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An overview of REDD proposals, and some history…

An overview of REDD proposals, and some history...A new report from the NGO FERN provides a very helpful summary of some of the main proposals that have been offered, mostly by governments, for how REDD should work. The proposed schemes covered in the report include those from the Coalition for Rainforest Nations, Tuvalu, Brazil, COMIFAC, India, the Latin America Nested Approach, the European Union, New Zealand and Norway.

The report also includes an ‘easy reference’ chart of the main features of each of the proposals, and a summary assessment of the extent to which they address the issues of biodiversity, rights and governance.

The report is available here (pdf, 1.5 Mb).

A further briefing (pdf, 818Kb) from FERN describes in summary the history of REDD as a concept, and also briefly covers the proposals as above.

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  1. Me gustaria tener informes actualizados del proyectos pilotos exitosos con REDD en latinoamerica