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Two films on REDD in Indonesia by LifeMosaic

Two films on REDD in Indonesia by LifeMosaic

“We cannot decide whether we would accept or not because we have had no information at all,” Jajang Kurniawan a farmer in West Java told film makers LifeMosaic. “The name of the programme is very foreign to us. What is this REDD? What kind of animal is it, we just don’t know.”

LifeMosaic is a film-making organisation that aims “to support indigenous peoples in exercising their right to obtain information before large-scale developments occur on their territories, and to decide freely – without coercion – whether they want to accept or refuse these developments.” LifeMosaic has produced four short films bringing indigenous peoples’ voices to the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen (COP 15) in December 2009.

Two of the films illustrate some of the problems with REDD in Indonesia. The first features a series of interviews with farmers and Indigenous People in Indonesia. The second looks at the background to a REDD-type project on the Kampar peninsular in Sumatra.

REDD: A New Animal in the Forest:

Eyes on the Kampar Peninsula:


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