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Response from Glenn Jamie King’s Solicitors: “Our purpose in writing at this stage is to request that this Offending Statement be withdrawn immediately”

2015-08-11-161344_1128x1026_scrotTwo weeks ago, REDD-Monitor wrote about several companies, many of which have the word “Oakmount” in their names. On 3 August 2015, I received a letter from Meaby & Co, who informed me that they act for Glenn Jamie King, Oakmount and Partners Limited, and Oakmount Global Management Limited.

Meaby & Co wanted me to remove the post about Oakmount (the “Offending Statement”) from REDD-Monitor (the “Offending Website”), by 10 August 2015.

And yesterday, I received another letter from Meaby & Co with the title “URGENT NOTICE OF INTENDED LEGAL PROCEEDINGS”. This time Meaby & Co informs me that “We are now instructed to commence injunctive relief proceedings and to instigate a claim in defamation arising from the article published on”

In the interests of transparency, Meaby & Co’s letter is available here:

If there are factual inaccuracies in the post, I am of course happy to correct them.

One of the features of the Defamation Act 2013 is the requirement to show that the statement caused serious reputational harm. As the Press Gazette commented in its handy guide to the Act:

Libel actions against web-only publications are likely to fail if the page did not attract many clicks.

Much to my disappointment, the post has not received many views.

Incidentally, Glenn King has now moved his LinkedIn profile. And perhaps wisely, he’s changed his photograph (no longer a selfie in the toilets). Oddly, he’s also changed the name of one of his companies from Centrium Capital Markets to CenCap.


Perhaps rather than hassling me on behalf of their client, Meaby & Co should take a rather more careful look at this brochure. Oakmount and Partners produced it with the now disappeared company Emerald Knight, and it’s about investments in oil wells in Illinois.

Maybe, just maybe, Meaby & Co should read this comment about King’s arrest by the Metropolitan Police on suspicion of involvement in an oil investment scam.

And, if it’s not too much trouble, they could check out these discussions on The Motley Fool (here, here and here).

In yesterday’s letter, Meaby & Co wrote, “We take this last opportunity to urge you to remove the offending post by 4pm on 11 August 2015.” That was twenty-five minutes ago.

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  1. Love how Redd never takes any notice of these legal threats.

    Folks, if you’re a scammer or someone in a shady business looking to rip off your clients have the balls to admit who you are, lowlife scum basically, and stop wasting your money by employing a solicitor to try and make your name seem clean because it won’t do you any good.