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Help LifeMosaic distribute its “Territories for Life” video series

Over the past few weeks, REDD-Monitor has featured an excellent series of videos by LifeMosaic. The video series, titled, “Territories of Life”, is produced for indigenous peoples and is about indigenous struggles relating to land and rights.

LifeMosaic is currently crowdfunding to organise screenings in as many indigenous communities as possible, and is hoping to raise £5,000 by the end of 2015. Click on the image below to go the LifeMosaic’s crowdfunding page and please support the distribution of the videos:


Please help LifeMosaic reach its target of £5,000!

LifeMosaic has received requests from more than 100 local groups and communities who are keen to host screenings of the videos. For example, Samwel Nangiria, from NGONet in Tanzania, wrote to LifeMosaic:

“We have communities that will greatly benefit from the videos. It’s my heartfelt commitment to ensure that the process precipitates more discussions, encouragements and cultivate more unity among women. Am willing and ready to work with you in every step in the entire process.”

LifeMosaic is a small organisation with limited resources, and any amount of money is welcome:

  • £1 can pay for a DVD copy of Territories of Life.
  • £4 can pay for a USB preloaded with Territories of Life.
  • £1,000 can pay for two projectors, to equip groups carrying out screenings in Africa and Latin America.

Please help LifeMosaic reach its target of £5,000!

The videos are already helping to inform communities and empower them to defend their rights. In Indonesia, for example,

  • In Simeuleu, Aceh, a community is lobbying local government to recognise their rights.
  • In Ketapang, West Kalimantan, a community is demanding that only 2,000 hectares of a planned 8,000 hectares of oil palm development goes ahead on their lands.
  • Panga Pasi community in Aceh Jaya is planning a campaign to stop the district chief from reissuing an oil palm company’s license.
  • Pasir Mayang in Ketapang is committed to rejecting industrial tree plantations, and to encouraging neighbouring communities to reclaim their lands from the acacia plantation.
  • The women of Sumbari, North Sumatra are inspired to defend their territory, and to stop the men from accepting a mining company.

Life Mosaic notes that,

Where videos from Territories of Life are screened, communities are becoming better informed, more prepared and more united in the face of critical threats to their territories, cultural practices and local ecosystems.

Please help LifeMosaic reach its target of £5,000!


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