Implement in haste, repent at leisure: Critical new report on the World Bank’s Carbon Fund by FERN and Forest Peoples Programme

“Unless major changes are made in FCPF planning, design and validation of emissions reduction programmes to ensure alignment with the FCPF Charter and international human rights standards, the FCPF Carbon Fund risks enabling seriously flawed REDD pilots that could generate negative impacts on indigenous peoples and local communities as the FCPF moves towards implementation of activities on the ground.”

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Can REDD stop the land grabbing crisis in Laos and Cambodia?

This week, Global Witness released a new report investigating a land grabbing crisis in Laos and Cambodia. The report looks at two Vietnamese “rubber baron” companies, Hoang Anh Gia Lai (HAGL) and the Vietnam Rubber Group (VRG). Global Witness found that these companies “have leased vast tracts of land for plantations in Laos and Cambodia, with disastrous consequences for local communities and the environment”.

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“Concerns grow over weak safeguard implementation,” Forest Peoples Programme on REDD and safeguards

Forest Peoples Programme’s April 2013 E-Newsletter focusses on safeguards. The E-Newsletter starts by looking at why safeguards matter. Other articles explain and comment on the World Bank’s safeguards review, forest policy and oil palm policy, the failure of safeguards in the Camisea gas project in Peru and examples from the Congo Basin and Cameroon.

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Central American Indigenous Council raises concerns of “racial intolerance and discrimination” in UN-REDD

Central American Indigenous Council raises concerns of racial intolerance and discrimination in UN-REDD

On 27 February 2013, Panama’s Indigenous Peoples Coordinating Body, COONAPIP, withdrew from the UN-REDD process in Panama. In a letter announcing the withdrawal, COONAPIP explains that UN-REDD “does not currently offer guarantees for respecting indigenous rights” or “the full and effective participation of the Indigenous Peoples of Panama”.

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Thai Climate Justice Working Group slams Thailand’s Readiness Preparation Proposal: “The participatory process was problematic and the content of the draft was defective”

Thai Climate Justice Working Group slams Thailand's Readiness Preparation Proposal

The Thai Climate Justice Working Group has written a very critical short paper about the World Bank’s Forest Carbon Partnership Facility Readiness Preparation Proposal for Thailand. Both the process of producing the R-PP and its content are deeply flawed.

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