Some questions for Stephen Hooper about the “carbon benefit units” sold from his April Salumei REDD project in Papua New Guinea

April Salumei is a REDD project in Papua New Guinea. Various companies, including Qantas, Eneco Energy Trade, and Norwegian supermarket chain Rema 1000, have bought carbon credits from the April Salumei REDD project. Should you so wish, you can buy carbon credits from the project on the USAID-funded website Stand for Trees.

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Thorn Medical: “The company is not in a position to meet its financial obligations and therefore must be wound up”

Thorn Medical has written to shareholders to tell them that the company is insolvent and will be placed in voluntary liquidation.

Thorn Medical is a healthcare company, founded in July 2014 by Jack Kaye. In 2015, the company announced that it was planning a £350 million listing on the London Stock Exchange. A listing on the USA’s Nasdaq was also planned. In early 2016, the company appointed Sir Eric Peacock, Sir John Lucas-Tooth, and Lord Beaverbrook to its board.

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Koenig Rowe Campbell Alliance: More red flags than a golf course

A company called Koenig Rowe Campbell Alliance is cold calling people in several countries, claiming to be a wealth advisory firm established in 1978. KRC Alliance takes clients’ money and claims to invest it. The investment will need to be increased, for whatever made up reason, to reach a certain number of shares. Then, in order to receive a payout, clients have to pay a security bond. Then another. Then another.

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Franklin Kinard leaves Bar Works: “I have completed my reorganization, and I am leaving the company”

Franklin Kinard sent out another email update yesterday. It’s posted in full below. Kinard is leaving Bar Works. In January 2017, when Konrad Putzer wrote about Bar Works on the New York property website The Real Deal, Jonathan Black was listed as CEO and co-founder. Within weeks, Black’s name was replaced by Kinard’s on Bar Works’ company documents.

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Eco Planet Bamboo’s investors were “significantly let down”

EcoPlanet Bamboo is a US-based company that has established bamboo plantations in Nicaragua, South Africa and Ghana. Here’s how the company describes itself on its website:

EcoPlanet Bamboo is an innovative forestry company focused on integrated bamboo plantations and associated processing. We focus on the provision of a secure and certified source of fiber for timber manufacturing industries and markets globally. We currently operate in Central America, Southern and West Africa.

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“Bar Works has been facing difficulties with its banking facilities”, Managing Director Franklin Kinard tells investors

Bar Works is a company that buys retail spaces, converts them and rents them out as co-working offices. Renwick Haddow, the man behind the Capital Alternatives network of scam companies is a “key figure” behind Bar Works, according to an article on The Real Deal website. Bar Works, meanwhile, claims that Haddow is just a consultant to the company.

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