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Carbonballs: “You could probley say we where wet behind the eyes”

Colemanballs is a long running series in Private Eye featuring the howlers made by sports commentators. It’s named after ex-BBC commentator David Coleman. Today, REDD-Monitor is launching an occasional series, titled Carbonballs featuring the howlers made by con artists selling carbon credits as investments.

First up is someone who spent 18 months working for a company that sold carbon credits as investments. The company no longer exists.

From: XXXX
Date: 5 October 2013
Subject: Ver carbon
Hi Chris
im a big fan of your site and your stories,
they always keep me up to date.The reason im contacting you is that i would like your view on VER carbon projects and trading????
i worked for a carbon company that sold vers,alot of scams stories are out there and its getting alot of heat at the moment..
Due to all the speculation and legal advice the company closed down
(we thought carbon was an up and coming market,and followed all the government reports and stories to promote vers)
you could probley say we where wet behind the eyes and even believed the hype ourselfs…
all the VER carbon we sold was held on markit registery
and we only sold vcs projects..
do you see any issues that could arise?????
what are your thoughts????
many thanks


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  1. Sounds like a maniac on cocaine. (Unlike most people in the finance sector…)