Why Indonesia’s Ministry of Forestry is reluctant to investigate APP’s illegal logging of ramin trees

Why Indonesia's Ministry of Forestry is reluctant to investigate APP's illegal logging of ramin trees

When Greenpeace told the Ministry of Forestry that it had found evidence that Asia Pulp and Paper was illegally logging ramin trees, the Ministry’s response less than enthusiastic. More than two weeks later, the Ministry told Greenpeace that it “intends” to visit APP’s pulp mill. Meanwhile APP has been busy removing the evidence from its timber yards.

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McKinsey’s bad influence on REDD is decreasing – at least in Papua New Guinea

McKinsey's bad influence on REDD is decreasing - at least in Papua New GuineaConsulting firm McKinsey has played a key role in pushing a version of REDD that underestimates the role of industrial logging and agriculture on forest destruction, while painting local communities as forest destroyers. McKinsey’s advice, if taken seriously, would have had serious implications for local livelihoods and would do little to reduce deforestation.

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McKinsey’s advice on REDD is “fundamentally flawed” says Greenpeace

Yesterday, Greenpeace released a report titled, “Bad Influence: How McKinsey-inspired plans lead to rainforest destruction.” The report highlights how advice from McKinsey & Co., one of the world’s top consulting firms, will result in an increase in the destructive logging it is, in theory at least, supposed to prevent.

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NGO statement raises concerns about Democratic Republic of Congo’s Readiness Preparation Proposal

Forest on the banks of the Congo river system, DR Congo. PHOTO: Greenpeace

The Readiness Preparation Proposal (R-PP) for the Democratic Republic of Congo is to be considered at the UN-REDD Policy Board meeting 17-19 March and at the FCPF 5th Participants Committee meeting 22-25 March. Global Witness, Greenpeace, FERN, Rainforest Foundation Norway and Rainforest Foundation UK have produced a joint statement about DR Congo’s R-PP.

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