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Response from Lochwood Capital – “REDD-Monitor website : Defamatory internet posts and publications”

Lochwood CapitalOn 6 July 2016, REDD-Monitor wrote about a company called Lochwood Capital. I wrote about the company after the company director, Alexander Johnson, had sent several emails complaining about a comment on REDD-Monitor that mentioned one of Lochwood Capital’s then-employees, Russell Brooker.

Before joining Lochwood Capital, Brooker worked for various companies linked to the Capital Alternatives network.

Yesterday, Alexander Johnson sent the following email to REDD-Monitor:

Johnson’s email is frankly baffling. True, Johnson has written to REDD-Monitor in the past. You can read his various emails here. Johnson was complaining about a comment on REDD-Monitor that mentioned his then-employee, Russell Brooker, who it seems has now moved on to pastures new.

Johnson kindly explains his understanding of English libel law. But why doesn’t he explain US libel law? Or Indonesian libel law? Or Norwegian libel law?

Of course if there are factual errors in the post about Lochwood Capital, I would be happy to correct them. But Johnson makes the blanket claim that “A forum hosted by the Website contains serious, untrue and defamatory comments towards me and Lochwood, some of which contain malicious falsehood”, without bothering to explain which comments he’s talking about.

Johnson seems be under the illusion that REDD-Monitor’s post about Lochwood Capital has gone viral. “Defamatory comments,” he writes, “are being communicated to a great many people throughout the world”. Much as I hate to admit it, the reality is that very, very few people seem to want to read about Lochwood Capital. Last week, the post received an average of one view per day.

In REDD-Monitor’s previous post about Lochwood Capital, I noted that Johnson’s LinkedIn profile was somewhat light on details. He did, however, describe himself as “CEO & Founder of Lochwood Capital”. Oddly, that is no longer the case:

Alexander Johnson


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  1. So a man with a very dodgy history in business now whinges and whinges like a pussy when a website like REDD reminds everyone of the FACTS – he’s got a very dodgy history in business.

    These people all seem to be able to dish it out but they can never take it.

    My advice is simple, if you’re worried about your reputation don’t get involved in such businesses.