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Anglo-Capital Partners: Another carbon credit boiler room bites the dust

In March 2013, REDD-Monitor wrote about a company called Anglo-Capital Partners, which was selling carbon credits as “a phenomenal alternative investment opportunity”. Last month, after an investigation by the Insolvency Service, Anglo-Capital Partners was ordered into liquidation in the High Court.

“Anglo-Capital Partners offers the usual boiler room type deal on carbon credits: carbon credits at inflated prices which the company claims will be worth a lot more at some point in the future,” I wrote eight months ago.

In his ruling in the High Court, Mr Registrar Baister said,

The usual factors are present in this case … namely making misleading and unfounded representations in order to sell carbon credits to the public for investment. In a nutshell the company sold by cold calling to a market of mainly retired people felt to be more vulnerable to such sales techniques and made extravagant claims for which there is no real justification.

Anglo-Capital Partners was one of Carbon Neutral Investments’ “clearing members”, right up until 22 April 2013, shortly before Carbon Neutral Investments split three ways. In March 2013, Tony Hetherington at the Daily Mail asked Paul Seakens, director of Carbon Neutral Investments, some questions about Anglo-Carbon Partners. Seakens told Hetherington that, “Anglo takes its responsibilities seriously in respect of treating customers clearly and fairly.”

The Insolvency Service’s investigation found Seakens’ comment to be simply untrue:

The investigation found that the company charged investors between £4.45 and £9.22 a credit and raised over £1 million by promising investors that the credits were a phenomenal investment opportunity and to expect returns of between 20-25 per cent within two years.

So Anglo-Capital Partners has joined a growing list of companies selling carbon credits as investments that have been shut down in the public interest after investigations by the Insolvency Service. Earlier this month, the Insolvency Service put out a press release boasting that 19 carbon credit scams have been closed down over a 15 month period.

But this is only scratching the surface of the many companies in London that are selling carbon credits as investments (along with other dodgy investments like rare earth metals, property overseas, land banking, fine wines and so on).

Out of the 19 companies shut down, only two directors have been disqualified. Writing on Naked Capitalism, Richard Smith comments,

I have to say, 2 directors, out of whatever number it takes to direct 19 companies, after 15 months, doesn’t sound like a particularly massive hit rate. Let’s say 90% of the scam company directors get the chance to scam again, with no visible blemish on their record. It’s more of a tickle than a thumping, isn’t it?

No mention of a recovery for the investors, either, most likely because there is none.

Anglo-Capital Partners had two directors: John Oakes and Brett Jolly (for most of 2012). In 2007, Jolly announced the discovery of the world’s biggest diamond. Needless to say, the story was a hoax.

On 20 November 2013, another of Jolly’s companies, Green Planet Investment Limited, was ordered into liquidation in the High Court after an investigation by the Insolvency Service. The company was registered in both the UK and Gibraltar. The company’s 140 strong sales team used high pressure tactics to sell plots of land at three sites in Natal, Brazil: White Sands Country Club, White Sands Towers and Genipabu Beach Club. Investors were told that construction work at all three sites was underway. In fact, Jolly admitted to investigators, Green Planet had not started building work at any of the sites.

(There’s an entertaining discussion about Green Planet Investment Limited on

In a press release, Company Investigations Supervisor at the Insolvency Service Chris Mayhew said,

“Green Planet Investment was a slick land investment scheme designed to make money only for those with the company and not the 300 investors who were persuaded by false and misleading statements to invest over £14 million into an investment black hole.”

Which seems like a pretty good summary of the scam. Oddly enough, Green Planet’s three websites are all still live. Perhaps even odder, Brett Jolly remains director of more than 300 companies, many of which include the words “White Sands Country Club” in their title.

I wonder whether the Insolvency Service (or the City of London Police, for that matter) has access to

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  1. Dear Chris,

    As much as I understand that only sensational and bad news brings readers, I do think you need to check some of your facts before you print. All of the following is and has been public record for a very long time now. I have no problem with your site, and find it quire educational sometimes, but you really ARE just jumping the SENSATIONAL band wagon, without looking at both sides of the story; please be subjective and fair.

    Lets get the Diamond thing out of the way first as you guys seem to LOVE reporting it! I had an option to purchase the land that the “stone” was found on, I never said anything about a diamond, I never said I owned a diamond. It was I that insisted that before anything was finalised the president of the international diamond bourse should inspect the stone! (that turned out to be a lump of plastic).
    The actual story broke via the Sunday Times in Johannesburg, a Melody Brandon was the reporter; please contact her and ask her if it was ME that insisted a Newspaper reporter with a camera accompany me as I thought the entire story sounded suspicious. It was also I that reported the entire issue to Advocate Mopp of the Scorpions special police unit in South Africa. I am sure you can confirm with him that I was a victim of an intended fraud to sell useless farming land as diamondiferous gravel. Check the facts yourself please, what you have printed is libellous, I did NOT announce anything, I took a reporter with me and I reported a fraud to the police. Should you so wish I will supply details of the police personnel who took the details and investigated the incident.

    Below you will find my resignation letter to Green Planet and Anglo a year ago. I feel it portrays the position exactly. Of course it is lamentable to see the decline of carbon, it should have been a massive market, but when a recession hits with such ferocity, people are too busy saving their own skins to worry about the planet. To get an idea of how bad things really are go here and listen to the facts:

    Have the people who purchased carbon credit lost cash? Yes!
    Have all the Carbon Neutral projects that relied on the sale of Carbon Credits lost cash? Yes!
    Has the UK / International community reneged on all of the promises to clean up the planet? Well, if the price of Carbon Credits, the Kyoto agreement or the recent Warsaw meeting is anything to go by….. things certainly haven’t gone as planned, have they? Either in the CER or VER markets! (whats left of them)

    Also in your article you claim that I “admitted” to investigators that no building had started. I did NOT “admit” anything, I “stated” that building had not started… mainly due to the constant stream of investigations, frozen accounts, legal fees paid and high commissions paid out. How on earth can a company build when they spend all of their time answering questions and putting together massive amounts of documentation required by the state. Green Planet was accused of not owning the land, not having paid for it, and not have having the relevant development planning authority, all three accusations are untrue.

    I am sure I am opening a can worms by answering your article, and a lot of people will reply with unfounded accusations and opinions, so can we please just keep to FACTS:

    My resignation letter last year follows.

    Letter to the Board of Directors, Shareholders and Stakeholders of all Green Planet, Anglo Capital Partners Ltd. and iOFFSET Ltd. companies registered and incorporated in the United Kingdom.
    It is with great regret that I hereby tender my resignation to all of the abovementioned companies with immediate effect.
    I am currently Director (but not shareholder) of a large number of UK Limited companies in terms of Plots of land purchased by XXXXX XXXXX in Brazil, I will continue to act as Director for and on behalf of these companies to fulfil any obligations thereto. With this exception I will no longer trade or represent any UK entity. This decision is purely of my own choice and volition.
    Strangely, I have been campaigning with various authorities and members of parliament for better regulation and legislation to be bought in regarding our business sector. Simultaneously, during the last 2 years our group of companies has been investigated by the FSA, the DTI, and most recently the C.I.B. which is part of the “Insolvency” Service (the implications of which I object to). It is noteworthy that the investigations and those performing them have always been of the upmost professional nature, diligent and courteous at all times. The investigations however obviously take their toll on my work-load, and time that should be spent in putting proper corporate governance and process in place is wasted. It is an undeniable fact that time that I should be spending on checking clear title, financial encumbrance and international law is now spent on answering questions to the authorities or fighting banks that constantly freeze our accounts for no reason, and refuse to even put their actions in writing.
    We have had bank accounts frozen by both Barclays and HSBC, and Natwest have recently asked us to move our account and close them by January 1st. There is a pervading environment of secrecy with the banks: I have asked managers and directors of every single bank to at least have the decency:
    • To give me a receipt for the money they refuse access to,
    • To give me a written justification of freezing the accounts,
    • Or at the very least merely to confirm in writing what they have done. 

    WE are obliged to justify our every action in written, notarised and legally proven documentation and provide proof of same to almost every authority who cares to come through our office doors, the BANKS however act as they wish, refuse access to our money at a whim and provide not one written word in justification of their actions. The regime it seems can close a company down regardless of legal process or the law.
    In such a hostile environment it easy to become somewhat paranoid, but I must say no matter how legal and above-board our business practices are, there seems to be a hidden agenda that “they” (whoever “they” maybe) wish to close us down.
    When approaching XXXX Bank I insisted they investigate our companies and business models BEFORE applying to move our account there. I gave them a full legal due diligence pack in terms of 157 legal documents on our company, all title deeds and legal contracts. 20 days later they contacted me and told me that they had perused our documents and were happy to open accounts, only to freeze them a few months later.
    Be under no misapprehension, XXXX bank’s actions in freezing our accounts has directly caused us to default on the payment of spot prices for Carbon Credits and for the payment of time sensitive Registry fees. As this would lead us into the world of “futures” (which we are not permitted to sell), our only legal option is to stop all further selling, which will lead to the bankruptcy of our company as it cannot pay its salaries and bills. For the FSA… mission accomplished! There is no mistake or ambiguity here; if we are not acting illegally they will simply close us down another way.
    XXXX Bank by the way, are the same bank that is:
    • Currently under investigation for allegedly moving USD$7 billion from Mexico into the Bank’s US operation much of it tied to the Mexican Drug Cartels.
    • Their former CEO, Lord XXXXX implicated in laundering money for Iraq, Syria and Mexican drug lords.
    • Under investigation for processing the payment of Saudi Arabian companies arms bribes.
    • Having 55,000 bank accounts in the Cayman Islands without ONE office or ONE member of staff there! Many of these accounts were used to buy boats and planes to smuggle drugs.
    • Described by the US Senate Committee as “pervasively polluted” in allowing billions to be moved from such countries as Iraq and Syria whilst on the US sanction list.
    • Directly connected to providing services for Al Rajhi Bank; an owner of which is infamous being a founding financier of Al Qaida 

    • They face a £640 million pound fine for their actions so far, but their actions are in the £100’s of billions, why would they stop?
    • And of course lets not forget XXXXXXX’s recent LIBOR fixing scandal. 

    THESE BANKS are the people that are accusing US of wrongdoing and have frozen our accounts! Pot – Kettle comes to mind. 

    In terms of the recent FSA’s report called: “Banks’ defences against investment fraud” of June 2012, the FSA have now decided that these very banks are the institutions that they are going to appoint as policemen to judge if WE are acting honestly. Ludicrous hypocrisy! 

    It is therefore now perfectly acceptable (and legal) for a bank to call our clients and advise them NOT to make or follow through with a contractual obligation to pay us for purchases they have made with us; if in THEIR opinion we “could” “potentially” be committing fraud they are free to call the client and suggest that the individual leaves their money with the bank instead of investing with us!
    To be clear… 

    Item 1.5 of the report states 
“One bank had had notable success in preventing customers falling victim to investment fraud through adding POTENTIAL investment fraud perpetrators to its existing payment screening technology.”
    Item 1.8 states
    “many banks contact customers individually IF THEY SUSPECT a payment is being made to an investment fraudster”
    Item 1.11 states
    “some banks contacted POTENTIAL victims individually”
    Item 2.12 states
    “If there are STRONG GROUNDS for suspecting a payee is a fraudster, Banks can delay payment”
    Item 3.9 states
    “Specially trained (bank) staff contacted customers where payments to POTENTIAL boiler rooms were identified by payment screening filters and explained the risks of making the payment”
    Item 5.1
    “Others are using the list of POTENTIAL investment fraud perpetrators published by the FSA”
    Item 6.6 states
    “Some banks used an internal generated “watch list” to screen new applicants to prevent THE POSSIBLE investment fraud perpetrator from opening accounts”
    Item 7.12 states (unbelievable)
    Some banks also noted that customers insisted on payments being made even after having the POTENTIAL risks of investment fraud explained to them IN DETAIL. One of the banks visited had a process for calling customers a set number of times to explain the POSSIBLE risk. One bank went as far as to meet the customer in person.
    In the above scenario three things are apparent:
    • There is zero doubt that if a bank convinces one of their own clients NOT to invest elsewhere but instead to leave the money in their bank investment account earning only a few percent the bank will make further profit.
    • The banking sector is implicated in massive dishonesty, money laundering, aiding and abetting drug trafficking, and LIBOR fixing.
    • The FSA has placed their trust in the banking sector to decide if WE are acting honestly. 

    The FSA does not see or understand that in giving a bank the power to call OUR client and “suggest” they do not invest with us there is a huge conflict of interest. 
If the bank does not ask for any supporting KYC (Know Your Client), AML (Anti-Money- Laundering) or supporting title documentation in terms of any transaction (as indeed is the case), how do they possibly perceive any company (or transaction it performs) to be POTENTIALLY fraudulent?
    The FSA have just given the banks carte blanche to act as they will. There is no recompense if they get it wrong, we have no rights whatsoever, and the law simply states that if the bank “thinks” or “believes” that we “potentially” “might” commit fraud they can contact our clients, cancel any sale, freeze our accounts and bankrupt us.
    All of the above goes to prove without the slightest shadow of doubt that irrespective of whether our company is governed in a proper and legal manner and regardless of the legality of our product and processes, IF a bank so wishes they can place us on a “fraud watch list” contact or even visit our clients and urge them not to pay us but to keep their money in a bank ISA, preferably theirs!

    We have contacted the FSA with a proposal to:
    • Record every telephone call made
    • To appoint an individual compliance company to check all KYC and AML
    • To install a 7 day full-refund cooling off period on every contract.

    In addition; our contractual documentation goes further than any other company in the sector. We state in EVERY contact that:

    • A VCS VER, CRT Spot Carbon Credit is not a regulated instrument under the Financial Services and Markets Act (FSMA) 2000.

    • Purchasers are not eligible to access the Financial Ombudsman Scheme (FOS) nor would they be eligible to access the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) in the event of any failure of any party to the contract.

    • Purchasers should be made aware that they might lose some or all of the value of their purchase. The purchase is that of a speculative purchase of a commodity.

    • Purchasers should not be encouraged in any way to purchase more credits than they are able to reasonably afford nor should they purchase so many credits as to expose themselves disproportionally to the carbon markets.

    • All companies that purchase from us expressly agree that they will not attempt to sell VER’s to any vulnerable, unsophisticated person or entity with no experience in commodity trading or purchasing.

    • Every purchaser should be made aware that there is currently little or no liquidity in the product and that it may be difficult to sell the carbon credits until a secondary market develops. They should be informed that if they decided to sell in the short term they may not achieve the price paid for the credits and may lose money.

    • Every purchaser should be made aware that any forecasts of growth in the value of carbon credits are difficult to substantiate and are not based on historical performance.

    • No purchaser must be given the impression that FSA or SRA regulation in anyway provides them with any protection in terms of their investment or the performance thereof. 

    I think is therefore fair to say that if WE do not satisfy the FSA’s demands, it is fairly obvious that they have closed their minds to the idea of Carbon Credits as an investment vehicle in their entirety. Personally I do not agree with their stance, and I believe them to be an excellent speculative investment, albeit high risk. But we also have to accept that a great many of the problems our group finds itself in is due to the way in which the market sector has been raped by less scrupulous traders and individuals.

    I am sure you will understand that I cannot possibly effectively manage and grow a company in such a hostile and negative environment as the UK commercial and financial sector. Most of my time and effort is spent answering questions to government institutions, discussing regulation, and paying massive amounts of our revenue to comply with a myriad of nonsensical legislation and regulation (or worse still subterfuge and subversive actions by banks who do not even have the decency or courage to put their actions in writing).

    In the case of our Property sales. (Green Planet)
    Every single individual transaction entered into by Green Planet has benefited at one time or another from legal counsel from; Robin Mathew QC, Jefferies Law, Peixoto & Cury, Mills Reeve, Nabas Legal, Castim and Rabello and Triay & Triay Solicitors.
    Each individual investment is handled, checked and/or issued with a written individual legal opinion by no less than FOUR well known and respectable Law Firms / Solicitors, all of whom are paid monthly.
    I fail to see how any company in the UK can possibly take more care, counsel and advice or look after the interests of their client more than Green Planet.

    In the case of our Carbon Credits: (iOFFSET)
    The FSA have decided that the UK public must not invest into Carbon Credit schemes; they deny this, but the fact that their own websites first announces that they do not regulate the sector but then goes into explicit detail in terms of how many “scams” there are proves that this is not the case. Scams and Fraudulent activity should be prosecuted and jailed by the police and legal system, that is why we have a judge and jury system in this country; it is not for a Financial regulator to virtually destroy a market sector that they do NOT regulate.
    The economic crisis in this country (and some others) has without doubt been caused by state and government meddling in the free market (I confess to being a Hayek fan). If a Carbon Credit legally exists, is legally registered, and is described legally and without misrepresentation, who are the FSA to decide at what price the Credit should exist in the marketplace? The price will find its own equilibrium; it should not be set by meddling and incompetent civil servants. A few days ago Deutche Bank joined the Carbon market (The World’s biggest bank), are the FSA going to proscribe to them too?
    I find it authoritarian and draconian for the FSA (or come to that any government institution) to “illegalise” Carbon Credits due to a few fraudulent companies. By necessity the Carbon Market should become by definition larger than the oil or indeed any commodity market if we are to save what’s left of our natural resources. We are in final negotiation to attach an actual square metre of Brazilian rainforest to a Carbon Credit (REDD) and give GPS co-ordinates of the actual portion of rainforest that has been saved from destruction. Two large supermarket groups are already engaging with associates of our trading group to design rainforest-saving loyalty programs for their customers to trade alongside their “Fairtrade” Brazilian coffee suppliers for example (website and POS available upon signing NCDA), this entire process is monitored by the World Solar Commission. (We confirm this his not our IP, ir is our associates).

    Members and interested parties of our group are in serious discussion with:
    • The Chief Minister of The Manx government (who has given us a personal very positive response to our proposals), supporting documentation available.
    • The FSA themselves (who have indicated various issues with our directly regulated partners and issued us with a clean bill of health in writing)
    • ISIS Capital Management Ltd. supporting documentation available.
    • Capital Fund Management Ltd. supporting documentation available.
    • The largest haulage company in the UK (we are under a non-disclosure agreement),
    • A provincial international airport (we are under a non-disclosure agreement)
    • Palmetto Climate (over US$ 3 billion environmental transactions) supporting documentation available.
    • Two internationally recognised supermarket chains in terms of the use of VER and REDD Carbon Credits as a PR exercise. 

    The Carbon sector is in its embryonic stage, and needs to be given room to grow responsibly, not to be red-taped out of existence; it is also not for government institutions or regulation to dictate what people decide to invest into; only to act if the claims are false, misleading or fraudulent. 

    I firmly believe in the Carbon Credit, both Voluntary and Compliance sectors as the only way for project developers to offset the massive initial capital outlay of producing sustainable energy solutions, and as a responsible PR exercise for concerned retailers and their customers to help save a rain forest where one in five of every breaths we take comes from. If we don’t who will? 

    In summary, we take regular legal, financial and regulatory counsel from TWELVE expert, regulated and registered professionals in their own field representing hundreds of years of combined experience, SEVEN of which are solicitors, barristers / Queen’s counsel, FIVE of which are chartered accountants, auditors or compliance specialists. Every Brazilian land transaction is countersigned by the Brazilian Vice-consul here in the UK and every South African land transaction is signed by a representative of the Minister of Land and Agriculture. 

    Gentlemen, the UK is being governed by a group of people that have led the United Kingdom into ± USD $ 10,000,000,000,000 of external debt and one of the highest debt to GDP ratios in the developed nations. This is not fiction or propaganda it is cold hard fact! 

    We’re £1.4 trillion in debt!
    Two good websites to visit in order to discover who are governing us and how they are doing is: or

    our country’s debt ratio is only behind the entire US and the whole of the EU and we have been running a national deficit for over the last 9 years! 
Fortunately I have lived in many overseas countries for over 30 years now, and only 2 or 3 them have been in the UK; recently, very much like seeing a small child after a few years of absence one notices the largest changes over time, in my own opinion the UK has gone mad!

    • Printing money to spend on social security and unemployment benefits (£2 million homes at £8,000 per week rent to Somali family on benefits),

    • £8 billion in foreign aid (rising to £12.6 billion in 2014, which incidentally is more than we spend on our police force). Am I the only person to find it strange that the UK government spend more money on the security of people in other countries than our own. We have sent over £4 billion to India in aid in the last ten years, so it is comforting to know they now have a £1.2 billion space program to send someone to Mars, something we cannot afford to do!

    • The Daily Mail reports that 500,000 Britons with savings of over £250,000 are expected to leave the UK in the next two years (regulatory red-tape for businesses is high on the chosen reasons), this, is in comparison to 300,000 coming into the UK without £25,000 resources. The largest emigrant sector leaving the UK is “Professional and Managerial” and entering are jobless refugees; the UK is diluting itself into a third world country.

    • A recent opinion poll by YouGov established that 48% of British people wish to leave the UK and 81% of them cited the worsening economy.

    • Professional and managerial people with over £250,000 of savings are leaving the UK at the rate of 1 every 3 minutes, it’s the greatest exodus in recent history.

I have related a great many reasons in my somewhat extended letter of resignation, mainly because people who put their trust in me, and whom I employ will no longer have employment or income. I therefore feel I need to justify my reasoning. 
I intend to relocate the administration and corporate centre of all my personal businesses (Brazil, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Gibraltar, Spain etc..) to a more business friendly location. To this effect in the immediate short term I will negotiate with all of the other Shareholders, Stakeholders and Directors in the UK to affect a sale of my shareholding in all the UK companies. I will of course make myself available to the FSA, DTI, CIB or any other government organisation during the next six months to answer any queries or issues they may have regarding the corporate governance, my conduct as a Director of any companies that I have been a Director of, or any periphery issues I can help them with. 

  2. Another great expose. Thanks.
    But what about
    Another bunch of scammer.
    Involved : Oliver Stern/Chris Chambers who sent an email after a telephone chat !
    keep going.

  3. Well that was brave. I wish the other carbon credit firms would some on this forum with a statement like that. The ones I went with disappeared only to be replaced with recovery scammers.

    As an individual carbon credit investor with another organisation I am looking for simple answers to these questions:

    What actually happened to the various secure exits?

    Were there really any exits in the first place?

    Were the credits bought for pennies and sold for pounds?

    How can investors get something back?

    Investors are on the outside looking in and want to see FSA regulation in carbon credits and help from the Ombudsman if it goes wrong.

    Things may seem very different from the inside looking out.

    The comment “due to a few fraudulent companies” is surely an understatement. My current perception is that they all are fraudulent.

  4. @Lu – I know you’re not asking me for answers to these questions, but here are my answers anyway:

    What actually happened to the various secure exits?
    There were none.

    Were there really any exits in the first place?

    Were the credits bought for pennies and sold for pounds?
    Yes. See this post:

    Why you should not buy voluntary carbon credits as an investment: A carbon trader explains

    How can investors get something back?
    With great difficulty, I’m afraid. Here are some suggestions:

    What to do if you’ve been scammed into buying carbon credits as an investment

  5. If everyone is aware the carbon credits can be bought for pennies not pounds why did they buy them for pounds. Where can I buy credits for pennies? Did no one even do a cursory look on the internet for price comparisons before investing such huge amounts of money? Were the sales represented to purchasers as “best price”? I have looked and can’t find VER’s for pennies. Also the “Why you shouldn’t invest in carbon credits” article highlights if you were to do it as an individual, which I don’t believe you can, you couldn’t re sell later, ergo you have to go through a broker who would/ should be in a better position to re market. What is the premium for that service? Off set VER’s from airlines are priced around £10/ unit.

    It is beyond doubt that there are many companies that didn’t purchase the carbons and that is clear cut fraud, but to label the industry as a scam is not a sustainable argument, as Mr Jolly highlights it is a free market if the whole market is a scam outlaw it? The future collapse or boom time is only speculation and the buyers surely bought into that speculation. The balanced view is divided on the whole issue. The jumping on the fraud “bandwagon” actually only serves the future employment of the authorities who waste millions of pounds creating a murky background to sustain their own existence, and does in general, damage the market they are highlighting. There is a reason there are so few convictions, there is very little factual evidence of fraud? Selling carbons that don’t exist is really the only clear fraud. Claiming high returns may be possible in the future is not fraud.
    Claiming high returns may be possible in the future because of X, Y, Z research is not fraud if X,Y,Z research exists and relates to the accurately to the claim. Claiming you “will” make profits or any sort of guarantee of profits is fraud if you don’t get the returns. Realistically there would have to been a written statement to get a conviction. Equally the exit can be “we hope to” is different to “we have established exits” and again better to have it in a brochure or in writing in the contract. The mark up issue is too complicated. Is 200% too much for what sort of service cost over base product cost. If so is 199% ok and 201% is wrong and go to jail for fraud. I buy £1m of credits in a fire sale from XX carbon in liquidation and they cost XX carbon £5m. Can I sell them for £5m (original wholesale and 500% mark up) or I can sell them for £15m (200% mark up from original wholesale) or should it be £3m (200% from my purchase)which then undermines the market retail price to the detriment of owners of that project.
    If the world economy carried on booming and everyone had to be carbon neutral and the prices shot up and everyone made money would there still be claims of fraud and compensation? If not then is it correct that it is was a scam?
    Mr jolly is again I believe correct that the best thing is just have all calls recorded that can then be produced upon request. This ends the entire problem. If anyone has been lied to in order to induce a contract, the authorities can act decisively.
    There are understandably enquiries as to how to go about getting compensation but one should examine what are the grounds for compensation. If no one has lied to you it is unlikely there has been a fraud so long as the asset is what is written in the contract and exists as described. The problem on these forums is there is too much weight on what people think and not the facts. Check your contracts and promotional literature and if there is something to identify a clear disputable claim THEN move to contact the company then the authorities. This will make their job more simple and heighten the chances of a conviction. But be aware this does not automatically entitle you to compensation anyway so don’t be sucked into wasting time, money and emotional energy.

  6. @tony – As Andrew Ager, carbon trader, explains, “You would only buy voluntary carbon credits to offset your carbon foot print. There is no other economic reason.”

    No genuine company would cold call you offering investments of any type.

    The world economy crashed in 2007-8 (it’s not recovered). The carbon credits as investment scam has happened since then.

    For more about the price of voluntary carbon credits, read this post:

    How much does a carbon credit cost? “There is no such thing as a generic price,” says ClimateCare’s Edward Hanrahan

    The price of a voluntary carbon credits depends on the type and size of the project – carbon credits from a large-scale hydropower project in China will be very cheap, for example. When the emissions reductions took place (called the vintage of the carbon credits) also affects the price. The older a carbon credit, the less it is worth, as Hanrahan explains.

    Carbon Trade Exchange puts out a newsletter which lists the prices of carbon credits from various projects. Here’s a sample from the three most recent newsletters:

    – Forestry Credits (Brazil) US$7.00 per ton;
    – Pre-CDM Solar Credits (India) £1.30 per ton;
    – Pre-CDM Hydro Credits (China) US$0.57 per ton;
    – Biomass Credits (Brazil) US$7.35 per ton;
    – Fuel-Switching Credits (Indonesia) AU$2.30 per ton;
    – Efficient Cook Stoves Credits (Ghana) €5.00 per ton;
    – Water Filter Credits (Kenya) AU$13.00 per tonne;
    – Pre-CDM Hydro Credits (China) US$0.70 per tonne;
    – REDD Credits (Brazil) €7.00 per tonne;
    – Wind Credits (India) US$0.76 per tonne;
    – Wind Credits (Turkey) €4.30 per tonne;
    – Pre-CDM Landfill Gas Credits (South Korea) AU$3.00 per tonne;
    – Wind Credits (China) US$0.67 per tonne;
    – Forestry Credits (Guatemala) US$6.75 per tonne;
    – Landfill Gas Credits (USA) US$1.25 per tonne.

  7. Mr Jolly , Are you delusional , or perhaps suffering from a major psychological ailment ? Do you have any understanding whatsoever of the criminal charge , under the english common law system , of Conspiracy to Defraud ? Do you realise what your companies have done selling this land and those carbon credits and that geo-fertilser to innocent investors ? My question to you Mr Jolly- have any of those investors made and received a profit through an open market sale?( THINK PART TWO HERE ..DAMAGE …. OF THE CHARGE CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD) Were any of those investors told the truth by your telesales consultants when they initially invested ?( THINK DECEPTION HERE ……PART ONE OF CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD ) …..Mr Jolly , knowing you as I do , plus your Little Essex boy sidekick -John, i have no doubt you and your inner circle team have commited a major fraud and as such i strongly suspect you will now be requested to answer various questions by the economic crime dept of th elondon Metropolitan Police …………..How can you possibily expect to walk away from this investment debacle you have caused without law enforecment involvement? You have caused untold financial misery for most if not all of your investors because you thought you were Smart and above the law .Mr Jolly , you are not Smart and above the law , but rather arrogant and greedy with no decent morals or ethics . Classic conman traits ..but hey Mr Jolly , greed and arrogance always lead to problems which ultimately lead to downfall. You are a man who will no doubt be another statistic in the english criminal justice system .Mr Jolly , as you clearly enjoy penning your side of the story , tell me by posting which part of my post here is not correct ? Over to you BJ

  8. Tony, Firstly there never was a liquid secondary investment market in voluntary carbon credits …….simply put it never existed and never would have.Voluntary Carbon Credits were never produced as investment instruments. Thats a fact.Secondly , if a company sells a product it does not own , that is not fraud , it is theft.Your entire post above is based on the fact that the voluntary carbon credit market could have produced investment returns for investors , when that was not the reason why the voluntary market for voluntary carbon offsets was originally set up ………… You cannot speculate on an investment instrument when that investment instrument is not an investment , IT IS AN IMPOSSIBLE THING TO DO . Mr Brett Jolly , do you know him , have you ever met him ? What is his previous investment market experience ? What investment realted profesional qualifications does he have? What previous sucessful investment projects has he been involved in , where investors have derived profits through a free secondary open marketplace ? Was he involved in a timeshare scam in South Africa ? Did he at one point work for the infamous John Goldfinger Palmer? Essentially , what investment research and investment analysis did Brett Jolly,s companies conduct before offering the purported investment products to the investor community ?

  9. Any company that sold voluntary market carbon credits knew their investors would not derive a return on the investment capital they employed.From the first day of operations these so called carbon investment companies went out to cause severe damage to investor funds.They had no intention whatsoever of attempting to make profits for their respective investor clients. How could they have made a profit for their clients ,when all of these companies were working on 300% plus mark-ups and more importantly when voluntary market carbon offsets were never actually meant for investment purposes.Brett Jolly knew this all along , so don,t be fooled and his sidekicks shallow side tracking diatribe in the above posts. Brett Jolly and others like him got involved to make money through deceit and damage for himself and his band of ill-educated , lying and deceiving sales consultants , all of whom have no or Little profesional investment expereience. CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD is what has happened here and the quicker the pólice get into action and do the right thing the better ………..those investors monies will be spent quickly on things lik evillas in Marbella , Audi A8 sports cars and top of the range Range Rovers , just like the ones John and Brett are driving just now .

  10. I have just read Brett Jolly,s post above yet again , and quite frankly I am amazed by the man,s arrogance and attitude.He may require psychological assessment. He is displaying all the classic signs of psychosis ……….. in particular a complete lack of understanding of reality ……. no tact or concept of what his companies have actually done. Either that, or he is in total denial and still believes his own lies.This man is unlike any I have ever come across.Is he real ?

  11. Brett , You have suddenly went all quiet.Has the cat got your tongue ? Brett , I would ask you to consider the following …..

    Is CAVEAT EMPTOR still a bedrock of the english common law system , or has statute and case law( precedents) moved beyond it ? If the latter is the case , then I suggest for your sake, you make yourself available when the economic crime unit , or the SFO wish to ask you a catalogue a questions concerning Green Planet Investments and your former carbon credit company. Brett you can fool some of the people some of the time , but not all of them all the time.

  12. You will notice ONE important fact, with my posting. I post under my own name, and as I have always stated, my solicitor is at all times ready to answer any accusation of fraud. May I suggest you stop your ranting and lunatic ravings. it is YOU that is posting your ravings every day under an ANONYMOUS name without the courage or conviction to even state your own name. I would imagine you are simply someone I fired from office long ago, for the very transgressions you are ranting about.

    If I have sold you anything, anything at all, if I have made one false claim to you, I will arrange a refund for you. So what have you purchased from me? When did you purchase it? And what claims did I personally make to you?

    Please contain your answer to factual evidence of events that happened WHILST I WAS in control of any of the companies you wish to mention. You may of course use this forum to ask any question you wish, which I will answer WITH DOCUMENTARY PROOF. We can then let everyone on this forum see the facts for themselves. I will of course need then ability to upload documentation. It should make very good reading. ONE condition, you have the courage to do it in your own name. You could be ranting and raving about Mother Teresa and no one could prove anything if you keep posting under stupid pseudonyms.

  13. mmm, it all makes interesting reading. AsTony and Lu said, if what Mr. Jolly says is true, then its all not as clearcut as we thought, and at least he is coming on here on answering unlike some of the other charlatans that just steal your money and disappear. So I for one would like to take Mr. Jolly up on his offer and ask him to answer these questions:
    1. When did you resign?
    2. Why did you decide to stop selling carbon credits?
    3. What price did you purchase Carbon Credits for?
    4. What price did you sell them at?
    5. What profit did your salespeople tell people they could make?
    6. What exit strategy did you envisage in order that your clients would be able to make that profit?
    7. If Carbon Credits were not designed as an investment product why did you and others sell them as such?
    I am not a client of Anglo Alternatives, but I do own Carbon Credits, and your help in answering these questions would be appreciated.

  14. Dear Brett, who I am is irrelevant, absolutely and completely, what is relevant and pertinent is the following –

    A UK and a Gibraltar company, both called Green Planet Investment Limited (‘Green Planet’) – which used former Manchester United and England footballer Lee Sharpe to market a property investment scheme in Brazil taking £14 million from investors, have been ordered into liquidation in the High Court in London in the public interest.

    The liquidation, on 20 November 2013, follows an investigation by the Insolvency Service.

    Company representatives persuaded nearly 300 investors they were dealing with a large UK registered bank. The salesmen used high pressure sales techniques and made exaggerated promises of 20-30 per cent returns on investment to persuade the investors to buy plots of land and off-plan apartments at three sites in Natal, Brazil known as White Sands Country Club, White Sands Towers and Genipabu Beach Club.

    Websites used by Green Planet claimed or implied that Green Planet was an ‘expert in the international property market’ and had undertaken significant due diligence in relation to the sites. The websites used were:


    • and


    The sites were also marketed to members of the public who had completed a questionnaire in exchange for a free gift which was a glass of champagne at the top of The Gherkin building in London and which turned out to be a hard sell sales seminar.

    Some 140 sales people were engaged by Green Planet together with internal agents recruited by advertisements. One such advert claimed:

    “Crisis? What crisis? 222% Growth Year on Year. Land, Property, Carbon Credits – Junior Broker, Senior Broker and Trainee Sales Positions.

    £18,000 – £250,000 p.a. (All depends how good you are)

    International Group incorporated in 4 worldwide locations with its UK PLC headquarters in 5-story luxury offices in Soho Square are recruiting 20 sales positions due to exceptional business expansion.

    You might have experience in selling wine, land, stocks and shares, financial services, precious stones, carpets, carbon credit brokering, business-to-business service industry telemarketing or a variety of other disciplines. Fluent in another language? It can add £50,000 p.a. onto your annual take-home.

    International Franchise positions with full support available for the ‘very’ experienced.”

    Investors were told that White Sands Country Club would be completed and open by March 2013, that construction of White Sands Towers was underway and would be completed by the end of 2012, and that Genipabu Beach Club would be completed by the end of 2011.

    Green Planet director Mr Brett Jolly told investigators that no building work was ever started by Green Planet. Mr Jolly was also a director of carbon credit company Anglo-Capital Partners Ltd which was recently ordered into liquidation by the court on grounds of public interest (see note 10).

    Welcoming the court’s winding up decisions, Company Investigations Supervisor at the Insolvency Service Chris Mayhew said:

    “Green Planet Investment was a slick land investment scheme designed to make money only for those with the company and not the 300 investors who were persuaded by false and misleading statements to invest over £14 million into an investment black hole”.

    “I would urge people to be cautious when contacted out of the blue by cold calling investment sharks earning up to 60 per cent commission whose activities blight peoples’ lives. As ever, if a scheme sounds too good to be true, it usually is”.

    “The Insolvency Service will not hesitate to take action to shut down unscrupulous companies “.

    Notes to Editors

    1. Capital Alternatives Sales And Marketing Limited was incorporated on 14 April 2009 in the name Brett UK Limited. On 16 January 2010 the company changed its name to Green Planet Investment Limited and on 27 April 2012 to its present style. The registered office was initially 21 Wansfell Gardens, Thorpe Bay, Southend-on-Sea, SS1 3SW until 30 March 2010 when it was changed to 457 Southchurch Road, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS1 2PH where it presently remains. The recorded directors have been:

    •Brett Jolly from incorporation to 01 November 2010 and re-appointed from 08 April 2011 to 01 December 2012;

    •Andrew Michael Thompson from 29 January 2010 to 01 June 2011;

    •Michelle Jolly from 11 February 2010 to present date;

    •Sean Seosamh Moriarty Alvarez from 24 March 2010 to 01 November 2010 and re-appointed (Sean Moriarty) from 08 April 2011 to 24 February 2012;

    •Christopher David Lynn from 28 July 2010 to 10 December 2010 and re-appointed from 01 May 2011 to 02 May 2012;

    •Keith Cyril Allen from 01 November 2010 to present date;

    •John Oakes from 10 December 2010 to 02 May 2012;

    •David Alan Frost from 01 March 2011 to 02 May 2012;

    •Brian Hubbaro from 01 May 2011 to 02 May 2012.

    •The secretary of the company throughout has been Mr Jolly.

    2. The company’s share capital was initially £1,000 divided into 1,000 ordinary shares of £1 each. All 1,000 shares were originally held by Mr Jolly who subsequently transferred 670 shares to Green Planet Investment Limited in Gibraltar and 330 shares to Mr Thompson. Those 330 shares were subsequently cancelled and Green Planet Investment Limited’s 670 shares were subsequently transferred to Green Planet Investment International Holdings plc, part of a corporate group known as the “Green Planet Group” of which Mr Jolly is the ultimate owner.

    3. Green Planet Investment Limited was incorporated on 30 October 2008 in Gibraltar. The company was formed in the name Soft And Hard Technology Limited and changed its name to its present style on 15 July 2009. The registered office is 3/1A Parliament Lane, PO Box 453, Gibraltar. The recorded directors have been:

    •Octopus International Business Services Limited from incorporation to 15 July 2009;

    •Brett Jolly from 15 July 2009 to 23 May 2013;

    •Sean Alvarez from 14 October 2009 to 30 November 2012;

    •Keith Cyril Allen from 03 January 2012 to present date.

    •The secretaries of the company have been:

    •R.E. Services Limited from incorporation to 08 December 2011;

    •Vista Corporate Services Limited from 08 December 2011 to 29 February 2012;

    •CT Secretaries Limited from 29 February 2012 to present date.

    4. In ordering both companies into liquidation on grounds of public interest on 20 November 2013, Registrar Nicholls said:

    “… The question is whether it is in the public interest that the companies be wound up. The activity of the companies is not in itself a problem. The ground for winding up as produced in the evidence, which is not opposed, is this: That Capital made misleading and/or unfounded statements in respect of the land marketed for sale; that members of the public dealing with Capital were misled and/or confused as to which legal entity they were dealing with and that Capital appears or is insolvent… Green Planet granted a mandate to Capital to sell on its behalf the land which it itself owned by its Brazilian subsidiary. There is a clear link from the evidence. Green Planet knew or should have known of the misleading and/or unfounded statement being made by Capital or its staff and that members of the public were misled and/or confused as to which legal entity they were dealing with. The conclusion of the Secretary of State, with which this Court concurs, is that Capital displayed a lack of commercial probity by making misleading and/or unfounded statements. Those statements made were in respect of the investment opportunity, Capital’s experience, due diligence carried out , that planning permission had been obtained at the White Sands County Club site, which was stated to be full planning permission, increases in the value of plots and the progress, or lack of progress, in respect of the development of the sites… In respect of Capital, the evidence set out, which is unopposed, enables the Court to conclude that it must be and is in the public interest to make a winding up order in respect of Capital… In circumstances where it is appropriate to make an order to wind up Capital the conclusion is that a winding up order should also be made in respect of Green Planet for the reasons set out.”

    5. The company has a share capital of £2,000 divided into 2,000 ordinary shares of £1 each. As at 01 September 2011 Mr Jolly held 1,400 shares and Mr Moriarty held 600 shares. As at 18 July 2013 the sole shareholder had become Baywater Holdings Limited of 3/1A Parliament Lane, PO Box 453, Gibraltar.

    6. The three sites are said to be owned by a Brazilian registered company, Green Planet Investimentos Imiliarios Ltda which is a subsidiary of Green Planet Investment Limited in Gibraltar and described as part of the Green Planet Group.

    7. The petitions to wind up Capital Alternatives Sales and Marketing Limited and Green Planet Investment Limited were presented in the High Court on 31 July 2013 under the provisions of section 124A of the Insolvency Act 1986 following confidential enquiries carried out by Company Investigations under section 447 of the Companies Act 1985, as amended.

    8. Although a firm of solicitors was initially instructed by both companies, they are no longer instructed and neither petition was opposed.

    9. The unchallenged grounds for winding up Capital Alternatives Sales And Marketing Limited were lack of commercial probity by making misleading and unfounded statements when marketing the sites to the public; lack of transparency; and insolvency.

    10. The unchallenged grounds for winding up Green Planet Investment Limited were lack of commercial probity in allowing its agent Capital Alternatives Sales And Marketing Limited to make misleading and unfounded statements when marketing the sites to the public; and lack of transparency.

    11. On 23 October 2013 a related company, Anglo-Capital Partners Ltd, was also ordered into liquidation on grounds of public interest – See News Release “Carbon credit broker which raised over £1 million is shut down in the public interest” issued on 06 November 2013.

    12. Company Investigations, part of the Insolvency Service, carries out confidential enquiries on behalf of the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation & Skills (“BIS”).

    13. The Insolvency Service administers the insolvency regime investigating all compulsory liquidations and individual insolvencies (bankruptcies) through the Official Receiver to establish why they became insolvent. The Service also authorises and regulates the insolvency profession; deals with disqualification of directors in corporate failures; assesses and pays statutory entitlement to redundancy payments when an employer cannot or will not pay employees; provides banking and investment services for bankruptcy and liquidation estate funds; and advises ministers and other government departments on: insolvency law and practice. Further information about the work of The Insolvency Service is available from

    14. By virtue of the winding up orders all public enquiries concerning the affairs of the companies should be made to: The Official Receiver, Public Interest Unit, The Insolvency Service, 4 Abbey Orchard Street, London, SW1P 2HT. Telephone: 0207 637 1110 Email:

    15. For media enquiries contact: Kathryn Montague, Media Relations Manager, Telephone: 020 7674 7674, e-mail: or Ade Daramy on 020 7596 6187 e-mail:

    16. You can now subscribe to get e-mail alerts from The Insolvency Service. To subscribe, go to our website and you will see a button to “sign up for email alerts and newsletters”, or click on the link below and follow the instructions:

    17 . The Insolvency Service is on twitter, you can follow us here: @insolvencygovuk.

    Contact Information
    Ade Daramy NameAde DaramyJob TitleMrDivisionInsolvency ServicePhone020 7596 Kathryn Montague NameKathryn MontaguePhone0207 674


  15. All you have done is repeat verbatim what has already been said. Do you not understand that when the winding up petition was bought against the company the managing director of the company at the time and the ONLY representative of the shareholders was in Queen Square Neurological unit. London having brain surgery to remove brain tumours. He could NOT defend the company due to the state of his health. I could NOT defend the company as I was not a Director or shareholder and had NO legal standing to do so.

    Please can you simply state WHAT law you believe has been broken, or what misrepresentation has taken place? and who by?

    How can a company be INSOLVENT when it has NO debt? Green Planet OWNED the land it sold, and DID NOT take money for construction.

    DO YOU REALLY and HONESTLY think that a judge sits and reads through the hundreds of pages of evidence submitted, or do you think he might just rubber stamp that application and get onto the next? Especially when it is not contented because the managing director has brain tumours. (have you telephoned any court in the UK in the last two years? what is the first message you hear? )”the court is currently XX days behind with legal applications etc.. etc,,) it’s conveyor belt litigation!

    If you believe that the Green Planet product was misrepresented then can you please tell me WHEN you believe that to have been, on which dates, from which office and by whom?

    As you said in your first line…. who you are is irrelevant ! But at least I have the decency to say who I am, and answer your questions (of which there are very little, just statements)!

    PS. please ask direct questions as I will post direct answers under my OWN name, and supply documentary PROOF of what I am saying.

    To finish I would ask you ONE, just ONE question, and please have the decency to answer if you wish to do it anonymously behind your little pseudonym, here is my question…

    Is the Official Liquidator / Insolvency Service or the people in it, 100% PERFECT ? OR…. can they, just like every other person on earth sometimes make a mistake? To err is human, we ALL make mistakes….. BUT…….

    What if the Official Liquidator / Insolvency service actually DO make a mistake? Surely sometimes even the most highly qualified professionals in the world can make a mistake? So…… After companies are closed down. shareholdings destroyed, clients assets ruined, market sectors decimated, IF…… JUST IF…… a mistake has been made……. what then? Who do WE go to when OUR lives are ruined?

    I don’t know who you are, and to be honest I don’t really care. All you do is keep raving on and on and repeating stuff you read elsewhere, START THINKING, maybe, just maybe everything you read in the Daily News or everything you hear on the BBC isn’t true (shock horror).

  16. Brett, First of all I pay no attention to mainstream media platforms preferring to systematically analyse pronouncments or purported facts in order to verify their validity.I do this without any form of emotional interference.You should try it , it works more often than not.This former director -owner who sadly is suffering from brain tumours , tell me Brett when was he appointed a director and what is his name ? As to when your former sales consultants misrepresented your former compnay,s investment product , c,mon now lets not play cat and mouse here, invariably the misrepresentation took place most likley from the first day sales took place.You have possibily committted the crime conspiracy to defraud …….now allow me to explain a Little bit about that crime …firstly , for it to occur deception must take place and then damage to your investor-clients assets. Tell me the land they bought what are those plots worth in todays market as oppossed to what they paid for it , if there is a considerable shortfall , then damage may well apply .However, and notwithstanding , I am not an expert on criminal law under the english and welsh system.So perhaps the best suited to decide as to whether a crime has actually occurred here is the relevant law enforcement agencies -CPS in the UK. Let them make the decison based on facts. A company can be insolvent when it has a debt to its clients whether contractually verbally or in writing. You see , the insolvency divsion has made no mistake here , make no doubt about it.Your former compnay was most likely closed on the grounds that its operational activities were not in the interest of the british public, which Bretty brings us back to the lies your former sales consultants spouted to investors …….. think deception here .part 1 of the charge conspiracy to defraud. Now is it starting to enter your arrogant mindset ? As for this misrepresentation ..well thats best left to those unfortunate clients who were spun an almighty tales of profits and the like …those will be the ones , once interviewed by the police , if at all , who will confirm misrepresentation , most likely on a grand scale . Brett , please refrain from being an arrogant middle aged chappie and deal with reality .Okay,sometimes reality and facts are not nice , but always remember lies have legs and they have an uncanny way of finding their way back home.Let the pólice and the CPS decide , after all , its waht they do for a living.

  17. Brett, What Due diligence , Risk Analyses etc did your company conduct before they sold those worthless carbon credits to the investing public.Additionally, what price progression -development factors were considered before it was decided they were safe for the private retail investment arena?

  18. Brett , we are three days down the line from my last , but extremely important post above , yet you have failed to respond.Whatever reason you have for the slight delay in responding is causing me concern, after all , before any investment product , regulated or otherwise , is offered to the private retail investing public , surely the company doing so , must conduct a risk analyses assessment of that product , in addition to in-depth due diligence into that products particular market place. You can,t simply , think to oneself , hey this looks okay as an investment product for the public , slap on a 200 % to 300% mark-up , and then market it accordingly to the public.This is not how the investment market works , regulated or otherwise.C, mon Brett what investment research did your former company do , before it started selling carbon credits ? and who in your company conducted the research ? if it was a third party expert , who were they ? These are the type of questions that any prosecutor will ask , if a prosecution ultimately takes place.However, in the interim and for the sake of good order and/or indeed clarification , don,t you think those poor investors who disbursed investment funds for carbon credits through your former company , or a company associated with you , deserve an answer to this extremely pertinent question ? C,mon Brett be a gentleman and do the correct thing and answer the question.

  19. I am amused that you think that your last post…. and I quote “WAS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT”, or the fact that you feel the need to tell the world “YOU ARE CONCERNED” as to my delay in replying, very funny! I’ll get to you when I can, busy at present.

  20. Of course you are busy bretty old boy , busy working on your next move no doubt. Answer the questions because if you do not , surely you must be hiding something.

  21. Brett ´´ the expanding ego ´´ is stuck for words .I never thought I would have seen the day.

  22. Bretty old boy , is reality starting to sink in ? Is the mighty ego slowly deflating ? Are you now thinking to yourself , oh my god , what have I done ripping off all those poor carbon credit investors ? Bretty , like all dogs everyone has their day. I thought you would have known that by now.C,mon do the right thing , dip your hand into your bulging wallet and pay those poor carbon credit investors back.If out of decency if nothing else .Also , do me a favour and look up the meaning of the word remorse. Enjoy your day Bretty.

  23. Where are my GBP 19,495.00 which I put down for the plot of the White Sands Villa? Where are they and how do I get them back?

  24. Sir , your 19,495.00 has most likely been blown on fast cars hookers and booze . Can we all believe it , bretty jolly has went all quiet. Has he done a runner and headed to the hills with his ill gotten gains ? ……Or has he swiftly moved to a new jurisdiction as a possible fugitive hoping the long arm of interpol will not get their hands on him . Either way , I strongly suspect old Bretty boy,s days of liberty and freedom are slowly edging towards closure. Perhaps he is still in Marbella working next to the Punnte Romano hotel on Marbella,s Golden Mile. C,mon bretty where are you hiding sweatheart ?

  25. A) it’s “puente” not “punnte”
    B) the ONLY director and shareholder of Green Planet Investment Ltd at the time of the petition was Keith Allen.
    C) Yes, very unfortunately Keith (the ONLY person who could legally defend the petition) was in Queen Square Neurological Unit under brain surgery.
    D) I resigned from ALL UK COMPANIES Nov/Dec 2012, I therefore had NO legal standing to act in their defence, notwithstanding the fact I visited the then current owners AND their legal counsel at the time and offered to be re-appointed as a Director so that I could defend the matter and stop the liquidation. They told me that “they had it in hand”!
    E) as I was not a director or shareholder I could do nothing.
    F) are you now suggesting that during the alleged period of misrepresentation, I was in charge of the sales department in the UK? And if so which dates are you referring to?
    Once again, as all you seem to do is rant and rave, WHAT offence do you feel has been committed?
    The land is fully owned
    The planning permission for the development is in place
    The land has been legally sub-divided
    A plot has never been sold twice
    The company has ALWAYS been ready, willing and able to transfer the Brazilian title deed into the name of the purchaser, (and still is) AND build a villa for the purchaser should they so wish….. So WHAT offence has been committed and by whom?
    Please instead of ….. “Fatboy”, and “Bretty” and your constant repeating the same mantra, just state WHAT you feel I have done, WHEN you feel I did it, and to WHOM?

    Ps I have not “done a runner” as you put it, I have lived 17 years in South Africa and 14 years in Spain, the UK is not my home. I am in constant contact with the liquidator and also travelled to the UK a short while ago to discuss the carbon matter with the police, I am back in Spain at home but visit my UK relatives very often, and remain ready to help the official liquidator or for that matter the police in ANY of their enquiries as and when they need me….. IN TERMS OF COMPANIES I HAD SOLD AND RESIGNED FROM IN 2012.

  26. A number of companies involved in selling carbon credits and other “alternative investments” seem to be, or have been, operating from the Golden Mile area of Marbella, Spain. These include 360 Invest Group, Select Global, Alternative Markets, Carbon-Expert, The Wealth Advisory, and (apparently) Anglo Capital Partners Ltd. I wonder if they are all related, or it is just an amazing coincidence.

  27. From the date of incorporation until the date of my resignation in 2012, Anglo Capital Partners never operated in Marbella, in fact to the best of my knowledge it has never operated in Marbella at all. I however have lived outside of the UK for over 30 years of my life, a great deal of those in Spain.

  28. Brett, You are a dreamer. Keep the B/S for questioning if and when the relevant authorities deem it appropriate to ask you further questions. I am starting to yawn and getting seriously bored with your delusional stance of innocence.Consequently, let us put a halt to these missives and who knows I might just read about you further in due course in one of the leading UK newspapers ……….. Tony Hetherington …Mail On Sunday comes to mind. He never gives up when he knows he is onto a potential fraud. So Brett let us just leave it at a that , because I no longer have the time , desire or indeed the need to communicate with delusional people. Reality is always best Brett . You should try it sometime , who knows , it may work for you.

  29. I only deal in cold hard FACTS, you should try it.

  30. Here are some cold hard facts for you Brett ……….clients paid excessive prices for carbon credits ……….. not one villa was built in White sands ………. sales consultants were paid excessive commissions to sell both purported investments above ……….. you have been involved in many failed investment businesses……….. you once worked for John palmer …….. investors in the above schemes were told a catalogue of lies when induced to participate in the above purported investments …………. a posible conspiracy to defraud has occured here ……….. you were part of the possible conspiracy …….. you have no formal profesional investment qualifications ………. many people in south africa were left out of pocket through a compnay that you were involved in ……… NOW THERE YA GO BRETT JOLLY …… COLD HARD FACTS .NOW OFF YOU GO AND THINK TO YOURSELF HOW THE HELL AM I GONNA GET OUT OF THIS ONE. YOU CAN MAINTAIN THE DELUSIONAL STANCE OR YOU CAN FACE THE FACTS AND DO THE PROPER THING ………. I AM QUIETLY CONFIDENT THAT THE RELEVANT POLICE AUTHORITIES WILL REVERT BACK TO YOU IN DUE COURSE WITH A SERIES OF STIFF QUESTIONING ………… YOU ARE WHAT ONE WOULD CALL A LIAR , THIEF AND DECEITFUL GREEDY AND ARROGANT OVERWEIGHT INDIVIDUAL ….SO LETS CUT THE CRAP . HAVE A NICE DAY SIR

  31. I think I have info on 360 investments it seems that its the last piece of the puzzle,it looks to me that
    all including GP are related

  32. hi john,

    are they related to Amine Benkaddour and Pegasus Agritech as well?

  33. Bretty old boy has the cat got your tongue ? You have went all quiet on all of us. Have you went underground and in to hiding ? tut tut , I hope not , besides your arrogance , greed and deceit , you also came across as highly amusing , a sort of quasi modern day comedian. What time is it on that sparkling gold Rolex of yours ? Hows the old Range Rover performing …………. driving that you cut quite the contrary squire ………… Still in Spain are we ? or have we moved on to pastures new ?

  34. What has happened to Brett Jolly? It is totally against his egoistic character to remain silent. Has he done a runner and belted underground ? Has he finally admitted to himself the serious errors of his ways and perhaps taken to religion ? Is he in hiding hoping all of the mess and misery he has created will disappear and be forgotten? Come on Brett , why have you went all silent on us ? Come Brett get yourself back on this communication platform and explain to all those poor investors why you take them for an expensive ride . Come on Brett , do the right thing , you know Brett , the decent thing , explain to the investors what you have done and why …………. redeem yourself Brett Jolly …….. Cleanse your soul Brett Jolly ……….. Start paying back the investors all the money you took from them through your sales floor of lying conmen ……. Come on Brett , its not like you to go all meek and silent. Brett Jolly , has your ego finally deflated ? Perhaps you are starting to get worried about what you have done Brett ? Perhaps Brett you are now thinking to yourself ” bloody hell , I,ve been deeply dishonest , what can I do now to rectify this horrible investor loss making debacle” If so Brett Jolly , this is a step in the right direction. Coem on Brett Jolly , do the right thing and own up and tell the truth .

  35. it appears a lot of what if not all of bretts words were true and it has took the insolvency service and official receivers months to confirm this by sending someone to brazil
    ownership planning etc is not in doubt
    suspicions of not being close to the coast and on a high crime gangland area is there current concern along with the initial price being inflated
    but given the time taken to prove these truths he deserves the benefit of the doubt
    plus the keith allen sickness issue is not in doubt

  36. It is a pity his sales staff words were not true when selling this doomed project to investors Mr Millicon

  37. In October 2016, the Daily Mail’s Tony Hetherington wrote about Brett Jolly’s latest:

    From carbon credits to payday loans, Jolly is back

    A Florida anti-scam organisation has sounded the alarm over an investment scheme linked to British trickster Brett Jolly. I warned against him three years ago when he was connected to a corrupt carbon credits business in Essex.

    Jolly was a director of Anglo-Capital Partners Limited, which raked in more than £1 million from investors who were fooled by false promises of 20 per cent profits. I reported then that Jolly had previously been behind a major timeshare scandal in South Africa. He had claimed to own the world’s biggest diamond, said to be as large as a glass ashtray, but it was fake. Anglo-Capital was later shut down by the High Court.

    Two years ago, Jolly popped up again when another of his companies, Green Planet Investment, was closed down after pocketing £14 million to finance a leisure development in Brazil that was never built. Now Offshore Alert, which organises anti-fraud conferences, has named Jolly as a main player in payday loans group Privilege Wealth, a network of linked companies registered in a dozen countries.

    Miami-based investigator David Marchant told me: ‘Privilege Wealth has been trying to raise hundreds of millions of dollars from investors, including British pension schemes, who are being offered annual returns of up to 12 per cent’.

    According to Marchant, the group is operating through agents in England, Wales and the Channel Islands. But he warns the network’s main US company owes unpaid taxes and has failed to file its annual return with state authorities. Privilege Wealth could not be contacted.

  38. And on 31 March 2017, Offshore Alert’s David Marchant reported that,

    Five months after being exposed as a fraud by OffshoreAlert, the Privilege Wealth investment scheme has collapsed, with an insider claiming there is a deficit of more than $40 million. Redemptions to investors have been suspended, Privilege Wealth’s main office – a call center in Panama – has closed after the attempted murder of its boss – a fraud fugitive in Spain – and unpaid payroll and the group’s registered agent in Gibraltar has resigned.

    And here’s the latest from the Daily Mail:

    British fraudster who ripped off thousands of investors in a ‘boiler room’ scam is gunned down in an assassination attempt in Panama City