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Clinton Foundation on London Carbon Credit Company: “This matter is a known fraud”

Clinton Foundation on London Carbon Credit CompanyLast week, REDD-Monitor wrote about a London-based company that claimed to be in “advanced negotiations” to be “sole UK provider of carbon credits” from Clinton Foundation forestry projects. The company listed two Clinton Foundation projects on its website.

REDD-Monitor wrote to the Clinton Foundation to ask about London Carbon Credit Company’s claims. Yesterday, D. James Baker, Director, Global Carbon Measurement Program at the Clinton Foundation replied:

From: D. James Baker
Date: 18 September 2012 06:54
Subject: RE: Clinton Foundation and London Carbon Credits Company
To: REDD-Monitor
Cc: Amitabh Desai
Dear Chris Lang,
This matter is a known fraud. The Clinton Foundation and its Clinton Climate Initiative is not working or otherwise affiliated with the London Carbon Credit Company. The Foundation has included this matter on the Fraud Alert section of its website and is undertaking efforts to address this matter.
D. James Baker
Director, Global Carbon Measurement Program
The William J. Clinton Foundation

The Fraud Alert section of the Clinton Foundation website includes the following note:

In his response on behalf of the Clinton Foundation, D. James Baker gives the impression that they were already aware of this problem. Unfortunately, the Clinton Foundation only took action 11 months after the problem appeared, as this time-line indicates:

    16 October 2011: London Carbon Credit Company press release announces that the company is in “advanced negotiations” with the Clinton Foundation.

    29 August 2012: Daily Mirror article exposes London Carbon Credit Company.

    13 September 2012: REDD-Monitor writes to the Clinton Foundation about links with London Carbon Credit Company.

    14 September 2012: Clinton Foundation updates its Fraud Alert page to include London Carbon Credit Company. (Click here for a screenshot of Google’s cache of the Fraud Alert page as it appeared on 10 September 2012 – with no mention of London Carbon Credit Company.)

D. James Barker’s response fails to answer directly any of the questions that REDD-Monitor asked:

  1. Could you please confirm whether the Clinton Foundation is (or has been) in negotiations with London Carbon Credits Company.
  2. Have any carbon credits from any Clinton Foundation projects have been sold to London Carbon Credits Company?
  3. Is it possible that London Carbon Credits Company could have bought credits from a Clinton Foundation project from a third party and could therefore legitimately claim to be selling carbon credits from Clinton Foundation projects in Tanzania and Malawi?
  4. Does the Clinton Foundation take any precautions to ensure that its name, reputation and its projects are not used to legitimise the questionable activities of companies like London Carbon Credits Company? If so what, and if not, why not?

Now that Clinton Foundation has admitted to being the victim of fraud, the fourth question becomes particularly relevant. REDD-Monitor has re-sent the questions to D. James Baker and looks forward to posting his response.

Meanwhile, London Carbon Credit Company’s website has not changed (here’s a screenshot taken today). The company still claims to be “in advanced negotiations with the world renowned Clinton Foundation”.

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  1. The Clinton Foundation should cease to do business, should never have put out its shingle in the first place. I suggest fishing and chats to the wife when she returns from the diplomatic grinder.

  2. In a recent Side Event on the sides of the REDD Partnership meeting at Bangkok the presenter from Terra Global while responding to a question form the audience informed that Clinton Foundation has provided 1 m US $ to the famous Oder Meanchey REDD Project in Cambodia. We all are looking towards this project as a beacon for the rest of the developing world facing problems with conserving forests.
    Will Clinton Foundation confirm if this huge amount was provided to a private very small company to do paper work on behalf of the poor forest dwelling people?

  3. Kamal I believe there may have been some confusion in your understanding of the presentation. The Clinton foundation had provided validation and PDD funding for Oder Meanchey several years ago but it does not even work in Cambodia anymore.

    What was a concern from that meeting was how Mr Brennan failed to answer questions regarding the projects BDS and the fact that TGC now stands to benefit from project failure because of the OPIC insurance.

  4. Dear J Stakhouse
    Thanks for the response, one clarity is needed though: how much did Clinton foundation donate for the PDD? was it one m US $? this amount was only for writing PDD and validation costs?

  5. Oder Meanchey Project is viewed as a role model for the developing countries and we must be sure that everything is transparent; in particular we are interested to know how a project approach performs versus the programmatic approach as is viewed by the UNFCCC negotiations track.