Indigenous Peoples speak out against California’s carbon offsets scheme: “You cannot trade pollution for nature”

Indigenous Peoples speak out against California's carbon offsets scheme: You cannot trade pollution for nature

An international delegation of indigenous leaders from Brazil, Mexico and Ecuador is currently in California to oppose California’s proposed carbon offset scheme. The scheme could allow companies in California to meet limits on greenhouse gas emissions by buying carbon credits rather than reducing pollution at home.

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Two views of the Governors’ Climate and Forest Task Force meeting 2011

Two views of the Governors' Climate and Forest Task Force meeting 2011

The fifth Governors’ Climate and Forests (GCF) Taskforce takes place this week in Central Kalimantan. The organisers anticipated that more than 200 people would take part in the three day meetings. The GCF is a carbon trading REDD deal between 15 states and provinces from Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, and the USA covering more than 20% of the world’s forests.

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