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Rights-based climate change mitigation and adaptation

Rights-based climate change mitigation and adaptationRights and Resources Initiative and Rainforest Foundation Norway have released a new briefing sheet on rights-based climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The briefing sets out a framework of actions, including strengthening rights and governance, prioritising incentives for indigenous peoples and forest communities, monitoring more than carbon and establishing international and national advisory and audit mechanisms.

Foundations for Effectiveness

A framework for ensuring effective climate change mitigation and adaptation in forest areas while ensuring human rights and development

Available online

– También disponible en español

– Version française à suivre

As governments party to the UNFCCC prepare to incorporate forests in a global framework for addressing climate change mitigation, it is critical to recognize, protect and strengthen the rights of indigenous peoples and forest communities. In this pivotal moment, ensuring their full participation will be essential to the success of climate intervention strategies.

This policy brief aims to provide negotiators, their governments and inter-governmental organizations a clear framework for action to ensure that responses to climate change do not undermine national social and economic development.

The analysis is based on the conclusions of the conference on “Rights, Forests and Climate Change,” held in Oslo, 15-17 October 2008. For more information, visit


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