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RobertMarc Asante, founder of Magne Sante: “We are not a trivial group of individuals”

Magne SanteOn 10 August 2015, “Jeremy Lane” left a comment on REDD-Monitor about a company called Magne Sante. A representative of Magne Sante had cold called him, offering to recover the money he had invested in carbon credits. First though, Jeremy would have to hand over a £10,000 advance payment to Magne Sante.

Last week, REDD-Monitor received an email from RobertMarc Asante, the founder of Magne Sante. He asked me to provide contact details for “Jeremy Lane” and to remove the comment. Unfortunately Asante couldn’t be bothered explaining what his company does:

I am not going take time to explain what we do; if anyone wishes to actually take the time to read our web information and speak with one of our Regional Agents, they would be fully aware of what we do and how we do it.

Asante’s email is posted below. But first, let’s follow his advice and see what we can find out about his company from the publicly available information.

Magne Sante Limited was incorporated on 20 July 2009. The company has two registered domains ( and registered respectively in August 2010 and March 2011, both in the name of Magne Sante. The company’s first director was RobertMarc Asante. He resigned in August 2012, and Troy Cavendish-Blake took over as sole director.

The registered address is The Business Lounge, 5 Arden Place Luton LU2 7YE. Google maps camera car hasn’t driven down Arden Place, so all we’ve got is this blurry image of 5 Arden Place, taken from across the park. It looks rather like a block of flats:

Arden Place

Magne Sante’s website gives another address: 6 Slington House, Suite 3894, Rankine Road, Basingstoke, RG24 8PH. Magne Sante shares this prestigious office building with 620 other companies:

Slington House

Magne Sante’s website explains that,

MS.RPR exists to relentlessly and robustly represent private investors that have had the misfortune of losing money as a result of any kind of misleading investment offering.

The website states that the company is “not a claims management firm”. Helpfully, the website also explains that Magne Sante is neither the Financial Conduct Authority, nor the Police:

FCA, Police

On their LinkedIn profiles, both Cavendish-Blake and Asante explain that,

Magne Sante Relentless Pursuit & Recovery, is now embarking on an all out offensive toward all culprits that have, and would seek to deprive, our clients of their hard earned cash, with no regard for the havoc they reap along with the untold misery for many unsuspecting people who have essentially had their money stolen from them as a result of various types of scams and swindles.

Despite all of the company’s relentless pursuit, Magne Sante’s records filed with Companies House reveal little success. The company has filed “Accounts for a dormant company” every year since 2010.

Magne Sante has posted the following warning on its website:

Magne Sante

Oddly enough, Asante doesn’t mention the contents of this warning in his email to REDD-Monitor:

From: RobertMarc-Secure Email
Date: 12 September 2015 at 03:08
Cc: TCB – Secure Email, Tactical Field Service
Name: RobertMarc Asante
Dear Sirs, You have posted comments by an individual calling himself Jeremy Lane; this individual suggests that our company MAGNE SANTE is in someway a scam company and has agents misleading members of the general public with a view to persuading them to part with thousands of pounds for services that we purport to provide but do not. I take exception to this and I would like you to provide me with full contact details of the aforementioned individual so that we may take the appropriate action so as to prevent him from continuing to make defamatory statements and comments regarding our organization. Rather than seek further clarification in relation to the actual services we provide to our clients it seems this individual has presumed much without seeking to establish facts about our agents, myself, or our organization. This will not and can not be allowed to stand, I would urge you to immediately take down this post and refer this individual to our Managing Partner who is head of legal services and compliance for MAGNE SANTE; his name is Troy Cavendish-Blake. email: I am not going take time to explain what we do; if anyone wishes to actually take the time to read our web information and speak with one of our Regional Agents, they would be fully aware of what we do and how we do it. For the record we are the ONLY privately owned and privately managed organization in the UK that proactively represents UK based investors in their quest to pursue and recover funds that they’ve lost as a result of many different types of misleading investment offerings. Before you publish such a derogatory post perhaps you as an organization should check your facts and do your research; as now we shall be conducting a deep investigation of your organization as well as any and all individuals behind your organization past and present, as well as all known associates and affiliates, because as I said earlier this type of negative suggestion regarding the integrity of our organization, our agents, and myself as the Founder, will not go unanswered. Please take this communication seriously, and please read our web information fully, and please understand that we are not a trivial group of individuals.
Thank You
RobertMarc Asante Founder


UPDATE – 15 September 2015: While I was writing this post, RobertMarc Asante left a comment on REDD-Monitor. Asante writes, “I obviously take exception to MAGNE SANTE being described as a “pretty transparent scam” and “I am proud of the work we do at MAGNE SANTE and I expect us to continue to do this work in this difficult sector for many years to come.”

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  1. Thanks for this update Chris. Your comments and description of Magne Sante confirm my feeling that I was wise not to part with the £10,000 they were asking for upfront. I expect others following your excellent blog will feel the same. Their apparent lack of success in the operations of recovery they claim to be undertaking, indicated by the reports they have filed with Companies House, is reason enough not to deal with them

  2. LIMITED COMPANY: Let me begin by first by saying Magne Sante Limited has never traded and may never trade. So every single client we have knows exactly the status of our limited company and knows also that we trade as a managed proprietorship;(me as a sole proprietor for one division of the business), and as a managed partnership; (myself and Troy Cavendish-Blake as partners for another division of the business).

    Once again every single client of MAGNE SANTE knows that our business was started from my home 5 Arden Place, by me on my own, it was the limited company’s registered address and has remained so. I continue to work from home with my lounge being a full equipped 4 workstation office for myself and other colleagues from time to time, hence the name “The Business Lounge”. The Basingstoke address is only really for website purposes as we have experienced some difficulties with some unsavoury characters actually turning up to previous commercial office space in Stuart Street Luton as well as in College Road Harrow, and quite literally intimidating some of our administration staff; one of which was a pregnant woman at the time. After that quite traumatic experience it was decided not to publish our commercial office space on our website and we started using the Basingstoke address as a virtual office from a communications point of view. Of course long before anybody who maybe a potential client becomes a client they are made aware of the status of the company our locations, our history and what they can expect as a client of MAGNE SANTE.

    You made reference to the fact that I stated in my email to you that people could look at our website and read about what we do. You also made reference to our warning and then made a point of saying that I didn’t mention the contents of said warning in my communication to you? I fail to see your point here; obviously I know what the warning says and I know you can view the warning by going to our website why do I need to mention that in my communication with you? The agent mentioned in the post from Jeremy Lane was working with MAGNE SANTE at the time he made contact with Mr Lane so what relevance are the contents of the warning that you refer to? I am a little confused.

    So to sum up; is The Business Lounge, 5 Arden Place a residential address? Yes it is I live there.

    Is the Basingstoke office a postal address for mail-redirection purposes; Yes it is, and is used to protect office based staff after a difficult experience in the past.

    Oh and by the way who ever said that any of our offices are prestigious? I have to say that some of your attempts to discredit my organization are somewhat immature;

    Let’s say we were physically based at the Basingstoke address with 600 plus other companies based there, if that were the case so what, how does that affect our ability to pursue and recover clients funds?? In 2015 it’s a bit naïve to think you can judge a company and the veracity of its claims of expertise by how expensive or prestigious the office location is. In fact maybe you should do some research into the investment scam companies that have taken and continue to take millions of pounds from investors. You will find their websites, literature, and office locations very prestigious indeed, all very top draw. The point is our focus to concentrate on what it is we are specialist at doing, and not to worry about how much we can spend on office space. You see what you’ve tried to highlight as negative our clients see as positives; they like the fact they know where I rest my head as the founder of the business. They like the fact that we started as a home based company and although we have had commercial office space we still pride ourselves on having home based agents dotted around the country beavering away and doing what they do best. They like the fact that I have chosen not to hide behind limit liability in relations to fees charged against services provided. They know where we are and where they can reach us regardless of any published address on our website.

    It is obvious to me the way in which you have responded to my communication that you have no real interest in what we do and no real interest in the consequences of people being scammed out of thousands of pounds of their money. It also appears to me that you really do not understand what it takes to pursue a culprit firm or individual for monies taken as a result of a scam or swindle. The people we pursue are not gentlemen and they rarely acknowledge any wrongdoing or admit liability; but we have established that their activity has lead to a substantial loss by our client; we have also established that the culprits identified have cash and assets far in excess of the primary loss of the client we are representing; we now need to ‘persuade’ these culprits that it is in their best interests to make an offer to settle the monetary value of the primary loss. That is where our ‘expertise’ in this sector is able to serve us and our clients but I am not going to expand any further for obvious reasons.

    Everything you have highlighted about MAGNE SANTE in your response to my indignant communication to you is factual. It’s just that what you think is a negative is actually a positive. You don’t understand because you have no clue how to tackle culprits that would target anyone and say or do anything to take money from investors.

    What we do is not about being glamorous or prestigious. It’s about having the resolve to see a task through to its rightful conclusion regardless of how many obstacles you may find along the way.

    On a human level I understand why you’ve felt the need to highlight what you have and I am thinking that I will place a link on our website for everyone can come to your page and read your feeble attempt at discrediting myself and my organization. But to do that would be trivial, and as I have already stated we are not a trivial group of individuals.

    Thank you for my right of reply (Again)

    RobertMarc Asante
    Founder & Managing Agent
    Tel: 0203 371 1384

  3. Chris,
    Why do all of these companies,without exception , require further funds to retrieve clients lost money. Who, In their right mind would fall for such a transparently obvious scam? caveat emptor friends.

  4. These people and companies always whinge and whine far too much without EVER giving a proper description of what they actually do.

    Explaining EXACTLY how they aim to get investors money back would be a start alongside VERIFIABLE evidence of past successes. But just look at their website, full of typical crappy management speak which tells people absolutely nothing, for example –

    “We operate at a heightened level of intensity so as to maximise the impact of our service provision”

    With so many scammers working carbon credit advance fee frauds (pay me money upfront and I’ll get you your money back etc) you would think a legitimate company would work very hard to prove why they’re different and not just another scam firm. But no, they never seem to do that, preferring to whinge and whine and give every irrelevant fact possible but not the most important ones – how they operate, why they can be successful and past success stories (which potential clients can then check out for themselves).

    You would also think a legitimate company would post photos of their personal including a DETAILED history of where they’ve worked before and their expertise. Scam firms never seem to do this, so it’s just another way of a non-scam firm to separate themselves from the scammers. for some reason doesn’t supply this sort of information. Potential clients should ask themselves why not.

    Plus, I’d doubt if any of the people employed by said firms have a law degree.

    So save yourself some money folks, if you want to try and get some compo from the scam firms then do the only sensible thing – employ a proper law firm. If I was a scammer I’d be afraid of getting a letter from a Law firm yet I would laugh if I got one from a company with no past financial history, no proper bios on their website and located in someone’s front room.

    PS. Thanks for making me laugh with this comment on your website (!security-notice-/cosp) –

    “As of Wednesday 22/07/2015 we have mobilized our security teams, including agents from our Tactical Field Service, to apprehend all offending culprit individuals and firms and ensure that they cease and desist their activities immediately.”

    Who do you think you are, the FBI?

    ‘Apprehend’ your morons means take into custody and arrest by legal warrant. You aren’t the Police so why make the stupid and quite frankly unbelievable claims on your website? How can any firm be trusted to take money upfront from clients when it makes such ridiculous claims?

    PPS. Please, please, please don’t send any ‘Agents’ from your ‘Tactical Field Service’ after me!

  5. I wonder if RobertMarc Asante can provide proof of successful cases.

    Can he work with the police as they don’t seem to be able to do that much?

    Do the methods involve non legal activities?

    Why can’t he work for a percentage rather than money upfront?

    Does he guarantee success?

    It could well be another scam organised by the first lot of scammers, they will think up all sorts of new ideas to scam again.

  6. More total crap from their website –

    “As a result of our absolute focus and relentless approach to the sole goal of recovering our client’s money we are able to direct all of our resources toward ensuring we are successful in all circumstances.”

    That comment basically states that you have a 100% recovery record. So why with such a perfect track record do you require such large amounts of money from your clients, upfront?

    Surely a company with a 100% success rate would make it a massive selling point as in ‘we’ll guarantee you get your money back and ONLY then will we charge our prearranged fee’.

    Here’s more rubbish from the firm’s website –

    “The intensity of our service provision is on a scale never before deployed by a civilian organization in the pursuit of financial justice.”

    a) How do you know? You can only know if you in turn know every firm operating in your market sector and you don’t know every firm which means the statement is pure drivel.

    b) I think a real global titan of corporate fraud fighting like Kroll Associates might not agree with your statement.

    Note, I could be wrong, but I don’t think Kroll has their HQ in someone’s suburban front room.

  7. As a purchaser of Carbon credits I follow this blog with interest. Sometimes people write unfounded derogatory comments about companies without much foundation. A recent one was Evergreen Solutions the Christmas tree Growers in which I have an investment. A more recent one was Magne Sante whom I “hired”
    in an attempt to retrieve £60860. I was scammed by two companies.
    One was a wine scam (£30860) and the other a land banking scam (£30000). I had to pay £1800 up front
    (no one likes doing that!) but they were successful in retrieving all of my £30860 which was paid directly into my account. The land banking scam is still being pursued. The police are rarely helpful in these matters when it comes to getting funds back and invariable tell you that it is a Civil Action that needs to be taken.
    My point in all this is that I have found Magne Sante to be a genuine company who attempt to do what they say.

  8. This is the first positive blog I’ve seen on this whole thing [re upfront payments]. it would be much better and they would double their business if they operated on a ‘no foal no fee’basis.
    I for one, hate parting with money without a result…this is what happened when I bought these credits.

  9. i lost money in a wine scam and hope robich who posted a comment on the 20th september would share with us who the wine company was who he invested with

  10. I worked for this company a number of months ago, and the way the company is run is extremely unprofessional the main man Mr Asante is and arrogant man who says to have all of these ideas about how to develop his business but it is going nowhere. He will never get the company to where it wants to be because of how he treats his staff. He treats them like they have no values, and looks down on them. Mr Asante also doesn’t care about his clients. I remember him saying to me one time that as long as they pay he’s happy, mr Asante does not care about his clients like he says he does. He is a very manipulative man and I do believe he takes advantage of the ederely and steals their money. This man is a fraud.

  11. For whoever may be reading the continuation of this thread be they existing clients or new potential clients of MAGNE SANTE UPL;

    I am happy to say that Mr Jeremy Lane became a fee paying client of MAGNE SANTE UPL during December 2017, some 2 years 4 months after his initial contact to REDD-monitor which started this thread in the first place.

    Since August 2015 investment fraud seems to have increased in the UK despite the best efforts of the FCA, Action Fraud and the police.

    We at MAGNE SANTE UPL have experienced a number of ‘bumps in the road’ as well as ‘road blocks’ designed to deter us from our important work. As the founder my resolve remains steadfast after 7 long years in this very difficult sector.

    Over the past 7 years myself and some of my team have been threatened with violence and slandered but we will not stop what we are doing and we will not be intimidated.

    As to the post left by “Leona bone”, I have never employed or contracted any individual of that name, I have never spoken to any individual of that name either professionally or socially, fact-to-face or through any form of social media or electronic mail.

    The post from “Leona bone” is an obvious and feeble attempt to discredit me and MAGNE SANTE UPL which leads me to conclude that it was posted by a culprit we are currently investigating or pursuing or someone with links to the same.

    In different ways this has been attempted before and no doubt will be attempted again in the future as investment fraudsters do not like being held financially accountable for their nefarious activity.

    If you are a potential client reading this thread do visit our website and read all the pages within it to gain a better understanding of what we at MAGNE SANTE UPL do and how we position ourselves within this difficult but necessary sector.