“Without this project they will lose both forest and fields”: Interview with Brett Pritchard, Tropical Offsets Pty Ltd

Interview with Brett Pritchard, Tropical Offsets Pty Ltd

A year ago, Long Bangan, a Penan village with about 600 people in northeast Sarawak, set up a blockade to stop timber and plantation companies from encroaching further into their land. This was the most recent in a series of blockades since 1987. The head of the village, Unga Paren told Malaysiakini that “Penans will die if the jungle is destroyed.”

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“We must take advantage of low-hanging fruit solutions such as forest conservation”: Interview with Jeff Horowitz

Two interviews with Jeff Horowitz, the founder of Avoided Deforestation Partners, were published earlier this month. The interviews reveal a great deal about why AD Partners is so interested in carbon trading. For example, Horowitz estimates that “protecting tropical forests will cut the cost of U.S. climate legislation almost in half – saving Americans billions.” This week, REDD-Monitor asked Horowitz some further questions.

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Interviews about Ulu Masen, Indonesia: A REDD-labelled Protected Area

Interviews about Ulu Masen, Indonesia

The Ulu Masen project covers an area of 770,000 hectares in Aceh province in the north of Sumatra. The project aims to generate 3.3 million carbon credits a year to finance conservation and development projects for local communities. To find out more, REDD-Monitor interviewed Joe Heffernan of Flora & Fauna International and David Gaveau of the University of Kent in England.

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