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REDD-Monitor open thread

Tomorrow, all being well, will see the 500th post on REDD-Monitor. That seems like a good opportunity to let you have your say about the website. So here’s an open thread where the comments are available for any topic related to REDD and/or REDD-Monitor. Think of it as a virtual suggestion box.

Feedback is useful. For example, after my recent descriptions of two WWF staff, I gather you’d prefer that I don’t even try to imitate Matt Taibbi in future. I’ve deleted the descriptions, apologised and I won’t do that again.

How you use this open thread is up to you, but please abide by the comments policy. Here are some possibilities:

  • Suggestions of possible new posts on REDD-Monitor (for example, sharing information about REDD projects or issues that have not yet appeared on REDD-Monitor).
  • Suggestions of new features that you’d like to see on REDD-Monitor (for example, I’m hoping to set up a “Debate” section allowing two people to debate their different views on an aspect of REDD).
  • Comments and suggestions about the layout of the site (for example, I heard the other day that the “reddisms” quotations in the sidebar rotate too quickly – I’ve changed this so that they only change when the page is re-loaded).
  • Suggestions for funding sources for REDD-Monitor. Better still would be offers to fund REDD-Monitor.
  • Notices of upcoming meetings, workshops and conferences on REDD.

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  1. What I don’t understand is how one part of Greenpeace can be really stupid(regarding their kowtowing to lumber companies of the caribou forests in Canada*) and another fraction be rather smart( calling out Indonesia on REDD last year


  2. Chris, many thanks for you sterling efforts in running this site and in shedding light on the idiocy of much of REDD – very necessary work and you do it well.

  3. Congratulations REDD-Monitor! Thank you Chris for all the work you put in and for sharing your perspectives. As a reader for the past year I have used the news updates and links a lot. I also really appreciate the stories by REDD-Monitor as there seems to be much uncertainty about many issues surrounding REDD in many countries, especially with regards to tenure rights, human rights and governance questions. These are too important to not be covered. I hope the funding for the site continues.

  4. Chris:I think it has to do with particular chapters failing to keep an eye on other chapters, so to speak.

  5. Dear Chris,
    a bit late but I wanted to say that REDD Monitor is an awesome resource. I am doing some research on developments on the REDD front in Indonesia over the last year and must say I’m impressed. Thanks for all the work!

  6. @Katinka (#7) – Thanks very much. I feel like I’m only scratching the surface in Indonesia (and not even managing that anywhere else!). I should also point out that several colleagues and friends help out by passing on information and analysis of what’s happening. But thanks anyway – it’s nice to hear that this is useful!