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Judge in Peru issues warrant for carbon cowboy David Nilsson’s arrest

Judge in Peru issues warrant for carbon cowboy David Nilsson's arrest

AIDESEP (Inter-Ethnic Association for the Development of the Peruvian Amazon) reports on its website that a judge of the Criminal Court of Maynas, Loreto in Peru has issued a warrant for David Nilsson’s arrest.

In July 2012, 60 Minutes Australia broadcast an investigation into Nilsson’s activities in Peru. A 60 Minutes producer posed as a potential investor and filmed Nilsson claiming to have three million hectares of forest in Peru under a 200 year contract. The carbon contract was for 25 years, Nilsson explained, unaware that he was being filmed. He added that after 25 years, the forests could be logged and replaced by oil palm plantations.

The warrant for Nilsson’s arrest is, according to AIDESEP, for defamation and libel.

AIDESEP’s statement refers to Brad Francis, who designed a website for Refund Real Estate. The website was registered by David Nilsson. It explains, “How to become a millionaire in just ten years” (“no get rich scheme, it is proven”) and invites potential clients to,

“Take advantage of what David Nilsson calls the OPM Principle; in other words, use Other People’s Money to borrow as much of the purchase price as possible…”

AIDESEP accuses Edward Barry Warden, a retired policeman from Queensland, Australia, of helping Nilsson by “creating defamatory websites against Nilsson’s detractors who participated in the 60 Minutes production”. (This information is also available on this website.)

On 6 September 2012, the domain was registered anonymously. Dan Pantone is a US scientist who has lived in Peru for many years working with indigenous peoples. He was interviewed in the 60 Minutes programme about Nilsson. The website,, accuses Pantone of planning to kill an indigenous leader (based on a google translate version of one article, which provides no evidence to back the accusation whatsoever).

The website also accuses Pantone of selling videos and images of indigenous peoples without their approval. The only “evidence” provided for this is that Pantone filled in part of an authorisation form himself. The form is filled out in the name of Bina Tucum Matis, an indigenous leader, and included the words “not literate” (in Portuguese) where the signature would have been. A fingerprint appears at the end of the form. Pantone comments that, “Any suggestion of ‘fraud as proven by a handwriting expert’ is preposterous and is classic Nilsson.”[*]

Two days ago, the videos were posted on YouTube. A YouTube user called AmazonIndianVideos posted the following comment:

“freeamazonvideos” is really David John Nilsson, as seen in the television exposé about him on 60 Minutes Australia entitled, “The Carbon Cowboy.” If you are curious to know why David Nilsson is illegally posting my copyrighted videos on YouTube and defaming me, please google “David Nilsson” and “60 Minutes” and you can learn the truth by viewing the 60 Minutes television report about him. People are not as naïve as Nilsson believes and can judge for themselves who’s telling the truth.

Below is AIDESEP’s statement, in English and Spanish:

David Nilsson flees from Peru after judge from Maynas signs arrest warrant

10 September, 2012

Thanks to the revelations of a news report by the Australian news program 60 Minutes and the various complaints and testimonies that AIDESEP has made since 2010 about the intent of the citizen David John Nilsson to commit fraud via carbon-offset projects, the judge of the Criminal Court of Maynas (Loreto, Peru) has issued an arrest warrant against the Australian and his conveyance by force to the authorities over charges of defamation and libel perpetrated in the press.

But as is typical with this kind of person, Nilsson fled the country. As explained in the television report, this individual sought to defame and discredit those who helped reveal his scams, using a vicious smear campaign against 60 minutes and others who gave interviews in the report. Presumably, Nilsson has enlisted the support of a web developer from Queensland, Australia named Brad Francis to help in his defamation campaign, and he has written threatening emails to those involved in the 60 Minutes program. In addition, he has used the services of a retired constable from Queensland, Edward Barry Warden, to assist him in their defamation campaign by creating defamatory websites against Nilsson’s detractors who participated in the 60 Minutes production.

However Nilsson’s harassment of those who reveal his scams is not new. Last year he filed a criminal complaint in Peru against Daniel Manquid Jimenez Huanán, the indigenous chief who first exposed Nilsson’s scam in a local newspaper interview. The prosecuting attorney refused to formalize a complaint against Jimenez and now Nilsson could be prosecuted for filing a false criminal complaint and face six years of prison time.

If Nilsson returns to Peru, he will be immediately arrested and will be prohibited from leaving the country until his trial in the Criminal Court is completed and he has finished serving the prison sentence ordered by the judge.

David Nilsson se huye del país después que juez de Maynas firmara orden de captura

10 September 2012

Gracias a la revelación de un reportaje del noticiero australiano 60 minutes y las diferentes denuncias y testimonios que realizó la Aidesep desde el 2010 sobre las pretensiones de estafa a través de proyectos de carbono que pensaba utilizar el ciudadano David John Nilsson es que el juez del Cuarto Juzgado Especializado en lo Penal de Maynas (Loreto) emitió una orden de captura contra el australiano y su conducción a las autoridades de grado fuerza por las acusaciones de difamación perpetrado en medios de comunicación y de calumnia.

Pero al igual que este tipo de personas, Nilsson huyó del país. Como detalló el reportaje televisivo, este personaje pretendió difamar y desacreditar a aquellos que ayudaron a revelar sus estafas, utilizando una campaña de difamación viciosa contra 60 minutes y otros que dieron entrevistas en el reportaje. Presuntamente, Nilsson consiguió el apoyo de un desarrollador web de Queensland, Australia llamado Brad Francis para que le ayude en su campaña de difamación, pues habría escrito correos electrónicos amenazantes a los que participaron en el programa. Además, habría utilizado los servicios de un ex agente de policía de Queensland, Edward Barry Warden, para que le ayuden en su campaña de difamación mediante la creación de sitios web difamatorios contra los detractores de Nilsson que participaron en la producción de 60 minutos.

Pero el hostigamiento de Nilsson a las personas que revelen sus estafas no es nuevo. El año pasado Nilsson presentó una denuncia penal en nuestro país contra de Daniel Manquid Jiménez Huanán, el jefe indígena que expuso las estafas de Nilsson por primera vez en una entrevista con un diario local. El fiscal se negó formalizar una denuncia en contra de Jiménez y ahora Nilsson podría ser procesado por haber presentado una denuncia calumniosa y se enfrenta hasta seis años de cárcel.

Si volviera al Perú, estaría inmediatamente detenido y se le prohibiría la salida del país hasta que su juicio en el Cuarto Juzgado se haya completado y se haya terminado de cumplir la sentencia de prisión que sea ordenado por el juez.

UPDATE – 18 September 2012: Four sentences added giving Pantone’s response to the accusations that he sold videos and images of indigenous peoples without their approval.

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  1. What a load of Bull Shit, Chris!

    The youtube videos is NOT Nilsson. You must be a retard! Pantone sold them to me. Anyway Pantone has NO COPYRIGHT on these videos.

    Pantone does NOT pay the Amazon Indians one cent for video sales, not to mention all the income from Google Ads on all Pantone’s website selling illegal images of Amazon Indians!

    re website:
    Chris Lang are saying that the US Handwriting forensic expert is a liar?
    Chris Lang are you saying the Pantone’s Amazon Indian authority is not bogus?
    Chris Lang are you saying the the Brazil Govt and Brazil Federal Police are also lairs?

    The Brazilian government & the Brazil Federal Police know “ALL ABOUT” Pantone, including multiply IDs, several Pantone’s photos, Patones address and all other alledged criminal activities — bribery, masterminding Angels murder, illicit trafficking of Amazon images, Faudulent Amazon Brazilian Indian Authority that Pantone used to gain is now invalid Peruvian Copyright.

    Interpol is also very interested in illicit trafficking in illegal Amazon Indian images.

    As for you Chris Lang, your are also in BIG TROUBLE for displaying David Nilsson’s passport online, which you got from Dan Pantone when he stole files from Nilsson laptop. Google “Australian Passport Fraud” to see that this crime that you have committed carries a 10 year jail sentence. You have been warned to remove Nilsson passport from your website previousl, but you have not! Criminal charges are coming your way soon!

    Chris, I wonder if you have a “work permit” or a “journist visa” or a “tourist visa permit” to be where you are and working – e.g. you are working as a “journalist” on this website??? I am writing to the Indo, Bura, Thailand embassaries to fully investage you, Chris. The authorities will find you Chris Lang. The big difference between you & Pantone compared with Nilsson, is you guys have committed crimes, Nilsson has not! Plus Nilson has the full support of the Amazon Indians! Amazon Indians have denouced Pantone, Barlet, Rice, AIDESEP & IBC. This is going all the way to the UN and the Haig Internation Court of Justice.

    After we finish with Pantone, your are next mate! Be very careful Chris to report only the true, not made uo bull shit to protect Pantone. This may be seen as a crime – “aid and abetting Pantone” or even “conspiry” not to mention “defamation against Nilsson” Nilsson has even right to sue you for defamation Chris – the damages hee can be very high. Think about that long and hard.

    Keep tuned on line to see Pantone’s full story of his alledged criminal activities fully supporting evidence at – hey you got a mention on this website too Chris!


  2. Dr Daniel Manquid Jimenez Huanán is well educated bilingual Amazon Indian. He has confused to stealing large sums of money from his own people. He has confused in Court regarding that Dan Pantone gave him stolen documents from David Nilsson. Nilsson withdrew the charges, because it clear it was Pan Pantone fraud. With Daniel Manquid Jimenez Huanán Court confession, it would be easy to bring Dan Pantone to justice.

    Daniel Manquid Jimenez Huanán has been denounce by his own people, plus he has also be denounced by several other native communities.

    Australian Ch9’s 60 Minutes July show was a total fraud and an unjustified attack on David Nilsson’ carbon project which also had the flow on effect to hurt four Amazon Indian communities too! Ch9 Australia along with Liam Ross Bartlett (reporter) and Stephen Derrick Rice (producer) has been all been denounced by the Amazon Indians and they referred this matter to both the Australian & US Embassies and the Australian Federal Attorney.

    The Indian publicly confined that they want Nilsson back to start the carbon project.

    Bartlett and Rice both entered Peru on a “tourist visa” and work in Peru as journalists. Peru requires all foreign journalists to declare they work intentions prior entry into Peru and seek the correct visa enter permit. Bartlett and Rice did not and entered and worked in Peru illegally! Crime #1

    Barlett & Rice trespassed on Indian native lands with Dan Pantone who had been just two months previously been expelled and banned from entering their lands. Crime #2 Note: Sharah Ferguson (Duchess or York) for her immigration crimes in Turkey is facing up to 22 years jail time!

    Barlett & Rice violated their indigenous rights Crime #3

    Barlett & Rice showed videos of indigenous peoples images and videos without their consent Crime #4

    There is a heap more charges pending for Dan Pantone, Stephen Rice, Liam Bartlett and Australian Ch9

    During Ch9 60 Minute show defaming David Nilsson, Liam Barlett publicly confirms that “we know all bout Dan Pantone” ! This has the flow on effect that Barlett, Rice and Ch9 are now aiding and abetting Dan Pantone in his criminal activities against the Amazon Indians and David Nilsson.

    For information check out and <<< well worth a read !!!

  3. Hes shown you lot up for what you are gullabal idiots.

    Hes shown just how Corrupt the whole Carbon Market is.

    Hes no worse than what you are .

    Climate Change making money out of scaring people.

  4. The Amazon Indians have previously denounced Jimenez. This is on public record. Nilsson had Jimenez & Dan Pantone both charged for theft. However Jimenez in Court confessed to the crime and told the Judge that he and Pantone were both involved. Nilsson decided not to proceed against Jimenez and the Court dismissed the charges against Jimenez, but not Pantone. The Court has ordered restricted house detention against Pantone. All of this information is on Court files and available to the public.

    Redd Monitor and AIDESEP, who also have been denounced by the Amazon Indians, are attempting to smear Nilsson to hide and distract the public from looking into their alledged criminal activities. I have detailed documents on both Chris Lang from the Redd Monitor and AIDESEP criminal activities which carry considerable jail time with brought to justice.

    Report the facts – not use “non factual PR smear campaign” that is basically 100% defamation, which will come back to bit those who spread this kind of bull @#$%.

  5. Keep spreading that crap Chris Lang – Red Monitor and Dan Pantone. Your slick journalist style does not fool anyone.

    Your days are numbered, before the authorities close in on you both.

  6. @Warden, @AmazonJustice, @Tom – Thanks for your comments. Please try to conform to the comments policy though. I’ve left the comments because I think it’s interesting to see the level of debate from Nilsson’s side. It would help if you could provide links – rather than saying, for example, “This is on public record.”

    Pantone’s videos have now been removed from YouTube, with the following message:


    Incidentally, no pictures of David Nilsson’s passport are posted anywhere on

  7. David John Nilsson, you can hide behind whatever name you want to, be it Edward Warden, Amazon Justice or Tom. However, you will not fool anyone and everyone will know that it is you, seeking revenge against me for having revealed your scam. Furthermore, no one cares what lies you invent. Mr. Nilsson, you have absolutely no credibility whatsoever after being caught on hidden camera by “60 Minutes Australia,” saying that you plan to log the Amazon Rainforest and replace it with palm oil plantations. Later in the television program, you outright lie and deny having said so, not knowing that you were previously caught on hidden camera. Sir, you can lie, threaten and defame me, but you can never take away the fact that I helped save the Amazon Rainforest from being destroyed by you and other carbon cowboys. This is the only thing that really matters, and I feel just wonderful about stopping you and your destruction! Mr. Nilsson, I have made the world a better place by revealing you and your scam. None of your lies, threats or defamation can ever take that away from me.

  8. These are facts, not just fiction and spin from Chris Lang, Dan Pantone & Channel 9 Australia.

    R-M: Comment edited. I previously asked you to conform to REDD-Monitor’s comments policy. This comment did not do so – it is spam, being no more than self-promotion of your website.

    Chris are you prepared to come to Peru with Nilsson to face the Amazon Indians? I am prepared to pay all your costs – return air fares & accommodation.

    In further if you want to contact me, leave a blog on home page.

    Have a nice day Chris.

  9. Pronoucement Matses (Peru)

    Pronoucement of the Native Communities Matses (Peru)

    click here to view original signed copy of this document is Spanish. (924K PDF)



    The undersigned Mr. Sabino Epe Tumi Tupa, with the authorization of the General Assembly of Delegates of the Native Community Matsés to whom I represent under my condition of Chief, I publish this pronouncement on behalf of the Native Community Matsés.
    1. Before the reiterated attitude of AIDESEP of lying the authorities and the public opinion in general about a public accusation referred to an alleged scam of Mr. David John Nilson against the native community Matsés about the existence of pressures in order that the community sells its territory or carbon certificates under conditions that prejudice us, the community complies to fully deny all the affirmations made by AIDESEP related to our community for false, interested and misleading, as in any moment our community neither our leaders have received any pressure and have known any contract from Mr. Nilson neither from other person that puts under risk our rights over the community and its forests, as we know our rights and our ownership has been possible thanks to our own effort and we know how to preserve and take care the heritage of our ancestors. This attitude of AIDESEP to put in ridicule our communal institution to make the public opinion believe and the authorities that we do not value our resources and that we are not capable to distinguish what favors or prejudices our interests; and, to accuse of complicity for a scam to the community to its past chief Angel Uaqui Dunu Maya, has the intention of weakening our institution and wants to appear as savers of the community before a risk that has been invented by them and we do not know their interests.
    2. As AIDESEP has been developing an institutional strengthening project in our community since three years and what it has achieved is only to create bewilderment and the intention to divide our community, the general assembly of delegates has decided to request the transfer of said project to be managed by the community, with the permission of the financial entity, considering that the community counts with the necessary capacity to manage projects; if it is not possible, AIDESEP may not develop said project in our community.
    3. For the aforementioned, the general assembly of delegates held last May 17, 2012, unanimously agreed to disaffiliate the native community Matsés from AIDESEP (see enclosed minutes), as it is self-defeating for the communal interests, and prohibits since this date that AIDESEP pronounces on behalf or against our community, as we count on the necessary instances to make it.
    Native Community Matsés, May 19, 2012.

    Sabino Epe Tumi Tupa
    Chief of the Native community Matsés
    DNI: 41860655
    In the annex Remoyacu, which belongs to the native community Matsés, settled in the river Galvez, district of Yaquerana, Province of Requena, Loreto region, at 8:30 a.m. of May 17, 2012, an extraordinary general assembly was held of delegates called by the Chief of the community Mr. Sabino Epe Tumi Tupa, and with the assistance of 59 delegates and 29 participants, who compose the 14 annexes of the native community Matses. Buen Peru, Remoyacu, Nuevo San Juan, San Mateo, Jorge Chavez, San Jose de Añushi, Paujil, Nuevo Cashishpi, Santa Rosa, San Roque, Estiron, Buenas Lomas Nueva, Buenas Lomas Antigua and Puerto Alegre; that are the fifty per cent of the regulatory quorum and credited by their corresponding anexes according to the bylaws of the community and the internal bylaws of the anexes: which is chaired by the community chief, Mr. Sabino Epe Tumi Tupa and acting as general secretary of minutes, Mr. Wilmer Rodriquez López.
    Next, after pronouncing the welcome words to the participants by the Chief of the community, expressing that this extraordinary general meeting has been called with fifteen days in advance, with the purpose to analyze the affirmations published and denounced by the interethnic association for the development of the Peruvian Forest- AIDESEP, in several communication means including the internet, in which it is affirmed that: “The native community Matsés has been about to be swindled by an alleged criminal called David John Nilson” and, “that its directives chaired by the past chief of the native community Matses Mr. Angel Uaqui Dunu Maya, intended to subscribe a contract by which he sells its territory or carbon certificates on behalf of said David John Nilson, in prejudice of the native community Matsés”, which after a serious discussion in which all the chiefs and representatives of the annex, felt surprised for said affirmations published by AIDESEP, left an evidence in this assembly, their own declarations in relation to this issue, that prejudices the good image that the native community Matses has achieved to keep along its institutional life.
    The current chief of the native community Matsés, asked the chiefs who participated in the informative meeting held in the city of Iquitos with Mr. David John Nilson; to know if they have been pressured to sign a contract or other class of document, and it affirms the accusation of AIDESEP, and all the chiefs of the fourteen annexes who have participated in the informative meeting with Mr. David John Nilson, replied before the assembly flatly denying said affirmations from AIDESEP, adding that, in any moment they had and had been suggested to sign any contract or document with Mr. David John Nilson, and Mr. Angel Uaqui Dunu Maya, past chief of the community, added that it is absolutely false that Mr. David John Nilson has intended to press them to sign a contract or any other document and as he know the regulations of the community, the chief should subscribe only the commitments that the Assembly orders or empowers.
    They have left evidence that the declarations of the chiefs of the annex, unanimously deny the so published accusation of AIDESEP related to an alleged scam that was going to be made and that “thanks to the intervention it was not made”, so the assembly unanimously agreed the following:
    1. Authorizes the current chief of the native community Matsés, Mr. Sabino Epe Tumi Tupa, to send to AIDESEP, the Defense of the People, to the authorities and the public opinion in general a pronouncement denying as false all the affirmations from AIDESEP related to the alleged scam made to the native community Matsés and its authorities, making know the truth that is evidenced in this minutes.
    2. To overrule AIEDESEP to pronounce in any sense by the native community Matses; as the community has its own authorities to make it, if necessary; and to authorize the chief of the community, Mr. Sabino Epe Tumi Tupa, in order that together with the pronouncement of our community, notifies AIDESEP the decision of the general assembly to definitively disaffiliate from said organization because it contravenes the interests of the community and has intended to weaken the communal organization with a series of attitudes that are against their purposes and autonomy.
    3. In relation to the project that AIDESEP has been executing in the community, they authorize the chief of the community, to make the necessary coordinations with AIDESEP in order that this project is totally transferred to the community, notifying to the donor entity said transfer to continue complying with the programmed activities; otherwise to request to AIDESEP and to the donor entity the suspension of said project.
    At 2:00 p.m. of the same day and having exhausted the single point of the agenda of this extraordinary assembly, the chief of the community concluded the assembly, thanking the participants for their participation and inviting them to subscribe this minutes.

  10. R-M: Comment deleted. I previously asked you to conform to REDD-Monitor’s comments policy. This comment did not do so – it is off-topic and contains an ad-hominem attack.

    As I pointed out in the post above, “, accuses Pantone of planning to kill an indigenous leader (based on a google translate version of one article, which provides no evidence to back the accusation whatsoever).” Anyone wanting to read the article can do so via your website.

  11. @Amazon Justice (#9) – Thanks for the offer of paying for me to travel to Peru with Nilsson to “face” the Amazon Indians but I’m not interested in accepting payments from Nilsson, or from any other REDD project developer.

    You missed out a few other journalists who have also reported on Nilsson’s activities in Peru. Here’s a list (if I’ve missed out any, please let me know):

    Luz Marina Herrera, “Piden que Defensoría del Pueblo investigue a presunto estafador de nacionalidad australiana”, La Region, 4 April 2011.

    Patrick Bodenham, “Carbon fraudster targets remote indigenous group in Peruvian Amazon”,, 20 May 2011.

    Patrick Bodenham and Ben Cubby, “Carbon cowboys”, Sydney Morning Herald, 23 July 2011.

    Bill Weinberg, “Newest Scam on Fringe of Climate Change Involves Land-Grabs in Peruvian Rainforest Indian Country”, 8 March 2012.

    Liam Bartlett and Stephen Rice, “The Carbon Cowboy”, 60 Minutes, 6 July 2012.

    The 60 Minutes programme is particularly important, because it includes Nilsson on film explaining his operations in Peru (Nilsson was unaware that he was being filmed). Nilsson claims to have three million hectares of forest in Peru under a 200 year contract. The carbon contract is for 25 years, Nilsson explains, and adds that after that 25 years, the forests could be logged and replaced by oil palm plantations.

    Over a year ago, REDD-Monitor sent Nilsson a series of questions about his operations in Peru. This is an opportunity for Nilsson to present his version of events. However, he did not reply. The questions are below and REDD-Monitor looks forward to Nilsson’s reply.

    From: Chris Lang
    Sent: Friday, 5 August 2011 7:13 PM
    To: Nilsson
    Subject: Interview for

    Dear Mr. Nilsson,

    Thanks for getting in touch via your comment on REDD-Monitor. I would be grateful if you could answer the following questions about your activities in Peru and elsewhere.

    1. Please describe your background and how you became a carbon trader. When did you set up the company Sustainable Carbon Resources Limited? How many people are employed in the company? Could you explain why the company is registered in Hong Kong? For several months, the company website was “under development”. It now seems to have disappeared. Could you please explain why your company, which promised “billions of dollars” to the Matsés does not even have a functioning website?

    2. Has Sustainable Carbon Resources Ltd produced any documentation about its forest carbon activities? If so, I would be grateful if you could send me a copy. Has the company raised any financing to carry out its forest carbon activities?

    3. Why did you decide to travel to Peru? And why did you choose the Matsés people for your first carbon deal in that country?

    4. Do you have any previous experience of establishing forest conservation projects, or of working with indigenous peoples? Did you employ an anthropologist to help with translation and with contacting the Matsés people, for example?

    5. Did you contact the Peruvian government before travelling to Iquitos to inform them about your proposed project? Is any government permissions required for this sort of project in Peru?

    6. Which NGOs did you work with in Peru? Did you contact AIDESEP (Inter-Ethnic Association for the Development of the Peruvian Amazon) before attempting to set up your carbon deal with the Matsés? If not, why not?

    7. REDD-Monitor has seen a “Joint Venture Agreement” between Sustainable Carbon Resources Ltd and the Matses Indigenous People. I assume you hired a legal company to write this document. Could you please explain who wrote this contract and why the contract is written in English.

    8. In a previous post on REDD-Monitor, I described you as having “a chequered past”. You have been accused in the Australian Parliament of selling non-existent plots of land in Queensland to investors in Nauru. Leo Keke, a former Minister of Justice on Nauru has written that you “made fools of the innocent and simple Nauruan investors.” Could you please explain exactly what happened with the land deal in Queensland.

    9. I understand you have also had business dealings in the Philippines, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea. Could you please describe these projects. Have you, so far, established any successful forest carbon projects? Have you sold any carbon credits from any of these projects?

    10. There is a great deal of discussion among REDD proponents about free, prior and informed consent. Could you please explain how you intend to carry out a process of free, prior and informed consent in setting up your projects in indigenous territories.

    11. Carbon trading is one of the most controversial REDD issues. Could you please explain how your proposed project with the Matsés would generate carbon credits. What exactly does Sustainable Carbon Resources Ltd intend to do in order to ensure that the carbon stored in the Matsés’ forests remains in the forest? The Joint Venture Agreement mentions “sustainable forest management” – could you please explain what you understand by this term, how you define it and how (and who) would determine whether any logging carried out in the name of “sustainable forest management” is in fact sustainable.

    12. Could you also explain how trading the carbon stored in forests will help address climate change, since for every carbon credit sold, there is a buyer who will use the carbon credit to continue pollution. In other words, while REDD may reduce emissions in one place, selling carbon credits will ensure continued burning of fossil fuels somewhere else.

    If you have anything else you would like to add that isn’t covered in these questions, please do so.

    The interview process on REDD-Monitor is as follows: first you answer the questions, then I ask any follow up questions to clarify your responses. Once you’ve answered the follow up questions, I do an edit which I send to you for re-writes, edits etc that you want to do. The interview will be published in full.

    I look forward to hearing from you, please consider your response to be on the record.

    Regards, Chris Lang

  12. @Amazon Justice (#10) – Thanks for this translation. The original Spanish version is available here (pdf file, 945.2 kB). (Incidentally, for those that are following this discussion closely, this is the document that Steve Zwick of Ecosystem Marketplace referred to in this comment from July 2012 on REDD-Monitor.)

    This statement is not the only one issued by Indigenous Peoples in Peru about David Nilsson. Here are three others, that are critical of Nilsson:

    27 April 2011: Declaration of Iquitos (English and Spanish, pdf file, 423.7 kB).

    5 November 2011: Pronouncement of the Federation of Native Communities of the Ampiyacu – FECONA (English and Spanish, pdf file, 292.0 kB).

    17 April 2012: Acuerdo sobre Territorio, Bosques y Redd+ Indígena en Región Loreto (Spanish, pdf file, 798.9 kB).