell you what we could do…. if they give us more at the start we dangle the increased returns carrot? What do you think?

    And let’s make the contract hard for them to get out of and if anyone complains, the brits will go to the FCA but that won’t do jack as it’s in America and the SEC won’t do jack here as the clients won’t be Americans…..

    Let’s just hope they don’t contact interpol the FBI or SOCA or hunt me down personally although if they do, they’ll end up looking for some dude who’s name I’m using anyway.

  70. @Erik, the extract from your email isn’t showing. Try to copy it into your next post.
    What is the name of the tenant company that is supposed to pay rent to you ? Normally they keep it separate from the company that takes your investment money. For example, Bar Works Inc will take your investment but the tenant in your contract will be a different company called maybe Bar Works Tenant Inc. That way, when the tenant company stops making payments you have to take it to court and they will then just close it down. it won’t affect Bar Works Inc in any way and they will keep raising money for their next venture.
    I’m interested to know which premises you bought into and the name of the tenant company. I’m wondering if they use a different tenant company for each premises.

  71. Doesn’t anyone here have power to report Bar Works? Everybody here is just commenting but no any single action. Investors who are reading this have “anxious” feel, but after getting monthly payment, the “anxious” becomes “relief” again and again, over and over. Sooner or later the investors will lose money, it will be too late.

    Doesn’t anyone here want to take action step? A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Someone please try to take a step, be confident, no worry for the mistake, but worry for losing money someday.

  72. Any actual investor can report them.

    And I would suggest someone does it soon!

    Your returns are your own money coming back to you in small amounts!!

    It can’t and won’t last forever

  73. @Stephanie, are you really an investor ? I question this because you haven’t given any information that anyone could use to help you. I have copied below some paragraphs that I wrote earlier this month in case you missed them.

    “If an investor is genuine they would describe their investment process i.e how they found out about the project, who they spoke to, what they bought and when. They would provide information contained in emails and letters from their broker and Bar Works, along with extracts from their contract because they would be wanting people on this board to help them recover their money.
    What is the name of the broker company that sold you the investment ? What are the names of the sales people ? What are the names of the people at Bar Works ?”

    If you want people to believe you are genuine you need to give more information than ‘I am an Asia based investor’. Asia is a big continent !
    @Erik says that his payments have stopped but you haven’t mentioned your payments so, if you are genuine, are we to assume that you are still receiving your payments ?
    If so, then I’m sure @Erik would want to know why you are getting your payments and he isn’t. Maybe you bought in different premises with different tenant companies ?

    @Erik, I am certain that Bar Works is following this blog. That would be good news for you. I think the silence from Bar Works shows very clearly that Haddow and his wife control the company. Looking at previous Haddow behaviour this means that investors who are polite and nice have NO CHANCE of getting their money back. You have to make his life very difficult and hit him in the pocket. This means making sure he knows that you feel you were misled because Jonathan Black does not exist and you are demanding a refund. You should shout long and loud about your experience with Bar Works and become a thorn in their side. That is the only way you have a chance of getting money back.

    No investor has told this blog the name of the Bar Works person who signed the purchase contract or the tenancy agreement. Was it Jonathan Black ?

  74. @Marksie Yes, the person who signed the purchase contract and tenancy agreement is Jonathan Black.

  75. Why don’t investors Google ‘mis-sold investment lawyer’ and get talking to one, and QUICKLY.

    Many offer a no-win-no-fee deal.

  76. If contracts with clients and tenancy agreements have been signed by JB who is RH or anyone else but JB, then this is surely fraudulent and makes the contracts null and void and more importantly gives investors the ‘hole’ they have been looking for?
    If this is so, this is your chance investors to attack!
    You won’t get a better opportunity, miss this at your own peril

  77. Here is the mail extract that didn’t show-up last comment:

    “A note from Bar Works’ CEO, Franklin Kinard…
    Over recent months, Bar Works has been facing difficulties with its banking facilities. This has resulted from the large and growing volume of transactions coupled with the broad international client base we have built up.
    The result of this has been a significant increase in banking costs which has made it unviable to continue with this method of banking.
    We have taken the step to change this now. However, with our new banking partners we are experiencing limitations to the size of daily transactions, volume of transactions and limitations of which countries we can send payments. We realize it is never a good time to change banking facilities and it will inevitably lead to some delays in payments and administration errors however in the medium term it will be worth the investment.
    To try to minimize disruption we will phase the change over of our banking facilities which will mean we will send rents/payments in batches as the new accounts are set up with our banking provider. Initially this only relates to outgoing payments.
    We are doing all we can to minimize this disruption and we really appreciate your patience and the faith you have put in Bar Works.”

    By the way I still haven’t received my payment till today. @Stephanie, are you receiving your money?

    The tenant company on the contract is called “BARWORKS MANAGEMENT INC” and yes, Jonathan black signed both the purchase and lease agreements (if he ever exists). It was done through docusign so no actual handwritten signature is there.

  78. @Stephanie, if the contract is signed by JB and he doesn’t exist then you have been a victim of fraud. I would not worry too much about the US authorities. I think you can be confident that they are already looking at Bar Works. They will not give anything away until they are ready.
    1. What was the name of the company that contracted with you on the purchase (e.g was it Bar Works Inc) ?
    2. What was the name of the tenant company ?
    3. Are you still receiving your monthly payments ?

  79. @ Stephanie – I believe you were adamant in earlier posts that JB is actually RH. Now that Erik has stated that JB has signed contracts etc I’m confused as to why you are not now taking action?

    @ Jan Novak – Have you disappeared? Are you still watching this forum?

    @ Erik – finally, someone has had the foresight to post something which is vital and a piece of this jigsaw. Congratulations

    To all of you – nobody has yet stated who their ‘broker’ was in the first place??

    So basically Barworks are too big for JP Morgan who now can’t handle the volume of cash… amusing.

    And they are having problems sending money to some countries…..hmmmm, I wonder which ones those will be…..

    I’m sorry to tell you I was right by stating the delay in payments would be the first stage but now you, the real investors, if there are any MUST take action. Do as Marksie suggests and be a thorn in their side. Make life as uncomfortable for them as it will be for you if you lose all your money. Do whatever it takes or sit back and watch another multi million dollar fraudulent scheme crash to the ground without any chance of recovering your money.

  80. Jeez, this guy has been busy:

    • Active directorships – 0
    • Resigned directorships – 110
    • Closed directorships – 30


  81. @ Chris – They are the ‘stats’ for Mr. Haddow.

    Huge number of companies spanning multiple market sectors, normally set up and run for a couple of years and then closed down or he moves on to the next thing

  82. Bar Works exhibits the usual trail of smoke, mirrors, lies and confusion. I will bet that very few investors actually have any idea who they have contracted with or how their money has been distributed. I’ve looked at three Bar Works brochures (Jacks in San Francisco, Miami and Istanbul) and this is what I found:

    The guaranteed buy-back after 2 years is in each of the brochures. It is promoted as a safeguard for investors but the reality is that there is no guarantee at all. The text says that Bar Works has the option to buy-back anytime after two years (generally with a 25% profit for investors) IF IT CHOOSES TO. So, if it chooses NOT to buy-back then investors are stuck with the investment.
    However, bearing in mind that the sub-lease term in San Fran and Istanbul is 99 years then Bar Works has the option of buying back anytime between year 3 to year 99. I think you’d be pretty upset if you paid $25,000 today and got back just over $30,000 in 20 or 30 years time, especially if the property has doubled or trebled in value. Bar Works are only ever going to buy-back if there is a big profit in it. If there is then they have ensured that the profit will go to them. If there isn’t a big profit then the investor can keep their sub-lease as far as Bar Works is concerned. In effect investors HAVE NO GUARANTEED BUY-BACK AFTER 2 YEARS.
    Miami is a little different because the sub-lease is only 10 years.

    You might think that is OK if you are getting 15% annual income from the rentals, but here is the bad news. The company responsible for paying your rentals in all three brochures is Bar Works Management Inc. There is no explanation of the role of BWM or how it is able to afford to pay the rentals to investors. One is left to assume that BWM brings in the people who will use the workspace and this will generate enough to pay all investors. But what if this doesn’t happen ? Well, the worst case is that BWM will declare itself insolvent and will close down. Rental payments would stop. That would definitely be bad news for investors. One would think the same would be true for Bar Works, Haddow, Kinard and their accomplices. Actually no, it wouldn’t be bad news for them at all.

    It gets a bit complicated here. Throughout all the brochures they use the term ‘Bar Works’ frequently. However, there are multiple companies involved that all begin with ‘Bar Works’. This is a deliberate ploy to be able to claim in future that they were referring to the different companies and not to Bar Works Inc each time. Confused ? I’ll break it down for you.

    Jacks @ San Fran is apparently owned completely by Bar Works Inc. it says that on page 12 i.e ” The Group (Bar Works Inc) owns the freehold”. But, on page 13 it says that Bar Works Capital LLC owns the freehold. If the brochure is to be believed investors have taken a lease from Bar Works Capital LLC. It is described as ‘a lease’ and not ‘a sub-lease’ which would imply that BWC is the freeholder. We are left to assume that Bar Works Inc must own BWC but we don’t know that for sure. So investors buy a lease from BWC but for some reason the money doesn’t go to BWC. It goes to Bar Works Inc. Why ?
    What was the market value of Jacks ? Does anyone know ? $1m, $2m, $3m ? Well, 300 stations were being sold at $30,000 each which makes $9m income to Bar Works Inc. Whichever way you look at it the investors have just bought a property for Bar Works and put millions in profit into their bank account. When the tenant company BWM goes bust investors have no comeback against Bar Works Inc or BWC. Those companies will carry on without any liability to make rental payments to investors.

    Miami – they don’t own the freehold here. In this case Bar Works @ Miami LLC have taken out a 10-year lease and investors are ‘sub-leasing’ from BW@M. Again, when a person buys a sub-lease they send the money to Bar Works Inc and not BW@M. Why ? This is a very dodgy premises. Bar Works inc are selling 350 stations @ $25,000 each. That’s another cool $8.75m for Bar Works Inc but what are you actually getting. Investors have just paid $8.75m with not even the property as security. Investors have given $8.75m to Bar Works so that they can buy a lease which probably cost them $100k !!
    Let’s say BW@M breaches a condition of the lease and the freehold owner decided to cancel the lease (as he may well be entitled to do). The investor has a SUB-LEASE. If the main leaseholder (BW@M) loses the lease then so do all the sub-lessees. Investors are left with absolutely nothing. Again, there is no comeback against Bar Works Inc and they get to keep the investor’s money.

    Istanbul – another variation. This time the brochure says that the freehold is held by ‘Bar Works Consulting & Office Leasing Services Ltd’. Wow – I wouldn’t want to answer the phone at that company. This company leases it to Bar Works Istanbul LLC. Investors buy sub-leases from BW Istanbul but once again send all the money to Bar Works Inc. The potential dangers are the same as Miami i.e if BW Istanbul loses the lease then investors are left with nothing. You might think that this is unlikely to happen because the owner is BWCOLS and they must all be linked somehow. Don’t you believe it. Haddow’s ventures have taken the life savings of hundreds of people and he won’t hesitate to do it again. one has to wonder why the freeholder BWCOLS didn’t just issue leases direct to investors. Why put BW Istanbul LLC in the middle ? Because it means that investors can have no claim over the property when everything goes bad – that’s why.

    So what can investors do ? The best thing is to put pressure on the salesmen you dealt with. Write emails and put their names on the blogs. Write emails to Bar Works and copy them onto blogs so that everyone can see.

    At the very least you should demand to know the following:

    1. Who are the directors and shareholders of each of the Bar Works companies involved in your investment ?

    2. Look at your brochure. Make sure you know which company is liable for payments to you. Demand to know how your money was distributed once you sent it to Bar Works Inc.

    3. Have you got a clearly defined workstation i.e a plot plan showing exactly what you have leased or sub-leased ? if not, demand one.

    4. But most importantly it is absolutely vital that you are given a copy of the main lease no matter what property you have invested in. This head lease might contain clauses which mean that you could easily lose all your money.

    This announcement by Kinard is unlikely to be a voluntary change of bank by Bar Works Inc. In my opinion it is either the bank refusing to take in more money because they suspect a scam and they don’t want to be associated with Bar Works, or the account has been frozen either by the bank itself or by the US authorities, or new investment has dried up and the Ponzi scheme is unravelling already.

    It is interesting that the tenant company in every case is BWM, but investor’s rental payments are not made by BWM. They are made by Bar Works Inc.

    Sorry for the long post.

  83. @ Marksie – You cannot apologise for a long post if you have explained a very complex and convoluted scam with exact precision! (Big round of applause, possibly a standing ovation)
    I congratulate you on not only finding the edges and insides of the jigsaw but for laying the pieces out ready for someone to simply put the last one in, I.e. Take Action!

    Investors – As Marksie points out, your money goes to Bar Works Inc and your returns (your own money) are paid back to you in increments. by Bar Works Inc…..funny that!!

    I would estimate that Haddow has collected in about $50m through this scheme so hardly surprising they are now ‘buying’ premises to try and show they own assets. However as Marksie rightly points out, it is the investors who have paid for them.

    Name and shame people, name and shame

    Or uk clients go to NCA

  84. Hi, I am Barworks investor, I invested $100,000 and was paid only for 10 months (10 payments only) now it stopped …
    this month (April) they didn’t pay. I received one reply begging of the month saying “We moved to a new FCA regulated payment processor ….” after that they did’t response to my emails, massages and phone calls.
    I believe now i am scammed ! can anyone here advice how to go about reporting them.
    I will be contacting SEC, embassy.
    I also, can share all the information, staff names and contact information.
    If yo are looking for investors to team-up i am ready, please ask

  85. @ Salam
    Where are you based, which country?
    Who did you deal through?
    Which project did you invest into?

  86. @ Salam – if they have stated they have moved to an ‘FCA regulated payment’ method, I would ask who told you this?

    Barworks is not a regulated entity so this is a blatant lie.

    Also, if they have ‘moved’ to one, that would mean they were not with one previously so why now move?

    It sounds like a lot of fluff to make you think you’re now more secure to me.

    Do you receive your returns in US$ from the USA? If so, why would they need the FCA regulation which is only for the UK?

  87. Silence is deafening on here!

    Has anyone actually done anything yet?

  88. website is gone.
    Trading Platform menu is gone.
    FJP investment is no more promoting Bar Works investment.
    UPI (United Property Invest) is no more promoting Bar Works investment.

    Sugar Hill Coffee in Midtown Manhattan is not in operation.
    95 Chambers Street is not opened.
    8th Avenue Chelsea is not opened.

    No one has taken any action.

  89. @ Stephanie – Did you invest through FJP? Do you know where they are based?

    UPI switched to Ourspace a long time ago when RH and JM fell out.

  90. I did suggest:
    1st – delayed payments
    2nd – agents dropping it
    3rd – trading platform exit laughable.

    Don’t let it get to 4th or 5th base investors…….the home run won’t be in your favor!!!

    @ Salam – are you still active on here? Can you post any information you promised?

  91. Bar Works are stopping their lease program. Here is an extract of their email announcement:

    “Bar Works to Close it’s Lease Program

    Only a Few Workstations Left …

    Bar Works is pleased to announce that we have achieved our targeted expansion ahead of schedule, now with twelve strategically located venues. After much consideration, we have decided to end the Wealth Builder Lease program. This move was done to concentrate our efforts on adding value to our own internal resources, thus driving up revenues from our newly opened industry leading venues.

    This past March, our Miami venue has already begun to attract the attention of a major technology firm, wanting to utilize the space for its staff. This newfound interest can be traced back to our new venue format. We are expecting similar responses from our soon to be open locations in New York. We will be making a further announcement when these locations open as these formats are going to influence the shape of our business and the industry going forward. We are pleased you are part of this exciting brand and thank you for the confidence you have shown in Bar Works.”

  92. Sound familiar???

    ‘According to the FCA, around 75pc of unregulated investments result in losses for private investors. But the people selling them are well trained to ensure they sound very attractive. Typically they make promises of “guaranteed yields” or high income payments’

  93. There is more than one level of investor involved in Bar Works. From what I can see there are 3 levels of investor.
    1. People who invested in a US Tech start-up fund (name not fully disclosed in brochures);
    2. The people who bought shares or loan notes in Bar Works itself with a guaranteed return on loan notes, paid quarterly;
    3. The people who bought ‘workspaces’ in Bar Works sites where there was a guaranteed return, paid monthly.
    In 2015 Haddow was ‘sponsored’ by a US company called Incrowd Equity (ICE).
    ICE was/is a US crowdfunding site. I say ‘was’ because their website hasn’t been updated in 6 months and they now have no projects listed on their site so it would be interesting to know what has become of them. It’s very important to know what their status is because they still apparently hold important roles in both the Bar Works investment set-up and a Tech start-up fund.
    ICE was/is a Delaware company. This enables the real owners to hide their identities. My guess is that Haddow owns a large part of ICE.
    At the start almost all of the projects on their website, maybe even every one of them, were projects that were set up by Renwick Haddow. E2-Marketing, Gleason’s Gym Ltd, Bar Works, Bitcoins etc. All of those were on the site and all could be linked back to Haddow.
    So it appears that ICE was a company set up by Haddow to appear to offer investments in different companies but actually only offered investments that were set up by Haddow. This is not the first time.
    Capital Alternatives Ltd in the UK was set up in exactly the same way. Lots of projects being promoted that appeared to be completely independent but which had all been set up by Haddow using ‘front men’ who were prepared to take cash to pretend to be the owners of each project. Now Haddow and some of those people are facing possible jail sentences in the UK. The court case has been put back until July this year.
    ICE acted as ‘General Partner & Adviser’ for a new US Tech start-up fund and was aiming to raise $2.5 million. ICE had a role in determining which companies would get some of the fund’s cash. Presumably it still has that role if the fund is still running. Interestingly, although the fund was investing in US tech companies the fundraising was taking place in the UK with the following advice “before investing investors should consult a professional adviser who is authorised under the UK FSMA”. It’s odd that a US Tech Start-up Fund, run by people in the US, raised its’ money in the UK. Of course, that wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that the SEC only investigates fraud if it involves US investors.
    The Fund document stated that it would invest a minimum of $100,000 and a maximum of $250,000 in any single company.
    A few months later ICE also acted as ‘Sponsor’ for the Bar Works Private Placement where Bar Works was looking to raise $1.5 million. The Placement Memorandum states:
    “Bar Works has received an investment of $500,000 at 75 cents a share from a US based Tech Startup fund located in Silicon Valley”.
    It is possible that this investment is completely unrelated, but that is very unlikely. Something doesn’t ring true here (as usual). Either Bar Works is lying or the Tech Fund has broken its terms of operation. The Tech Fund cannot invest more than $250,000 in any one company or it would be in breach of the terms of its licence to operate.
    If I were an investor in the fund I would be asking my UK FSMA professional to find out what is going on. What investments has it made and of what sum ? It seems likely that Haddow is controlling ICE which is controlling the fund’s money.
    If I were an investor in the Bar Works Private Placement I would also want to know what is going on, especially since the brochure states that Bar Works has three directors, Jonathan Black, Zoe Miller and Robert Munden. Black doesn’t exist, Miller is Haddow’s wife and Munden was previously a director of Plantation Asset Management Ltd, the company involved in Haddow’s palm oil scam in Sierra Leone. So in effect Haddow controls Bar Works too. The Bar Works PPM brochure states:
    “The Company has taken reasonable care to ensure that the information contained in this Information Memorandum is correct and accurate”. REALLY !!!
    So it looks like all three levels of investor mentioned at the start of this post have a case for action against the perpetrators.
    Just found the following comments on a website talking about ICE. This is very worrying for the Fund investors. Interesting that these guys came from the UK.

    The owner does not bother you as long you are closing deals.
    Fly by night startup equity firm from the UK. The pay is horrible, big turn over. There is no structure at this company. They need a Human Resource Dept. The building is old, elevator only holds 5 people, The internet service sucks still on DSL. Open desk layout, no privacy, no coffee machine, no microwave!
    Advice to Management
    The IT person you have working for you will end up getting you sued. I suggest you find someone with a professional manner. And pay people what they are worth.

    Absolutely nothing. Place is very disorganized, fights almost everyday, and a very unprofessional environment.
    I don’t even know where to start. Manager visits inappropriate websites using the company’s computer during work hours while everybody is working their butts off. Looks like everything is a scam for sure. Some of the brokers are alcoholics and/or on drugs. There are fights almost everyday at the office. No business structure, no HR department, no rules. Let me not even talk about the pay……Horrible!
    Advice to Management
    Stop scamming people, be more professional, and please have an HR department.

    There is one nice review on the site – looks very much like it came from the company itself.

  94. @Erik,
    First it is a banking issue that stops your payments and now they announce they are stopping their main source of fundraising. I don’t believe they would voluntarily do that. In my opinion the US authorities have stepped in.
    In your next contact with them please ask where someone should go to meet the management team. Enquiries in the US have been unable to find a genuine office for Bar Works i.e one where there are desks, management and employees. It’s possible they might be working out of the Incrowd Equity office in Manhattan because the two organisations are very closely linked. I have a friend who will pay them a visit.

  95. IF there are actually any investors on here, which I believe there are a couple, read and listen to every word @ Marksie writes/says.

    If you don’t, you stand to lose, if it’s not gone already, every single penny/cent you ‘gave’ RH.

    There is a reason he set up in the US but didn’t ‘invite’ US investors. There is a reason he ‘invited’ UK and overseas investors into a project in the US. And remember the majority of the ‘work’ has been done by the ‘brokers’ hungry for commissions and driven only by that, egged on by an egotistical ‘manager’ akin to Ben Affleck in Boiler Room. And don’t think for one minute that Boiler Room or The Wolf are far fetched. They are tame in parts! Ask yourself if you could work in that environment?

    These people go back years, they’ve been doing it for a long time, they have a close circle who then reunite after they’ve disappeared for a while (like real life robbers), theyve fine tuned their process and learnt from their mistakes and they cover up their tracks like professional hit men! What you have to do is get smarter at how to beat them and not rely on other people.

    There are differences between the likes of The Wolf and these people as The Wolf ran one huge scam in one sector whereas these people run several if not dozens across multiple sectors but the ethos is the same; to extort as much as they can out of you.

    The warning signs have been there since Mr. Lang’s original post and the subsequent comments and hints from some of us.

    Ignore them at your peril.

  96. @Marksie @Scotty can you please provide what are the steps can we take? Can you refer any lawyer that can help?

  97. @Erik, @Enough, @Salam, @Marksie, @Scotty and @Jan Novak

    Can I have your permission to get your email contact from @Chris Lang?

  98. @Erik, @Enough, @Salam, @Marksie, @Scotty, and @Jan Novak – If you want me to pass on your email address to @Stephanie, please send me an email and I’ll forward your address to her. My email address is

  99. @ Stephanie, where are you based, country specific as this will have a bearing on suggestion.

    As per Marksie’s previous post I wouldn’t actually go to a lawyer now as they will simply offer advice as to the contract terms. You would also need to know who exactly you want to sue and as I’ve said these people cover their tracks and trails. You can’t sue the broker as they were ‘simply acting as a marketing agent’ but if you have anything in writing that states they were actually giving you investment advice but are not regulated it will help.

    You need to be approaching a ‘higher’ entity that deals with serious crime/fraud etc. If the US authorities are digging they will be after the entire set up and the directors etc with a legal case to follow but you need to find a way of finding out if they are.

  100. @Stephanie,
    I have not authorised Chris to release my email to you. I think your request should be turned the other way around. In your next post you should authorise Chris to email each of the 6 people one at a time with your contact details (not as a group email). The reason for this is because it is possible that one or more of the group are not genuine. You need to be very cautious about who you trust.
    To address your post, there are two scenarios. The first is that Bar Works genuinely does have banking issues and they have also voluntarily decided to stop their fundraising. In this case they would have no restrictions on paying refunds if they chose to. This is very unlikely in my opinion. In any case, Haddow doesn’t pay refunds. He keeps the money and ignores any letters or emails from investors. In my opinion Bar Works Inc would not refund your money and you would waste a lot more on a solicitor who would get nowhere.
    The second scenario is that the bank account has been frozen, either by the bank or by a financial regulator, and Bar Works is unable to pay out any money or to take in new payments from investors. I feel this is more likely. In this scenario the authorities generally allow small payments to keep the company running but do not allow payments to investors or the management team.
    There could easily be more than 500 investors involved. Bar Works would have been instructed by the authorities that they cannot treat one investor differently from another. This means no refunds for anyone until the regulators unfreeze the account.
    If you think that the first scenario is true then I advise:
    1. Write to Bar Works and the company that sold you the investment (if there was one). Advise both of them that you believe you were tricked into investing through false statements in the brochures and marketing material. Demand your money back within 7 days. Send them your bank account details.
    2. If you get a response let us know.
    I will tell you what I would do next once we know how you got on. This next step could be blocked if I reveal it on here now. The same advice applies to other investors. Put your request for a refund in writing to Bar Works and the agent. Let us know the response.

    @Stephanie – you haven’t told us anything about your investment process e.g who sold you the investment, where they operate from, the names of the salespeople etc. That was asked for weeks ago. If there is a reason why you don’t want it out in public then that’s OK, but if you go ahead and authorise the release of your email address to me I will ask you for proof. I will treat any information you give me as strictly confidential and it will not be released. I’m not really interested in the detail of what you provide, just that there is clear evidence you are a genuine investor.

  101. I am an investor albeit a small one, has anyone had any luck being paid this month? I am thinking about setting up an email inbox for all concerned investors to send me their details to approach these guys together.

  102. @everyone… sorry I sent my message not realizing that you guys had asked Chris who wrote this blog to share emails around. I emailed Chris will my details also.

    @marksie… good advice btw – I think a demand in writing is wise, would you say via email or actually in writing is better? Are you based in the UK? I am from UK but in UAE.

  103. Just to prove my authenticity, I initially heard of barworks via united property invest but ended up going direct. Dealt with a guy called Robert Delaware last May and then laterly Peter Jones. A lady called Tahyira was also involved. I had good dealings with them initially, until i didnt get any payment in April and my emails to them have been ignored for the last few weeks….

  104. first of all if all this was true other titles would have covered the story….and it would have made big news and important titles! I believe it’s probably dirty competition who started all this. Saying this I wrote to the editor 2 times asking me to put me in touch with the investors here but he never did. Wander why??? You can all talk but none of us knows the real truth. Saying this I spoke to the MD today and I have lots of updates and news. Youa ll talk just to talk….get a solicitor instead of vomiting stuff on here!

  105. @Marksie
    I have already done what you suggest weeks ago and asked for a refund based on the fact that I haven’t been paid and that I believe I have been scammed.

    I have asked @Chris to share my email address with you and I will send you the details along with their answer

  106. Hi
    I am an investor in Barworks NYC. I was concerned to read about this issue in the blog and the subsequent replies. I am keen to get involved and help towards any action group for investors.

  107. @ Jared – Are you an investor yourself in any of the Barworks programs?

    I think it’s quite simple really – if you are and you have concerns then share them here to benefit others. If you have no concerns, carry on regardless until you do have concerns.

    Up to you

  108. @jared – your comments are interesting. That could be true indeed, why only Real Deal covering this and not other news channels. if it was a mass scam one would think major news papers would at least print something..

    Could you share your email address with Chris the owner of this blog so i could have a chat with you offline? Or vice versa. Thank you :)

  109. Great news Jared !! We’ve been waiting for someone like you who is friendly with the MD of Bar Works. I’m sure everyone is really looking forward to hearing all these fantastic updates and news, especially as it comes from the top man at Bar Works. All we want is some clarity and the truth. So, can you answer three really easy questions first ?
    1. Where can we find Jonathan Black ? That shouldn’t be a problem should it ? If you don’t know yourself please ask the MD and then we can begin clearing up this misunderstanding.
    2. Where is the Bar Works office ? I have someone who would like to visit the office to thank the staff for their support and to arrange a friendly meeting with Franklin Kinard.
    3. What are the contact details of the MD ? You have been able to speak directly to him and I know there are a few people who would like to do the same to have their minds put at rest. Was it Franklin Kinard you spoke to ? Just post the MD’s name, email address and phone number on here and then we can start mopping up all this vomit once and for all.
    If you could help to clear up these tiny little snags everyone would be much happier.

    @Gogsuk and other investors, send emails to each contact that you have ever dealt with at Bar Works and the salespeople. That makes it much more difficult for them to deny they ever received it. Put a ‘notify me when opened’ tracker on it if you can and then keep and file the response so you have evidence it was opened. If you are also able to send a recorded delivery letter to their HQ which is Bar Works Inc, 47W 39th St, New York, 10018, USA, then do so but it is not essential because emails are now regarded as legal evidence.

  110. If proof was needed, Jarad just gave it to us.

    These people and these sorts of companies only have 2 strategies in their playbook to fight back against comments on message boards –

    1. Say the negative comments are all from jealous competitors, or

    2. Say they’re from ex-employees with a grudge against the firm

    The one thing they will NOT do is hit back with hard facts, verifiable facts, perhaps even a Youtube video from the CEO telling everyone EXACTLY what is going on. But you might all whistle dixie as the last thing these firms deal in is verifiable facts, it’s all talk and forward looking figures which have the same use as loo paper.

    Barworks investors, as others have said, you are in real trouble, any investor in a company where the dreadful Renwick Haddow is involved is always going to be in real trouble.

    Listen the other commentators on this side, get a gameplan together to try and salvage part or all of your investment as this company will not be around probably within a year. No smoke without fire and this one has smoke coming out from every possible orifice.

    People say don’t get lawyers involved because of the money but there are plenty of lawyers around who will offer a no-win-no-fee deal if they think the case is strong. Start to contact some they can only say no at worst, yes at best.

    They also say get a private investigator. That might work for some initial inquires and they’re a lot cheaper than a lawyer. Whoever mentioned it, has some good ideas so listen to him.

  111. @Jared, MD you mean Franklin Kinard? What updates do you get from him?

  112. @scotty @marksie @stephanie @erik @salam @jannovak

    I have set up an email account –

    If you guys want to collaborate and contact some Ponzi scheme attorney in NY or the US as a group to see if any of them would be up for trying to approach these guys on our behalf on a no win no fee basis it could be worth a shot.. We can share this email address and and see how many people we can get. I’d say if we can get 10 to 20 people on to this we could get some interest here..


    To be accepted, please state your name where and when you obtained the investment, how many seats you purchased and for which location. Also if you went direct or via a broker, if yes who.


  113. But will Jared answer, that is the question…….. we all await but not holding my breath.

    One reason I believe a newspaper is not carrying this for the record is that they will wait to print until AFTER the fan is hit by the huge amount of **** that is about to be thrown at it.

    And just think Jared, you can then turn round and say ‘Jeez. I didn’t see that coming’ whilst everyone else might have got something back from these people

  114. I agree with Simon B. If investors want to hire a lawyer and you can find one on a genuine ‘no win-no fee’ basis then go for it. If you make it clear in a letter exactly what you are asking the lawyer to do and the terms of his/her remuneration, emphasising that you have NO LIABILITY to pay anything for the service, then you have nothing to lose by taking the legal route.

    With regards to larger national newspapers taking up the story, journalists are lazy. Investigative journalists want a juicy story that justifies spending time and money on it. Bar Works is too small. There are probably thousands of these scams going on all the time. We got lucky with TRD because they are a NYC real estate newspaper and Bar Works just happened to be based in their neighbourhood.

    @Jared says he has the firepower to shoot down Vomit Squadron so let’s see it in action. Three simple questions asked – three simple answers required.

  115. Hello,
    We are a group of Swedish investors that have invested in Barworks through a Swedish agent.
    We will contact our agent and Barworks and try to cancel the contract.
    Not hoping for much but it is worth a shoot.
    Will follow this forum and keep you posted of any progress (or lack of)…

  116. Hi,
    Sorry I was busy for the past few days.
    Referring to my earlier post I was paid April payment on 25 April and got reply by email only informing me about the payment, nothing about my request to speak to the management or CEO.

    @Scotty – I am based in Saudi Arabia,
    I dealt directly with BarWors, I got the information and Ad’s from internet and contacted three agents in the UK, after I decided to become an agent … after I became agent I decided to by myself and check them before promoting I bought 4 workspaces and paid $85,000 and got $100,000 ($15,000 was the commission)
    I invested in the Tribeca project.
    I receive returns in US$ from the USA.

    I was not happy from the start, immediately after I transferred funds I was trying to reach them for receipt (confirmation) …

    After the 3 months (payments) I had to follow up on payments some time, and some payment where made on the 2nd week of the month (I was informed payment are transferred on 1st week of month), then payments received missing 10$ and you know about April payment delay.

    I was informed that sale in not possible because the buyback is not before 2 years.
    Also, I am still waiting for official statement from Barworks about what’s going … but nothing up to date.
    I have received up to now 11 payment (months).

  117. @ Salam – very quick question. Do you have a contract to act as an agent and they pay you 15% commission?

    Very good/brave of you to try before advising others to do so.

  118. @ Scotty I do have expired contract to act as an agent and they pay you 15% commission.


  119. @ Monta – thank you for confirming your location and further proof that this net has been cast far and wide.

    Can I ask how long ago you invested and how many of you there are?

  120. Hi guys,

    I have been following this page for a few days and been looking at all the links available.

    I purchased some units last year, I visited the 2 sites in New York myself last year, had a look around, the second location on 44th street had only just opened at the time.

    I purchased my units via a UK agent who I have used for other investments as well, after visiting the sites everything seemed good. There were some small questions but generally things seemed ok especially when the barworks site was right behind WeWorks who they are trying to copy.

    I dident actually meet anyone senior from barworks there at the time but had an appointment with a someone who was supposed to be the main sales person.

    I have been paid up until April (last payment was late), last payment 25th April, however when there was a delay I came across this page. Generally before April my payments have been on time, I did stay on top of them though.

    My agent from UK is in constant contact and is being helpful. I am just looking at all the options at the moment, obviously it is very stressful.

    I think a forum should be created, whoever wants to set it up, the person setting it up should show proof of their lease and any new member should be allowed to join the group after showing their lease.

    Also I think if anyone is in USA or better New York they should visit one of the sites and at least maybe upload images etc showing if they still exist or try to meet someone there.

    UK police advice is when you have been stung then various people may also approach you to help but actually try to screw you over, so it is understandable how all investors are a bit edgy with giving away information.

    The best thing Barworks can do now is to be honest and tell investors what’s going on otherwise investors will assume the worst and will not be forgiving. I am sure Franklin & co must be reading this, hopefully the will get the message.

  121. @ Salam – Thank you

    About 6 weeks ago I posted to show the extortionate ‘costs’ with this scheme and given what Salam has just told all of you, I was close but not exact.

    If you invest $100,000, $15,000 goes to the agent (not bad for making a few calls and sending some emails to spread Haddow’s word).
    You can guarantee that Haddow is not paying his agents more than himself so take another $15,000 off your $100,000.

    $70,000 is only going in to the project.

    They are giving you for example $15,000 back each year (15% of $100,000) but if it were real, $15,000 of $70,000 is actually more than 21% return each year. From a desk???? And that’s with haddow doing it for free!

    Buyback which as we know doesn’t actually exist but if it did it offers you I believe 125% of your $100,000? I.e. $125,000. So in 2 years your ‘ desk’ needs to grow from $70,000 to $125,000.
    That’s a 78.6% return folks!!!! To make it possible!!!

    If ever any of you genuine investors on here needed proof that this is Ponziesque……..

  122. Send the boys in blue to 47 7th Ave S, New York, NY 10014. Probably get a few answers there.

  123. Thanks @Salam, very interesting points.
    1. Can you see if the April payment was made from the same account as the other payments ? It would be good to know if they have changed banks like they said they were going to do. If the money came from the same account it would signify that their original bank account is not frozen
    2. If the account is different is it in the name of Bar Works Inc or another company/person ?
    I think you are lucky that you are an agent as well as an investor. As an agent they would want to look after you. I wonder if ordinary investors have also now received their April payment.
    3. This point is important – there is nothing to stop them refunding your money. You are not asking them to buyback. You were tricked into investing because the CEO does not exist and another director was using a false name to hide the fact that she is the wife of Renwick Haddow. Keep trying to get your money back. Tell them very clearly that this is not a buyback. It is a full refund you are asking for due to the false information they gave you.
    4. The 15% commission is standard for Haddow projects. BUT if he is following his usual pattern this will not be the total commission. When he was running Capital Alternatives in the UK he was paying 15% to agents like you and 30% to his sales team in the office. Typical deductions from investors money was 45% so I expect it is very similar for Bar Works. However, it didn’t stop there. He was then entitled to his own separate ‘consultancy fee’ which he deducted from the investor’s money.

    Still Salam, it is very good news that you have had a payment and i hope the same is true for other investors.

  124. My experience with Barworks is exactly the same as @gogsuk. I have hit a wall of silence now after asking for a refund in writing. I’m going back to them today to confirm my request and set a deadline otherwise I am taking legal action. I have it in writing from Barworks that I can cash in my investment at any point. Anyone on here want to team up?

  125. @scotty
    Hi, we are about 10 investors that I know of.
    We will talk to our agent today and then contact BarWorks.

    I will also send an e-mail to Chris Lang that it is ok for him to share my contact details to others that are active in this thread in case there’s information that you do not what to share here.

    Stay tuned…

  126. Got this e-mail today. What do you think?

    Official update from Bar Works CEO,
    Franklin Kinard

    Good day. I’m Frank Kinard, managing director of Bar Works. I apologize for the inexcusable breakdown in communication between Bar Works and our leaseholders.

    Yes, regrettably, rents to leaseholders have been delayed. This is due to necessary, productive restructuring that will be explained in greater detail in the next few days. As well, we will lay out a structure for leaseholders to ensure they are not disadvantaged. None of this is unusual. All ventures go through realignments, with good news and bad news along the way. At every stage, however, our stakeholders deserve to be informed. Our leaseholder relations apparatus failed at that task. I won’t let this happen again.

    What restructuring? For instance, Bar Works corrected severe problems with our construction process. That’s crucial because construction is at the heart of our company. After all, we provide space for commerce. Unfortunately, an ineffective general contractor was initially hired to develop Bar Works locations. As a result, several Bar Works sites were far behind schedule, or raw spaces sat idle due to the general contractor’s mishandling of permits and other protocols.

    A new team fixed this. That’s why our Miami venue opened only a month after we secured the building. That’s why our landmark building in Hollywood, California is launching in just a few weeks. These new procedures also rescued exciting locations in San Francisco and New York.

    Right away, we are creating a better information pipeline for leaseholders. For the rest of this week, you can email Starting Monday, the permanent representative for investors will be in place. She’s Nancy Rodriguez, and she can be called at 646 829 1564, or emailed at If you don’t reach someone instantly, we guarantee a response within hours.

    Thank you. More updates are coming your way.

    Frank Kinard

    Managing Director

    Bar Works

  127. I understand your wish to discuss this privately – how about setting up a Facebook group? If it’s a secret group, no one outside the group will know who is in the group.

    I’m suggesting this partly because I am now inundated with requests to share email addresses. I spent hours yesterday trying to work out who might be a genuine invester and who is posing as an investor but is actually from Bar Works. Some people in this discussion are happy to share their emails, others aren’t. Some only want their emails shared with certain people, but not with others. It’s impossible for me to manage this, I’m afraid (unless I were to hire a fraud expert to work full time on it). Sorry!

    In the meantime, if you are in the UK or were persuaded to invest in Bar Works by a UK company, I recommend contacting Action Fraud (0300 123 2040). As @sara points out, Action Fraud has information about what to do if you’re the victim of a Ponzi scheme.

    A few years ago, I wrote a post with a list of things to do if you had been scammed into buying carbon credits as investments. While Bar Works isn’t selling carbon credits, I think it’s worth working through that list – in addition to the various suggestions in the comments above.

  128. @darren yes I will team up.

    I set up a gmail account .

    I think either we invite those with concerns to send an email here or someone sets up a facebook group.

    For those who send an email and state they are a genuine investor and show some evidence they get an invite to a facebook page.


  129. @Sara, thanks for the information. I’m sure that this blog is being followed by Bar Works and we have to wonder why they aren’t coming out and shooting the doubters (like me) down in flames. They haven’t produced Jonathan Black, or commented on Mr & Mrs Haddow’s involvement, or explained who owns the company or how they spend investor’s money, or where their staff are based (because it isn’t at the address on their website), or how all the various companies are linked and who owns them, or why they kept avoiding the journalist at TRD.
    Even you didn’t visit their office or meet any of their management team. Bar Works could yet turn out to be a completely legitimate company but personally I very much doubt that. They don’t even have to come on this blog. They could invite the TRD journalist to their office, give an interview and provide evidence. He would then write a piece in his paper clearing up all the accusations and everything would go back to normal.
    I urge caution on both the forum and the position with your agent. Firstly, the forum will almost certainly be infiltrated. It is easy for BW to get a friendly person to join. Even when the whole Capital Alternatives scam was coming to light there were investors who believed they were innocent and were feeding information back to them from investor forum groups. Secondly, you should not regard your agent as your friend. He/she is a salesperson working on commission. Capital Alternatives, its’ management team AND agents were included in the FCA prosecution for jointly promoting a Collective Investment Scheme. If they are convicted at the trial in July they are facing jail terms. It is certainly possible that the Bar Works model is a CIS and may also come under the UK’s ‘Non Mainstream Pooled Investment’ legislation. This means that your agent could be held jointly liable by the FCA and, if proven, the personal assets of the people involved will be seized by the FCA and used to compensate investors. The protection of limited company status is completely removed in a case of CIS – the FCA go after the assets of the company AND the personal assets of the people involved in the promotion. Hence the reason Haddow has had himself declared bankrupt.
    My advice is to keep your relationship with your agent strictly on a business footing. There have been enough questions raised about Bar Works with no answers coming back that you should seriously consider insisting on a refund. If you trust the people involved and can afford to lose the money then stay invested. If you have doubts yourself, haven’t had clear and definitive answers to the question with supporting evidence provided, and you CAN’T afford to lose the money then, if it were me, I would be knocking on the agent’s door demanding a full refund. It isn’t worth the risk.
    I note that you haven’t given the agent’s name or details and I assume that is because you feel uncomfortable going public with it.
    If you don’t mind me asking what was the name of the main sales person you met in New York and was he American or British ? It’s always useful to know what the names are and where they come from (even though they have been known to use false names). After all, if the founder Zoia Kyselova (who we now believe is Zoia Haddow) is described in brochures as Zoe Miller why can’t the salespeople have fake names too….

  130. @Monta
    I received this email yesterday as well, the good thing is they are feeling the pressure and know investors are kicking off and want answers as well as their money. Whether they will follow up and continue communication and respond to all investors is to be seen.

    I think a closed facebook group seems to be a good idea, however posting on here is also good as i’m sure barworks are probably reading this and this is probably quite effective in getting the message to them as well as all the other correspondence & agents contacting them.

    My recent payment was sent from a Barclays UK bank to me in my UK account. So they have changed the banks, maybe only for UK investors, i’m not sure. Also it mentioned on there the sending company as Barworks USA / UK Ltd, the director of which is Franklin Kinard. The address for this company is just a standard company formation place.

  131. BTW I did contact fraud solicitor in NY that I found on Google. He did not know anything about BarWorks. His comment “If it truly is a “scam” a civil lawsuit won’t help as there would be little if anything to collect from a defunct company in the time it takes to perfect a lawsuit.”

    Sounds like a good idea. What kind of proof would be required to show to join the group?

  132. Yes that sounds like a good plan. I will drop you a line on the email address you have set up.
    I have no problem sharing evidence of my investment, contracts, lease, chain of emails to all the individuals at Barworks.

  133. A lot of people commenting on here now (which is good). May have to mentally shuffle some posts around because they may have been written before other posts showed up, but it is good that most people are trying to get to the truth.
    The Bar Works reshuffle will be interesting. There’s a lot of heat coming onto Bar Works now from a number of directions. Odd that they never mentioned delays at almost every site. Lots of press releases about how successful they are, but none informing anyone about delays. Until now…..sounds like an excuse for them saying that they won’t be able to meet the terms of the contract.
    @ Jared, will Franklin Conhard be answering those three questions anytime soon ?

  134. For what it’s worth –

    I think a group is a good idea for genuine investors to share their experiences and documentation etc with each other however be VERY careful. It would be quite easy for someone from Barworks to fill out a lease in the name of say ‘Johnny White’ (Black is already being used I believe!) and enter your group under false pretenses.

    Don’t lose sight here – personally I don’t think there’s any doubt that they have bought or leased premises for this scheme and they are or will be or might be operational but this is a front to sidetrack you. It’s a shop window.

    The real issue is HOW they raised they funds, if it was legal, who owns the real estate if it goes belly up, the fraudulent signature or assumed identity of JB/RH and how they are generating the returns to you. If you can prove it’s a Ponzi then you can build a case and whilst low ‘members’ might point you to that assumption, it’s not enough.

    I’m sure that a company as ‘successful’ would by now have a large team of directors and support staff in a swanky office somewhere?

    I wouldn’t even be convinced that Kinnard knows the half of it or what has happened to date and they’ve passed him a right ticking time bomb.

    As for copying WeWorks……

  135. None of these agents give a shit about their clients. They only sell these loss making investments in order to pick up that massive 15%-20% bonus and only the shittiest deals (made to look like very profitable ones) pay 15%+. Legitimate investments pay around 1%-3%.

    Go look at these agents websites, they’re full of these types of easy money deals paying a 20% yield in a world of zero rates. The agents all go on about ‘due diligence’ but the only due diligence they do is see how much commission the deals pay. If it’s high, they pimp it out. The agents aren’t stupid they know just what they’re doing although they’ll tell you they ‘feel your pain’ when things start to go wrong. Many of them will also say they invested in the deals themselves to make the clients feel better but as I said, they’re not stupid, they’re very mendacious, so they haven’t invested as they know a crap deal when they see one.

    The agents will also not tell their clients just how much money they’re being paid (by their clients). The clients pay the agents a fortune (the 15%-20% comes off the top of the clients original investment) hence it’s kept very quiet because the agents and the investment managers view the clients as sheep to be fleeced and the less they know about what goes on in the background the better.

    Sorry but the above is the reality. People must start to learn about how the unregulated investment world works. It works to transfer customer money to the people behind the deals as well as the agents. As for what they’re investing in, normally it’s a joke but by the time the investors have realised, the scammers have moved on. New company, new hot investment product offering you guessed it bumper yields in a world of zero rates. Same result for them (major money) same results for the clients (major losses).

    Just look at this website for an example. How many articles have been written about these unregulated investments? 20, 30 maybe more. And tell me how many times this website has been right or wrong? It’s always been right and never been wrong. Redd Monitor is therefore not wrong with Bar Works so expect more emails from the CEO explaining there are yet more ‘unforeseen problems’ due to (insert excuse). Clue, they won’t be sorted out, buying time is the sole goal. Anyway wasn’t Bar Works supposed to be a bullet proof business? Looks like the bullshit is already starting to unravel.

  136. We don’t need @Jared any longer. We can go straight to Nancy Rodriguez.
    Here are the questions every investor should be asking Bar Works’ new customer representative. Feel free to add any more of your own.

    Dear Nancy,
    I have read a number of blogs about Bar Works Inc that have given me some concern. I am certain that you would want to put my mind at rest and be completely transparent with me. For that reason I would like you to answer the following questions:

    1. Who are the directors of Bar Works Inc ? The marketing material that made me want to invest says Jonathan Black, Zoe Miller and Robert Munden are directors.
    2. Please can you provide me with evidence that the co-founder Jonathan Black exists ?
    3. Please can you provide me with evidence that Zoe Miller is the real name of the co-founder ?
    4. What are the contact details for Robert Munden and was he formerly a director of a company involved with Capital Alternatives Ltd ?
    5. Who are the shareholders in Bar Works Inc ? Why is this not in the public domain like most bona-fide companies ?
    6. My contract for rental payments is with Bar Works Management Inc. Who are the directors of this company ?
    7. Who are the shareholders in Bar Works Management Inc ?
    8. How does Bar Works Management Inc generate the revenues to pay my rental payments ?
    9. Is Renwick Haddow or any member of his family still involved with Bar Works Inc or Bar Works Management Inc or any company which forms part of the Bar Works Group of companies ?
    10. Does Renwick Haddow or any member of his family or any company in which he or his family are involved receive any payments from Bar Works Inc or Bar Works Management Inc or any company which forms part of the Bar Works Group of companies ?
    11. Does Renwick Haddow or any member of his family or any company with which he is involved have any financial interest in any of the freehold properties involved in Bar Works operations ?
    12. Please provide a breakdown of who owns the freehold of the property in which I bought a workspace unit ?
    13. What is the percentage of commission, marketing, admin and consultancy fees that was deducted from my investment money when it was received by Bar Works Inc ?
    14. Which companies received those payments ?
    15. Where are your office staff based ?
    16. My representative would like to meet one of the directors. Please can you advise me who that will be and what time/date would be convenient ?
    17. Why has a member of the Bar Works management team not met with the journalist from TRD to answer his allegations ?
    18. If it turns out that the marketing material was not truthful will you refund my investment in full ? If not, why not ?

    Let’s see if the investor relations representative is as open and honest as she should be. Point 18 is the key one for concerned investors.

  137. @H. Butterfield – I agree. The “agents” should be held responsible for pushing unregulated investments. Please contact the FCA to report what happened.

    I’ve written about one of the operations that sold investments in Bar Works – Heron Global Partners.

    Six and Flow, the company that ran Heron Global Partners’ marketing campaign, admitted that at least part of the marketing was “potentially misleading”.

    I’m interested in writing more about the other companies that promoted Bar Works. If anyone wants to talk to me about their “agent”, how they got involved with this investment, and some of the promises that the “agents” made, send me an email – Thanks! If you prefer to remain anonymous, that’s fine.

    REDD-Monitor’s posts about unregulated investments are collected here:

    The first one was written in May 2012. Since then I’ve added a further 180 posts (some are about the same company or group of companies).

  138. How would those affected feel about emailing an attorney individually but as a group, attaching id and lease agreements?

    I may have a california based firm willing to look at it if they get enough numbers.

    Reply if hypothetically interested in this.. if yes id post email address and name of lawyer here. Those who want to get involved email lawyer direct. He verifies and creates a group and represents us….


  139. Hello all,
    This information was apparently sent to investors at the beginning of the year. I didn’t get this info until today. A fellow investor shared it. Sorry for the formatting, it was originally a PDF…

    Bar Works Comment on the Real Deal Article
    There are only two ways to use investors’ money. . . wisely or foolishly. Bar Works management has wisely deployed resources from our backers. As a result, Bar Works is becoming a stronger enterprise each day. We learned from mistakes at our first two locations in Midtown, and we are relaunching those venues. Our
    third site– on 7th Ave South in New York’s Greenwich Village– is growing in popularity. And within weeks, we’ll have the formal openings of Bar Works in San Francisco, Miami and on Chambers St near New York’s City Hall.
    We have also refined our business model to include juice and coffee concessions, which will debut at Chambers Street in Manhattan.
    Along the way, we have dramatically improved our construction process, which allows our locations to produce revenue sooner. In addition, our marketing has become more scientific. And we have improved our internal operating systems. In short, Bar Works is a vibrant, disciplined enterprise. . . which is precisely what investors want.
    However, none of this was mentioned in a horribly flawed recent article. The story wrongly implied that Bar
    Works is effected by a totally unrelated civil matter in the United Kingdom, involving an independent Bar
    Works consultant. Further, the article inaccurately describes that consultant’s civil dispute.
    The consultant is Mr. Renwick Haddow, who has helped Bar Works in areas that greatly strengthened our
    operations and benefitted our investors. But Mr. Haddow’s civil challenge in the UK has nothing to do with his
    activities for Bar Works. The story about him appeared in a real estate publication called The Real Deal.
    Bar Works is led by Managing Director Frank Kinard. In a video posted on the Bar Works Web site, Mr. Kinard
    explains that he has launched an information initiative that will give investors a better understanding of the
    company’s performance. This will include periodic conference calls, where Mr. Kinard will take live questions
    from investors.
    Bar Works isn’t afraid of scrutiny because we believe in what we are building.
    Thank you. There’s much more good news coming.
    Frank Kinnard
    Managing Director
    Bar Works Inc.
    Bar Works Comment on the Real Deal Article

  140. @gogsuk, see Monta’s post above of 5th May. It really isn’t worth taking the legal route. Very expensive and absolute waste of time. It is much better to ask the SEC in the USA, the FCA in the UK and the police to investigate.

  141. @marksie i disagree. A usa lawyer engaged by a mass group of us can approach SEC on our behalf and can cause a whole heap of bother. Collectively it wont be as much as you think… lets see

  142. Now here’s a funny thing. In February 2017, when Franklin Kinnard signed Bar Works’ response to The Real Deal article, here’s what his signature looked like:

    By April 2017, when he told investors that Bar Works was having difficulties with its bank, his signature had changed to this:

  143. @Monta, thanks for that. It is a laughable reply by Kinard. It says that it is a response to the article in TRD but it isn’t at all. It doesn’t answer any of the questions raised by that article i.e who is Jonathan Black ? Who is Zoia Lysekova/Zoai Haddow/Zoe Miller and so on….. Every time they avoid answering those questions it reinforces the view that TRD was absolutely bang on the money. Black doesn’t exist. Haddow’s wife is fronting Bar Works for him and Munden is a dumb puppet that Haddow has used before in a previous scam.
    Come on Kinard, you must be reading this. Answer those questions for your investors !

  144. @gogsuk, fair point. I wouldn’t want to stop any group from taking legal action if they felt it could give them a result. If you band together to get a lawyer to take the case to the SEC then that is a much better option than trying to prosecute it yourselves. A lot of information has come out in the past few days. I need to think about it. The change of bank account payments from Bar Works Inc to Bar Works USA/UK Ltd may appear a small irrelevance, but it could be highly significant.
    The SEC only gets involved if a fraud involves one or more of the following:
    US investors are involved;
    The transaction went through a US bank;
    The transaction was made in US$.
    For most investors so far I am assuming that the second two rules apply.
    It may be that a new version of the Wealth Builder program will be launched through a UK bank and will not involve US$. We shall have to wait and see.
    Lots of information to digest.

  145. Hello all,

    I might be a bit naîve but what is the danger with sharing ones identity in these forums? Or sharing the name of the agents? Not sure why everybody is so cautious…

    @gogsuk regarding getting a joint lawyer, it is not so much the cost but the potential reward that does not make it worth it. By the time we could take BarWorks to court, there wouldn’t be any money to claim back.

  146. @ H Butterfield – 2 words

    SPOT ON !!!!!

  147. @Stephanie – Please read this comment. I cannot manage the various email requests. Please don’t ask me to share your email address or ask others to write to me to ask for your email address. I’m sorry, but it’s becoming a full-time job. Why don’t you set up a Facebook group?

    @Darren (and everyone else) – Please don’t send me an email asking me to forward your email address to @Stephanie (or anyone else). Thanks!

  148. @ Chris – re. signature, brilliant! I was only the other day trying to find something similar.
    Do you have anything signed by Black Haddow to compare?

    Picking up some traction now on here which is good news for the investors.

    Build a group
    Do loads of research
    Collate your findings
    Align your ducks
    Load your weapons
    Squeeze the trigger

    Metaphorically speaking of course.

  149. @ Monta – some of us on here are investors who may not want to reveal themselves because if their agent or barworks are following they will worry their returns will stop.
    Some of us on here have been ‘hit’ before by these types of con artists but wish to remain anonymous.
    Some of us on here will be agents, competitors or managers seeing where the thread is going and trying to preempt the outcome or prep for the next phase.
    And some, who go into detail and give specific views and fact about this scheme and the industry as a whole might just be fed up with seeing the same old routine, with the same old people making millions illegally whilst others try and do an honest job legally.

    There have been so many of these ‘types’ of projects over the last 10 years or so. Penny share scams, iPo’s, carbon credits, rare earth metals, diamonds, alternative fuel, so called green investments, bamboo, trading platforms, social housing in Brazil, land pre planning, coworking office spaces……. it is endless.

    One question I will throw out there – reading ‘Fu’ Kinnards email reply about and mentioning Haddows name and admitting he was involved etc is an obvious ‘if we name him it looks like we aren’t hiding anything’ BUT ask yourself this – IF you were sitting on this bomb proof business model, even with Trump in power, would you honestly want anything to do with a man wanted in several countries for previous scams??? Of course not, unless said man started it up and then moved it on to someone else who then has to release a statement saying ‘oh he has previous but it’s nothing to do with this and he’s brilliant at what he does and this will only make you, the investor, so much better off’.

    The way they get around the obvious ‘collective scheme’ is to ‘sell’ the investors a license individually.

  150. Yes am behind this, forward details of your attorney so I and others can make contact.
    I am willing to start raising a complaint with the FCA

  151. @Monta, very great and thank you very much for your informative posts. Keep us update!

    @gogsuk @Monta @Darren @Scotty I don’t agree in facebook, it has all our private information – our photos, posts, activity, etc. You can’t guarantee that the group is clear from Bar Works staffs. Proof like lease agreement can be edited/photoshoped.

    So, does anyone of you know or can find a lawyer who wants to be rich? HELP US IN BULK!
    Each investors pay 10% of their investment amount to lawyer. Some investors invest $25,000 / $50,000 / $100,000. I believe dozens of investors are reading this and agree to team up. We team up together and if the total amount is $2 million, we pay 10%, then the lawyer gets $200,000 at least, the lawyer just need to win one case. Any lawyer wants to take this opportunity?

    Just ask your friend or relative, do they know any lawyer want to take this opportunity? The lawyer then create a mailing-list or forwarding email account for all of us who are willing to team up as a bulk.

    @marksie Zoe Miller is not the real name for sure that we have already known, she is Zoia Kyselova, her facebook is Take the screen capture before it is deleted!
    Bar Works staffs are all using fake name, Zoe Miller = Zoia Kyselova, Jonathan Black = Renwick Haddow, Tahyira Cordner = Tahyira Savanna, Franklin Kinard = ?????, Nancy Rodriguez = ?????

    @marksie @Scotty I am aware two of you are the most concern, are you guys also investors? If not, why are you so concern?

  152. It looks like you ‘guys’ are moving this forward with some great ideas, looking to team up etc and approach a lawyer (needs to be US based as that’s where the crime has occurred or the money trail goes to) however as @Sara mentioned if they are now using UK accounts, UK clients approach the FCA, someone get on to the SEC in the USA. Would also make contact with Serious Fraud or the NCA for uk clients.
    You need to go hard at this and spread your investigations.

    @ Stephanie – I obviously do not know how Marksie will reply to you but I have personally asked you where you are based? Which agent you dealt with and where that agent is etc but you’ve refused to reply.
    If that is because you are only willing to talk to investors, of which I have already said I am not, then I understand however my input on this forum has been purely to try and give investors some background on how the industry works so you can piece things together. I cannot tell you how I know my information or where it comes from so please don’t ask but if you want someone to give you an insight into what these people are capable of and their general aim in life or how they operate, feel free to ask but only if it will help.

    The best example I can give you is this – imagine walking into your favorite designer store (let’s use Gucci as these boys like their bling) and the shop window looks amazing.
    You walk in and choose to buy, let’s say a $25,000 item.
    You can then choose to take the one off the shelf which you know is authentic or the salesman offers you one from ‘out the back’ with an offer to buy it back for $35,000 in 2 years. It’s only when you get home that you realise the one you chose from ‘out the back’ is a cheap copy. You go back the next day and the shop is now Ralph Lauren and the salesman has gone.

    One thing for the future to remember all investors on here is this – buy backs are generally rubbish unless you have a stated monetary amount in your contract and it’s based around realistic market value of the asset backing the contract and not just a piece of paper like barworks.

    Example – if you ever deal in the real alternative market like antiques, collectible cars or genuine art, a dealer will NEVER give you a buy back clause. The investor though is buying to hopefully make the return over a period of time but nothing is definite.

    Fixed returns are also dubious unless the ‘thing’ is up and running and creating that return.
    Developers of Student apartments went mad on this several years ago to ‘beat’ the buy to let market but if the property is off plan or not tenanted, the ‘guaranteed return’ is built in to the price you pay.

    As I’m not an investor if people wish me to leave, just let me know.

    I hope you all get the justice you deserve through the courts or via a government authority etc.

    Remember Jim Moore is now being held for a $150m ‘deal’ he was involved in years ago.

    It might be a long run guys but you owe it to yourself to finally put this man away although the FCA may do that this year anyway. You just want to get some money out of him first.

    And remember there are no guarantees with any investment!

  153. People the company is total scam, walk in to Bar Works 47 7th Ave S, New York, NY 10014. Ask for Franklin Kinard or someone in Administration. They all sit the basement there. Stop the madness and do it.

  154. @Scotty, nobody has to leave. This is a public blog open to all. @ Stephanie, see previous posts for your answer.

  155. @stephanie


    I am in touch with a top lawyer in Northern California specializing in investment fraud and ponzi schemes. He has asked me for info which I will send to him on Monday.

    He says he would be theoretically interested in a collective approach. I said I would post his details on here and have anyone concerned or interested to email him direct. He can verify everyone and this means nobody has to worry about sharing identity and getting involved on facebook or other social accounts. It can all be done direct with the lawyer and he can review copy of each investor passport and contract etc.

    I think if he can represent enough of us it then becomes worth it for them in terms of $$ that could be obtained.

    Watch this space

  156. @Scotty I will not answer your question here, I have asked @Chris Lang to share your email account you but he refused.

    May be you can send email to @gogsuk at and ask him to forward it to me. Thanks.

  157. I was wondering where I would find the chatter heating up on Bar Works. I invested in one work space @ $25k. I live in the UK and am a US citizen. The latest email from Frank K received on Friday only adds fuel to the fire. Bar Works is now processing payments via CFX which is London based and also regulated by the FCA. This may be the trigger to get the FCA involved. When I purchased my lease a year ago, the alarm bells should have been ringing. I bought through Clinch Property listed in an earlier post. I’ve had a number of emails back and forth between Jessica Mayo, Brian Cohen, Tanya ??, Yuna??. No missed payments yet, but I’m being hit for a new $20 routing fee due to the change in money transfer agents to CFX. Based on the mail ‘investors’ received on Friday, there is high risk that future payments will not be forthcoming at all.

  158. This is a repost as I can’t see my original. What a trail of similar experiences and feelings. I am an ‘investor’ having purchased one lease last June. All was going well until this March when for some reason, I was paid double the amount. This raised flags. I queried it and was told I was paid for March and April. BW’s is now using CFX in London for payments and I also had a $20 routing fee taken out of the total. Not good. I challenged this and have been going back and forth. I was paid in April for some reason as I was paid for April in March. I have been dealing with Yuna, Jessica Mayo, Brian Cohen, Tahyira Cordner at various times. Perhaps as CFX is London based and regulated by the FCA, reporting this to the FCA might be an option. I’m based in the UK and am a dual US/UK citizen.

    Friday’s email from Frank K did not exactly fill me with confidence. Posted below, the blame game has started. I wonder what the leaseholder relations apparatus is? Does Nancy Rodriguez even exist? Will calls be returned in a matter of hours?

    The case continues.


    Official update from Bar Works CEO,
    Franklin Kinard

    Good day. I’m Frank Kinard, managing director of Bar Works. I apologize for the inexcusable breakdown in communication between Bar Works and our leaseholders.

    Yes, regrettably, rents to leaseholders have been delayed. This is due to necessary, productive restructuring that will be explained in greater detail in the next few days. As well, we will lay out a structure for leaseholders to ensure they are not disadvantaged. None of this is unusual. All ventures go through realignments, with good news and bad news along the way. At every stage, however, our stakeholders deserve to be informed. Our leaseholder relations apparatus failed at that task. I won’t let this happen again.

    What restructuring? For instance, Bar Works corrected severe problems with our construction process. That’s crucial because construction is at the heart of our company. After all, we provide space for commerce. Unfortunately, an ineffective general contractor was initially hired to develop Bar Works locations. As a result, several Bar Works sites were far behind schedule, or raw spaces sat idle due to the general contractor’s mishandling of permits and other protocols.

    A new team fixed this. That’s why our Miami venue opened only a month after we secured the building. That’s why our landmark building in Hollywood, California is launching in just a few weeks. These new procedures also rescued exciting locations in San Francisco and New York.

    Right away, we are creating a better information pipeline for leaseholders. For the rest of this week, you can email Starting Monday, the permanent representative for investors will be in place. She’s Nancy Rodriguez, and she can be called at 646 829 1564, or emailed at If you don’t reach someone instantly, we guarantee a response within hours.

    Thank you. More updates are coming your way.

    Frank Kinard

    Managing Director

    Bar Works

  159. For those with a case to claim refund against Barworks? You dont have to send me details now, please can you advise how much you have invested please?

    From my side I can confirm – 25000 USD

    I want to give the lawyer I am talking to an indication of how much we have disputed here…


  160. @salem

    I have invested too … Im from Saudi Arabia … can we get in touch on riy007 @ h o t m a il

  161. @Stephanie – Just to clarify. You asked me to forward the email addresses of several people who have commented here. As I explained to you (more than once) obviously I cannot share email addresses without the permission of whoever’s email address it is.

    As I explained in this comment I simply cannot manage all the requests for other people’s email addresses. Sorry! That’s why I suggested setting up a Facebook group. Alternatively, you could leave your email address – or use , as you suggested.

  162. @tim – funny you say CFX they used them 1 year ago with me… defo a case to report to FCA.

    @rashid – send email to tell me how much you have invested and if you want to get involved in legal action. Have a california based ponzi lawyer interested in a clasa action case

  163. @rashid – Please be aware that leaving your email address on a public forum like this means that you could be contacted by people pretending to be investors, but who actually work for Bar Works.

  164. $125000
    I have already contacted the FCA.

  165. 1) @ – $
    2) @ – $
    3) someelse who contacted me privately – $
    4) and another – $

    Who else wants to add to the list?

  166. @gogsuk 50 k

    @Chris Lang … thanks for the advice .. but i want to meet with the guy in person since we are in the same country and facing the same issue.

    apparently, they are starting to sell some units on chinese investors thru www. MIUHK .com

  167. Please add to the list below who wants to team up to take legal route as a group. Each investors will pay 10% of their investment amount to lawyer who win our case. That means 10% from the total amount of the list below.

    The lawyer just need to win one case and get the money.

    Terim and condition: NO WIN NO FEE. YOU WIN YOU GET THE MONEY.

    1) @ – $
    2) @ – $
    3) someelse who contacted me privately – $
    4) and another – $
    5) – $
    6) …..
    7) …..
    8) …..

    Please continue.

  168. @stephanie – to clarify, that would be a good deal if a lawyer were to agree to that. I have sent him my full case and a heap of supporting info.

    Lets see what they say.

    Can anyone add their investment amount to this list?

    @monta – how many investors are you in touch with and how much?

  169. 1) @ – $
    2) @ – $
    3) someelse who contacted me privately – $
    4) and another – $
    5) – $
    6) another approach –


    Who else wants involved to sink these losers? Email me

  170. Hi all,

    I have invested $25 000.
    About seven Swedish investors might join as well ($25 000 – $100 000 invested each).

  171. 1) @ – $
    2) @ – $
    3) someelse who contacted me privately – $
    4) and another – $
    5) – $
    6) another
    7) + approx from 7 investors


    Anyone else interested?!?!

  172. @Gogsuk please add me to the group as well I invested 25,000$ for a space in NY and 10000$ for another in Istanbul with Barworks and I did it directly with Barworks NYC my account manager is Keith Simpson .

    I have asked for a refund through email since all their known phone numbers are either disconnected or goes to voice mail. No response yet from anyone.

    I have my allocation number for the two units.

  173. @Stephanie’ @gogsuk. Add me to this list for $25,000. I will also get in touch with FCA complaints.

    See email contents below from CFX to Bar Works Jessica Mayo regarding my questioning the routing fee charges. The only reason I’m posting is this is to evidence that CFX is involved.

    ——– Beginning of forwarded message——–
    23.03.2017, 12:33, “Nick Burns” :
    Hi Jessica,
    I hope you are well.
    This will almost certainly be a routing charge. This is not a fee that either banking (mine or his) are applying, but a third party routing charge.
    All USD get routed through a third party bank in the US before routing to the beneficiary bank. Sometimes – and it is very difficult to predict when – that bank will help themselves to $20-25 (ish). There is very little we can do to avoid the fee.
    What I suggest you do, is encourage the client to receive one payment on a quarterly basis. That way we will only have one payment and one routing charge.
    Kind regards,
    Nick Burns | Senior FX Dealer
    Central FX | 3 Lloyd’s Avenue | London EC3N 3DS
    Direct phone: +44 (0)207 265 7982 | Phone: +44 (0)207 265 7979 | Fax: +44 (0)207 265 7901
    Please visit our website at:

  174. I wonder how much @ Jared invested? Ha ha

    @ Stephanie – just trying to help you out, no worries if you don’t want to name and shame on here.

    If you get together and go through the lawyer suggested on a 10% turn, that’ll be a pretty penny for him/her but well worth it!

    Good work

    Next stage guess – you’ll get a return but won’t be the full amount and it will be accompanied with a lame excuse.

  175. Or some bull suggesting the investors have their returns quarterly or 6 monthly…… putting the decision on the investor if they have issues with any charges etc. Clever psychology play!

    And guess what – the investor thinks I’ll just have it 6 monthly which gives BW more time and the investor doesn’t receive another penny/cent!

    I think you could get up to $1m on here fairly quickly and when you do, just another $49m ish to go!

    Your lawyer could be retired soon haha

  176. I contacted FCA on Friday so will await their response and follow up this week. I am in touch with a specialist nyc Ponzi prosecution attorney. Also a uk based contract solicitor I use. Widens our scope and options once we know how many investors are onside

  177. 1) @ – $
    2) @ – $
    3) someelse who contacted me privately – $
    4) and another – $
    5) – $
    6) another
    7) + approx from 7 investors
    8) from another
    9) from another
    10) from another

    = !!

    Note anyone contacting me privately i am not mentioning name.

    Anyone else interested?!?! Email Asap to


  178. Please type the name specifically to avoid double amount input from the same investors.
    Make sure your name is already in the list for those who want to team up.

    1) @ – $
    2) @ – $
    3) someelse who contacted me privately – $ —-> who is this? one investor or two? split them
    4) and another – $ —> who is this? one investor or many? please split them in the list
    5) – $
    6) another —> is there lease?
    7) + approx from 7 investors —> please split this to each investor name and amount
    8) ….
    9) ….
    10) ….
    11) ….

    So it is easier for us and for lawyer to identify.

  179. @gogsuk if you not mentioning their name, you can use alias for them, because its easier for us and you in future, to ensure no double amount from the same investors, thank you.

  180. For this forum I don’t think you need to split the exact amounts and names, it’s just to give everyone an idea of amounts etc. The individual detail can be given to the lawyer if required.
    You have to be very careful on here.

    There are loads of investors out there, you just need to find out how you reach them.

    Word has it one of the senior ‘brokers’ at UPI was earning $10-20,000 a month (!) in commissions so that’s a few investors you would like to talk to!

  181. @stephanie

    Not to worry. I am tracking everyone so no duplications. I am not entering names as those have contacted me directly and have in some cases not been on the blog.

    We are gaining some momentum here. I hope that more investors wanting to join our group will come forward asap.

    Send emails to


  182. @ Marksie – relating back to earlier posts – sounds like The Black Haddow Spider held back almost $half a million in commission to UPI. Enough of a reason for them to fall out and set up their own version?

    Would be interesting to hear if investors here invested in BW and were then approached to ‘load’ into Ourspace.

  183. 1) @ – $
    2) @ – $
    3) someelse who contacted me privately – $
    4) and another – $
    5) – $
    6) another
    7) + approx from 7 investors
    8) from another
    9) from another
    10) from another
    11) from one today

    = !!

    Note anyone contacting me privately i am not mentioning name.

    Anyone else interested?!?! Email Asap to


  184. 10% of $ is $, that is the amount the lawyer will earn by winning our case, no win no fee.

    We need to cut off adding investors to the list after deal with the lawyer.

    So, investors who are reading this, hurry make your decision.

  185. @stephanie

    Agreed. Anyone else please come forward send email to

    Once lawyer agrees we cant accept anyone else.

  186. Why cut off?? Keep building! No harm in telling the lawyer you are at almost $1m after 48 hours so he/age can expect more.

    You are approx 1/50 of the way there!

    Where are FJP investment based @ Stephanie?

  187. Well over investors and + / when lawyer responds we will proceed. If you want in. Speak now. Thanks

  188. @gogsuk, any news? Have you talked to the lawyer? What he said?

    Meanwhile for anyone here, if you know other lawyers, please ask them whether they want to take this case, don’t depend only on one lawyer from @gogsuk.

    @Darren, how about the attorney you mentioned? Specialist NYC Ponzi prosecution attorney and UK based contract solicitor. Have you talked to them? Ask them whether they want to deal with this case?

    Lawyer who wins this case will retire soon.

  189. @Tim – if you are a dual national you may also have a route in with the SEC?

    Just a thought

  190. @Stephanie, you don’t need a specialist Ponzi Scheme lawyer. We all know it is a ponzi scheme but without having access to internal accounts from Bar Works we can’t prove it. It would take forever and a lot of money.
    I’ve seen the Lease Agreement and the Sub-Lease Agreement. They are riddled with errors.
    This is such an easy prosecution. The only issue will be that nobody has a contract with Bar Works Inc. Everyone has a Lease Contract with one of their subsidiary companies e.g Bar Works Tribeca Inc. It is an easy enough solution but a little bit time-consuming. Check your contract to see which company you contracted with. That is the one that you have to prosecute first.
    The contracts I have seen were all signed by Jonathan Black. We are 99% certain that he doesn’t exist so all the lawyer has to do is write to the company you contracted with giving them 14 days to produce evidence of JB’s existence. If they do not comply within the 14 days the lawyer will go to court to have the contract declared null and void (you can’t have a non-existent person signing a contract). At court the lawyer will ask for a judgement granting a full refund to the Claimant.
    Go through the group email to let @gogsuk know two things:
    1. What company did you contract with ?
    2. What jurisdiction does it say that disputes will be resolved in e.g does it say under the laws of New York or is it somewhere else ?

  191. @ gogsuk – please expect email regarding 3 allocations to add to your list

  192. @stephanie

    I have 3 i am talking too. Darren has 2. We will pick the one that seems the best.

    Some may ask for a retainer. Even 50K is ok, and divided up as a weighted amount per investor and value of investment is low per person. We have circa over + now

  193. @marksie

    Thank you. Please send me that info if you havent do so already.


  194. Nice information from @Monta, someone in US, can try to call and ask:

    GANA Law Firm
    345 7th Ave 21st Floor
    New York, NY 10001
    Toll Free: 800-810-4262

    Has someone contacted Nancy Rodriguez as promised by Franklin Kinard?

  195. I have found a declaimer in their correspondence with me … I would like to have your thoughts about it ..

    Disclaimer: This is an email from Bar works, Inc. It is confidential and intended solely for the use of the intended recipient. It (or any attachments to it) may contain legally privileged information which should not be disclosed to anyone else.

    This email and any attachments have been scanned for viruses, but it is the responsibility of recipients to conduct their own security measures. No responsibility is accepted by Bar Works, Inc. For loss or damage arising from the receipt or use of this email, nor for personal emails, or emails unconnected with the company’s business.

    Please note: The services offered by Bar Works, Inc. Are not designated investments for the purposes of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Regulated Activities) Order 2001 and as such are not subject to regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority or the Securities Exchange Commission or any other regulatory body.

    We recommend that you carefully consider your decision before submitting an Application Form based on your own personal financial circumstances. The information provided by Bar Works, Inc. Is general information only and does not take into account your financial situation or needs and does not constitute financial advice. Bar works, Inc. is not licensed under the laws of the United Kingdom or the United States of America to provide financial advice and you should seek your own financial (legal and taxation) advice prior to making any decision.

    Bar Works, Inc. is a registered company in the U.S state of Delaware it’s Tax Identification Number is 47 – 4647049.
    Please Consider The Environment Before Printing This Email

  196. OK, maybe I have to eat some humble pie here. @Tim has provided evidence that a US bank applied a $20 charge to a transfer of $250. You can understand why Bar Works would want to find a cheaper option so maybe the US authorities are not yet involved in the Bar Works operation. Which means business as usual for them. Once again this is still just guesswork.
    However, true to form, Bar Works doesn’t just do the simple thing i.e open an account in their name at Barclays in the UK.
    No – instead of doing that they form an entirely new UK company called Bar Works USA/UK Ltd with Kinard as director and it is that company that opens a new bank account.
    Why do that ? Well, call me a cynic but UK banks are getting very fussy about who they do business with. They want to know the names of company directors AND major shareholders before they will open a business account. Not only that, they want copies of driving licences/passports and proof of address. All of that is information that Bar Works Inc really doesn’t want to divulge!

  197. @gogsuk great, the lower fee the better

  198. @stephanie

    I am in touch with Gana Law. FYI.

    He may take our case on. Boutique firm.

    Will.share more info on whats app group.

  199. @ Rashid – standard disclaimer used by these companies

  200. @Rashid, don’t worry about the disclaimer. If the FCA or SEC look at the Bar Works model and deem it to be primarily an investment deal rather than a property deal the disclaimer will count for nothing.

    This post carries the following Disclaimer:
    Please note that this post is not regulated by the FCA or the SEC, nor does it constitute any form of financial advice. This poster is exempt from prosecution by any federal authority even if he uses false and misleading statements in brochures, lies about his company directors, hides the details of his shareholders, pays huge fees and commissions out of investors’ money to third parties, refuses to answer straightforward questions made by investors and ultimately illegally obtains money by deception. This poster does not give two hoots about his investors but does care very much about the environment so please think carefully before printing this post.

  201. Hi! I have an investment of $50K with BW. I have sent an email and posting here now to indicate my willingness to team up with other investors to hire a Law firm to look into our situation.

  202. Interested but The lawyer may win the case but how does that ensure that money will be refunded . These guys have probably spent / squandered most of the investment money . What’s the lawyers opinion on actually getting the investors funds back . Ponzi scheme operators often when caught have no assets to repay investors

  203. @ Rashid, Marksie is right and if it is unearthed as a Ponzi, the SEC will shove his disclaimer where the sun can only begin to imagine shining.

    @ Marksie – You may want to add something along the lines of ‘a seasoned, professional,modern day conman who continues to defy the authorities and investors alike by practicing in the act of ripping investors off having had several if not hundreds of similar scam businesses previously’

    Just a thought ????????????

  204. Gana Law are on the same street as barworks! He could walk to the place and make a fortune!

    Website and services looks ideal for this case.

  205. Sometimes the actual ‘cash’ has been spent but if found guilty etc, they will seize all assets, freeze all bank accounts and confiscate anything else of value.

    You have to understand that this won’t be a quick process but you are doing the right thing by starting. Also, the money has to be an account somewhere that is paying you your returns right? As we all know they are not being generated from membership subscriptions.

    They also claimed to have bought the San Fran site so if that is the case, that would be sold and the proceeds used too for your refunds.

    The way I see it is this ; sit back do nothing and lose everything or engage with a lawyer and let them dig and unearth the truth and if they win, and monies paid back, that’s when they take their fee. Even if you get back half of your investment that’s better than losing everything unless of course investors on here can afford to lose what they put in?

  206. Hi, I’m a BW investor. My first post on here, but I’m in touch with gogsuk on email.

    @stephanie, I wrote to Nancy Rodrigues posing Marksie’s 18 questions from his post a few days ago. I had this derisory response back from her ( if indeed she exists):

    Thank you for your email.

    Bar Works is undergoing a major restructuring which has delayed payments to investors as you already know. In the next few days you will receive futher details on this from Franklin Kinard via email.

    In the meantime, we understand this is extremely frustrating but please bear with us.

    Clearly this is a Ponzi scheme and Haddow and friends should go to jail, but is anyone currently receiving any rental income? My last one was in March.

  207. @Stanuk I believe Nancy Rodrigues is also fake, not exist. I also believe Bar Works staffs are watching this forum, including Renwick Haddow.

  208. Hi this is my first post here iam an investor in Pod works ,UK which is under BW , i have the same problem of delayed payment ,my last payment was on March. is there anyone here a pod works investor ?

  209. @ gogsuk – hadn’t seen that but good

    @ Stephanie – they are probably watching it but no idea why they wouldn’t answer investors questions.
    Don’t worry too much if they are as they don’t really have a leg to stand on

  210. Hi, I have a number of clients who have purchased Bar Works and I’m now very worried about this. I have spoken with Franklin and Nancy but I’m still not convinced and feel I need to start taking action to protect my clients (if I can) Please let me know what I need to do join any private groups so I can disclose more information to you guys. I’m also very happy to pull my weight and help in any way I can in the process moving quickly.

  211. @Dan, thank you for connecting on this blog and saying that you have concerns. My advice to both you and your clients is that the Bar Works model, despite being dressed up to look like a landlord/tenant transaction so that the FCA & SEC might think they have no jurisdiction, is in fact nothing of the sort. It is an investment offer which puts it firmly within their jurisdiction. Both authorities will look at this model and know that it is an investment proposition.

    Bar Works has, as Haddow has done in the past, gambled on the fact that it involves “property” and will claim that it falls outside FCA/SEC jurisdiction on the basis that property transactions are outside of their regulation. Haddow and 15 defendants took this approach in the UK and the Judge threw it out. Two appeals later and the Judges have still thrown it out. All appeals have been exhausted and they are now facing jail terms if convicted in July so I’m confident that Bar Works would also lose any similar prosecution.

    The problem you face Dan is that agents were also included in that prosecution. It is an offence under the FSMA regulations to PROMOTE an unregulated collective investment scheme (which is what Haddow’s schemes usually are and this Bar Works scheme definitely is).
    In the eyes of the law your company, AND YOU PERSONALLY, are equally as guilty as the people who devised the scheme. The FCA’s prime objective is to refund investors and if they can’t get refunds from Haddow, Bar Works, Kinard (yes, he is in the frame too even though he will claim innocence) and their subsidiaries, they are entitled to get it from your company, your personal possessions and your home. Kinard is in the same boat.

    In the UK some of those 15 defendants are trying to persuade the FCA that they were duped but it isn’t cutting the mustard. The FCA aren’t interested. They are on the side of investors and are applying the law as it stands. They know that companies like Bar Works cannot prosper without willing agents who will sell their proposition, so they are deliberately targeting the agents. If they come down hard on the agents then that puts a stop to all these schemes.
    You may well have been duped, but your innocence/guilt will be measured on how you respond from hereon. Your investors are entitled to be refunded from your assets. They might take a more lenient view if you help them to recover their money from the main perpetrators.

    The FCA are being assisted in their prosecution of the 16 defendants by agents who have inside knowledge and want to avoid being included in the prosecution. Alongside that, more than one of the defendants is actively collaborating with the FCA in order to reduce the final confiscation order placed upon their assets.

    The email supplied by @gogsuk is posted in this blog. Make contact and be advised that there is an expectation that you give full disclosure. Other agents have also made contact and they are being measured on whether or not they are providing useful information or just trying to protect themselves from prosecution. Nobody is trying to be vindictive in this process. If you are genuinely supportive you will not be a target.

    I felt the need to highlight some words in this post so that you understand the legal position. ALL of your own personal assets can be used to refund investors. Forget limited companies and limited liabilities. Seek legal advice. If your company promoted an illegal collective investment scheme then all of that protection is removed. YOU PERSONALLY are liable to repay investors.

    Kinard is not only inexperienced in running a company, he has no idea of the penalties he and his family are facing by covering up for Haddow. In my opinion he will end up in jail over this. Wake up Kinard – Haddow has you lined up as the patsy. He will disappear and you will end up facing the jail term. It simply isn’t worth it. Haddow is coming to the end. He has acted with arrogance for years but now they wolves are circling. This is his swansong so don’t let him disappear with Zoia and leave others, like you, to face the prosecution. You will just join the list, like the other 15 defendants in the UK, who are facing ruin as a result of working with Haddow.

    Where is Haddow now ? How much of investors’ money has he taken ? He’ll be doing a runner any day now and leaving his patsy behind. Come on Kinard, go to the authorities and tell them the truth. We know that you think this is the opportunity of a lifetime because you never expected to head a company, but you have been put there to take the bullet instead of Haddow. Seriously man, you need to wise up. You are going to go to jail if you don’t give Haddow up.

  212. Yet more wise words from @ Marksie.

    Even if they try and wriggle out of the ‘unregulated collective scheme’ (which it is), by stating they sold licenses or leases instead of property, it won’t stand up due to the fact of how exactly they have raised the funds and how they’ve used them for returns, i.e. the classic Ponzi model.

    Also remember the Black link, fraudulent signature on documents etc which should deem them null and void.

    As stated many posts ago now, use the legal route, but also get the FCA and SEC involved. The FCA I would have thought will welcome this with open arms as it will give further ammunition for their pending case against Haddow regarding previous scams they are trying to enforce.

  213. Is there an investor or financial advisor on here that invested in either the US Tech Startup Fund or the Bar Works Private Placement ? If so, please make yourself known.

  214. @gogsuk

    125K investment
    Broker in UK

    please send me an email and I will send you all my proof.


  215. Just received an email from Barworks client services . They claim they are experiencing liquidity issues and monthly payments will resume in June . No mention of whether that will include the missed May payment .

    Has anyone on this forum visited any of the Barwork’s sites that are supposed to be in operation . Do these premises even exist or are they simply photo shopped images .

    I tried speaking to Nancy Rodriguez a few days ago . It was more of a shouting match than a conversation . Very unprofessional and certainly not someone I would place in charge of public relations or customer services

    I notice a number of sites that were offering the Barworks investment are no longer doing so . The scheme is likely at the stage where new money has dried to a trickle and the people behind it are getting ready to up and run

  216. @gogsuk how do I send an email to you? I would like to join also…125K from 2 sites. AM located in Asia, Thailand.

  217. Why are the numbers and email address pixelated?

  218. Hello everybody.
    I have also invested in BW and would like to contact @gogsuk to team up with the rest of investors/ Nevertheless the email address appears to be erased or covered. Any reason for this?

  219. Hello all, thanks for the informative comments. I invested around 205k of my retirement funds and got the same correspondence from Bar Works, and they haven’t made the May payment. I’m very nervous and would like to join forces with you folks and take legal action. I’m based out of Dallas but am currently in NY.

    If someone wants to meet up, we can discuss in person. Also, if someone knows any lawyers that have expertise in such cases, please share their names.

    Thanks again.
    Ashok Jain

  220. @Gogsuk am unable to email you as I don’t have your email. please email me back at mehta.jehangir @ y a h o o . c o m

    i have also invested in Barworks via a UK agent and will send you all my documents as well as wire transfer details if need be…


  221. @gogsuk please email me mehta.jehangir “at”
    h o o

  222. @ Chris – Well as long as new investors to this forum can make contact with gogsuk then it’s not a problem although it would be good for all to know afar the running total is. Comfort in numbers and all that.
    There have also been a couple of posters on the other page you set up who hadn’t seen this page so maybe a pointer in the right direction from you would help?

  223. If anyone has concerns about their investments. Post your email address here or a fake one if you want to set one up to protect identity. We will email you. Thanks. We removed our details before as we were getting bombarded before. Tks

  224. @Jeh, and anyone else who leaves their email address here – Please be aware that leaving your email address on a public forum like this means that you could be contacted by people pretending to be investors, but who actually work for Bar Works.

  225. Dear all,

    To confirm if you have concerns about your investment. Post a message stating the following:

    $$ invested
    Name of barworks signatory on your lease
    Your location
    Contact email address (can be a specially created one to protect your Id online)

    Someone may see your posting and email you. Thanks

  226. It isn’t wise to keep updating people in public about the numbers involved in an investors’ group. This will only encourage your targets to take all the assets and run.
    I am not a fan of using a lawyer at this stage. A lawyer has to go through due process which means that the target is forewarned well in advance and has months in which to make plans. The first step is that your lawyer charges in with accusations and demands answers within 7 days. The target responds by instructing his own lawyer and then the two lawyers trade insults and argue over points of law for the next 2 or 3 months. Any action taken by your lawyer without evidence to back up that action will be rebuffed by their lawyers on the grounds that you haven’t provided the evidence. After a few months they might actually have moved on to some minor action which forces disclosure. The other party then stalls that action or appeals the disclosure notice etc etc. 6 months have passed and you are no further along.
    Rest assured that you will be inundated with lawyers telling you that you will win and it will only cost $XXX, but once the action gets underway the lawyer will keep coming back for more cash irrespective of whether or not this is No Win No Fee deal. The small print will give them a get-out.
    As I said before, if investors want to take the legal route and are confident of early success then there is nothing to lose, except more money, by taking that route.
    I’m sceptical that investors could even take action as one group because they might all have different contracts. That all needs to be sorted out.
    The key element at this stage is for investors to be patient, gather evidence, formulate a plan and then go in hard and fast when they are ready. I don’t think you are ready yet. Can anyone prove absolutely 100% for certain that Jonathan Black does not exist ? I’m the one who has said from the beginning that I’m 99% certain he doesn’t exist but 99% is not 100%. Bar Works isn’t just going to roll over the moment your lawyer’s letter arrives.
    @Dan, I gave you a hard time over your role as an agent because I wanted you to understand the legal position you are in. If you want to help us you, and anyone else who is interested in gathering evidence to build a strong case, can contact us on

    Just so you know, we are not going to be appointing a lawyer at this stage. We are in contact with @gogsuk but can’t give all our information because we have not checked the investors in his group. We can only deal with people we have personally checked. Every person who responds to the above email address will remain confidential and will not be put in contact with any other investor unless they specifically request it. We are an information gathering group and have a lot more information than we have posted on this blog. We believe that people reading this blog also have information that maybe they don’t even realise is important, but which might be the key to unpicking the Bar Works mess.

  227. @scotty @marksie @stephanie @erik @salam @jannovak @gogsuk

    Please add me to the list of investors I invested $125K in late April no rentals have been received so far.

  228. I believe investors here got an update from Franklin Kinard yesterday and I also got forwarding email from other investor this morning (pasted below).

    Bar Works is indeed still in business, we hope Bar Works business grows better so they are able to continue the payment soon.

    Cheers to Expansion!

    June 8- LA
    Stroll down Sunset Blvd. and explore the interior and exterior of our gorgeous Los Angeles location in West Hollywood.

    June 15- SF
    Welcome to “Crown & Acre at Jack’s” as our on-premise restaurant in #SF. Enjoy breakfast, lunch or happy hour and invite clients or fuel your own creative tank. Try the menu ahead of time at our launch.

    June 22- Chelsea (8th Ave)
    Located next to Google’s headquarters, this neighborhood provides a collaborative space along with an invitation to explore art galleries, Chelsea Marketplace or a stroll on the High Line.

    June 29- Chambers
    Head downtown for a boost of caffeine, juiced smoothie or morning workout in our fitness space. Come to Fi-Di to find private offices, sound proof telephone booths and large desktop space for those who work independently or collaborate with team members.

    Partner Proud

    Two of a KIND: snacking and coworking go together

    KIND partners up with our New York City locations to provide members with their new flavored bars. KIND has chosen our spaces to serve as the place to host internal team meetings. Additionally, Bar Works is being showcased as a KIND community through promotional marketing via their social channels: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and their newsletter emails.

    #DoItRight with Warsteiner
    Bar Works forges strong partnerships at the very center of the cultural and business world. OUr partnership with Warsteiner allows members to enjoy daily happy hours for team building efforts as well as an entertainment element for clients.

    Challenge Your Potential: BTB

    Beyond the Bar, a cutting edge multi platform studio that will transform your body, mind and spirit is coming to Bar Works’ 95 Chambers Street location! Bringing a new concept in fitness, Beyond the Bar delivers motivation at your fingertips. Enjoy access to our studio classes in Tribeca and LIVE streaming and on demand coming this Summer. Know your Strength, Not Your Limits.

    Pin Drop: #TheCityofAngels

    Mark your calendars for June 8th as Bar Work cuts the ribbon in Los Angeles. Celebrate in the Grand Opening Event of our newest space in West Hollywood. Spanning 11,000 square feet, this venue offers a variety of office spaces, a recording studio and the outdoor workspace that serves up ‘gram-able’ pics of the Hollywood sign. Stop by Sunset Blvd and snag your seat while it’s hot!

    Bar Works ‘In The Spotlight’

    Shout out to Liquid Space for highlighting our Miami space on their blog. Read the inside scoop and interview piece from our Director of Sales, Brad Fiorillo here.

    Two members working from our Miami location.

    Influencer Program
    #AmplifyInfluence at Bar Works. Our program offers a conducive workspace in exchange for social content. Introducing our newest influencers to the roster in Miami and San Francisco.

    Miki Nitin is strutting the streets of San Fran showing all the trends in style and lifestyle. Keep up on her blog or find her #inthebay

    Ashley and Emily aka Two Peas in a Prada are two best friends reporting on all that is fashionable, fabulous and fun in San Fran. Read up here:

    Lynnette Joselly is lighting up our MIA space. Check out her blog for all the latest and greatest fashion trends, personal #ootd ideas, events, celeb interviews, beauty tips & more!

    We’re Insta-Famous! Check us out: #barworks

    On April 28th, Bar Works participated in National Cubicle Day. We celebrated all week by teaming up with the best brands who know office essentials: Papyrus, Ankit, Lifetherapy, Costa Farms and Lica Cole. Our influencers received care packages filled with goodies from our brand partners. Encouraged to ‘think outside the cube’, influencers posted within our Bar Works locations showcasing their personalities and creative desk space.

    See all our ‘do it for the gram’ coverage below:

    Marie Claire Official
    Coming at you LIVE with Marie Claire’s ‘Fix’ with Brittney Hope and Design Expert, Kristy Wooden Harvey. Shot in our West Village location, they discussed quick fixes for small work spaces. as a part of our #NationalCubicleDay campaign.

    Did you know our locations make the perfect space for your upcoming event?
    Photo shoots, film segments, office powwows, zen corner or event venue…we are here to assist with all the essentials and your planning needs.
    Inquiries? Email us here.

    In Need Of A Right Hand?

    As a member of Bar Works, have you heard of our Executive Assistance Services? Our office support includes, but is not limited to, phone support, invoice preparation, travel booking, calendar management and organizational assistance. Furthermore, we offer individual office phone lines and can provide a customized script to field those inquiries. Drop us a line below for a price quote.
    Get Support

    Mix It Up…Head to Midtown

    Members swing by to see our 39th Street revamp featuring our partnership with Sugar Hill Coffee. Open to the public or snag a day pass for a friend! Take time to enjoy all the benefits of being a member. Use this complimentary voucher and start your mornings right.

    Current Locations

    Midtown Manhattan
    47 W 39th Street
    Off Fifth Avenue,
    New York

    West Village
    47 7th Avenue South,
    Near Bleeker Street
    New York

    San Francisco
    615 Sacramento Street,
    btw Kearny & Montgomery
    San Francisco

    31 NW 23rd Street,

    Opening Soon

    Los Angeles
    6526 Sunset Boulevard,
    Los Angeles


    Chambers Street
    95 Chambers Street,
    New York

    116 8th Avenue,
    New York

    In the Works

    White Street
    70 White Street,
    New York

    242 Metropolitan Avenue,
    Brooklyn, New York

  229. Dear Gogsuk, I have written to you, Many times but have not recd an email from you where I can forward all my information to you. Pls confirm you have me on the list so that I don’t keep writing to you. My investment is 125k with 2 contracts one Jonathan black signature and one with Kinnard. If you send me your email will forward you both my contracts. Thanks again.

  230. The new post from Chris Lang only goes to show that Franklin Kinard is a liar and a fraud. Everything that comes from him and Bar Works cannot be trusted. Here’s a reminder of what Kinard had to say in response to allegations in TRD that Renwick Haddow was behind Bar Works:

    “The story [in TRD] wrongly implied that Bar Works is effected by a totally unrelated civil matter in the United Kingdom, involving an independent Bar Works consultant. Further, the article inaccurately describes that consultant’s civil dispute.
    The consultant is Mr. Renwick Haddow, who has helped Bar Works in areas that greatly strengthened our operations and benefitted our investors.”

    So Haddow wasn’t a consultant after all. He was Chief Executive Officer. This was at the time that the fictitious Jonathan Black was supposed to be CEO. No wonder Kinard has avoided answering those questions about Black and Haddow.

    Alongside Renwick Haddow was the co-founder Zoe Miller who it transpires is actually Zoia Haddow. So it was as we thought all along – Mr & Mrs Haddow running Bar Works Inc under false names.

  231. @marksie, your insights are compelling and highly knowledgable. But I for one would like to know what your true interest is in this case. you are addressing a bunch of people who have been badly duped by very reasonable sounding conmen, and who are determined to ‘not get fooled again’. Cut us some slack here, pull back the kimono, and let us understand more about you.

  232. I am an investor from Abu Dhabi – UAE, Real Estate Consultant are the real crooks in this entire process (My consultant is Square Yards) who take a heavy portion in commission and let thier client to die…How can we expect them they will file a case against Developer and will be loyal to their client…

    The agents who miss leaded once, please dont trust them any more, make a group to teach them a lesson because :-

    “A real estate consultant plays an important role, On the one side consultants do proper analysis, & fusibility of the product to make sure the product is sound proof before they promote it behalf of developer, to avoid promoting any kind of fraud & ponzi leads (In ponzi leads developer pays a heavy % to consultants) and the other side they educate & convince the buyer that the product they are selling is a sound proof product, which gives buyer confidence to put their money in it”

    I am from UAE, and not the one…there are many in the chain…

    I have all the proofs i.e. agreements, email. comm. , call logs can be pulled on request…

    Just need a right guidance to move forward so that we can get our blood money back…

  233. @ Stanuk – it’s difficult really because we aren’t trying to tell the investors they’ve made a mistake and were fools etc because as I said months ago it’s a slick operation and easily believed. What some of us are trying to do is show the investors how he works and for you to understand what his capacity is.
    Like others I will not disclose my identity or sources due to some of the remarks @Marksie makes. I can however tell you via verbal, but without actual proof, that RH is JB. Quite how you prove that to then get contracts made null and void I don’t know. Then there is the way you actually get your money or some of it back.
    These guys as I said before are ‘brilliant’ at what they do. Would be master chess players although they would run off with all the pieces after the game, and you have to unfortunately accept that you’ve been ‘done’ or the phrase these people use is not scammed but ‘spanked’, and take in all the supporting information, act like a sniper, go unseen but be ready to fire when needed.
    Honestly, there are few people who understand the process and what goes on behind the scenes of these companies but if you come across them or they try to offer help and advice, listen to them and help them to help you.
    I said right from the start, FCA, SEC, Serious Fraud/Crime etc. You have to take this to a higher level than just a lawyer.

    These people are evil with no morals and the only thing that drives them is greed and the thrill of taking your money for them to live their lifestyles which are extravagant.

    Word from Spain is the ourspace office has gone. Sorry to bring it up again but connect the dots. RH and JM, both crooks, in partnership with BW, they split, ourspace sets up as a complete copy of BW, JM arrested, agents drop BW and Ourspace thinking they will be safe……..only a matter of time people. Don’t get caught with your trousers down, bent over and ready for your second spanking!

  234. Jordan Belfort took circa $200m and was sent to prison and they made two films based on him.
    RH has done far more. That’s the size and level of this individual.

  235. @stanuk,

    You have no idea of the people Haddow is involved with, the amount of money involved and the lengths they will go to to protect themselves. We are talking hundreds of millions of dollars. I have been advised today that there are more than 2,000 investors in Bar Works. If every person paid $25,000 that means that Bar Works has taken in at least $50 million.

    Russian mafia involvement was suspected in Haddow’s African ventures. A director of one of Haddow’s companies was dead 6 weeks after the FCA began an investigation into the company – the official report says that he committed suicide by throwing himself under a train. Another key front man in a Haddow company was sentenced to more than 20 years in prison for arranging the murder of a man. Death threats have been made against the families of people who stood up to Haddow and his accomplices. This is the reality of Haddow’s connections and relationships.

    There are a few of us who are active on-the-ground in the US following leads which have not even been mentioned on here. It is a sensible precaution not to give too much away because someone always blabs – “I just thought it was a good idea to tell my agent about you guys because he’s really upset by this and he just wants to help”. We have our reasons for wanting to get to the bottom of Bar Works and they are not going to be made public. We started this investigation rolling in December with the very first post which suggested a link between Haddow and Bar Works. TRD followed our December post with their own article in January and then Redd-Monitor started this blog.

    @stanuk and others, do you think we will ask you for money ? Relax, we don’t want your money. We’re trying to stop you losing all of your investment to these conmen and conwoman. If you don’t want our help then that’s fine by me. We don’t want your money and we don’t need hundreds of investors working with us. We just need a few from different parts of the world who can show us the investor side of things. We have a pretty good idea of what is going on already so thanks to those people who have already made contact on the email below.

    @Greg, please make contact on this email We don’t need to know who you are and you don’t need to know who we are, but you know things that others don’t. It is clear to us that your information could be very useful.

    I know one thing about Haddow. He doesn’t stand still. The moment he thinks he is in danger he will be off. Why do you think there is a Bar Works Services Inc registered in the Bahamas ? I have no doubt that is owned by Haddow and provides “services” to Bar Works Inc for which it charges a very large fee paid into an offshore account. Haddow will be gone with the money.

    The good news is that there is probably a little Rennie or Renatta on the scene now. That’ll slow him down a bit.

  236. Agreed with @Stanuk

    Though there are more suspicious evidence against BW, we need to make sure this entire blog could be a group of proxy people acting against BW.

    I have already shared my identity & some of email communication, everyone added to this group must prove their identity first, we might need an IT expert who can advise us how to move forward.

    Who is Chrish Lang ? What is his identity ? Fake LinkedIn account can be created and snap of the same can be taken, which might be case above for Jonathan black, its a lil thing in modern world…

    It could be another trap of getting money for legal action n all that, we have already burnt our money once…

    Let me introduce my self, I am from UAE, invested in two contracts $150K, this is my saving of last 4 years, my blood money…

    All agents and consultants made lot of money out of BW to feed layers, but we people dont have anymore to fight a long way, we must need act. together in their own region…

    I urge all the GCC & UAE investor to please join me and email me on or, and we together file a case against all the active agents in this region…they need to be stopped first or else they will keep making fool others…

    We need to act before this ship get sink…

    Agents must get held at first instance as :-

    “A real estate consultant plays an important role, On the one side consultants do proper analysis, & fusibility of the product to make sure the product is sound proof before they promote it behalf of developer, to avoid promoting any kind of fraud & ponzi leads (In ponzi leads developer pays a heavy % to consultants) and the other side they educate & convince the buyer that the product they are selling is a sound proof product, which gives buyer confidence to put their money in it”

    If we dont get from BW, Agents have to refund us…

    Investors has nothing to do with construction delay or wire transfer charges, when we start a startup we must think about it and not later…So this is also suspicious…

    I wish Bar Works clean all these charges on them and present them self a competitor of We-Works…

    But in any case, we all must act now, as the contracts are breached now, by not sharing rent on time…

  237. @ Kams – I think with all due respect you need to read this entire thread.
    I will let Chris explain who he is!
    Investors will not get a penny back from their agents. The money doesn’t go to the agent. Yes they make a good commission but they will simply say ‘I just acted as a marketing company, your contract is with BW’.

    The only way you have a chance is to listen to a few people on here who are offering advice as to what’s has happened, who is behind it all and how you need to act in order to ‘maybe’ get some money back and put the personnel responsible behind bars.

    Get some representation in UAE if you can but I guarantee unless they are experts in US contract and investment advice law, it will go nowhere.

    You cannot simply ask agents or BW for money back, they will laugh in your face.

    As I said before, as a non investor, if anyone wishes me to leave, please simply say and I will but I would have thought that having people on here who could help you with information and the process etc might help!

  238. In addition to any legal discussions taking place, here is the FCA’s definition of investment fraud. As they already have RH on their screen, they need to know of his involvement here. We can all report fraud to the FCA to get this on their books.

    Our situation will sound all to familiar to the FCA based on the information below:

    Investment fraud

    What it is
    When you get a cold call from a broker pretending to offer you the opportunity to invest in a variety of schemes or products that are either worthless or don’t even exist.
    It’s also known as share sale fraud, hedge fund fraud, land banking fraud or bond fraud.
    The majority of investment frauds are run out of offices known as boiler rooms.
    Protect yourself
    Never take up offers of investments on the spot from cold calls. To make safe investments, take a look at the Financial Conduct Authority’s ScamSmart warning list.
    Don’t give your bank account details or sensitive information.
    Boiler rooms tend to target people over 65. Talk to elder family members and vulnerable people you care for to make sure they know how to spot bogus investments.
    Take a look at our ‘Beat The Boiler Rooms’ campaign to find out more.
    Spot the signs
    You’re contacted out of the blue with the investment offer.
    You’re shown glossy brochures, professional-looking websites and certificates that make them look authentic.
    You’re pressured into making rushed decisions with no time to consider the nature of the investment.
    How it happens
    You’re called by a professional-sounding broker who offers you investment opportunities that offer incredible potential for making profit. They usually offer to sell you shares or bonds, but may also offer other investments such as precious metals such as gold, silver or diamond, or wine, art or energy.
    If you’re ever called offering to invest in any of these, tell us. There’s a good chance they’re worthless.#BeatTheBoilerRooms
    — Action Fraud (@actionfrauduk) October 12, 2016
    You’re also promised free research reports, special discounts and ‘secret’ stock tips. They’ll tell you how your investment has progressed and give you the chance to invest in more of the same products or stock in using a variety of schemes to make the venture sound credible.
    They usually hire out prestigious city offices, offering websites and literatures and send you official-looking documents to make their enterprise look legitimate.
    In reality, the fraudsters are cold calling as many people as possible to pay for bogus investments. Once the fraudsters have made you invest as much money as possible, they quickly disappear just before you’d expect to get the extra money you made from your investment.
    The resources they offer don’t exist, or they haven’t told you that your investment is worthless. For example, they’ll sell land that has no potential for development, or rare stones that aren’t worth as much as they sound.
    You may be told to keep your investment secret to ensure you receive maximum returns, but really the boiler rooms want to prevent you from telling others to avoid being spotted.
    It could be your dad, grandfather, uncle or brother. Let’s help older and vulnerable people #BeatTheBoilerRooms:
    — Action Fraud (@actionfrauduk) October 10, 2016
    How to report it
    Boiler rooms have been known to harass victims who have reported them, so don’t feel like you’re at fault. Report it to us online or call 0300 123 2040.
    Tell your bank immediately if you’ve given the fraudsters your bank account details and keep any written contact from the boiler rooms.

  239. @Scotty

    So what is the way forward ?
    I have shared email to internally everyone, no convincing revert so far.
    Delay in rents followed by excuses is enough to smell something wrong is cooking inside.
    Agents are equally responsible, they should know what they are selling, they got high commission in this case which could be a smelling point for them, usually commission is less than 10%, but in this case it was high, with lots of other commitments. But on top of it, they way agents presented this entire investment is fraud with investor…

    Anyways, I am going to take action alone locally, everyone should be behind the bar who promoted this…

    If we together can go , success chances will be more…

    What is the way forward…

  240. @Kams,
    Really ? You think Chris Lang is working for Bar Works ? Boy, some of you guys take the biscuit and it’s starting to piss me off. I know you are worried about your investment but far too many people are biting the hand that feeds them and I’ve had enough of it. I’m off.

  241. Marksie just ignore KAM. He’s just very upset with the situation and does not know where to lash out…. I have sent you all the info that I have did you get it by email today? Thanks jeh

  242. @ Kams – I think you are fairly new to this particular forum so all I would say is read through the thread. Contact the appropriate people who are taking action in the US and try not to offend those trying to help you.
    You can talk all day about how responsible the agents or brokers or consultants should have been but it doesn’t mean jack and in some cases they probably didn’t even know who was the mastermind behind it all.

    Re. Marksie – look at the quality and quantity of the information and knowledge and take it as ‘free’ advice/help!

  243. Guys

    Frankly speaking i am not finding a way forward out of this discussion.

    At least i am not using disrespectful words for others in chain, what you @Mark@Scotty have done below so far…

    I was expecting your support, I did nothing except asking few questions over identity…and you guys are all aggressively defending it like anything…

    What is your email ID so that i can send you snaps of my documents.

    @Ashok@Jehangir : I will be in touch with you over email…

    Team, What is the way forward ? Who is going to lead the here ?

    Thanks for the needful…


  244. Apologies I didn’t realise I had been disrespectful or used words of aggression in my posts, just suggestions for free

    I think you’ll find that gogsuk is leading the action group.

    Good luck all, I think I’m done too. Can’t add much more than all the hints I’ve dropped so far so hopefully will read about the case one day in the newspaper or watch a film!

  245. Please stop talking about things that are not true on this forum. Contact Nancy in our office, she can update you all. Otherwise, email me direct –

    Business is going very well, we are opening new locations soon. Rent will be paid soon. Keep calm.

    If you have any questions about Renwick Haddow and his wife Zoya Kiselova, please feel free to email me and I will answer any questions you may have.


  246. @gogsuk – I think an apology would make more sense than this. You pretended to be Franklin Kinard. That just confuses anyone who isn’t in on the “joke”, including me. I agree that worried investors should contact Franklin Kinnard.

    I think they should also contact the SEC and the Department of Justice. If they were persuaded to invest in Bar Works by a firm in the UK, they should also contact Action Fraud, the FCA, the Serious Fraud Office, and the City of London Police.

  247. Very sensible advice Chris. Thanks for letting everyone know to make contact via the correct channels.

  248. Hi guys,
    i am an Italian investor on BarWorks, fortunately i have only invest 25.000$ as it seemed kind of strange to have such a profit, but still i wanted to try since i saw the investment on a trusted agency (i thought).
    So i subscribed on this at the end of January 2017 , i received the first payment on february and after that nothing. I tried to ask why to the italian agency that advertised the investment and they said they are haveing problems with bank etc, like the barWorks email said as well. they keep telling me to wait and that other investors don’t have any problem with monthly payment.

    so i would also like to know if there is an investor here with the same problem, i think maybe @Stephanie?

    thank you guys (sorry for my english)

  249. Can anyone tell me what the hell the last couple of posts have been about??

  250. Add me to the list. I’m into it for $75K I have received $2000 in payments, but none for May. My original contact was Emily Saunders. I have also communicated with Peter Jones and Nancy Rodriguez. They have not responded to my recent inquiries.

    I have a question for all: Were you asked to sign an Accredited Investor form? I was AFTER they had my money. I did not qualify for this investment. I ask them to explain why they didn’t refund my money. No response.

    Has anyone tried to contact the Manhattan DA or NY State Attorney about this operation? Bar Works is a registered NY Corp and must fall under some state local laws.

    Please add me to any investor group you have going. I can be reach at


  251. Team;

    I am ready to file a case through UAE government against local agents & Bar Works.

    UAE government is very supportive and provide free layers for such scams. I would appreciate if a crossed agreement copy can be shared on, so that i can attach the same along with my applicable. the more agreements i will have , stronger will be the case.

    No money, No Paid Layer, this is just an initiative so that others can be protected.

    Thanks Chris, I need to your contact detail if you can email me, so that investigation team can contact you, i hope you wont mind it…

    I am losing hope every passing day that i can get something out of it, But if i could do something to protect others, thats enough for me…


  252. Chris

    Issue have been reported to SAI – UAE, I am expecting an interview soon. UAE government is very helpful and aggressive on such incidents reviewing the past incidents on web., i am expecting a rapid action from them on it…

    Delay in rents, breach of agreement, no response on email, and disclosure & URL link of your thread is highlighted and shall be discussed during the discussion…


    Awaiting your cross agreements…


  253. @ Kama – Don’t forget the fact that contracts etc have been signed fraudulently by Black who doesn’t exist but Haddow most definitely does.

    Good luck

  254. I now have the proof I needed that Renwick Haddow is Jonathan Black. It has taken a while but it will stand up in court.

    I almost have the full picture but would like to fill in any gaps before the next step. If there are any investors in the following sites please contact the group at I would like to see these brochures. Some may not have had a brochure produced yet, but if they have I need to see it.

    Only new investors who have invested at one of these sites needs to respond. We are keeping the group tight knit at this stage. ‘Loose lips sink ships’ philosophy.

    47W 39th St – described by Bar Works as ‘Midtown Manhattan’. This site was allegedly the first site that opened in Oct 2015.

    41W 46th St – described by Bar Works as ‘Times Square’. It was allegedly the second site that opened in March 2016. We know it was operational because someone I know went there last year, but it has been removed from the Bar Works website and a ‘walk-by’ this week reported that the site has closed down.

    95 Chambers Street, New York

    Lower Soho – New York

    Los Angeles – 6526 Sunset Boulevard

    Las Vegas – 1205 South Main Street


    P.S. Remember – your agent is NOT on your side unless they have refunded you their commission on the sale. Their interests are aligned with Bar Works, not with you. They have both had your money and really don’t want to give it back.

  255. @ Marksie – GREAT WORK
    The Jigsaw Champion!
    Awesome news

  256. Today I submitted to the New York County District Attorney’s Financial Fraud Bureau a request to investigate Bar Works NYC. I laid out the facts as I know them, but also told them of this blog site which contains more information. I didn’t give them the name of this site but said I would should they request. I don’t know the NY DA will do anything, but it’s worth a shot. I’ll be sending the same request to the DA offices in Miami, SF and LV. Maybe we can get some law enforcement organization involved. Won’t help international investors much

  257. SEC in the USA
    FCA in the UK
    National Crime Agency in UK
    Serious Fraud in the UK

    Any organization or department in any jurisdiction that deals in ORGANIZED CRIME or investment/securities fraud.

    You HAVE to go big on this or they will swat you like a fly.

  258. Thanks everyone. The only brochures missing now are:
    Lower Soho – New York
    Los Angeles – 6526 Sunset Boulevard
    Las Vegas – 1205 South Main Street
    but I think these haven’t been produced yet anyway. I’ll get them when they come out.

    Anyone who has invested at 95 Chambers Street (the latest investment from Bar Works) please contact me urgently on I really don’t like the look of the paperwork. There’s a twist that isn’t in the other investments. I think you can act straightaway on this one and then we’ll update this blog with the action that was taken.

  259. Hi again guys,
    so, as far as i understand each investor has to take action in his own country? why if this is a US company? if in the US they convict BarWorks to pay back investor would it be only the US investors? sounds strange to me.
    still, if there are some italian investor here let me know.
    Thank you


  260. @Francesco, no you don’t have to take action in your own country. The contracts say that the legal jurisdiction is New York. That is where legal action should take place and it doesn’t matter what nationality you are. Everyone is treated the same.

    Good to hear from some ‘95 Chambers’ investors. An update on this soon.

    Grab a cup of coffee. This is going to be a long post.

    I’ve had some correspondence with people who are clearly very nice people but a little bit naïve. They think that Bar Works might just be having the usual teething problems that all new businesses face and that if the rental payments resume then everything in the garden is rosy and they don’t have to worry. OK, if that’s what they want to believe that’s up to them.

    Let’s go back to the Bar Works Istanbul site. That site, along with 95 Chambers, is the latest to be offered to investors. I covered some of this in an earlier post but a Turkish colleague has been doing a bit of digging.

    Let’s recap. The brochure contains the following statement “Bar Works™ Inc. is pleased to announce another freehold purchase….” OK, sounds straightforward enough. Bar Works Inc owns the freehold. But then it says “Freehold Company Name: Bar Works Consulting and Office Leasing Services Ltd” (“BWCOLS”). Well, even this is not a problem because it is often the case that one company is a 100% owned subsidiary of another company so it is fair to assume that Bar Works Inc owns 100% of the shares of BWCOLS. So technically it is OK to say that Bar Works Inc owns the freehold of the building. Hold that thought in your memory for later.

    The brochure says that BWCOLS lease the property out to Bar Works Istanbul LLC (“BWLLC”). BWLLC then sub-leases to the investor. The investor then sub-sub leases his/her workspace to Bar Works Management Inc in return for a rental payment (remember me querying why BWLLC was installed in this chain because if BWCOLS owns the freehold why don’t they just lease direct to investors)?

    Here’s where it gets nasty. Two very, very seriously dangerous points for investors.

    1. For the first time in any of the investments the brochure contains these words
    “How to Apply: You are required to complete the Application Form. In addition you will also be sent two agreements that will require signing once there are cleared funds”.
    ONCE THERE ARE CLEARED FUNDS ! Investors are expected to send their money to Turkiye Garanti Bankasi, a Turkish bank, BEFORE they are even allowed to view the contracts ! It’s madness. Please guys, don’t anyone say that they sent their money to Turkey without seeing the contracts.

    Now why change their model ? What’s the reason ? My guess (and it is a guess) is that THEY DON’T OWN THE FREEHOLD. My guess is that they have an option to buy the freehold within a fixed timeframe. This means that they need money as fast as possible. Maybe they even need the money really quickly so they can start resuming rental payments to existing investors and get everyone off their back ? Investors in Istanbul wouldn’t know that the company doesn’t own the freehold because they would be getting their rental payments (paid out of their own money) so they would think that BWCOLS does indeed own the freehold.

    Let’s go back to who would actually own the freehold if it turned out that BWCOLS does own the freehold. We expect Bar Works Inc to own the shares of BWCOLS. Well….. they don’t. BWCOLS is a Turkish registered company. The shares are owned as follows: 51% by Faruk Baysal (I’m letting the side down here because I don’t know this guy at the moment – but I will find out….) and 49% by Nathalie Kent (aaaahh, the reappearance of an old friend).
    So the records show that Bar Works Inc doesn’t own any shares. The records also show that only one signature is required to withdraw money and it can be either Faruk or Nathalie (what’s the betting that Nathalie is going to control the money and I have a feeling I know who is ultimately going to be receiving a lot of it). The information is on this link if you can navigate around it. It is in Turkish!ut/p/c5/hY7LCoMwFEQ_6V6sNrqMRY1gfMYasxHBIkp9LMRSv75ZdNOFdIZZHWYYUKA9t_vQt9uwzO0TJKhrg2lOLJ8ZmHBGMAwiH1FkGFCiea35iSj-aVcg0WyK0V75e5PRcdvFeGRGLLgRH6EOR76xtLvnpUtpL73qojvqZzXwHAdDtN3CTBwUhfXl559itkwPqEGR02_cAgE1g3Uq95W98AM7RkQE/

    Who is Nathalie Kent ? Well it’s going to get a bit complicated so stick with it. Nathalie Kent was a director of a UK company called ‘Alternative Pension Plan Trustees Ltd’ (“APPTL”) which has now closed down. APPTL used to take people’s pension money in the UK and “invest” it into Renwick Haddow’s illegal schemes in return for high commissions (the schemes that he has been prosecuted for and is now facing additional charges of providing false and misleading statements to investors). So Nathalie’s company targeted people in or approaching retirement – nice lady.

    Alongside her as a fellow director of APPTL was Mr Robert Ross White. Now, Robert Ross White has cropped up on Redd-Monitor before. He was a colleague of Haddows way back in the past when Haddow was found guilty of falsifying financial records and misleading investors. But he reappeared again years later when he was installed as a director of Agri Firma Capital Ltd (“AFCL”) alongside an existing director, a man called Richard Henstock. AFCL was one of the projects that Haddow’s company offered to investors. It was set up in a very similar fashion to Bar Works i.e instead of leasing a workspace from Bar Works and then renting it back to a Bar Works subsidiary, the investors leased a plot of land from AFCL and then leased it back to an AFCL subsidiary. Almost identical.

    It was suspected that Henstock was nothing more than a patsy front man and didn’t have a clue what was going on. AFCL was really controlled by Haddow. Henstock was the only director of AFCL and Haddow knew that Henstock wouldn’t be able to answer any of the difficult questions from the UK authorities so when they started looking closely at the company he installed Robert Ross White to frustrate the enquiries and bury the evidence. Perhaps a bit like the job Franklin Kinard might have been installed to do at Bar Works.

    Fast forward to today. AFCL is in liquidation and investors lost their money. Robert Ross White was accused by the Official Receiver of deliberately blocking every attempt to find out where the money went. As a result, in February this year, Robert Ross White was disqualified from being a company director for a period of 8 years. The Official Receiver stated that the company was controlled by a third director who was not shown on the public record and who was in fact acting illegally because he was already a disqualified director. The Official Receiver report states that they are taking action against this person. There is a post somewhere on Redd-Monitor in which someone asked the Official Receiver who that third party was, and was informed it was RENWICK HADDOW. You can read the summary of the disqualification here

    You will see that Henstock was also disqualified as a director for his part in AFCL. He also happens to be one of the 15 defendants facing trial in the UK in July alongside his colleague Renwick Haddow.

    And here’s another worrying link. Robert Ross White was also a director of a company called Plantation Asset Management Ltd (“PAM”). PAM was one of Haddow’s projects involving palm oil plantations in Sierra Leone. Same model – leasing land to investors and then leasing it back in return for a rental payment. That company is now in liquidation leaving investors with nothing. When the fresh money stopped coming in the project collapsed. Who was the other director of that company ? None other than Robert Munden – one of the three alleged directors of Bar Works Inc. Everywhere you look with Bar Works there are people who have worked with Haddow before in collapsed firms where investors have lost all their money.

    If anyone still believes that Bar Works Inc is just a startup having teething problems they need their head examined. Rental payments might even restart but it will be a stalling tactic to buy time to cover their tracks, pack their bags and make a quick exit.

  261. It has come to my attention that investors are being sent ‘accredited investor’ forms to sign AFTER they have made their investment. You must not sign these forms.
    This shows quite clearly that Bar Works is very worried that they might have breached FCA and SEC rules about promoting these investments to ordinary members of the public.
    Investments such as this can only be promoted to ‘accredited investors’. If you have NOT signed one of these forms the FCA and SEC can go after the assets of agents, Bar Works and the Bar Works management team to get you a refund.
    If you do sign one of these forms you are effectively signing away that right.

  262. More genius stuff from Marksie, well done Sir.

    Correct me if I’m wrong @ Marksie, but if one uses Google and taps in ‘Nathalie Brown, investments’ on the first page you come across a link to Companies House:

    Would this be the same woman you mention? And the company name rings a bell, Room to Invest. Again correct me if wrong but was that not one of Mr. Haddow’s multiple scam set ups a while ago?
    And the registered address of said company if the above is correct leads you to this article:

    Now, it could all be coincidence and unrelated but ‘leopards and spots’ and ‘smoke and fire’ spring to mind.

    Again, all this does, is show the investors who the people involved on the inside of Barworks are. What the investors here have to do now is realise that it is no different a scheme to those previously run by these people. It’s a (forgive the pun) carbon ‘credit’ copy!

    It is a common tactic especially when organizing a Ponzi style scheme to ‘ask’ for a delay whilst raising other/new funds (from a new project maybe? In Istanbul maybe?) to then cover up and make the investors believe all is ok.

    Did I also read that you get your 1st return a couple of weeks after investing? If that is true…….SERIOUSLY!!!!!

    Think about it guys, PULEEEEEZE….. IF this was so bomb proof and IF they were so busy, the money would be flowing through in rentals etc and you’d all be happy. The fact that A). Their figures are IMPOSSIBLE and B). you have all raised concerns means you are worried. Don’t now start to think that if your payments restart all is good again. THIS & NOW is your chance to stop this nonsense. Miss this and you might never get another chance.


  263. Today, I filed a complaint with the SEC. It is an online form you can file online, mail or fax. Since I do not qualify as an “Accredited Investor” and didn’t sign the form, I only addressed that asking for a refund.

    I didn’t get into the non-payment of our rents and the obvious Ponzi scheme background of Bar Works founders. If the SEC contacts me, I will give them the full story.

    My complaint will be sent to Franklin Kinard with a demand for a response within 30 days. He’ll probably be on some beach in Jamaica by then.

  264. I received an acknowledgement of my filed SEC complaint. It said an agent would be contacting me. If there are other investors who do not qualify as an “Accredited Investor” then I suggest you file a complaint on the SEC website.

    BTW, to be an Accredited Investor you must have a $1M net worth or a $200K annual income. If not, then you are not an Accredited Investor.

  265. @Scotty, you are dead right. The link you gave was for a lady called ‘Nathalie Kent-Browne’. Very close to Nathalie Kent so we can assume it is the same person. NK-Bv is a director of Room To Invest Marrakech Ltd.
    Room To Invest Ltd was one of Haddow’s projects in the old days. It was found to be an illegal scheme so, to avoid prosecution, he gave the investors the option to transfer into a new, wonderful, bullet-proof scheme with guaranteed buy-backs and excellent annual returns. That was the African Land rice farm in Sierra Leone which, several years later, turned out to be an illegal scheme and which is now non-operational and all investors have lost their money. The sum invested in that scheme was around £10 million.

    The directors of that firm are in the dock alongside Haddow in the High Court in July.

  266. Can you post here the SEC website? Can i do it as an italian?

  267. Can you pls share the link please? Also can you let me know if I invested through a broker in U.K. Can I also write to the SEC?


  268. @Rich If we file complaint to SEC, do you think SEC will get our money back from Bar Works? I think SEC goal is to catch RH, seize assets or put him into jail. But your goal is to get your money back.

    Correct me if I’m wrong.

  269. Please can the following investors make contact on

    1. If you are a UK citizen who invested in any Bar Works project; or
    2. If you are any nationality and your sales agent was a UK company; or
    3. If you are any nationality and you purchased a PodWorks investment through Pod Works Workspaces Ltd;

    Please put the title of the email as follows: [The number above which applies to you] e.g 1,2, or 3. If more than one number applies please include that e.g 12 or 23, followed by your name. So the title should look something like ‘13 Phil Brown’.

    In the email message itself I need the following information:

    1. Your name.
    2. Your email address.
    3. Your nationality.
    4. The country in which you live.

    5. A breakdown of the investment i.e the amount(s) you invested, when you invested each time, and the site(s) you invested in.

    6. The name of the agent (if you are categories 1 or 2 above).
    7. The names of all the people you spoke to or had email communications with (whether in the sales agent company, or at Bar Works, or at Central FX) and the contact details for each of these people (if you know the websites, email addresses and telephone numbers).

    Please get all of this information together for the one email. I don’t want to receive it in dribs and drabs. Please finish the email with the following phrase

    “I consent to these details being released to the police, financial regulators and any group prosecution lawyers that may wish to contact me about the Bar Works investment.
    I [ DO / DO NOT ] consent to my name and email address being supplied to other investors who invested in the same product.
    I DO NOT consent to it being released to any other party without my written permission”.

    If you have any other information that you believe could be important please send in a separate email titled: [Your Name] – “Important Information”.

    Apologies to those people who do not fit into those categories above, but I’m confident your time will come. Be patient. One step at a time.

    I will confirm receipt of your email but cannot enter into email chats. I had around 130 emails on the email address in one 24 hour period so you can understand why there can be no response to general enquiries. The numbers are just too great. I will post on redd-monitor when there is public news and will write to individuals separately when there is private news that could affect them personally and should not be made public.

    You are being asked to send this information on trust because I cannot comment at this time. The worst that could happen is that I sell your email addresses to a marketing firm and you get a lot of emails offering you the next great investment. But you’re going to get those anyway. When the Bar Works salesmen think you’re not going to increase your investment they’ll sell your details to another firm and make a little bit of money. That’s how these guys work.

  270. Please can anyone who invested through Duxton Partners operating out of Singapore make contact on I will put you in contact with others who have invested through this company.

  271. To Stephanie, Francesco, Jeh…et al The SEC website is

    Stephanie-my goal is to recoup my investment. I think that is the main goal of the SEC, but if they can fine or jail someone, I’m sure the will.

    Francesco – I’m not an attorney, so I can’t answer your question. One would think if your contract is with Bar Works NYC and the jurisdiction is the State of New York, then the US SEC would accept your complaint as they would a US resident. Look at your Bar Works contract and see where the jurisdiction is falls.

    Let me be clear, I am pursuing the fact that Bar Works failed to obtain a signed “Accredited Investor” form. They only asked for one after the contract was signed and had my money. I contend that should have been presented prior to the contract and a determination made if I was qualified to invest. The qualifications for individuals is $1M net worth or $200K annual income, If you do not meet either one of those requirements, than you’re not an Accredited Investor.

    In my complaint I did not say anything about non-payment and the possible Ponzi scheme they are running. Since they will be sending a copy of my complaint to Franklin Kinard, I didn’t want to overplay my hand and spook Bar Works personnel to skip out if they think criminal actions are possible. I would suggest you keep your complaint simple and play up their failure to properly qualify you as an investor before taking your money. That only works if you are not qualified and haven’t signed the form. Have any of you signed the form or was it sent to you?

  272. This is a general question for all on the blog. Who are US residents? Who was your agent that handled your investment? Do you have their phone numbers and email addresses? Have you tried to reach them? If so, are they responding? Are you in or do you know anyone in the NYC area. I would like to have someone walk into the BW offices and see if there is any activity or if it locked up. Do we have any investors in Miami or San Francisco areas? Same thing here…go take a look.

    Are there other blog sites of US Bar Works investors?

  273. @ Marksie – re. 2). Does it matter if the agent is registered as a uk company but operating from overseas? I.e. Does that affect anything or not?
    Pretty sure a lot of agents might have a uk ‘address’ but are actually working from outside the uk.

  274. @Rich, I have someone who is doing a great job of visiting the sites in NYC. Another person will be doing the same very soon. The sites that have been visited were very quiet.

    Times Sq – closed (but taken off their website and shows as closed on wikipedia)

    West Village – verified as open and with members there. No sign of the management as suggested by @Greg in an earlier post.

    Midtown – verified as open with only a handful of members there and a lady named Angel who refuses to deal with existing investor/management communication but seems to be happy to give tours to potential new investors. She insisted she was a freelancer and denies any connection to the company if you start talking about existing investments.

    @Scotty, it doesn’t matter where the agents base themselves. If it is a company registered in the UK then that is what is important.

  275. This post is not meant to offend anyone but merely act as an education so that you are aware and prepared the next time you enquire to invest. The following has been compiled after piecing together various bits of information.

    The ‘Hook’
    It’s all happened to us, you wake up to a bunch of emails thinking who’s this lot from? You sift through them and your eye catches the graphics on one in particular and the title header something along the lines of ‘Earn 15% in just 12 months from investing just $25.000’. You’re intrigued, your bank gives your cash nowhere near that, the property you bought to let out is empty or only yielding about 4%, the place you reserved overseas is still only part built and years behind schedule……so you open it, you get some brief details along the lines of ‘bomb proof, huge demand, low supply, industry leading experts……to find out more, enter your contact details and receive your free brochure’………

    The ‘Catch’
    As soon as you enter your details and click ‘send’, you are classed as a ‘lead’. If you leave a message ‘please send urgently’, you are classed as a HOT ‘lead’. Your details were filled in on a ‘landing page’ which are then sent to the lead generation company who sent you the email. They then send to the agent promoting the project, who then contact you either by calling first or emailing first.

    Hole in my net
    The thing is this, several years ago, ‘people’ used to cold call from the yellow pages, literally, then they moved on to buying lists of data, then they were trading these ‘lists’ between themselves and now due to cold calling restrictions and ‘no cold call’ lists, they have loopholed it to send an email, text, whatsapp. As soon as you click, you have ‘opted in’ to receive information (and a call if you leave your number) and they have swerved the cold call approach.

    Fishing rod v Trawling
    And don’t think for one minute that your details will only be sent to the agent who’s marketing the project that caught your eye. In reality, these lead generation guys collect data ongoing and are so good at what they do, they know how many ‘clicks’ they will get and charge upfront for say 300 leads rather than invoicing per lead. Some even work on a commission from sales basis.

    Big Brother
    A lot of the agents have sophisticated crm systems and databases and can tell not only when you’ve opened their emails, but how many times, if you’ve forwarded it on, the amount of times, if any attachments have been opened etc etc. So the next time you get their email after registering your details and you get that ‘courtesy call’ to ask ‘if’ you’ve received it and you say no because you don’t want the sales call, just remember they are starting to gauge you from that minute.

    From fluffing to closing
    First call is normally the fluff call made by the ‘Opener’, they make you feel good that you’ve enquired and you get to ‘like’ the person on the end of the phone, second call is more of a closing you down call and to overcome any objections/answer questions (might be same person or a dedicated ‘Closer’) and thereafter it will get more and more aggressive. And after you’ve invested guess what, a lot of these companies have another person whose sole aim is to get you to invest more (the ‘Loader’). And if it all goes pear shaped or sorry when it does, miraculously a company might open which specializes in getting you out of the pear shaped project and switching you into a far better one, at a cost…. your savior, your real friend or ‘The Mopper’.

    Now I’m not saying every single agent acts like this but the majority do. Some will even distribute the ‘leads’ i.e. YOUR DETAILS to who they think will build rapport and close you quicker.

    This is sales but not as you think you know it. Some of these people work under huge pressure from line managers, are threatened with the sack daily if they don’t make ‘x’ amount of calls/write business and many are on commission only. Is $10,000-$20,000 a month earnings enough to put up with all that? I’m not saying they are all innocent or to have pity because a normal human being should know right from wrong and I only tell you this so you can try to begin to imagine the kind of person on the other end of the phone you are dealing with. Your money is the only thing driving them.

    Many of them will never have heard of Haddow let alone know of his past. Many of the owners of these companies won’t even have heard of him either but I guarantee one thing, all of them will be familiar with the name, Jonathan Black.

  276. I have had quite a few people contact me asking whether it is worth instructing a solicitor to prosecute in the US. I don’t know the answer to that question, but these are the things I would consider before embarking on that course of action.
    Is it clear which company(ies) are going to be prosecuted ?
    Do those companies have any cash or assets ? If assets, are they free of debt e.g does a bank come before me ? If I don’t know this am I prepared to spend my money on having a lawyer find out ?
    The Bar Works machine employs a lot of people on high commissions. It is almost certain that 40% or more is taken out at the start and then they have had running costs to cover (with very few actual members signing up). The fact that the company has stopped making rental payments gives me a strong clue as to their current financial position.
    I have identified 25 separate Bar Works subsidiaries (possibly), with question marks against another 4. If I go after some of these companies can they transfer cash or assets to another company as payment for services rendered ? Then I would be into having to start again to go after that other company. Am I in the financial position to do that ?
    Are these companies really subsidiaries ? As I have pointed out for Istanbul I might think that a company is a subsidiary because it has Bar Works in the name but when I look at the shareholders they are independent people. What would happen if they transferred the remaining cash to the Bahamas company or to the Turkey company ? Would I be able to get the money back ? How much would that cost me in legal fees ? Is that an easy process ?
    Do I actually have any information on who owns what and am I confident that my lawyer will get that information ? The companies are incorporated in some very secretive locations e.g Delaware and the Bahamas. I read an article where the IRS believed it was owed $81m by a Delaware company. They abandoned trying to collect it because after two years they still hadn’t been able to make any progress. The Bahamas will be the same. This could turn out to be a very long and expensive process only to find out there is nothing there at the end of it. Do I have the desire and the funds to keep the battle alive ?
    Could my lawyer freeze the bank accounts and assets of Bar Works and a dozen or more other companies ? I’m not confident that he could. I don’t know who the shareholders are in those other companies. They could claim to be independent and no Judge would freeze the assets of a company that is independent without very strong evidence. Do I have that evidence ?
    Does ‘freezing’ mean that nothing moves ? I’m not sure it does. Doing that would force any company into closure and at this stage the case hasn’t gone to trial. No substantial wrongdoing has been proven and without that proof the Judge has to presume innocence. I have to look at the case of the FCA against all of Haddow’s previous companies to give me a clue. The FCA had full disclosure and confiscation rights because of their powers. It took them 10 months of going through the accounts and files before they were ready to go to court to freeze assets. The accounts were frozen, but the Judge allowed the companies involved to withdraw funds to keep their operations going. The people involved were also allowed to withdraw funds to maintain their lifestyles (remember they are innocent until proven guilty). One guy was allowed to withdraw $50,000 per month. It wasn’t long before the accounts were emptied – all quite legal. Do I think the same would happen in the US ? How much do I think Bar Works needs to run its operations ? Would they be able to empty the accounts ? Also, and this is important, the Judge cannot freeze accounts in such a way that it starves the companies of enough funds to be able to defend the charges against it. He/she has to allow the companies to finance their defence. Do I think Bar Works will employ a fairly-priced middle of the range attorney or is it likely to be the largest, most influential and most expensive law firm in NYC (assuming that they have the cash in the Bar Works account) ?
    Some people have already reported this to the SEC. If the SEC come in will they recognise my legal expense and take that into consideration ? I already know the answer to that. No – they won’t. The SEC will control all the cash and assets and when the whole thing is done in a few years they will share the proceeds pro-rata with all investors that they can identify. They will disregard any payments I made to my lawyer because that was my risk and nothing to do with them.

    Sorry if you think I’m on Bar Works’ side here. I’ve already had a couple of people suggest that I am employed by them. There are some stupid people around. I’m just pointing out the issues as I see them so people understand the risks they will be taking. So, to those people who asked me and the new people who also ask me the same question I say – if you want to go ahead and give it a try, go for it, but I wouldn’t. Not until I had a lot more information. In my opinion some people actually have a much better chance of recovering their funds than others. I think paying a private investigator to gather information would be a better way to spend money (if you want to spend money) than instructing a lawyer.

  277. Duxton Partners Pte Ltd is a company incorporated in Singapore. Until recently it operated a website offering investments in Bar Works. The website is now down.
    The directors and shareholders of this company are Jarret Carl Beaumont, Brian Edward Cohen and Wesley Barber (all good English names).
    Barber is married to a Singaporean celebrity and has an address in Singapore so we’ll put him to one side. Others will deal with him.
    Beaumont registered his address as Bradford in the UK. Cohen is registered to an address in Golders Green, UK.
    Beaumont’s address is a small terraced house valued at around £120k. Cohen’s is a 4-bed detached house valued at around £1.2 million. Unlikely bedfellows – I wonder how they hooked up together.

    Anyone reading about Bar Works, Haddow etc might think that the UK disqualifies directors for the most minor reasons. Actually it doesn’t. More than 10 million companies have been formed in the UK and in 2015/2016 only 1,210 directors were disqualified. It is quite rare.
    That is why I think Bar Works must include the following terms in its recruitment process “Applicants must have no scruples whatsoever and be prepared to steal from their own grandmother. Preference will be given to candidates with a UK director disqualification”.

    Brian Edward Cohen is not only a disqualified director in the UK and one of the owners of Duxton Partners Pte Ltd, he is, according to someone called Dessi who commented at the bottom of the TRD article, the Global Business Development Manager for Bar Works Inc.

  278. Confused state does not have any other name than this ! Its seem we are at the mercy of barworks and whoever is behind it now ….the law in the US is so lenient on scammers it seems, even after what maddof had done to several investors it is hard to believe that such things could still be allowed to go on under the “regulators” nose. This is so bad.

  279. @Enough, you can ignore the Hong Kong address. He gave it to the firm that forced him into bankruptcy to put them off the scent. He was in New York at the time.

  280. Hi Chris, Hi Everyone, what a shame I just joined in this forum…My friend and I have invested in BW up to 100K and we based in Asia…I involved in this through a local agent who has refused to respond to me now…I think I must take action right away…but idk what should I do now? the last payments happened in March…until now I didn’t receive any payments.

  281. I am an investor based in Sweden. Are there any updates?

    I am willing to be a part of any group hiring a lawyer to help us with this for 10%. But it is hard to get in touch with other investors if they are not willing to pass on their contact details. Catch 22.

    Any info you need from me, I would be happy to share.

    My situation is like @ogsuks . Dealt directly with Robert Delaware after a tip from an agent or website (cant really remember). Then Peter Jones. Now the payments have stopped completely.

    What can I do?

  282. Do we know if BW is still marketing US locations? Thought I might make an inquiry on their website and see if anyone contacts me and listen to their story. Might get some insight. Just a thought. Also, members of this site have talked about hiring a lawyer. Why don’t we hire a collector from the Gambino family? They’re in NYC and I understand have very affective methods.

  283. Hello Joe,

    We are a few people from Sweden that have invested but we invested through a Swedish agent. Post a fake e-mail address here and hopefully @ogsuks will contact you.

    The situation really sucks…

  284. Dear everyone, today I receive a letter again from Frank Kinard as following:

    Bar Works is moving forward with new leadership

    I was retained to execute a difficult restructuring at Bar Works. I had two objectives: (1) End the construction and government compliance issues that kept Bar Works locations from opening; and (2) Launch a succession of newly-formatted Bar Works that have multiple revenue streams, instead of relying solely on membership fees. Achieving those two goals would improve liquidity, thus enabling Bar Works to resume payments. I have completed my reorganization, and I am leaving the company. Immediately, Bar Works shifts to management that will focus on producing income from the revised company footprint.
    There’s nothing disruptive here. A few months ago, I was put in charge of Bar Works USA to fix how locations are built in the U.S., because that was by far the company’s biggest weakness. Always, the plan was to activate a more robust sales agenda once construction systems were repaired. In other words, the transfer of leadership to our current sales director is expected, healthy and essential.
    I projected before those payments could resume after all the new Bar Works locations are operational in June. My assessment hasn’t changed. Now that expensive construction is ending, the company will have sharply reduced expenses at the same time it sees new revenue from the juice bars, coffee bars, and restaurant that are paying to be in Bar Works locations.
    The precise timetable for payments will be set by Bar Works’ new management.
    In the course of my restructuring, some Bar Works locations have been closed or abandoned. But stakeholders in those sites will be shifted to locations that have stronger revenue foundations.
    I am proud of how I solved serious operational problems at Bar Works. I’m optimistic that the new team leading Bar Works will take the company even further.
    If you have further questions please email or call 646 829 1564.t

    It is terrible… Frank just promised us to operate it well but then quit the job quickly…

    @gogsuk, @Darren, @Stephanie, @Erik, @Enough, @Salam, @Marksie, @Scotty, @Jan Novak, @Monta and others…… I think we must hire a lawyer to apply the court to freeze the assets including the properties or facilities or cash…and then hire a financial consultant to investigate Bar Works at once.As investors, we have the right to audit and look into the operation. we should consider how to recover our investment rather than suing them and winning the case( I am afraid they will transfer all of assets and disappear then)……I agree with gogsuk, Marksie and Scotty and others, we should gather the investors information at the first place, and consult the lawyer about the steps and procedure……I have contact some other investors via email…they are willing to join us.I believe most of the investors are willing to pay for the lawyer or other fees if we can recover our investment.

    I will send my email to Chris, hope Chris can send my email to others or others’email to me. Thanks

  285. Fake email address?

    Can we get in touch somehow? Would be nice to discuss this with someone else from Sweden.

  286. @Monta – I can’t believe I missed this until this morning. Too many things to think about I suppose taking me off in different directions.
    I have a Swedish connection that I picked up a few weeks ago and it didn’t register in my mind until I saw your post this morning. You should check it out. It isn’t sensible for me to post it in public. If you find out more info on the names I will give you just let me know – quid pro quo.

    Contact me on Use a fake email address if you want. I don’t want you to join our group. We’re not following any Swedish angles at the moment because our focus is on other matters. This is free information so take advantage – we don’t give it out very often.

  287. Latest letter from Frank Kinard (who is out of here). From my point of view interesting that they finally realised that you could not just close (and/or abandon, as they put it) some Bar Works and expect people not to notice:

    “Bar Works is moving forward with new leadership.

    I was retained to execute a difficult restructuring at Bar Works. I had two objectives: (1) End the construction and government compliance issues that kept Bar Works locations from opening; and (2) Launch a succession of newly-formatted Bar Works that have multiple revenue streams, instead of relying solely on membership fees. Achieving those two goals would improve liquidity, thus enabling Bar Works to resume payments. I have completed my reorganization, and I am leaving the company. Immediately, Bar Works shifts to management that will focus on producing income from the revised company footprint.

    There’s nothing disruptive here. A few months ago, I was put in charge of Bar Works USA to fix how locations are built in the U.S., because that was by far the company’s biggest weakness. Always, the plan was to activate a more robust sales agenda once construction systems were repaired. In other words, the transfer of leadership to our current sales director is expected, healthy and essential.

    I projected before those payments could resume after all the new Bar Works locations are operational in June. My assessment hasn’t changed. Now that expensive construction is ending, the company will have sharply reduced expenses at the same time it sees new revenue from the juice bars, coffee bars, and restaurant that are paying to be in Bar Works locations.

    The precise timetable for payments will be set by Bar Works’ new management.

    In the course of my restructuring, some Bar Works locations have been closed or abandoned. But stakeholders in those sites will be shifted to locations that have stronger revenue foundations.

    I am proud of how I solved serious operational problems at Bar Works. I’m optimistic that the new team leading Bar Works will take the company even further.

    If you have further questions please email or call 646 829 1564.

    Thank you.”

  288. @Joe – I think what @Monta meant by “fake email address” was that you could set up a gmail account under another name. You don’t have to use your usual email if you don’t want to give away your identity.

  289. OK, got it. I have set up an email address:

    Contact me at: jt.mgm(at)

  290. @mirabelle – The best way to get in touch with other investors is to leave an email address in a comment (set up a gmail account using a pseudonym if you want to protect your privacy). There are too many people for me to pass on the various emails. Sorry!

    I did suggest setting up a Facebook group a while ago. I still think that might be a good idea.

    Just be aware that leaving your email address on a public forum like this means that you could be contacted by people pretending to be investors, but who actually work for Bar Works.

  291. @ Rich – Great idea. You know what to look out for now anyway. Don’t ask too many questions but enough.

    Kinard’s letter is ‘frankly’ laughable. We all know why he’s upping and leaving and ‘frankly’ who can fu kinard blame him!

  292. Yes guys , i think it s better to set up a facebook page or blog where we can join all toghether from all over the world so we can take actions as a unit. What do you think?

  293. *Regarding that last comment, it looks as though they are setting up to open on Chambers St. in Tribeca, but have removed information on the White Street location from the website. However you can see here:

    (also read the comments)

    That it appears there was some confusion about White Street – no application for a liquor license was found, and it isn’t clear if the location ever actually opened.

  294. Hi Everyone. We are investors based in Hong Kong and bought 3 units at a cost of 75,000$. It’s a relief to find this site, as the last two months have been very stressful dealing with the web of deceit from Barworks. We would be happy to contribute any information needed to create a lawsuit against Barworks. Please respond here and I can share my email with anyone who is working with a lawyer.

  295. @ Everyone – re. Barworks opening or delaying or not opening sites, this is not the issue but adds to the concerns.

    Of course, if you have invested into a particular site and it doesn’t open or is delayed, you will be worried but the fact and issues are:

    • HOW they have raised funds?

    • HOW they are making returns?

    • HOW they are using your money?

    1. They’ve raised funds via multiple marketing agents globally who have used marketing material and arranged contracts signed off by Jonathan Black who is not actually Jonathan Black, so they’ve fraudulently contracted investors.

    2. They are giving you your returns from YOUR OWN money as it is blatantly obvious they cannot and are not generating them from revenue as promised.

    3. They are using YOUR money to buy or arrange leases and carry out refurbishment on property that they then hold in their name or related companies.

    I will say this for the last time, you are up against a ‘master’ of the long con. He has ‘previous’ and knows how to protect himself on many levels.

    Act smart and be ready to go the distance to get YOUR hard earned money back, whatever it takes.

  296. @dickiewt, there are quite a few issues to overcome in mounting an effective legal challenge. I listed some of them in an earlier post. Unfortunately I believe the likelihood of you ever receiving back even 10% of your investment is pretty slim and the legal process you might employ will not be either simple or cheap if you leave it to an attorney. There are several reasons why I believe this is unlikely to be successful.

    1. Bar Works Inc may have nothing of value in its own name. I would expect this to be the case;
    2. The bank account of Bar Works Inc is likely to be almost empty. If it isn’t now, then it will be by the time you lodge papers;
    3. Other creditors will come before you. It is much easier for a building contractor or a landlord to obtain a court judgement for unpaid debt than it is for a group of workspace owners to make a claim of fraud;
    4. Bar Works’ liabilities may exceed its income / assets. If it doesn’t already it will become so very soon as there is no management team in place. At the moment nobody is answering the phones or replying to emails. Nobody is running this business;
    5. Almost every company with ‘Bar Works’ in its name may turn out to be owned by different people who appear to have no connection to Bar Works Inc or they may be incorporated in Delaware which has strong secrecy laws;
    6. Freeholds are unlikely to be genuine freeholds free of debt. The claims of ownership are likely to be false or, if a property is owned, it may be heavily mortgaged and there is likely to be a ‘cut-out’ company sitting between Bar Works Inc and the property(ies). Anyone who has ever been involved in court action will know that what at first appears to be a simple case can be argued about by lawyers for months on end with bills racking up;
    7. You will find very few people you can actually prosecute. A lot of the people at Bar Works are using false names. Many of the agents, especially those in Spain and Dubai, also use false names;
    8. In most jurisdictions the agents have no ‘duty of care’ to investors. They will claim that they were just promoters and they would win that argument because they took no part in Bar Works’ operations. However, this BW investment may be classified as an investment that should not have been promoted to the general public in which case you do have the potential for a claim against them. You would have to take action against the agents in the country in which they are based e.g everyone who bought through an agent based in the UK could join to fight a UK case. The FCA might take that on for you. The same in other countires.
    9. As for the main protagonist Renwick Haddow, he will go to Russia or a jurisdiction which doesn’t respect judgements made in US courts. He will have a decent slice of the money, but you won’t get it. If he bothers to respond at all to any legal action (which I think he will just ignore), he will simply claim that he earnt that money for consulting services and it no longer belongs to Bar Works. You will struggle to prove that he didn’t because you don’t have any credible senior person in Bar Works Inc who is able to provide evidence to counter that claim. Even Kinard won’t be enough because his credibility is shot. He defended Haddow as an independent consultant so he can hardly come out now and say that he wasn’t an independent consultant;
    10. Haddow’s money will be in a secure location with organisations that do not co-operate with enquiries. It will be held in a jurisdiction where client secrecy is paramount and enshrined in the national law. It is very unlikely that a lawyer or policing group will be able to force disclosure;
    11. Any money that is found to be owned by Haddow is unlikely to be returned to you because there is a long list of creditors which have already proven their case against Haddow in court and are at the front of the queue in respect of confiscating any available cash or assets.

    This is not going to be a cheap process and you could easily pay out more than you can ever get back.

    Nobody wants to see Haddow, Kinard etc get away with it, but people like Haddow aren’t worried about being prosecuted. He’s not worried about attempts to recover money. For him this was always expected and he will have ensured that the money is out of reach even if a case is proven. The FCA were supposed to have frozen Haddow’s assets and he was declared bankrupt, but he still came up with enough to rent an apartment in Manhattan, set up InCrowd Equity in an office in New York, bring staff over from the UK, establish the Bar Works network of companies, produce websites, promotional material, investment brochures and the like.

    The SEC is the best course of action for most investors because they have powers that attorneys do not and they are free. The downsides are that they don’t act very quickly and they don’t give preference on payouts. All investors are treated the same. That doesn’t really matter because the big money has already been taken offshore and you will need the SEC fighting your case to stand any chance of recovering that.

    Attorneys will turn this into a huge undertaking across multiple jurisdictions which it does not have to be. There are small battles that can be won by a small group of investors (not all investors unfortunately but you can have some kind of a profit share deal if the small group is successful). It will get things moving and those other investors can join in later. I’m not going to post those actions on here. We have been following a number of leads but we keep the information close to our chests because it always gets out when a large group is involved.

  297. CLASS ACTION (please don’t hide the email address I wrote in my comment)

    Dear BW investors, I’m a US resident and I invested a solid amount of money in Bar Works. Therefore, I decided to appoint a US law firm 2 weeks ago to protect my interests.
    We are about to file a Class Action lawsuit very soon.
    I don’t want to share too many details on here.
    However, we have strength in numbers: the more of us there are, the better it will be.
    This is an anonymous email address that I use:
    Again: c o m b e d c o n s u l t i n g AT g m a i l . c o m
    Please contact me to this email if you are interested in joining.
    I won’t ask any personal information nor give my own (except my name). I will just give the name of the US Law Firm that I appointed and whoever is interested will be in the position to contact them, verify his own situation and decide whether or not to join.

  298. @Combed, in the past two weeks have your attorneys identified any assets (cash, properties or anything else) that you can legitimately seize ? Please say that they have.

    You are dealing with an experienced fraudster who is at the very top of the food chain – the very top. Yes, he makes small mistakes but he’s not an idiot or an amateur.

    In the UK it goes The Fraud Office (frauds up to £1 million that are based in the UK – all Action Fraud reports go to them), the Serious Fraud Office (frauds exceeding £1 million up to £20 million that involve an overseas element), and then the National Crime Agency (serious, complex frauds involving offshore accounts over £20 million). Haddow has gone through all of them.
    He also has HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs – collector of taxes), the Official Receiver (responsible for director conduct and bankruptcies), and the Financial Conduct Authority (equivalent to the SEC) after him. They have court judgements, which are recognised internationally, for a claim over his assets wherever they are in the world. You are not going to be able to fight these organisations for a share of his assets. This is well beyond a group of investors trying to recover their investment. You will be fighting goverment institutions who will forcefully pursue their claim that Haddow’s assets belong to them. Your money is gone.

    I really didn’t want to post this next information online, but I have to because investors are fooling themselves into thinking that they can recover money that just doesn’t exist. I have kept this quiet for quite a while because it is like rubbing salt into the wound of decent people who have lost a lot of money, but it genuinely shows just what you are up against.
    In July the FCA will present their case that Haddow and others provided “false and misleading claims” in their marketing material. They have done exactly the same in Bar Works.
    I will be at the trial as will many other investors who invested in Haddow schemes. Haddow will not turn up. During the trial I expect the FCA to produce the same kind of documents that have been sent to me by people inside his organisation.

    I have recently been sent the management accounts of the company that collected the money for most of Haddow’s schemes. It shows a total of 85% paid out in consultancy fees, commissions and fundraising costs.


    85% taken out and it is perfectly legal.

    Now, we all know that this is totally unacceptable and utterly indefensible for any honest, genuine company, but there is no law that caps commissions or “consultancy fees”. I can’t see any reason why Haddow would have changed a model that has worked for him in the past.

    I seriously urge you to make sure that you are absolutely certain that you know what is available to recover before you embark on this course of action. Attorneys love this kind of case because they can claim it has turned out to be much more difficult than they imagined and therefore they need to spread the net wider and their costs have increased.

    I’m being completely upfront here. I HATE attorneys. They are liars and will take your money without delivering any results in much the same way as Haddow. I’ve seen it with others, I’ve been there myself and I’m telling you they will just take your money. They are not so different to Haddow and when they look at themselves in the mirror they know it too. They know that the likelihood of a successful outcome was very low but they still entice you in.

    OK, that has to be it for me. I’m sure people are fed up reading my negative comments about how legal action is a complete waste of money. I’ve tried my hardest to lay the facts out for people and now it really is time to retire. I brought this to your attention at the start but too many people just don’t get it – there never was any money in Bar Works. That’s why the sites never opened. Too much was stolen at the start.

    I’ll continue to work with my group in a slightly less subtle way which we believe is more likely to yield results – we will be going after the key players in a much more direct route. it won’t cost so much and it will be a lot more satisfying.

    @combed, please let us know if in the past two weeks your attorneys have identified any cash or assets you can seize. i would have thought that would be the top thing on their agenda. You need to look offshore.

  299. I have invested 30K on barworks please add me to the investor profile.

  300. Dear All,

    There have been a few of us on here trying to be as open as we can to explain to investors the predicament you are in, give you the bigger picture of this Haddow character and the way these people and the industry works.

    It was mentioned by myself and others some time ago that you HAVE to be prepared to take this to the top, SEC, Serious Fraud etc etc. It’s very difficult to tell you or describe to you the reality of this situation or the people you are dealing with.

    If any of you do not believe what @Marksie has said about the commission or fee level of 85%, consider this. If you dealt through an agent at the start of this ‘opportunity’, the likelihood is that they received up to 35% as a commission! Recently this has decreased to just the 20%.
    Two questions –
    • why would they have decreased the commission level if things were going great?
    • work out 35% of the amount you invested and deduct it from your invested. These agents have made a fortune but will sit behind the phrase ‘we were only a marketing agent and received no money directly’ so whilst you can go after them for a refund based on bad advice etc, your chances are slim.

    They will argue that you requested details or replied to an ‘invite’ (their marketing email). If it was me personally and I knew the agent in person and had visited them or even knew where their ACTUAL office is, I would be at least visiting the office and demanding the commission amount they received back. For this to happen though you will need to know where they are based because as mentioned before, some may appear to be in for example the uk but are actually in other countries.

    Just to give you an example, if you were dealing with a real scheme or investment, the normal commission rate is between 2-5% maximum.

  301. We had heard a lot in past 30 days, hats off to REDD & Real Deal for all their support. Its no more a hidden thing now, this is one of the main source of info for the groups forming against bar works.

    Its time to act now together strongly! Since REDD & Real Deal has expertise in disclosing such scam they might be knowing the better way forward & course of action than investors like us…

    I agree with marksie comments BarWorks might have left with very little with them as they might have spend on higher commission to agents, employee salary, promotional activities etc. But agents still has more than 20%??? which can be proved from their audit if we file a civil suit case against them…

    Both BarWorks & Greedy consultants are equally responsible in this scam and shall deserve a lot more than we can describe in words…

    So being from UAE, I urge all local investor who invested through agents in UAE and we can target all of them together.

    We all should log complaints at below now :

    UAE Complaint Links / Contacts :
    Gulf News : / SMS 6361

    USA against BarWorks :

    Lets act , highlight & expose this together…or else BarWorks will born again…Agents cant move their infrastructure over the night, they have made this mistake and must pay for this…

    Lets get united and report it immediately…

    There is no communication, Franklin left after showing lot of confidence, RH is the man behind it, This link REDD Chris Lang / Real Deal will support us…

    Its now or never, lets hit it together, will share the email ID shortly so that local investor can act together…will get in touch with lawyer to take advise and act fast soon…

    We have not donated it, its been taken away through scam, we must stand for the money for which spend years…

  302. @ UAE investor – I commend you for your drive, focus and passion to bring these criminals to justice.

    If you have the ability in the UAE to file and reclaim against the agents, then do so. Whatever you can recoup is better than nothing!

    Visit them in person, take a group of you if possible. Play them at their own game. Force the issue. Tell them you can’t get hold of anyone at BW so you hold them accountable. Try it. You might just get something. Not saying you definitely will but trying is bette than nothing.

    Even if you were directed to BW to ‘close the deal’, your initial agent will have received commissions.

    Keep going and keep that mindset. Don’t ever give up!

  303. @UAE-Investor is quite right. Small local groups will be much more effective. This isn’t just about Bar Works Inc. I keep saying there are other avenues that give you the potential for a partial refund but you have to do some of the legwork yourself. It is no good saying we will fight them and let’s scatter our effort all over the place. Let’s get people from all over the globe who all invested different amounts in different things using different agents and let’s file lawsuits in different jurisdictions and see what happens..….

    I have a communication channel with some authorities that is not available to many. All I can say is that there is interest and activity relating to this case. I have been warning people that there is a risk of loss of monies paid in private actions attempting to secure the assets of Bar Works Inc and Renwick Haddow on the basis of a fraud having been committed. I tried not to give too much away but maybe my hints have not been clear enough. The interest may well lead to a positive outcome for investors in a number of sites without them having to pay anything. More on that in private, but it won’t be quick unfortunately.

    However, in my opinion, investors in the next three sites do not need to join with investors in any other sites and they do not need an attorney to begin law suits in multiple jurisdictions. These sites are:

    1. Brooklyn (sometimes described as Metropolitan or Williamsburg) at 242 Metropolitan Avenue;
    2. Chelsea (sometimes described as 8th Avenue) at 8th Avenue & West Street;
    3. 95 Chambers Street.

    Unfortunately we are forced to reveal our hand early due to recent events and before all checks are complete, but we are sure of our facts thus far and believe that Bar Works Inc would not be able to refute a letter from an investor in these sites requesting a full and immediate refund of their money (please note that we recommend you ask for the money you paid less the “partial refunds” you have received. Bar Works describes them as rental payments but you will describe them as partial refunds). You need to be seen to be fair.

    Investors in Brooklyn and Chelsea paid their money direct to Bar Works Inc account at JP Morgan Chase Bank. Investors in 95 Chambers Street paid their money into an account which was then transferred to Bar Works Inc. Therefore, all money ended up in the account of Bar Works Inc and not the accounts of the companies that investors contracted with, so it is Bar Works Inc that you have to claim your refunds from.

    The reason these three sites are special is because investors in these sites do not have a legal contract. It is as simple as that. They signed contracts and sent their money, but they signed contracts with companies that we believe do not exist.
    It is not possible for anyone to have a legal contract with a company that does not exist and which has also been signed by a person who does not exist. That’s the law. You don’t have to prove the companies exist. They do.

    1. Brooklyn – contract signed with Bar Works Metropolitan LLC. We believe this company does not exist. Bar Works Metropolitan Inc does exist, but it is a separate legal entity. An ‘Inc’ is a separate company to a ‘LLC’. I told you he makes mistakes.
    2. Chelsea – contract signed with Bar Works 8th Avenue LLC. We believe this company does not exist. Bar Works Eighth Avenue Inc exists, but that is not the company in the contract, same reason as Brooklyn.
    3. 95 Chambers Street – contract signed with Bar Works Chambers LLC. We believe this company does not exist. Open Corporates shows Barworks Chambers St, Inc exists, but it doesn’t show up on a search on the Delaware website ??! Bit strange. In any case, we have been unable to find Bar Works Chambers LLC on searches in Open Corporates, New York, Delaware, Miami, San Francisco and Nevada where the other BW companies have been incorporated.

    We suggest that investors write to Bar Works Inc to demand their refund for the reason that neither the company nor the signatory exists and the contract is therefore null and void according to law. As the money was deposited with Bar Works Inc you would like it returned. If it is not returned within 7 days you will appoint a debt collector to seize assets on your behalf. Bar Works will have to prove that the companies actually exist and if they do, then fine. At least you know.

    Look, we don’t propose that you all appoint separate debt collectors and then have a sprint for the line with the first person who gets there grabbing whatever assets he can before anyone else. The reality is that if someone wants to own 200 desks go ahead, but it would be much better to join as one group, appoint one debt collection specialist and go for the bank accounts and any properties. This is going to be much cheaper than an attorney who is trying to prove fraud which is notoriously difficult to prove. We have some investors in the US who could lead the debt collection group.

    Investors in other sites do not have to worry that these guys have a quicker and stronger case. They might find that there aren’t any assets available. In fact I’m not expecting them to find very much at all, but they won’t have to spend a lot to find out.

    There are other avenues available which do not cost very much and should also yield results, but one huge group that tries to make a claim together when there are so many different permutations is going to really struggle and is going to end up paying a lot more than they thought. They need their attorney to focus on one or two key areas that can yield results.

    For the past few weeks we have been calling in favours from the US. This includes an organisation that has an in-house legal team and they have a longstanding interest in Renwick Haddow. The last message I got from them was that they are looking into this. They are very good at investigations too. I’ve sold it to them on the grounds that the PR from exposing this would be good for their organisation. I’m not sure if they will be prepared to see this through or if they will have to decline, but if they do help it will be free. I like free. I’m waiting for their decision.

  304. @ marksie
    I personally have the same negative feeling.
    As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t have started a Class Action Lawsuit VS Bar Works alone. But I already spoke with some other investors and, as I said, numbers matter: the SHARED costs are much more affordable and they would justify even the recovery of a partial amount
    On the other side lawyers, that also pay part of the costs for a lawsuit, are motivated to succeed otherwise they don’t get anything in return for their efforts.
    So, as I said, I don’t want to share further details, whoever is interested can send me an email to the address i already mentioned.

  305. @ gogsuk how do we get in touch with you, i am an investor and put all the hard earned money

  306. For our second line of attack we need an investor who lives close to London and has invested in any of the following sites:

    1. Tribeca – 70 White Street;
    2. Wynwood, Arts District, Miami;
    3. 95 Chambers Street;

    You need to be willing to act as a co-ordinator for investors who invested in those three sites. We just don’t have the time to deal with all the enquiries from investors and need to break people down into smaller groups.
    Any investors in the above three sites have an angle of attack which other sites do not have. We will hand on the details of the investors who have already contacted us about those sites and this group will take things forward.

    For our third line of attack we need a co-ordinator based in the UK who invested through a UK agent. This group will deal with all investors who used a UK agent in their purchase process. They will have a different approach to refunds.

    Some people may fall into more than one category and that is good for them. The more categories you fall into the greater the chance of recovering some money.

    People willing to act as co-ordinators should contact me on so we can get things moving.

  307. So far complaints have been made to SEC, General Attorney, FBI (USA) and locally everyone is on the web to log it online…

    Many bloggers in above chain doing a fab. job…

    Marksie :

    Appreciate your support… we are expecting some quick remedial action against Barworks, Counting on you accelerate it…

    Chris Lang :

    I have no words to appreciate what you have done exposing this, and now there are many who are following for all other news…

    You are good in your job and you have the circle who can help all of us, you know the bottom line…

    There is no communications from Barworks, payments are stopped, their sites are closing one after another…

    Whole world is reading your blogs , any authority in any country will only take action when they realize the panic situation…and this can only be done by “Spreading this in Media”…

    My experience is that neither local authorities (UAE) nor USA authorities looking into it very seriously , it has to be highlighted now before its too late…

    discussing on private whatsup group wont work, every group is thinking they are ahead of others and can get something if they try first & by filing a law suit against BW with private attorney…(God bless them they have still money to cont. fight – best of luck )

    But is there anyone thinking about those, who left with nothing ? who cant manage to fund this long battle with money eater lawyers ? Who are trying every possible way to complaint & get some positive feedback ?

    Again i would request UAE local investor (and all other globally) , go together and file a complaint…

    Wish you all best of luck…

    UAE Investor

  308. @gogsuk @marksie @scotty

    Can we do a mass twitter and Facebook review and shame them this can potentially attract news channels and may be that will put some pressure on SEC

  309. @SBS – You could definitely get something trending on Twitter as there will be hundreds more investors who are not aware of this forum but you may have 2 issues.
    1. People using their own identity.
    2. You are up against Mr.Trump who seems to be Mr. Twitter at present!

    Anyone know mainstream news reporter/tv journalists?

    Really depends how you want to approach it SBS. I would listen to what Marksie has to say as he appears to have good knowledge, advice and experience of not only Haddow but his links and the way he operates.

  310. Saumya and all from UAE, Can you please email me your mob. no. and copy of agreement to be added as verified investor on

    There is no restriction, anyone who invested can email (we will use them as ref. to put more pressure)

    Once we have a good head count, 10-15, we will go and complaint together, Any authority will listen us when will visit them personally…this is to target all the UAE agents

    @Chris Lang@gogsuk @marksie @scotty@SBS

    This is not illegal, our contract have been breached by Barworks – We have right to do anything to defame / expose everyone who belongs to BarWorks…So please go ahead and expose them…

  311. @scotty @chris @stephanie

    I can’t believe this is happening. I Invested 25K 3 weeks ago. Once the money been transferred, I never heard back form them, they don’t answer phones / emails, nothing.
    The property I invested in is in Soho NYC.
    I’m baffled and don’t know what to do.

    Are you guys getting together to peruse legal action? I want to join. I live in NYC.

  312. @UAE investor

    I am in US is it ok if I send the US contact

  313. @Scotty, @marksie @UAE

    I have contacted NPR CNN and am posting this link everywhere on twitter and on barworks Facebook page

    I would appreciate if every investor can do this and retweet them

    Does anyone has contacts with journalists or media so we can tap into?

  314. @UAE-Investor – Just to state the obvious, you don’t have the right to say absolutely anything. Defamation is still defamation, even if the person you are talking about conned you out of your money.

  315. @ UAE Investor – my fear is that the agents will not simply roll over and allow you to tickle their bellies, in UAE or anywhere as they will plead innocence to knowing anything about the set up of Barworks, who is behind it and how everything was tied together. No doubt they have had about 2 years worth of your rentals from your money paid to them a week or so after you sent your money but I doubt many if any will turn around, as they should, to normal human beings, and say ‘we are so sorry, of course we will give you back what we were paid’.

    The reason for this is simple. If the agent has for example several ‘phone monkeys’ who are making the calls to the investors who ‘enquired’, and ‘closed’ those clients, then they will have been paid out too from the circa 30% commission. And who knows where they are now or if they will agree to pay you back (I very much doubt it as these phone monkeys have their own bills to pay and will have drunk or snorted the rest of their commission).

    So imagine, you invested $100,000, a week later the ‘agent’ gets $30,000 and a week or two after that, the broker (monkey) gets paid $5,000 by the agent. Barworks put $15,000 on one side to cover your ‘returns’ for a year and Haddow pockets the rest ($55,000) to do with, what he likes. Maybe pay some staff, costs, other investors who are into their second year of returns, marketing etc etc.

    So trying to get anything ‘liquid’ from them will be hard, unless of course your agent or broker has just bought a new Bentley and is willing to trade that in return for you not taking action of whatever kind.

    Can you see how difficult it is to get your hands back on your hard earned money?

    BUT, there is nothing wrong in trying anything frankly.

    Simple rule of thumb which I guarantee not one ‘broker’ asked any of the investors on this forum is this:
    Only invest what you would not miss if everything goes wrong and NEVER EVER invest your entire liquid funds into one project even if you are running/building it yourself!

    Unfortunately in this food chain, the investors are taken advantage of by the brokers, the brokers are taken advantage of by the agents, the agents are taken advantage of by Barworks and every single person or entity is taken advantage of by a man who has assumed a different identity when signing your contracts.

    As Chris rightly mentions, defamation is defamation but in my opinion and for what it’s worth, I would (asap) be following and investigating the agent, find out where they live, what car they drive, where they eat out, get to know other clients of theirs and then approach them in person, request a meeting with the owner with your portfolio of information about them and the fraudulent contracts, non payment of returns etc, lay it out on the boardroom desk (next to your pistol) explain everything, ask to see their contract with Barworks (which will state their commission level) and tell him/her that they 48 hours to cash you in or you will be going to the authorities who will at the very least close them down or lock them up and if they don’t, you will be back with a larger weapon!

    I hate to say it to all of you but you need to get tough. There are two sayings that spring to mind ‘fight fire with Fire’ and ‘the best form of defense is attack’. Some Agents hate being threatened or their precious name being tarnished so attack their weaknesses.

    This post is not meant to be negative but hopefully it might have given you more insight and you can work out what the best action is for you.

  316. @judy

    I am in New Jersey and in the same position

  317. All investors should state on here the agent they dealt through, even if you then spoke to someone at barworks.

  318. @Scotty – Just to state the obvious, once again, under some jurisdictions pointing a gun at someone, whether loaded or not, counts as criminal assault. “An assault is typically defined as intentional conduct that is meant to place another person in reasonable apprehension or fear of harmful contact.” So don’t put your piston on the boardroom desk, and don’t threaten to come back with a larger weapon.

  319. @SBS there are many who invested through square yards, i am also one of them… they will get the real taste of high commission soon…send me ur cont. No. On ID left above with ur contract…

  320. Apologies, I forgot to add ‘metaphorically speaking’ of course, whether taking a piston or pistol or larger weapon

  321. @Scotty – Thanks for this. Piston… I was waiting for Trump’s announcement about leaving the Paris Agreement, so maybe I wasn’t fully concentrating!)

  322. @UAE investor: I am from US is that ok ? I am not from UAE

  323. @Judy, very sorry to hear that you invested in Bar Works only 3 weeks ago. Franklin Kinard wrote recently that one of his challenges when he took the position was to address Bar Works’ compliance issues. We assume that this was because Bar Works should only have sold this investment to ‘accredited investors’. Did you sign an accredited investor form prior to investing ? If not, then you should have. This would mean two things – one is that you have a case against them for mis-selling if you did not sign. The second is that Kinard was lying and they continued with business as usual, selling this investment to non-accredited investors.

    @Judy, please can you send a copy of the Lower Soho brochure to
    I am very concerned that the address of the Lower Soho site is 70 White Street. This site was previously marketed and sold to a lot of investors more than a year ago as ‘Bar Works Tribeca’.

  324. Interesting that there are now some US investors on here.

    I was under the impression that the US clients would not be able to participate due to your laws reinfirced by the SEC regarding fixed return/securities etc which is why agents normally avoid promoting to US citizens

    Have you reported this to the SEC?

  325. @ Chris – you poor chap. Haddow on here and Trump on the other forum!!!

  326. @marksie I am in Nj but invested in SFO I can send the brochures too

  327. Hello All, I am an investor from Singapore through Square Yards,,Anyone here for help please…I invested at 95 Chambers St

  328. I have complained to SEC and NY DA I am not sure if it means anything at this point.

  329. I don’t know what to do now. Just hope barworks will resume their monthly payment in June. I think their business activity is on going, barworks is just startup company.

    So I think what I can do is to just wait and patience, nothing I can do. I think and rethink again that no point by going the legal route, too expensive and complicated.

    @marksie is correct, he commented:

    – If I go after some of these companies can they transfer cash or assets to another company as payment for services rendered ? Then I would be into having to start again to go after that other company. Am I in the financial position to do that ?

    – Would I be able to get the money back ? How much would that cost me in legal fees ? Is that an easy process ?

    – This could turn out to be a very long and expensive process only to find out there is nothing there at the end of it. Do I have the desire and the funds to keep the battle alive ?

    I am so depressed in my life now, that money I invested is my hard earned and blood money, I need to save money for 5 years to have $25,000 amount.

    I am so regret invest in bar works. Hope that bar works will resume the payment or refund my money. I am okay if the money refunded to me not 100%.

  330. @SBS, the more people who make a complaint to the SEC the better. None of us will know if there is an investigation because they make a point of never telling anyone.
    I have all the brochures and contracts except Lower Soho so thank you for the offer.
    It’s shameful that Bar Works has still been taking money from new investors whilst not being able to make rental payments to existing investors. This has all the signs of one last greedy push to steal as much money as possible and run off with it.
    @SBS, as you are close to NYC can you check out an address for us ? Make contact on if you are up for it.

  331. @Marksie – Completely agree.
    Shameful, disgraceful, a sure sign of ‘Robbing Peter to pay Paul’ (although not even paying Paul!) but completely expected.

  332. Shocking News – Square Yards is more than an agent – a partner with Barworks

    To Complaint Against UAE Real Estate Consultants:

    Call 800 555 (consumer protection)
    Dubai Police : 800-4-353 ( Consumer Protection ) ( Consumer Protection )
    Gulf News : / SMS 6361

    To Complaint Against BarWorks Inc USA :

    Attorney General NYC USA

    Security Exchange Commission – USA

    FBI White Collar Crime

    India URL link for those who invested through Indian agent :

    Disclaimer :
    Above links have been shared to complaint, Spread awareness and help respective authorities in order to initiate investigation to protect investors rights, as there is no communication from Barworks & Agents, investors returns have been stopped for the past two months…

  333. I would suggest you read ‘partner’ as master agent for that part of the world maybe but UPI were the overall master agent initially. When they say partner, they only mean agent but it sounds more professional.

  334. Good spot @SBS. So….. according to Kinard’s resignation letter the Sales Director is going to take over. Now we know who he is – it’s Brad Fiorilla.
    Even better news is that he is “a Luminary”.
    I wasn’t really sure what ‘a Luminary’ actually is so I looked it up in the dictionary. It is:
    1. – a celestial body, as the sun or moon.
    2. – a body, object, etc., that gives light.
    3. – a person who has attained eminence in his or her field or is an inspiration to others.

    I assume that the author of the article must think Brad is number 3. Perhaps this luminary could ‘inspire’ his staff to answer the phones and respond to emails.

    He says “my focus has always been to connect people to information and culture”. Except when it comes to investors. He is such an inspiration to others that he has taken over at Bar Works and hasn’t bothered to tell any of them.

  335. @marksie lol , I have used your comment on the Facebook page.

    Any investor from LA who could go to LA and can as question them on connecting with investors too

  336. Main Entry: luminary
    Part of Speech: noun
    Definition: very important person
    Synonyms: VIP, big name, celeb, celebrity, dignitary, eminence, leader, lion*, name, notability, notable, personage, personality, somebody, star, superstar, worthy

    High praise indeed!

    Let’s hope Brad is THIS good and not just Sales Director of Coffee & other Wet Sales!

  337. @marksie, @SBS, @Scotty – Sorry to disappoint you, but “The Luminary” appears at the top of all the posts on – it’s a funny name for a blog, isn’t it?

    Croissant, Inc is a Delaware registered company that set up an app for finding co-working spaces in several cities in the US. The address was registered anonymously, in May 2015.

    By the way, Brad Fiorillo also featured on Liquidspace’s blog, on 11 April 2017.

    Liquidspace, Inc was registered in Delaware in November 2010. Website registered in February 2011 – not anonymously.

  338. The lady didn’t like my comment that people should read the TRD article and this blog.

  339. Hello everybody,
    Any idea if this Brad Fiorillo is a real person? I could not find any information about him on LinkedIn and just found a not so convincing profile on Facebook.
    On the other hand, checking old emails that I received from Bar Works I found someone called Howard Green who had contacted me in 2016 using the title Sales Director.
    (I was not able to find any information on the social networks about him either)

  340. Square Yards – catching REDD bloggers to identify the investors discussing on this blog.——–

    “Dear Investor,
    We received your email id from I understand that you have invested in Barworks through us. We have also become aware of the Barworks situation for a few weeks now and have been monitoring the various online forums to gather useful information for our investors. We are also quite worried and are talking to various law firms in US to find the way forward to safeguard the interest of our investors.
    I would request you to identify yourself or contact to you sales representative so that we can apprise you of our approach against Barworks. In the meantime, please keep us updated if you receive any communication from Barworks.
    Thanks and regards,
    Sri Lasya Gade
    Manager – Financial Analysis

    My Reply :———————-

    “Hi Sri;

    Its not only me, there are 1000s like me, and square yards knew it, as you represent more than 10 countries now. In place of responding me you should have responded back to your clients on their official email ID, as they need this reply, that may help you. yes i am one of them.

    Let me tell you this that people are grouping in hundreds and Square Yards investors volume is huge. And they are doing this because Square Yards did not responded back to them…

    Media, Mass reporting are under discussion, This will realize you that your management should have handled investors concerns in a better way.

    May i know why you have not replied back to your clients ?
    What is your contract with BarWorks? We have it from few other agents, need to see yours ?
    Have you done proper diligence ?
    Did Jonathan black exist ?
    Have you protected your investors investments through some insurance, there are many available in the market. How you are going to help them. will you refund them commission received from Barworks , as investment advised to investor seems to be Ponzi in nature ?

    I would look forward to hear from you on above


    Square Yards Reply——————–

    “Dear Investor,

    We understand your concern. We have always tried our best to respond our clients. We are happy to discuss the details with you if you share your identity with us.

    Thanks and regards,
    Sri Lasya Gade
    Manager – Financial Analysis

    1. The point is why they are not responding back their investor ?
    2. Why & what they want to discuss with a blogger ?
    3. They might give greed to some of investors, to disclose detail of bloggers, so please stay away from them….so StandUnitedAgainstDScam

    I am in touch with UAE investor who has left gmail ID to get united, Please join us ASAP, So far i have made complaint against BarWorks & Agent :-

    Call 800 555 (consumer protection)
    Dubai Police : 800-4-353 ( Consumer Protection ) ( Consumer Protection )
    Gulf News : / SMS 6361

    Attorney General NYC USA

    Security Exchange Commission – USA

    FBI White Collar Crime

    India URL link for those who invested through Indian agent :

    I know Square Yards wont revert anything, they did not revert any of the email i have marked them, but some of their employee disclosed some confidential detail with in past two weeks , which will be shared only with varified investors…

    So please StandUnitedAgainstDScam

    @Marksie@Gogsuk@Chris Lang – What you think ? Square Yard will stand for their investor or its just to calm down the bubbling anger of investor against them ? I would appreciate If you can investigate and share more info regarding SY also like you did for BarWorks…

  341. @StandUnitedAgainstDScam what is your email address?

  342. Today I recieve a new letter from an agent “best oversea property investment”, which promote a new property, its model is same as bar works……I doubt that the founders are the same people and it is another scam as well….the new company name is “WorkSpace Commerce Limited”…….I can’t copy or attach the brochure here…. you can learn more details through the following website:

  343. @George, looks like Brad Fiorillo used to be a Gym Manager. That fits.
    Haddow fancies himself as a bit of a boxer and tried to set up a gym. You can watch him prancing around the ring on youtube with Zoia cheering him on from the sidelines.

    Haddow is also listed in official documents as the owner/manager of the new gym company that is supposed to be at 95 Chambers Street.

    Brad must have been a bit of a boxer himself because only someone who has been punched in the head a lot of times would agree to cover for Haddow now. That’s assuming that Brad is the new MD of Bar Works because he hasn’t actually confirmed it himself.

    I think you are right @George. Howard Green would have been a false name.

    I’m wondering if Brad will choose a new name for himself – Bart Flamenco or Bryn Flotilla perhaps

  344. @marksie, you commented “You can watch him prancing around the ring on youtube with Zoia cheering him on from the sidelines.”

    What is the youtube link? I can’t find it.

    I know one guy who had talked with him, the guy was told by Nancy Rodriguez that Brad is new MD, but when the guy met Brad, Brad told he is just a location manager and only work at the ground level.

  345. Surely Brett Gorilla is simply just a ‘Sales Manager’ looking after La La Land (appropriate nickname) and it’s memberships etc???

  346. Shame it wasn’t George Foreman in there with him

  347. Guys everyone who invested in BW through UAE agents or Direct can join me tomorrow approx.10 am, I am going to log an official report in Abu Dhabi Police HQ, this time visiting personally.

    Send me your contacts no. to meet & go together on , i have a few joining me so far…

    I was waiting for a reply from my agent as they promised they will support…and today they said “best of luck”…which means i can do anything in my limits…

    I was begging in front of them for the past 20 days…but they are heartless, they have misleaded investor & advocated BarWorks just for high commission…in My case its Square Yards, the biggest fund provider to BW…their pending commission is INR 12 Cr. ($2.3M, Just imagine they might have got millions in so far ), and this is only 20%…and real values might be very high…

    Real deal Konrad calls CEO, and and he says they are not promoting it since Jan2017…he lied him , they sold me Istanbul in March2017…

    So Dear Tanuj, We are discussing here how to protect our money & spreading awareness and its not that wrong what you have done with us, so stop your employee contacting each and every member of the this blog and giving them greed to disclose their identity…

    Wish me luck…

  348. GOOD LUCK TO ALL ????

    If their commission you mention is ‘pending’ and they are yet to receive the full amount, they might get burnt too by BW. Typical MO.

    Just think, if that is the case they might join you one day too taking action!

  349. @Scotty
    That was the feedback from Square Yards GCC VP – it may or may not be true.
    And yes they may be on the same page with such a huge pending commission and this is what Tanuj – CEO of Square Yards share with me (but just imagine the real numbers BW might have got from SY)

    The only thing i was expecting from him that he StandUnitedAgainstDScam…But there was no formal communication on any of the email i requested him…

  350. I should think there’s about $10-$15 MILLION worth of agents commission (investors money) kicking about globally

  351. @Scotty@Chris@Gogsuk@Marksie@SBS

    There is a proposal from Tanuj CEO – Square Yards to join the fight against the barworks …,and he wanted to StandUnitedAgainstDScam , he is evaluating law suit options in USA against Barworks…

    Just imagine if he joins the hands with us, Barworks will be in deep trouble as he can fight the battle till end…

    Guys i am not taking side of Square Yards – Please dont consider me wrong…Crime is a crime whether its done with intentions or without, So i consider agents equally guilty…

    But just in case he is equally burnt like us, Square Yards can help all of us…and for them also it will be good as they can improve their spoiled image in market…

    If you advise, i can talk to them one last time tomorrow before stepping into Abu Dhabi Police HQ…

    This is sensitive time, so far i have only complaint against Barworks, this is the first time i am marking Square Yards officially…and after this there is no come back…

    And if all agreed, we will add him to the group against Barworks – he will be leading the law suit…

    Your advise shall be highly appreciated…

  352. @StandUnited, good luck with your meeting this week – I wish you every success.
    I understand your concern about Square Yards. I have some concerns about them too.
    I came across SY at the end of February when I saw the same article as another person on this blog

    SY have just finished a major fundraising to take their brand into new markets. If I were the investment company that has just backed them with a lot of money I would be concerned at their level of due diligence and their poor communication with investors.

    Another investor has stated that SY claim to be owed $2.3m by Bar Works. I don’t know if that will turn out to be true or not. It surprises me that an agent would allow such a huge sum to go uncollected. Companies like Bar Works need agents. They are their lifeblood and they normally pay up very quickly to keep the agent on their side. Happy agents mean more sales. I cannot see Bar Works delaying payments to their best agent company. That would not make any sense. I think either the SY man in Dubai is not telling the truth or Bar Works is in a far worse financial situation than we even thought possible. Bar Works should be swimming in cash. It hasn’t had to buy any properties and it has been bringing in millions of dollars each month from workspace sales. Instead we are told that agents are owed millions and rental payments have stopped. The only way that could possibly happen is if people are taking out large sums of cash whenever an investor pays over their money.

    You are absolutely right that SY have not handled this in a good way. They have not communicated with their investors at all. I think that if they are talking with lawyers in the US it may not be on behalf of investors. It could be to get their commission and to protect themselves. They could, and should, have written to all investors when the rental payments stopped.

    I am pleased that SY is following this blog because there are lessons they can learn.

    Do I think that SY is part of the scam ? No – I don’t. I could be wrong but I think that they are a relatively new company and have been too focused on the commission levels and what they can earn instead of doing more thorough due diligence on the companies that want to partner with them.

    When I read that article I thought it was a coincidence that it was announced that TWO US-based companies had partnered with Square Yards. I don’t like coincidences. I took a look at the other company – InvestUS Property based in Chicago. I found a website claiming it was a scam (website now gone – it was called There was another coincidence – James Jervis was British and was the director of InvestUS Property. A check on his background revealed that he had registered companies in the UK at the same address as Haddow’s old company, Capital Alternatives. I just had a nagging feeling that Jervis and Haddow, who were both British, now in the US, and just happened to do a deal with Square Yards at the same time, must have known each other.

    I contacted someone in the US and we had a look at Jervis but couldn’t find a connection to Haddow. By then the Bar Works blog was hotting up so we moved on.

    It appears to me that Square Yards has more than one rogue company it is having to deal with. Investors in InvestUS Property may also be in a very bad position. I think SY needs to look at that too.

    Chris, you might like to take a look at James Jervis in a separate blog. He was doing something with carbon credits and was based in Spain (that is never a good sign – Spain is always a red flag to me). See

    I understand why companies may not want to respond on a blog. It is a bit like washing their dirty linen in public. If SY would like a confidential chat about the actions they are taking in the US they can contact me on I will not make the information public and I will not reveal the names of any of the SY investors who are in the group, but I may be able to reassure investors that the actions that are being considered by SY are for the benefit of investors themselves and not to try to recover $2.3m in unpaid commissions.

  353. My last post was written before the post by @S, @Scotty and @StandUnited appeared so I didn’t have a chance to see them. In my opinion @StandUnited you should hear what Square Yards has to say before you report them. A few days delay will not make any difference.

    I stand by my comments though i.e that they were too focused on commissions and not on due diligence, and that their interests might not be on investors but on recovering their own commission. Let’s hear what they have to say before anyone makes an important decision.

    Personally, I am not here to target genuinely innocent parties. I am here to recover what I can for investors and to see Haddow and his accomplices brought to justice.

  354. @Standagainst: at this point I am not sure I trust square yards if they had known about barworks for past 3-6 weeks what have they not responded anything to their investors? How would we know that they are working in the interest of investors and more importantly how do we know that they would not ask $$ amount from investors to purse legally.

  355. I might be completely wrong but I tend to agree with Marksie. I don’t think they knew the ins and outs of the scheme and I find it odd that SY built up that much of an outstanding commission as these types of schemes tend to pay out quickly which is one of the ‘perks’ for the agent together with the amount % wise. Two obvious red flags to most of us (quick payout and anything above 5% commission) but if an agent is ploughing in $10-30,000 a month to get leads, pay wages, phones, rent, commissions etc they need the quick payout to keep them rolling. BUT, I do think they maybe looked at it with greed and naivety rather than extensive DD. They can’t have ‘got into bed’ with two US companies who are connected surely?

    The US seems to be high on the agenda for several companies by the looks of it. $USD, no tax or currency risk from Middle East especially I guess makes it attractive but just so risky in my opinion. And that’s without taking into account The Trump Factor!

    One of the other agents mentioned a few times on here were behind with commissions too but not to the extent mentioned by SY.

    My best guess re. SY – this was for about 3 months commission and they were blagged off by BW/JB/RH that commissions were ‘on their way, but keep doing the business and we’ll increase your %’ or that they did do a huge amount of business and BW just couldn’t resist saying ‘Thanks very much and ran’.

    My opinion on him joining you – it’s not usual for an agent to be this loyal to their investors but he might have hundreds of clients involved so if he is choosing to do the right thing and stand together with you, then why not but be careful he is not only in it to get his outstanding commissions and IS fighting this WITH you.
    One question I would ask him is this – for his agency contract and commission agreement, did he deal with Renwick Haddow or Jonathan Black and see what he says??? Be interesting to know who so let us know on here.

    Or if they are watching, maybe they could add comment and really show they are on the investors side…

    Carbon credits, US deals, Spain……we’ve been here before me thinks. It’s like a cycle; it just goes round and round and round and….. (you get the gist).

    Good luck with the meeting. I have a good feeling about it for all of you……well the investors on here that is! ????????

  356. @Scotty@Marksie@SBS

    Thanks for your remark…

    @Marksie, You can get in touch with Tanuj (CEO-SY) and i appreciate if we can have a con-call.

    This is a global crime, If agents are used as a weapon to kill clients by BarWorks, I urge all the agents should StandUnitedAgainstDScam…

    @Scotty, The reason why agents are hesitating, because they might have NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) with Barworks…

    If So, All the agents globally there is NO NDA applicable any more, investors agreement is breached and so yours…

    Square Yards is the one who came with this proposal not others, i would request all to StandUnitedAgainstDScam

    UAE has more than 5 agents participated in this investment deal…

    I know you all agents globally reading this blog, please dont standby BarWorks anymore, This global investment crime might end up going in international court of justice, and than there will no place to hid for any agent…

    All agents must contact either or to form a global group so that we all can StandUnitedAgainstDScam

    What is expected from agents :

    – This exercise can bring back the spoiled image of all advisory firms who participated in this scam for high commission.
    – Putting Brad back on driving seat, Barworks may run the machine for sometime, but we all know the the bottom line going to be…So investors should use this opportunity to protect investors money.
    – I understand paying back 100% our of 20% wont be possible, So agent must use this opportunity to go for the “Investor Indemnity Insurance” to pay back to clients in case of any uncertainty.
    – You should forget about ur commission and try to support investors who trusted you.
    – For agents BarWorks is one of the their clients, for investors its their life saving.
    – Agents must disclose their agreement with BarWorks among investors, and compensate investors by returning back it to investors in the proportion of their investment if this turned out to be a scam end of the day.
    – All agents must come on common platform and file a lawsuit against the BarWorks.

    If agents refuse to do this, it means they are supporting BarWorks which means they also support Ponzi scheme, this is final opportunity for all the investor, to bring back the peace in everyone life.

    Being silent against the crime is also crime, So if just for your commission you are feel no one will come and knock your doors…you are doing a big mistake…

    again I would urge all the agents to united to deal with this managed investment crime conducted by BarWorks…


    I am sorry, you have a bigger responsibility now, You all will be in good books in history when it comes to supporting investors…

    I see REDD Monitor can be a good investment deal :)

    May God Bless All Of Us…

  357. To all investors of BW who have invested through SY

    This is an official communication from SY to everyone on this blog to present our position.

    We are aware of the concern and pain of our clients and trying and ready to try everything within our capacity to help them recover their hard earned monies. We have been communicating directly with each one of our clients who have approached us and this communication is going all the way up from the CEO personally and directly. We are standing with our clients and not shying away at all. There will not be a single client of ours who have approached us in this regards and have not been apprised in a direct and transparent way. However we have not reached out to any client who has invested in BW but haven’t approached us yet, since we DO NOT have a concrete way forward to offer to them. We are evaluating all possible options at our disposal and will communicate and consolidate all our investors as soon as we have something concrete.

    While here we would like to clarify a few points:

    1. We were first approached by BW in early 2016, but we did not agree to market their product at that point in time since, they did not have any operational site and the whole thing seemed more at an ideation stage and hence we felt it was a risky proposition to offer our clients.
    2. However we were approached again towards late 2016 through a master agent we have been working with him in the past for “high yield” investment products. By this time, they had few sites operational and were claiming to be expanding fast to create a viable and valuable business like Weworks. We conducted diligence and found that the sites were operational and they were expanding fast and the Weworks model seemed to be attracting serious interest and valuations. Hence we decided to onboard the product and started marketing. In hindsight though we understand we should have done better diligence.
    3. We also started getting worried about the investors when the payouts were delayed and tried communicating with the team at BW. Having not received any communication from them, we started looking for alternative solutions and ways to take care of our investors interest.
    4. We are working on multiple strategies and I hope the group would understand the we cannot disclose those in public forum.
    5. We have been communicating with all our investors and will continue to do so. Any of our clients can get in touch with their sales person or write to us directly at
    6. We are committed to our clients and will fight this battle. To clarify, we are not in the fight for only our brokerages, rather the main aim is to help our clients recover their investments.

    We have been monitoring this group for sometime now and it has helped us immensely to focus our strategies against BW. We have not been responding on the group as it is difficult to know who all are reading it. However we felt it was important to clarify our position more importantly for the sake of our clients. We owe it to them.

    This is going to be our only official communication on the group and we will not be posting anymore here. But we will continue to monitor this forum to get further help and directions.

    @marksie we are really grateful to you for your contribution on the group which has given us some clear directions. We will connect with you on the published email id.

    We know we have erred but we would reiterate, our commitment is towards our clients and we will not shy away from doing what is right for their interests.

  358. If that is a genuine comment from SY, then I salute you.

    It’s a shame you did not mention the master agent you dealt through or if you have agreements or communications from Renwick Haddow or Jonathan Black though. This could be very important in helping clear your name and proving your innocence.

  359. @Belle. We have invested in workspace through SY we have contacted SY on this and asked them to pull the money out. We are in a waiting mode at this point

    Any investors on workspace commerce?

  360. Genuine, positive and honest comments from Square Yards. Well done to them for coming out and making a clear statement.

    There will be people on here who will be tempted to ask questions of SY. Please don’t do that because they have said that they don’t want to use this platform to answer questions. If you do ask questions and then SY don’t respond you will eventually accuse them of hiding or covering up. I’ve seen that happen many times before.

    This forum is fantastic for getting information out to people, but there are some things that have to be done in private to ensure that investors have the best chance of success and the targets are not fore-warned.

  361. @Belle – Thanks for this. I don’t know whether “Best Overseas Property Investments” is linked to Haddow in any way, but it certainly looks a bit fishy.

    The website was registered anonymously in April 2010.

    The company Best Overseas Property Investments was registered in the UK in February 2011. The company’s sole director was Simon Peck.

    In 2015, Tony Hetherington mentioned Best Overseas Property Investments briefly, because of their involvement in promoting an investment in a company called North Dakota Developments that turned out to be a Ponzi scheme:

    In Cornwall, Best Overseas Property Investments received about £165,000 in commission, according to bank records in the US. Director Simon Peck said: ‘We have been finding out as much as we can and are liaising with investors. If there has been a major misappropriation by the developers, we are as shocked as everyone else.’

    The investors in the North Dakota Developments Ponzi scheme set up a Facebook page – shortly after the North Dakota Securities Department issued a Cease and Desist Order. And there’s a website about the SEC case against NDD here. The investors got some money back, but not much.

    Best Overseas Property Investment dissolved in April 2017.

    We know from the “Contact Us” page of the Best Overseas Property Investment website that the real name of the company is Investment Showcase Limited, which was registered in the UK in December 2016. The company’s sole director is Simon Peck.

    I’d suggest reporting Best Overseas Property Investments to Action Fraud and the FCA.

  362. @SBS, I was told about Workspace Commerce yesterday and requested the brochure. I haven’t received it yet.
    I told the person who brought it to my attention that it is a con. Please send me the brochure if you have it – thanks.
    The website uses Bar Works phrases but it might just be them being lazy. It is obviously a copy of Bar Works and/or OurSpace – I don’t think it is one of their products though. I think this is a separate operation.
    I haven’t got around to looking at OurSpace yet, but I’m sure it will turn out to be much the same as Bar Works.

  363. @ Marksie – it seems to have all the hallmarks of a copy doesn’t it. I notice one of the directors was appointed and resigned the same day… is that usual?

    I think to be honest when you look into the Ourspace (spin off) BW connection, you will find that all roads lead back to a certain Jim Moore (of Inside Track ‘fame’), UPI (the master agent who switched allegiance from BW to Ourspace and have now since Moores arrest moved on again) and of course a certain Haddow character.

    From my investigations, I would suggest that Haddow was not or is not involved in Ourspace but more that Ourspace was borne out of a break of trust/holding back of commissions/confrontation between UPI and BW….. sound familiar????!!?

    This company mentioned could be a spin off of both, one of or neither I guess.

    Happy hunting! Metaphorically speaking Chris, of course

  364. @SY-Official

    Thanks for your explanation, much appreciated. We would appreciate if you can accelerate the legal process, as you know your investor are losing patience with every passing day.

    You must share your contract with BarWorks to your investors, there is nothing wrong in that. you have accepted above that there was lack of diligence in this investment, and you will rectify this error. We dont want you to share it here, But please share it with your investors on their email id, and propose them remedial measures whats you have assure above.

    I would advise you to look for some kind of investment protection insurance, we can share the premium for the same, and there wont be any pressure on you later on paying back to your investors.

    I wont be complaining against you now after this stand, but cant commit if some other groups if they have already initiated legal suit…So we would request you to move fast on legal action against barworks and protect your investors to prove your innocence…

    I would request all the real estate consultant to come & join us here, and take stand for your investors, what Square has done above…

    @Marksie & All
    Thanks for sharing valuable info…

    This just starting, raise the voice against BarWorks loudly than only it will reach to authorities responsible…

    I have some very good knowledgeable guys in my whatsup group who share very useful information, the group is open for verified investors…so please email me ur agreement on with contact no. and you will be added…

    Lets bring more agents on board…


  365. I am in contact with a WorkSpace agent. Contacted him through the Best Overseas Investment website. He sent me some brochures along with an email explaining the investment. Yes, the boilerplate is the same as BarWorks. So, it the same bunch of crooks or new crooks using their format. In this one they have added is a one year ‘Buy Back” guarantee. I have started a dialog with him asking a few questions and I’ll see how much inside information I can learn. The agent lists himself to be in Cornwell UK. One of the question I asked him was “is he an independent agent or does he work for the corporate entity that owns WorkSpace?” Also, asked him if the offices were operational and could I visit them? Waiting for a reply.

    If anyone wants a copy of the email and brochures I received, let me now and I’ll forward you a copy.

  366. @ Rich – what % is on the buy back after Year 1??

  367. Hi again, looks like i may send a complain too in UK even though i am italian and i ve been dealing with italian financial promoters but their companies is registered in UK, it is called Dream Homes Investments LTD.
    Am i right or wrong?
    Thank you


  368. @Scotty, yes it is quite usual for a director to resign after a short period, sometimes only one day. He would be the company formation agent. He forms the company on behalf of a client, appoints the client as a director and then resigns from the company. Nothing untoward about that.

    @Rich, I would like a copy of that brochure please to
    I think we should try to keep this blog focused on Bar Works and we may need a separate blog on Ourspace / Workspace Commerce unless/until a clear link is proven back to BW.

    I agree with @Scotty that BW and OS were probably working together at the beginning but we don’t have the evidence at the moment. It does look to be too much of a coincidence though i.e two major scam artists of the last decade both embarking on remarkably similar enterprises at virtually the same time.

    @Rich, the person you are dealing with in Cornwall is Simon Peck, irrespective of whatever name he uses in emails or phone calls. Chris has mentioned him in his post.

    Finally, I have written a few long posts but I don’t apologise for the next section. I didn’t write it. It is copied from the “Cease and Desist Order” imposed by the North Dakota Authorities mentioned in @Chris’ post above. It is for the North Dakota Oil investment sold by the UK agent that is selling Workspace Commerce, but it is so relevant to the Bar Works case that I copy it below (with my own comments in the square brackets).

    Investors in the fraudulent scheme were sold interests in six different housing developments……
    [replace with ’12 different workspace sites’]……

    The Securities Department’s Order alleges that North Dakota Developments LLC, Gavin and Hogan violated NDCC 10-04-15(2) by engaging in material misstatements of fact and material omissions of fact in selling securities to investors, and also engaged in misappropriation of investor funds and Ponzi like activity. NDD LLC, Gavin and Hogan also violated NDCC 10-04-04 and NDCC 10-04-10 in selling unregistered securities, acting as an unregistered broker-dealer and engaging in unregistered agent activity.
    [Replace North Dakota Developments LLC, Gavin and Hogan with “Bar Works Inc and 25 alleged subsidiary companies, Haddow, Kinard and the management team”].

    Among other alleged misrepresentations, investors were told to expect returns as high as 42% in the first year, and a guaranteed buy-back of their investment in 3 years. Among other alleged misappropriations, investor assets were used to make Ponzi like payments to earlier investors, to pay undisclosed sales commissions of up to 20% to NDD sales agents, were diverted to real estate projects beneficially owned by Gavin and Hogan, and used for personal expenses such as meals, alcohol and entertainment. [OK, the first year returns of 42% may not apply but everything else in this paragraph applies to Bar Works].

    “Oil development in Western North Dakota and our state’s economic growth story routinely make headlines – locally, nationally and internationally. It’s important to remember that con artists follow the headlines looking for their next exploitation opportunity.”
    [This explains why Haddow, Bar Works, OurSpace and Workspace Commerce focus on flexible workspaces which have received a lot of media attention as the future of business].

    Tyler cautioned. “Investors need to conduct extensive due diligence when pitched an investment represented to be a private transaction not subject to regulatory review and registration, especially when the pitch includes the promise of high returns, low risk and a guaranteed exit”.
    Red flags of fraud in this type of transaction include but are not limited to: promise of a high, guaranteed return; promise of a guaranteed investment buy-back; high pressure sales tactics; unsubstantiated claims by the promoter of extensive industry expertise, unsubstantiated claims of success in previous projects; resistance to providing offering documents, lack of substantive information in offering documents, and claims or warnings that there is no need for investors to contact regulators.
    [A neat summary of Bar Works’ offer to investors. They didn’t mention “use of false names for company directors and senior management team, company registrations in highly secretive jurisdictions, a web of alleged subsidiary companies to confuse investors, fake signatures on official documents, and failure to provide any information whatsoever on who owns any of these companies”. Perhaps they thought that their list was long enough, but Bar Works Inc / Haddow have taken fraud to a completely new level].

  369. @Marksie – completely agree to keep this forum focused on Barworks and assist the investors as best everyone can.

  370. 105%. The agent is telling me that you actually own the office suite. I asked if you recieve title/deed. He hasn’t responded to that. He invited me to visit the facility in London. Do we have someone on this blog who lives in London? Also can someone tell me how to check the corporate filings for officers’ names? It’s a English corp..

  371. @Rich – You can look up UK companies’ filings at Companies House here: Search for the name of the company (or its directors) first. When you find the company, click on the “Filing History” tab. WorkSpace Commerce Limited is here. WorkSpace Commerce Management Limited is here.

    See also this comment, for links to more information about Best Overseas Properties Limited.

    Please report WorkSpace to Action Fraud and the FCA.

  372. @marksie I sent you the brochures for workspace commerce let me know if you need the contract too

  373. @ Rich, thank you.

    Ok so they are saying you own the suite or desk/booth and you’ve rightly replied to ask if you get a title deed. Be interesting to hear what they say. Presume they will say ‘yes’ as others have stated this with things like care homes etc but the whole point is this, and this is where these ‘guaranteed buy backs’ really grate me.
    1st – NOTHING is guaranteed with any investment.
    2nd – Who is buying it back?
    3rd – Think about this, would would any company/developer offer to buy back something they have sold you after 12 months, 24 months or whenever at a profit to you and a loss for them? It just does not make any business sense for them at all. If you lease a car, you can return it after an amount of time but they won’t give you money back. It’s just another thing that companies have jumped on to try and make it more ‘saleable’ at the start of the process. It’s a sign, in my opinion of a ‘weak’ ‘product’ where they’ve had to add something in as it doesn’t stand up on its own two feet!

    First came the ‘guaranteed returns’ then came the ‘guaranteed buy back’. I wonder what will be next, maybe they will chip in 100% of the investment needed at the start, gift you ownership, guarantee your returns and then buy it back off you!?!!?!!

    Just insanity!

    And someone please tell me as I’m obviously being dim here but how does a desk appreciate in value over 12 months???

  374. @SBS, I received the brochure and a separate disclaimer for Workspace Commerce.

    The brochure lists the CEO as John Ellis. He is allegedly very experienced in workspace projects and intends to open 6 new sites a year. The investment model is similar to Bar Works and OurSpace. There are some differences but it is basically the same model. No other team members are mentioned – John is the only person and he is the main man for this business. He is the one who is going to deliver the returns for investors.

    However, John Ellis is based in the UAE (according to LinkedIn). The company, Workspace Commerce Ltd, is in the UK. It has only one director and one shareholder and that person is not John Ellis. Nicholas Filis is the only director and he owns 100% of the shares in the company.

    Nicholas Filis is described on LinkedIn as ‘Construction Director and General Manager of Workspace Commerce Ltd’. Now that’s odd – surely he would be described as “Founder and Owner”, not General Manager. He is clearly keen to play down his role for some reason. Maybe someone can find out a bit more about him. I need to focus on Bar Works and can’t be too distracted by this company.

    Apparently Nicholas has been employed as General Manager since January 2015. That is quite an achievement considering the company was only formed in June 2016.

    John Ellis is listed as ‘Company Secretary’ for Workspace Commerce Ltd. For people who don’t know what this means, it is the person who does the filing !

    Workspace Commerce says it has an operational site in Shanghai. You can see it here . It probably doesn’t exist.

    I said that I thought this was probably an entirely separate company to BW and OS, but now I am not so sure. I can’t help but wonder if Haddow is behind this in some way. It was the single sentence in the brochure which described the Shanghai site as having a modern boxing gym. Haddow is a boxing fanatic.

    Whether Haddow is involved or not, Workspace Commerce Ltd has so many red flags that it has to be a scam. @Chris is correct. If you have invested go online and report it to Action Fraud and the FCA.

  375. I have been sent some more brochures on Workspace Commerce Ltd. Just to confirm my suspicions about them, their ‘Head Quarters’ as they describe it, is 5 Chancery Lane, London. This is a virtual office address. This means that you can use it as a workspace for meetings, telephone answering services, postal address etc for less than £1,000 per year. They are using a workspace and do not have a fixed office at 5 Chancery Lane.

    Unlike the brochure, which only mentions John Ellis, the website, lists twelve members of the management team !
    It is a very nice looking website. I would be a bit unhappy if I were Nicholas Filis though. He is the only director of the company and he owns all the shares but he is down in seventh place on the website. Not only that, his name is spelt incorrectly (or maybe it is spelt correctly on the website and he misspelt it when he formed the company at Companies House). In any case it is definitely a cause for concern because he is Nicholas Filis on official documents and Nicolas Fillis on the website. Both his first name and surname are different.

    Something smells very wrong with this company.

  376. Hi, everyone! I am an investor from Russia and made my investment at the end of December 2016. So far I have received several payments and my last one was on April 11 from Barclays, UK, a little less then should be. I am willing to participate in all possible teams against Bar works. Today I called this guy named Brad, director of sales. He sounded very annoyed and replied that he was only responsible for locations and said something about his pay of 700 dollars and that he knows nothing at all.
    Please include me into the team!!!!

  377. Please let this forum be discuss only issues related to barworks , separate blogs can be initiated for similar other issues….

    Thanks for the needful in advance…

  378. @standunited: what is the action plan at this point?

  379. @Alfred, thanks for your post. It sounds as if Brad may be an innocent party caught up in this situation. Can you please send me his contact details. I’m on I have some people in NYC who would like to talk to him and possibly meet with him. He seems to be the only person in Bar Works who is willing to talk to anyone.

    To all investors who contacted me – a lady called Lucy will be contacting you in the next week or so. She is going to be following up a couple of the avenues for recovery of investment whilst I follow up on others.

  380. @marksie thank you

    @alfred: how did you get in touch with Brad? I have been trying to call different numbers of barworks and nobody answers the call.

    There was one time a lady answered in SFO and when I asked her the questions she gave me the number of Nancy Rodriguez . I told her that I was going to complain SEC

    She asked me to do what makes me happy

  381. @SBS you have Nancy Rodriguez number? Can you please share it?

  382. @SRS, I called a guy (#1) who brought to me this investment opportunity here in Moscow. He in turn was a sub-distributor of another Moscow based investment company which had direct contact with BW. So, a guy from that Moscow based investment company (#2) purchased for himself 5 places with BW, he visited BW several times. Last time was in April. And guy #1 claims that #2 did meet JB and spoke to him. #2 also spoke to workers on sites and they claimed that BW paid on time and they had no questions to BW. #2 also visited Miami by the way.
    So I received this telephone number from #1 who in turn got it from #2 and #2 got this telephone number from JB when he was visiting BW.

  383. @stephanie : +1 (646) 829-1564 that’s the Nancy Rodriguez number good luck if you can get in touch with her, I have tried this number several times and nobody answers the Call

  384. Has anybody complained to SEC? Are there any teams formed that are lodging a claim with SEC? I want to contribute and participate! These crooks should be brought to justice and our money be returned. What are our next steps? We should all act!!!

  385. @Alfred, I’m sorry to say that #2 was lying to you. JB does not exist. There are six good reasons why I know this. I will list five of them here:

    1. Do you honestly think Bar Works would have allowed this blog to carry on like this without responding ?
    2. Do you honestly think that Bar Works would have allowed the TRD article to remain online when all they had to do was ask JB to walk around the corner and introduce himself to the journalist ?
    3. Do you honestly think that Bar Works would not have answered all the questions from investors asking them to prove that JB exists ?
    4. Your man is lying. He should check his timeframes. JB was not there in April unless he was visiting to see his old buddies. He allegedly left the company in January (according to Bar Works itself).
    5. Why would JB give your friend Brad’s number for you to call Brad ? Why wouldn’t he have said “Hey, I’m JB, here’s my personal number, get Alfred to call me”.

    You’ve been fed a load of baloney.

  386. @marksie, yes, you right, so you think that #1 and #2 and are all involved in this scam? If yes then I should file a criminal claim against them here in Moscow with the law enforcing bodies.

  387. I have complained to SEC and NY DA. I am thinking of complaining to FBI as well

  388. So we have 3 different teams working independently to file a case against barworks
    @gogsuk: did you discuss with attorneys and what is their recommendation

    @comed: were you able to hash the attorney and do you have an action plan

    @standunited: what is happening in UAE

  389. Many investors not joining @gogsuk team and I don’t think he is going to proceed too. Attorney fee is expensive and not everyone agree to go with attorney. People just don’t want to lose good money after bad. I don’t see by going legal route with lawyer can get back our money from Bar Works. Renwick Haddow is too good, he is experience mastermind, he has prepared long before this, he knew this would happen, he knew everyone will file complaint to authorities or going legal with lawyer. Sad :(

  390. @ Stephanie – I thought you were very positive about the legal route?

    I recall Marksie saying it would be expensive and difficult but you can’t just roll over and let him win.

    Which agent did you go through @ Stephanie? Can you use a route described by the other groups?

  391. There will be a time for attorneys to be appointed and we are not too far away from that point. Investors need to think about what outcome they would realistically accept. Recovery of your full investment from Bar Works Inc is extremely unlikely. Action against agents is also not going to recover anything because most have been tricked the same as you have.

    There are other avenues but they take time to sort out. I have been inundated with emails from investors which shows just how global this investment has been. I do not want to give people false hope, but all is not lost. Not yet.


    Dear All, like everyone, I have a job so it’s not easy to be on top of this issue nor to act as collector, although I am trying my best to do so.
    I received a lot of emails and tried to reply to everyone.
    I have spoken to many US lawyers these days.
    My own lawyers were in contact with Bar Works, but their legal letters and threats of a lawsuit didn’t work.
    As already mentioned, the only solution is the Class Action Lawsuit.
    And only a BIG LAW FIRM can handle that, as the amount of work is huge.

    Even though I haven’t had the time to read all the new messages on this forum, I have read a lot of inaccuracies, especially about costs, SEC involvement, possibilities of success, chances to get the money (or part of the money) back, etc etc.
    Even if we are trying to share emotions, suggestions and doubts on here, I would suggest leaving the professionals to give the LEGAL ADVICE.

    So this is the update:
    We are almost set. The law firm in NY has already been selected and is ready to start.
    We are now about 150 investors (assuming that all of them will really join).
    Ideally, we will sign the formal appointment by the end of this week or beginning of next week.

    Please, don’t forget that lawyers have to study the case carefully and work on the best strategy to apply for the Class Action lawsuit.
    I will keep trying to reply to everyone. Please be patient if I don’t get back to you immediately.
    The more, the better as the legal costs will be very cheap ONLY if we are a big group.


  393. @Combed

    This is great , So if all are verified, lets be on whats up, email is one way communication and whats up is multiway…Lets move fast…

    Best Of Luck…

  394. Hi community –

    I´ve invested 50k in BW for 2 work spaces. Have received 3 payments. April was the last one.

    I can not believe what’s going on. I’ve wrote marksie and combed. Would love to hear from you guys. I hope we get these thieves.

  395. Barworks blocked me on their Facebook page and removed all my comments

  396. @Combed, I know several parties who had an attorney write to Bar Works. All have had the same result i.e no response.

    Your line “Please, don’t forget that lawyers have to study the case carefully and work on the best strategy to apply for the Class Action lawsuit” suggests to me that you haven’t got any clear direction. You don’t know who to target and you haven’t thought this through. You are asking people who have lost money to spend more money taking a leap into the dark paying an attorney to “study the case carefully and work on the best strategy to apply for the Class Action lawsuit”.

    This isn’t 1,000 people who all bought the same car with the same design fault and you all want your money back. You don’t even know if a Class Action lawsuit is possible because the prosecution would involve different sites, different jurisdictions, different corporate structures, different terms, different parties, different payment methods, and so on. Coupled with that you have the threat of SEC action which you seem to think is unlikely whilst I take a contrary view in that I think it may have already started. I know dozens of investors who have reported to the SEC. I know third parties who have reported this to the SEC. I know some people have involved local politicians to approach the SEC and the FBI. I have no doubt that one of the US investigation authorities have made contact with Bar Works and that the SEC is either already involved or will be shortly. Why else would Kinard resign so suddenly with immediate effect, no notice period, no announcement of a successor and no structured handover ? He took off to protect his own skin.

    You are raising false hopes without having even checked that a Class action lawsuit is possible. If you are going to ask people to waste their money on a Class Action lawsuit you should have at least done some groundwork and presented what you have to an attorney so that he has already made a judgement.

    You are telling people outside of this blog that your attorney says nothing should be put in writing.It should all be verbal. That sounds like an attorney making sure he cannot be sued when he says that he has spent all the money and got nowhere. Also, I asked you in a previous post if your attorney had identified any assets that he could go after i.e cash in the bank, properties, anything. You didn’t reply. The answer is NO – he hasn’t. There are no assets of any significant value.

    You should spend your own money first on the attorney if you are confident that a Class action lawsuit can be established, before raising false hopes and stripping more cash from investors.

    Only when your attorney confirms that:
    A US citizen who lives in New York and has a contract with Bar Works Tribeca Inc for a site in New York; and
    An Indian citizen living in Dubai who has a contract with Bar Works Miami LLC for a site in Miami; and
    A European citizen who has a contract with Bar Works Consulting and Office Leasing Services Inc for a site in Turkey;
    and all the different nationalities who have sent their money to different accounts with different financial institutions, and have contracts with another 6 or 7 separate legal entities, can all join together in one single Class Action lawsuit should you ask people for money.

    This is not LEGAL ADVICE by the way. This is common sense.

  397. Hi everyone!

    Is it really possible nowadays and especially in US to steal money from a GROUP of people (including US citizens as I now understand) and get dry out of the water and live decent and respectable life afterwards?

    So you got 50M on the account of the company and then what? You need to send somehow to somebody VIA US BANK this heap of money which in turn has anti money laundering polices. I may sound naïve but I have a good experience with Banks, though European, and it is not that easy as it seems. Banks should verify their clients. Through internet is a must and just the first step of verifying. And I see that first signs of possible fraud appeared in Feb-March.

  398. @ Alfred, it’s a good and valid point however you need to remember that not all the money was ‘on account’. Some went to agents, some went back to investors and the rest has probably been siphoned off to various jurisdictions and accounts where it is more difficult to trace.
    You are dealing with an expert at criminal dealings.

  399. Any possibility to state to any lawyer that I am willing to pay 10% of what I’m getting back? I do not want to ad good money to the bad and waste more, but if a lawyer gets me the full 75K back or only half, I’m willing to pay 10% of that.

  400. I still cannot believe in this day and age anybody could do this and get away with it. Everthing is scrutinized using magnifying glass.

  401. @Wim4aBW – I think this is the group and route that gogsuk and Stephanie etc are already trying/following. Question will obviously be the cost of the lawyer, as Marksie has mentioned multiple times, versus what you get back, if anything.

    Is there another of the groups you can join? For example, Is your agent UK based? Or overseas?

  402. @Scotty, jurisdictions? like what? please give an example. I expect you will name for example Bermuda? or BVI? ok, then, will it be a Bank in Bermuda??? Or it will be a Bermuda company with an account in a US or European Bank? Or will it be a Bermuda company with an account in Bermuda Bank and then US Bank pays 20M (30M I reserved for your advisors and interest paid) to this black hole?
    Take it for for granted that nowadays even if you want to pay 0.5M to an unclear jurisdiction you will have to justify it to your Bank and Banks treat it seriously since it could be terrorism financing and they can get involved indirectly.
    You cant get even cash now to hide it. Also it is not that easy and simple if you could: one million in 100 dollar bills weighs 10 kilos!!! But it is hard to buy a car for cash in US and Europe. Somebody said Russia. They can hide in Russia since Russia doesn’t respect international law. Ok. I live in Russia and I tell you that not only international is not respected. Even internal law is of no importance for big money. And they won’t be safe here. A lot of Russian investors suffered and they just want them to come and hide in Russia. Please just give them a chance. Welcome to Russia.

  403. According to BarWorks’ Facebook page it seems that yesterday was the launching of the site in LA
    Any opinions? Did somebody go?

  404. @Marksies@Scotty@Stef

    You know more than anyone else in this group about BW & things related to them…

    The common feel we are getting after going through this blog is that though we know a lot about BW now, but we cant do anything…Because “He” is expert in his game…

    @To all

    If i look back 4 weeks back, i see BW has planned it pretty well this time :-

    – He did not focus on one country, he made it global this time so that density of people from one region is less, and when people are less in numbers from one country, its a little tough to plan any action…

    – He also understand that whatsup/facebook/online blogs are pretty active and can be accessed on finger tip, and I am sure BW might have planned something for this also (what u think?)

    – And might deployed few people who first boost the confidence of investor sharing a lot about BW and than distract them realizing how tough is that to fight against this mastermind monster.


    There is only one agent came up to support their investors so far, But they also :-
    – They did not accepted they have got 20% commission or what ?
    – They did not shown any agreement with barworks or master agent ?
    – They accepted that there was lack of diligence from their side, which means they went for some gree i.e. may by very high commission, before doing proper ground check.
    – When agent propose overseas investment to anyone its their prime duty to do proper diligence as they cant play with the money of the investors and still if they did it , than you know their intentions…
    – And yes one imp. thing is Payment term which is a key to any agreement, i am 100% sure, payment terms in this case might have defined by the agents, though they will neither show us nor accept it till there is a legal investigation, but the fact is any agent claiming they have their all pending commission is all lie , its not at all possible, it might be possible that a few week commission is pending. Agents deployed a huge man power to market this product, they cant feed them if they dont get immediate payments,

    Being a contracts guy, i can predict that agents payments must be like that “Barworks should pay the full commission within a week from the date of investor fund transfer acknowledgement” , agent will not give a credit to Barworks as they are not selling any product or engineered solution, their brokerage (our money) comes with Fund receipt acknowledgement.

    @To all investors
    Lets not trust anyone (means anyone), if its a global scam, lets accept it and spread it globally…

    1. If someone invested directly in bar works , they should complaint in SEC, FBI, USA attorney etc.
    2. For those who invested through agents :-
    – they must identify global presence of their agents
    – they must complaint in every country

    They made it global, they hired crooks to sell their product :

    Now its our duty to spread this news globally, if anyone has taken legal action it does not hold them to stop spreading this crime…

    Yeah one last thing, identity of the key people sharing a lot is still unknown…

    My group is open for all verified investors , so send your agreement & whatsup no. on, I am sure very soon we will find someone who will lead the this WAR but before that we must get united and StandUnitedAgainstDScam…

  405. @ Alfred – I would say multiple accounts in multiple countries like you mention. I think it was Marksie who made mention on an earlier post about looking into the Bahamas as a connection.

    Alfred, please remember that we are not talking about a heist like situation or people carrying bags of ????through customs, we are talking about a slow but steady flow of cash from multiple accounts to multiple accounts, which will all have a ‘genuine’ reason for transfer.

  406. I and few other investors that I know personally have a plan, even it is not guaranteed but I can say it has 70% chance. If you like to join us, email me on

  407. Did the meeting take place in UAE with the authorities regarding filing a complaint etc?

  408. @ George I received the announcement for it as well and asked for pictures. They actually did reply within the hour and said pictures will be posted on FB just lik they did for Miami opening on March 31. So far no pics of yesterday, but yes, still a bit curious…

  409. Do I get the feeling that if BW post something on Facebook about a new venue opening that investors are taking comfort?

    I hope not.

    This is exactly how a Ponzi works! They take money from investors, pay their agents, themselves and the investor so he/she ‘thinks’ it’s all working for a while and then move on to the next, repeating the process over and over.

    Remember you are not focusing on if BW itself is a fraud but how they have raised funds and who you were contracting with, amongst other things to get it to this stage.

    Last time I can say this –
    The returns are NOT possible.
    The buyback is NOT possible.
    The money has been used or siphoned off.
    You are dealing with a multi headed monster with thousands of tentacles ???? stretching across the globe.

    Even if a Frank or a Brad steps in as a Sales or Operations Director, the beast has already run!

    To SY – you are the only agent who posted on here and once again I salute you. I’ve asked various people who they invested through and nobody has answered. At least SY have had the ???? ???? to give their input. As for their commission ‘pending’, BW have done it to others, so why wouldn’t they do the same to SY. As for the contract guys amongst you, the agents will have a simple set of T’s & C’s, one being their commission level and when it’s due but don’t expect any high level legal document……well in nobody’s favor except for BW that is.

    I wish you all luck with whichever route you decide to take, I hope it’s not too late but once again would urge you to take action NOW before it’s definitely too late.

    Get your ‘ducks in a row’ first and when you have, commit every ounce of energy you have.

    Unfortunately I do not have the answer for you but it seems we are going round and round in circles with many options ‘hovering’ but none focused on the target. Although I could be wrong and hope that I am and several groups have formed away from here and you are methodically plotting your next move.

    Remember who and what you are up against. You have so much information it’s untrue. So, be a sniper, sniff out your prey, do your homework and when ready, pull the trigger!

    Metaphorically Chris.

  410. @marksie

    So, I’m pretty sure this picture is just 10 times more clear to me than to most of people, and probably than to you, unless you’re a lawyer as well.
    Exactly like – I’m sure – you understand your area of expertise (or job) 10 times better than me.

    Nonetheless, even if I’m a lawyer, I’m not mentioning SEC, investigations, and bla bla bla. like many people are doing on here (included you!), even if they don’t know ANYTHING about SEC, procedures, laws, etc.

    I’m sure you know dozen of investors that bla bla bla, a lot of people that bla bla bla… everybody’s know someone that – SURPRISE – is in the same situation now or was in before.
    Please have mercy.
    People that mention “I have friends, I know a lot of people in the same situation,…” they usually don’t know anybody.

    Even if I’m a lawyer, and even if my opinion is most probably 10 times more valuable than yours, I don’t speculate and I’m not giving any legal suggestion, even if I could. Al least my job title allows me to do so. I’m a simple damaged investor now, so – like everyone – I’m in need of a specific lawyer, an excellent litigator, that can protect my interests.

    If you saw “hope” in my words, that’s very subjective.
    I’m actually very negative about this situation. I think I lost my money. I just don’t like to give up. But I respect if someone doesn’t want to spend any more money. I think it could be a good decision as lawyers are expensive.
    But, please, let me share my point of view while you better focus on your own. I didn’t comment your words, so stay in your place.

    Oh, by the way, I don’t have to explain why my lawyer suggested me to talk instead of write specific information (although I did wrote a lot recently). I’m sure your amazing degree in “investigation” took you to the right conclusion.
    “sounds like an attorney making sure he cannot be sued when he says that he has spent all the money and got nowhere”…. are you 10 or what?!?!?!
    I even don’t know why I’m wasting my time in replying to you.

    Yes, you asked me in a previous post if my attorney had identified any assets that he could go after i.e cash in the bank, properties, anything.
    And yes, I didn’t reply BECAUSE I don’t usually waste time with ridiculous questions.
    I tend to ignore them.
    Moreover I have a job and I rarely look at this forum.

    Correct, I ignored you. Don’t take it personally.

    Thank you for the smart advise about spending my own money.
    Indeed, I already paid a lot my lawyers, my dear Marksie.
    Do you have other useless advices for me?

    Now, I’ll give YOU an advice, and it’s free: instead of focusing on my messages (that you can share or not), look at the real problem, Bar Works, and let people have their own opinion, especially when they have a more solid base.


    (no problem to give proof of my job title, in private, of course, should you’re brilliant mind takes you to the conclusion I’m lying)

  411. @Scotty, my group has put together the most detailed evidence package and we have the best network of contacts compared to anyone else. I have been in direct contact with the authorities for some time now. Today my group has stopped all planned actions against Bar Works and its subsidiaries.

    @Diana, save your money.

    This does not mean that Bar Works is rising from the ashes – quite the opposite. It is in serious trouble.

    I have also been made aware that someone has been singing the praises of the Bar Works competitor, OurSpace, saying that it is a great company. Let me enlighten a few of you.

    I have to give credit to @Scotty for first pointing out the connection between Bar Works and OurSpace. I was sceptical because of lack of evidence, but everything that @Scotty said was proven to me from a different source today. These are the facts.

    Renwick Haddow established Bar Works. He took this to a known crook called Jim Moore who owned and ran UPI in Spain. UPI was an agent company. It promoted dodgy schemes.

    UPI promoted Bar Works and was hugely successful. Investors loved it and a lot of units were sold. Moore went to Haddow and said “Look Renwick, my company is keeping your company going. I want a share in Bar Works”. Haddow refused and to make matters worse he held back some of the commissions owed to UPI.

    Moore knew how investors felt about Bar Works so he went back and set up OurSpace in Dubai. UPI dropped Bar Works and began promoting OurSpace instead.

    Moore was charged with offences in the US and has since returned there to mount a defence.

    The bottom line is that OurSpace is as bad as Bar Works. It was established by a known crook and has the same operating model.

    Lorna Moore who runs the Bar Works offshoot, Podworks, is definitely Renwick Haddow’s sister. She is no relation to Jim Moore. The surname is just a coincidence.

  412. i am like every one else is an investor with Barworks, i have invested $250,000 US Dollars with an agent called Peter Jones in New York, i live in Toronto and have a lawyer in New York who is working on a Federal action law suit against JP Morgan Bank for negligence and failure to avoid a Ponzi scheme, despite the fact that all initial bank account, websites and lease agreements where in the name of a person that was being sued against coning people in the UK, the whole idea here is to get as much investors as possible in filling this case in order to force JP Morgan to settle and give us our money, with regards to Barworks our sources in New York have confirmed to us that their banks accounts have BEEN CLOSED, and it seems to us that the SEC has taken over the investigations in New York, this very good, but might take for ever if we are to get some of our money back.
    All of the dealings will be directly with the Lawyer in New York as she agreed with me to gather as much of us investors, so please pass this address to as much investors as you can, so we can register your names as plaintiffs to proceed with case.
    please contact me

  413. @Combed, I’m not really sure what to say about your post. Very bizarre. I don’t take anything personally so don’t worry about me. If you are a lawyer I think you could have responded in a more professional manner. Your post looked like it was written by someone who had been drinking.

    You have every right to spend your money as you wish, but my point was that you shouldn’t ask people to contribute to a Class Action lawsuit until you know they are eligible to be included otherwise you are using their money to help fund your own case and not theirs. As a lawyer I would have expected you to have known that.

    Anyway, moving on to more serious issues, I heard last week that the SEC is involved. That was confirmed by a second independent source this weekend. I believe this to be the case and that is good news for all investors.

  414. @marksie

    Nobody is drinking here. I just don’t like when someone jumps to conclusions so easily.
    Believe me, I’m not asking anybody to spend money.
    On the opposite.
    One of the reason to use Skype at the beginning was exactly to avoid that written words could have been misinterpreted, as it happened between us.

    Some lawyers had declared themselves available to anticipate costs and to be be paid only if they win. So my genuine intention was to involve a big group of investors without asking money (or an extremely little amount: e.g. $500 each)
    But it was at the beginning, when it seemed that nobody was really moving..
    The scenario has been changed.
    Apparently different groups of investors are moving separately and – I’ve been told – they are filing different lawsuits in parallel.
    These lawsuits represent a potential diminishment of the recovery in the class action such that the total fee the layers will earn will not sufficiently compensate them for the risk of taking the case on contingency.
    So we are back to day 1.

    Nonetheless, I keep thinking that a very big group of investors can easily afford to pay a big law firm. But, again, we should be very, very big.

    Btw, I agree, let’s move on on more serous things. If SEC has been involved it’s definitely good sign.

  415. That’s good news Marksie!!! I have not received any notification from SEC yet.

  416. I don’t expect anyone to be notified that an investigation is underway. If that happens then it is very unusual because this is treated like a Police investigation. Normally the response to investors is something like “Thank you for your enquiry. We can neither confirm nor deny our involvement at this stage”. Information only goes one-way i.e from you and me to them. They never say how they are getting on. The only time there is normally an official announcement is if they have found wrongdoing and intend to prosecute.

    If I were an investor I would definitely let the SEC and FCA do the hard yards against regulated firms like the banks. They have far greater powers to force disclosure and you will know if they found anything if they announce a fine or prosecution of the organisation. It can be a very expensive process to take on banks and big insurance firms.

    If you wrote to Bar Works requesting a refund because you were invested in Brooklyn, 8th Avenue or 95 Chambers and didn’t get a response from them please drop me a line at I will put you in contact with an investor who is going to take this forward.

    I am struggling to keep pace and track of all the investors who have contacted me. I try to respond to everyone but it is a full-time job and I’m sorry if I don’t respond quickly.

    I will be scaling down my involvement now that the financial regulators are involved. They will do a lot of the work for everyone.

  417. If I were an investor I would be taking this opportunity to thank Marksie for his work, time and knowledge given to this forum.

    Whilst this case may be long from over, the ball is rolling and if appropriate findings are made, you can be sure the FCA & SEC will jump all over it.

    I mentioned many posts ago that I thought this was the best route or strategy to take and am still of that belief.

    You unfortunately just cannot take them on individually or even as a group without involving the authorities so they are ‘on side’.

    Everything crossed for a positive outcome for all involved.

  418. I am really indebted to some people in NYC who put themselves out to help. One person sent me a video of the West Village location filmed today (Monday). It looked pretty full to me.
    However, Midtown Manhattan (which was the first ever BW site based at 47W 39th St) has closed up shop with garbage visible through the window.

  419. Marksie’s comment about the West Village being open and operational brings a few questions to mind. Who are the employees at that location working for? Barworks & a independent operator who leases the space? If BW, are they getting their paychecks? If so, what bank is being drawn on. If a independent operator are they paying rent to BW? If so,where is that rent check being deposited? I wonder if Miami and SF locations are operational. If so, same questions.

    BTW, I received written acknowledge for the NY States Attorney General. Basically, they thanked me and make a determination about pursuing BW. I have not received any official acknowledgement from the SEC or FBI. Just no-reply emails thanking me for filing the complaint.

  420. Squareyards opened their office in BW manhattan site Treibbica… Anyone can go look for these individuals asking of what they are offering in the US for investment opportunities as discussion starter and then pretend that you wish to invest with them in Barworks… You’ll get all the answers.
    Anyone in NYC please give it a try

  421. @skikdi21 wow is this true?? Do you have the address I will definitely reach out

  422. @SBS.. The sales guy who sold this trouble-making investment told me that Squareyard office is officially operating at Manhattan NY.. Address: Tribeca Manhattan, 95 Chamber street, NYC. He also gave me whatever information I want in case BW doesnt get back on the right track to get my refund from Squareyards. Anyways, if you can reach out to these folks from SY, plz keep us posted

  423. @Skikdi21 and @SBS, there are good agents that seem keen to help investors and there are bad agents who are lying low. I put SY into the first category. It is up to you where you put them but I think you should wait to see what happens in the next couple of weeks. You might actually be shooting at one of your allies.

    Almost everyday something comes in that sheds more light on Bar Works. Now that I am satisfied enforcement agencies are involved I would like to turn my attention to the foot soldiers. The people who were complicit in covering up the involvement of Renwick Haddow or who deliberately misled investors. The authorities will be focused on the high level fraud, but we can help them with the lower level when they are ready to look at that. I would ask everyone to go back through their emails with Bar Works and to think about conversations they have had. We need to break through the false names they have been using and find out who they really are, where they came from, where they live, and where they are moving on to once they leave Bar Works.

    The people I am interested in are:

    Zoia Kyselova/Zoe Miller, Sam Aura, Peter Jones, Patricia Quinn, Howard Green, Stephen Williams, James Delaware, Jessica Mayo, Julian Tzanev (goes by the name of Julian), Tahirya Cordner, Brian Cohen;

    Mandeep Sidhu, Chris Starkey,

    Robert Haslem, Mark Wilcox

    If you have any more names of people that you dealt with in connection with this investment send them through. Please send to

    I already have quite a bit of information on a few of them but you might have a gem somewhere in your records that helps put the jigsaw together. Lucy will deal with this.

    There will undoubtedly be agent firms and people at those firms that you think are complicit in the fraud. We don’t know that to be the case, but if you want to register those people Lucy will take the details. It won’t be followed up for a long time because our focus has to be on the people above and any other person who is known to have worked for Bar Works Inc and InCrowd Equity Inc.

  424. Very grateful to an investor who sent me a brand new just launched brochure for 95 Chambers Street. Bar Works has a new bank account. It is:

    Bank Name:Bank Of America
    Bank Address: 910 FOULK RD STE 201, WILMINGTON,DE 19803 – 3159
    Account Number:8980 8602 4872
    Routing Number: 0631 00277
    Address:910 FOULK RD STE 201,WILMINGTON, DE 19803 – 3159, USA.

    I urge US investors to contact this bank immediately with their concerns. US investors will have more clout than foreign investors.

    It is noticeable that the contracts in the brochure are with Bar Works Chambers LLC and Bar Works Management Inc, but they are asking people to send their money to a new company called BW Capital Properties LLC. As usual this is very fishy. Why didn’t they open the account in the name of Bar Works Chambers LLC ?

    This bank is in Delaware which means it will be very difficult to get any disclosure at all.

    How can they keep taking money in from new investors when they aren’t paying existing investors ?

    95 Chambers St offers an exciting new gym which will boost revenues for investors. Documents filed in NYC show that the experienced owner/manager of the gym is none other than Mr Renwick Haddow.

  425. Oops – I missed Franklyn Kinard off that list of Bar Works people. I’l bet Frank got quite excited when he saw that I’d missed him off. Sorry to disappoint you Frank, but you’re on the list too.

    The only one we’re not interested in is Brad Fiorillo – poor guy seems to have been dropped in it and we know he’s not going to be the new CEO. Maybe nobody is.

  426. Am I to understand that BW is currently marketing the Chambers location? If so, it sold out months ago, so one must assume that are reselling it all over again. I’m I confused about the latest posting regarding Chambers.

    Also, I’m seeing posts on here that some investors are receiving payments and/or refunds. Is that correct or am I confused on that?

    I’ve seen several post saying be careful not to say anything derogatory on this blog about BarWorks because the have high powered attorneys and they could sue us. I welcome a law suite from BW. If anyone knows want I have to do to get sued, please let me know.

    Last, I’ve have seen post asking if that are any “real” investors on this blog. I am…3 units on Eight Ave.

  427. Marksie,

    I just completed a call to Bank of America fraud department. I gave them the whole story and suggested they investigate this account information. The agent I spoke with as escalating the information as soon as we hung-up. I could receive a follow-up contact from BOA. If so, I’ll post it

    I was able to verify the Swift and routing code to be valid with BOA. Just FYI, I found that BW Capital Properties LLC was formed May 2, 2017. The bank address listed is BW’s registered agent.

  428. @Rich, all of these posts you are referring to are offline whatsapp chats / emails within investor groups. They are not on here. Investor groups are notorious for being infiltrated and spreading falsehoods and concerns. Every group will have people friendly to Bar Works in it.

    I was expecting BW to pay a few people by now. Not many, just a few so that they would sow the seeds of doubt amongst groups. There are many people who think that if they receive a rental payment everything is rosy again. Maybe that has started, but I doubt it. This is a company under attack on all fronts. It is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy and cannot even find anyone prepared to say they are the new CEO.

    Yes, they are reselling more 95 Chambers St units. A new brochure has just been issued. You may not know much about Haddow’s previous ventures. A property or unit doesn’t have to exist for him to sell it. He will sell thin air to get more money because he knows how long it takes to prosecute him. He has sold hundreds of wheat plots on land they don’t own. He has sold 5,350 acres of rice plots when the farm was only 3,000 acres in size. That netted him another $6 million which was never returned. He has sold workspaces at sites where they only had a short term lease and had no intention of continuing, and he is now selling units at 95 Chambers that don’t exist. That is how he works.

    I’m not worried about being prosecuted by high-powered attorneys employed by Bar Works and neither should you be. Chris Lang, the owner of this blog, myself and a few others would be their primary targets. I will tear them apart with my evidence and Chris has been there many times before.

    Don’t be afraid of these people. They are terrified of going anywhere near a courtroom.

    it has been pointed out to me that I forgot to include Keith Simpson aka Keith Milhench on my list. I can’t believe that – he is such a crook. Also Sian McCormick needs to be added. Sorry – I think my brain is full.

    I have also been told that I am being too lenient on Brad Fiorillo. OK, he is back on the ‘persons of interest’ list. Send your stuff to Lucy.

  429. I’m not sure how to “contribute” here versus what’s already been shared. I bought one unit at 8th Avenue – but last I checked, there appears to be nothing going on there. I walked by 39th and 46th in midtown today, both appeared to be closed permanently.

    If getting in touch with more investors helps, I remember that back in December we received a holidays best wishes email in which Bar Works’ didn’t bcc the distribution list, but instead showed everyone’s email address (I assume this was a mistake on their part). I clear out my emails regularly so I no longer have it, but others on here may still have it in their archives.

  430. @ Geoff – You can’t say you don’t know how to add anything to this forum etc and then come up with an absolute gem like that!

    Does anyone else have the Happy Holidays email??

    It’s been said a few times on here by a couple of us. They’re good, damn good at what they do….but they do make the occasional mistake and when you find these chinks in the armour you need to be diving in and ripping at it limb from limb!

  431. @Scotty – “you need to be diving in and ripping at it limb from limb”, metaphorically speaking, of course.

  432. Absolutely Chris, yes, my apologies again.

    Metaphorically speaking of course.

    We wouldn’t want anyone actually being ripped apart limb from limb….. would we (hmmm, do I use a ? or a ! to finish that sentence……nah, I’ll let you each decide and put your own punctuation in)

  433. @ scotty @ geoff I have the Happy Holiday email and obtain other investors’ email addresses…I have contacted them through that email and form a group.
    If anyone want to join in, please email to
    I will add you into that group.
    I really appreciate to @Marksie @Chris @scotty, give us so much useful information.

  434. @Xin – did you already send out that email? If so, I should’ve received it as I was on that list (I have not).

  435. @ Xin – ???? my pleasure, hope it helps a little

  436. Dear investors… well, squareyards who sold 500 units of this scam just informed us that barworks management disappeared, no track of anyone, and they don’t know who to go after… they hired a firm for legal persuit.. but I spoke in person to a scenario manager from SY, I understood they are trying to get their commission 2.3 M from BW and not really caring about investors money.. very funny, they think they have no responsibility.. real estate rule.. if a company promotes a 3rd party product to be sold on its platform, they are RESPONSIBLE to do all precau and due diligence to ensure it’s reliable and fraud/ scam-free.. personally I would never have invest in BW if SY never brought to me.. we use local agents for safety and trust! Am I wrong

  437. Went by the West Village location today. It was open with 8-9 people there around 10am. As someone asked earlier, I have to wonder who’s paying the employees if management has fled.

  438. @ Geoff- it could be that the site you went past has a little operating capital so it can function but as for the management fleeing, firstly im not sure I’d call RH management and secondly I would say it’s almost certain that he has long gone.

    Ask yourself after your visit if what you saw is a true reflection of the picture the brochures painted. Hardly competing with WeWorks is it but the question you raise is a valid one.

    Great to have you ‘on the ground’ for updates Geoff and always good to get the input.

  439. You will rest in hell SY, what you have done is a crime and now you are giving false commitment to your investors.

    You are the one who came to us with lots of commitment to invest in Barworks, conducted seminars in luxury places with suited booted guys…

    You call your self consultant , you dont know F### of consultancy, you did it simply for high commission.

    Dont do drama of pending commission, payments are stopped from April, and before that investors and agents both were getting payments.

    Being an agent you will have your own terms with BW, are are receiving payments from early 2016 till April 2017…if $2.3M is your pending now, How much you would have received ?

    I wish someone can teach a lesson to people like you, i wish authorities take some strict action against you…

    JP Morgan bank & agents like Square Yards should held at first instance…

    You guys killed your investors…shame on you…

  440. @Scotty – what you say makes perfect sense. And, no, nothing like WeWorks.

    I had sent an email on Monday to the BW admin office asking if payments were going to resume in June like Franklin’s note implied. This was before it dawned on me that something was seriously wrong, which really occurred after I saw the two locations near me were padlocked…after which I discovered this site (I invested in December…none of these things seemed to come to light…at least online…until January). I figured that email went into Ponzi scheme hell, and I’d never hear back. But I actually received a response from ” Nancy Rodriguez” late this afternoon saying they are working on it. I’m chalking it up to one more delaying tactic.

  441. Looking from investors with Squareyards in Qatar, I have built a strong case ready to be filed with help of local legal advisor.. any investor from Qatar may contact e

  442. @ Square Yards Victim –

    It’s a really tough situation you are in and whilst I agree that SY should have done more DD, it is plausible that they were not even aware themselves of the level of this scam. This is the reason I raised the question as to who signed their contract and if they know RH personally or if RH had any contact with them or if the name JB was used.

    As an agent, they should not have been swayed by 20+% commission I agree and agents should ask questions on anything over circa 10% as an absolute maximum in my opinion.

    If they ‘invited’ you to attend a seminar or similar and ‘advised’ you/others to invest, again to me this is wrong.

    It really depends on the way they ‘sold’ it to you. Did they present their findings and let you decide or did they advise and tell you to invest?

    I am not exonerating their actions at all and it’s a real shame so many invested and I don’t wish you to take this the wrong way but ultimately it is always, in my opinion, the decision of the investor to invest or not.

    I appreciate that if you are sat in a room full of other investors and the buzz in the room is positive it is often hard to say no and you are entrusting someone like SY to have done the homework for you but your own DD should always happen too.

    I don’t agree with the approach of SY or many agents if it is not on a consultative basis and really understanding the clients needs and in my opinion it could take weeks or several meetings/calls to really understand your client. This, I feel has unfortunately gone or has dwindled with many agents who simply want quick commission and to not build a relationship.

    I hold the off plan property market and timeshare mostly responsible for breeding these quick deal sales people who are judged by their bosses on a daily basis.

    The approach should be more professional and as I pointed out before, some kind of global recognition or legislation needs to be introduced to stop these types of schemes.

    Like I say it’s a very tough situation. You have trusted SY, they have in turn trusted BW but ultimately it is your money and your decision unless of course your are paying them to manage your cash and assets for you however this would only be done via a regulated company.

    In my opinion there are 7 Key steps as a guide to investing in the alternative market and DD is just one of them.

    My worry is that thousands of investors have now been burnt so badly they will never recoup the money they have lost and will never enjoy the fruits of the alternative market which are there if done properly and selected carefully.

  443. @All

    I’ve invested in 3 units in 70 white St. NY (formerly known as Tribeca) trough Best USA Property Investments (or Best overseas Property investments) in the UK. Payments stopped in April and the broker replies to one out of 3 emails I send him, I’m supposed to talk to him over the phone on Monday, I’ll let you know.
    I have dealt with Tahyira in the past for minor bank transfer issues, but now her email is inactive.
    I have never received any communication from BW about any issue in the last months nor the Best wishes email.

    I live in the UAE and have joined UAE-investor’s list already, I’m in contact with Marksie, and Diana.

    Could someone enlighten me on the possible risks of sharing the proof of purchase and the contract? I’m sorry to ask this question and I don’t want to offend anyone but, I’m really confused and don’t want to dig my hole deeper….

    Furthermore @Gogsuk how do I contact you? The email is blurred.

  444. Its all lies SY dont have anything pending, they are simply lying it. They got their payment as soon as clients payment triggered in BW account. and i have an audio clip to prove that…

    @Skikdi21 i agree with you, the only reason they promoted Bar Works over their own convertible because it gives them instant money, which help them to expand their business. the more SY will expand the more it will kill people around the world…

    I am in shock knowing SY is doing all this drama of acting innocent to protect their client…They are real the butchers…

    I will send all the documents to email left on this blog…

  445. Dear All;

    We have a group 35 now, we will have our database ready soon with all the required detail for legal actions against BW & related agencies.

    @Square Yards Victim $60K @ nvested 75k with SY Qatar

    Marksie himself has a discussion with Square Yards and confident that Square Yards will help us.

    Dont ask me who is Marksie, No body knew it, What i knew that He is very knowledgeable guy, he know a lot about Barworks and things related to that…

    I am not on agents side, But if they are willing to support us we should not screw them now…


    I truly understand except investor, rest all understand this game of thorns very well…

    I believe in god, and i pray who ever has committed this intentionally will get the justice one day…

    @My Story

    1st Half…
    Square Yard approached me while they were promoting San Francisco in July-Aug2016 UAE, I work in Al Wahda Abu Dhabi area, and at the ground floor there is a space for marketing…only high profile company choose it for marketing…because the place is full of educated professionals…

    I met them there, and come to know about BW, the way whole picture was presented infront of me i found it a bit logical…and this is how our discussion started, I met with two sales, guys both are realiy good in making relationship, they replied all my queries, i got the call from Barworks guys also once!! I mean there was nothing which was doubt able , they replied all my queries on Barworks very ethically, Obviously i have to trust them after all they were so confident in the product they were promoting…I trusted them so much after their presentation that there was no room for below questions which we have now:-

    1. How much is their commission
    2. what is their contract with BW
    3. how the product will generate such a huge profile in two years
    4. What is the protection plan

    Time is changed now, they still talk to me , but they dont have any reply on barworks now…

    2nd Half….

    7 Months Later March2017, they approached me again, this time for Istanbul (San Francisco is sold out by now :( by now), I said i dont have money i need to buy home as my family is growing i need a bigger house, and i am planning to take loan…the got the business!!!! immediate i got a home product from them, i did some research and come to know Paramount Builders are not withstanding to their commitment, so i dropped it.

    They have a business to do with me now (I am going to be killed now), they introduce me Istanbul and Convertible. Focus point was Istanbul , although convertible is their own product , all the highlight was on Istanbul (i could not guess that time).

    Obviously, rents are fine with BW so i did not went on google ( I wish , i could have done that, and seen REDD comments) while investing for Istanbul. I though with return of San Franscisco and Istanbul i will pay EMI of Loan, and it will help my kids after two years when will be getting back our investment (You know what sales guys knew it, i shared my future with them).

    My script was written, its time to push for loan SY (i have emails to prove that how much push was there to process loan). I was trusting them so blind they i could not even realize that my neck is in their hand now. loan is approved now, and i made the transfer to turkey bank 9 march 10am.
    I got the confirmation from BW the fund were receipt by 16th March (though it was wire transfer).

    I ask SY that they should give some gift to repeated customer, and they did the same but they mentioned upon receipt of commission, So they paid 3K after a couple of week to me.

    End of March i got return for both unit for April, and than rest is history…

    I am killed guys…I am left with agreement, ownership certificate, email communication and a heavy loan of $90K, which i have to pay now…

    After All above, I still hope & trust Square Yards will stand for their clients…Still people are in touch…But no one has reply what was my fault, who presented me Barworks, why i am looted like this…

    My life is changed since i met SY… Now i wish things back on track, I wish Square Yards will refund at lease the commission part so that i can settle my loan partially…

    End Of My Story… :(

    Send me ur detail to be part of small group we have on

  446. I made my bank transfer end of April… By then many investors from the real estate agents SY and JG had already complaint of not receiving their returns and BW stopped replying to their emails/ phone calls… Although this was so obvious that BW is a scam, they did not stop me from sending the money, they even showed me some few more transfers done at same period by other victims or stupid investors (dont know what to call ourselves), as well as newpaper publicaion to show how safe and trusted it is… everyone goes his way on how to get back his money… I am not based in the US or UK where criminals are manupilating everyone, I am live where goverment is very limited to the classic understanding of a fraud… “You promoted something on your platfrom, you gave receipt, guarantees and confirmation” you are part of the crime…. My one millon question to SY when I was doing DD… WHAT IF BW DISPPEARS WITH THE MONEY AFTER 6 MONTHS OR 1 YEAR…WHO Will REFUND ME…??
    Well …won’t tell you the answer here guys, cause I have it in writing… not words (documented and preciously saved for a day like this one).

    Please you are all invited to google what happened to SY in Singapore… closed since 3 months by authorities for promoting a fraudulent overseas investment in the US. In this one, they blamed investors for not doing DD… Same f**king lifeline for these players, however case is still open and victims are still pushing toward a refund.

  447. The fundraising effort for 95 Chambers St is still continuing although I notice that they are being particular who they send the brochures out to. They seem to be focusing on areas where they think the SEC will have little interest in following up and investors may not have done any online searches.
    Here’s an email from a new fake person at Bar Works – Paul Johnson – sent on Friday.

    It seems that none of the existing investors can get through to Bar Works unless they want to buy another unit in 95 Chambers St ! “Paul” has left his number so it is worth a try.

    The brochure even includes the CEO letter from Jonathan Black. They are so desperate to bring more money in they aren’t even bothering to remove Jonathan Black. This is fraud – plain and simple. I have forwarded to the SEC.

    “Paul Johnson”
    Bar Works Chamber Street, New York

    Dear Investor:

    Thank you for your interest in Bar Works Co-Working Space investment opportunity offering 24% per annum net returns on investment plus a 125% buyback option.

    I am pleased to offer you limited work-spaces at Bar Works Chamber Street New York offering: –
    Net returns of 24% per annum from: Co-Working Space and the Fitness Center Combined
    125% Buyback option on year 10: $31,250 per space
    Work-spaces cost: $25,000 per space
    Net returns of $86,250 on investment
    Bar Works Chamber Street New York is now open for business and inspection visits are welcomed prior to investing.

    Please let me know if you wish to take advantage of this great opportunity?

    Please email me any questions on the above?

    Inspection visits are welcomed on the fully operational Bar Works Site in Chamber Street prior to investing.

    Thank you in anticipation.

    Kind regards

    Paul Johnson
    Senior Property Consultant
    Bar Works Inc.

    T: 001-646-766-8236
    A: 47W 39th street, New York, 10018, USA

  448. @ All investors –

    To read what some of you have done and been through and more importantly advised on and had suggestions made to do by any of the entities involved in this renders me speechless and upsets me greatly.

    A lot of what I have written has been the ‘hindsight’ rule about how these financial cowards operate in the hope that next time, if there is a next time, you are better prepared.

    Reading the last couple of posts, the reality of the situation of certain investors has hit hard.

    To read that an agent has suggested someone takes out a loan to cover an investment is frankly obscene.

    To read that investors were still being told to send monies after issues had arisen is disgusting.

    I was approached back in September 2015 to ask my opinion of this scheme and just from the review of the numbers I sensed it was fraudulent. To then find out who was behind it, my mind was made up inside of 10 seconds.

    I wish now, that I had followed my instinct and sent an email to every single person on the planet or taken out an advert on every single media outlet to warn people however this was impossible and realistically who would have believed me anyway.

    When an investment, which is made to cater for future plans and provisions actually turns into ruining lives, it’s a sad day.

    When the agents or brokers are simply thinking about this months commission and covering their rent as opposed to building client relationships and taking time to understand what the client needs, over wants, it’s hurts peoples lives.

    For your average investor to save circa $50,000, it takes many years. To have that opportunity to place those funds in something is sought after by many more who could only dream of that sort of available and spare cash. To then entrust someone with that level of funds is a big big decision and when the opportunity is marketed the way BW has, it makes it difficult to say no.

    I just wish the opportunity had arisen months ago and we had a forum set up asking for opinion of this rather than a result of people investing.

    Stay strong everyone.

  449. StandUnitedAgainstDScam

    Hats Off, You still trust SY, You are not going to get anything from. Pull them in court you might get something, they are blood sucker…

    I have send my detail on, use it if it helps…

  450. My family and I invested a lot of money on this. A week ago a friend told me about the things posted online and of course I was devastated (and still am). We invested $300K. What is everyone else doing. I´m trying to catch up with all the messages. Can some one advise us? We are foreign investors. Pls Pls Pls

  451. @ vlight – where are you located and which agent did you go through for which project?
    When did you ‘invest’?

  452. I know that many people have received the latest update from Bar Works. Here it is in full:

    Dear Investors,

    Since our last communication with our leaseholders, there has been a number of developments.

    Firstly, we are pleased to announce the opening of two new locations: our first nestled in the heart of Tribeca New York City and the second located in Los Angeles’ trendiest Hollywood neighborhood.

    Secondly, we have decided to close our 39th street location. The coffee bar operation that was established there did not prove viable to the operator and they pulled out of the location.

    This left us in a position where we would have to invest significantly in this location to reconfigure the layout. In addition, the acquisition of new members in this location has proved very challenging particularly with the removal of the coffee operator. We have therefore decided to focus our attention on Chambers Street and our West Village locations in New York.

    These upcoming weeks will indicate our ability to survive in this increasingly challenging market particularly bearing in mind the new model we have launched in Chambers street. Early signs are positive but it is still proving a challenge acquiring new members despite the extensive positive PR we are enjoying.

    Bar Works is dedicated to making a success of this business. While this new model is tested in the upcoming weeks, we ask for patience and understanding. Negative posts and threats of legal action are counter-productive. Also, the spreading of misleading and slanderous blogs are unhelpful.

    We apologize that we are not able to answer all investor inquiries/communications, however; we continue to be appreciative of your support and understanding.


    The Client Services Team

    1. A coffee bar operator pulled out and because of that they felt they had to close down the entire site! After all the millions they raised for that site ? Is that the best excuse they can come up with – they can’t find anybody to make the coffee ? That is such a pathetic excuse.

    2. “The positive PR we are enjoying” ! You are living in a dream world. Your company is so crooked your staff don’t even use their own names. When this goes to court all of those people who used fake names will have a hard job convincing the Judge that they had a valid reason for hiding their identities. We already have a lot of the real names.

    3. “Patience and understanding” – You won’t answer any questions, you don’t answer the phones and you ignore emails. How can investors be patient with people who aren’t willing to answer straightforward questions ?

    4. “misleading and slanderous blogs” – shoot us down in flames then. Produce Jonathan Black. Answer investor questions. You haven’t attempted to clear up the accusations because you can’t, and you sure as hell don’t want to go anywhere near a courtroom.

    5. “we apologise that we aren’t able to answer all investor inquiries/communications”. Well just come on this blog then and answer what you can. There are hundreds of investors reading this blog. Of course the people at Bar Works are reading this blog. They have been for a very long time but they can’t do anything about it because what we write is the truth.

    6. The remaining staff at Bar Works are so scared that they won’t put their name to any emails. They sign it “The Client Services Team”. Here’s a message to “The Client Services Team” – the “Redd-Monitor Blog Team” are getting closer to the truth every day and we will find every last one of you. Your colleagues are already covering their backsides and giving up information in the hope that they won’t go to jail.